Special K’s New “Fat Talk” Commercial. Love It or Hate It?

Special K cereal recently launched a new campaign entitled, “Shut down the fat talk”. For their new commercial, they scoured the internet and social media for self-deprecating posts that women make about their bodies on a daily basis. Some examples that they found were:

“My face is so fat today. Gross!”
“I just wish I was skinnier #fatty”
“Feeling so disgusted about my figure at the moment #cow.”

After they compiled a list of all these negative phrases, the cereal company opened a fake clothing store and put these messages on the tags of the clothing. They set hidden cameras in the store to catch customer’s reactions when they saw the tags. The ultimate goal that Special K was aiming at was to get women to realize that their negative thoughts about themselves can be damaging while they’re shopping. The commercial also stated that 93% of women “fat talk”.

When women shoppers saw the tags, they were very surprised. One woman said, “These are all things that I’ve said.” Another shopper exclaims, “This is like looking at the inside of my head.” One other woman gasped: “I didn’t realize how bad it was. It’s like you’re bullying yourself.” In the end, the women make a pact to love their bodies the way they are.

A lot of critics are finding Special K’s ad a little hypocritical. In 2011, Special K’s motto was, “What will you gain when you lose?” In one of the commercials, overweight women stepped on a giant scale and instead of the scale reading their weight, it read an inspirational quote that represents the payoff of losing weight.

What do you think of the new ad? Is it good for women or is Special K being hypocritical?


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