Bob Barker Surprises “Price is Right” Crowd


He’s baaaaaaack. Bob Barker made a surprise appearance on “The Price is Right” this morning. The famous host appeared on the show for just the second time since he retired in 2007. He played host to “The Price is Right” for 35 long years. Today also marked the legend’s 90th birthday.

Executive producer Mike Richards said, “He looks better than he did even when he left,” he continued, “He was always undervalued as to how funny he was because he was such a great host and so gracious and so well-spoken. He is hilarious and you’ll see it in the show.”

This week also happens to be Pet Adoption Week. Barker’s famous line at the end of each show was “Don’t forget to have your pet spayed or neutered.” Barker continues to devote a large amount of his time and his money to the Humane Society and various other animal welfare groups.

In Barker’s return, executive producer Mike Richards explained that he and Barker’s successor, Drew Carey, are still trying to live up to Bob’s success. “You’re not going to outrun [his legacy],” he said. “We’re just going to do the best show we know how to do. When we had him come out … the place came apart. It was insane.”

Carey and Barker sat down for a quick interview at the taping. They were both asked what advice Barker gave to Carey when he left the show. Barker said, “If I gave him advice about his retirement, I would advise him to have some interests that kept him busy. As busy as he wanted to be and not just sit down and stare into space. I think those are the guys who have a bad time of it. I consider myself a complete success at retirement.”

After, Carey chimed in, “You gotta have something to get you up in the morning.”

Glad to see Bob Barker is doing well. Don’t forget to have your pet spayed or neutered!


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