Awesome Uses For Big Booties

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Introduction: Awesome Uses For Big Booties

Introduction: Awesome Uses For Big Booties

I was born with a big booty and I can attest to the fact that I have been frequently made fun of for it. For anyone who is self conscious about your butt, this is the article for you. Haters are gonna hate, but we can prove to them that it’s better to have a big booty than a small one.

No. 28 For making Yoga look better.

No. 28 For making Yoga look better.

People with tiny butts wouldn't know how to pull off a downward dog like people with a big butt. The posture with the big booty makes us look like Yoga Pros.

No. 27 A Gown Filler

No. 27 A Gown Filler

Gowns just look better with a big booty filler... Duh.

No. 26 For Motivation

No. 26 For Motivation

Reading this quote is enough to give any girl with a big badonk-a-donk motivation AND pride.

No. 25 Dancing

No. 25 Dancing

It's easier and more fun to dance when you have a big butt. Shake it all over and everyone's eyes will be on you.

No. 24 A Grabber

No. 24 A Grabber

Let's face it, men need something to grab and hold on to. Catch my drift?

No. 23 A Thinker

No. 23 A Thinker

Yes, a thinker. People with big butts are proven to be smarter and healthier! A study at Oxford University showed that women with a phat butt were less likely to get diabetes, since they are more likely to produce hormones to metabolize sugar. It also showed that they are more likely to be intelligent.

No. 22 A Hiding Place

No. 22 A Hiding Place

If you're in a bind and looking to hide something small, what better place than between your two cheeks? Don't act like you haven't thought of this before...

No. 21 Fart Deflector

No. 21 Fart Deflector

Embarrassed to pass gas in public? Girls with bigger butts shouldn't be! Though it isn't 100% guaranteed, a bigger butt can lessen the sound of a fart. Crop dust away ladies!

No. 20 Twerk Machine


Love twerking or hate it, everyone can attest to the fact that a chick with a big booty does it better. If you ever find yourself in a twerk-off, shake what your mama gave ya. There’s no way you can lose.

No. 19 Saddle


If you’re a horseback rider, you know that saddles can be super expensive. If you are blessed with a big butt, there’s no need for a saddle. Ride the horse bareback and you will feel no pain.

No. 18 Seat Saver

Young Woman Alone

If you need to save a seat for a friend and don’t have a jacket or anything else to use as a seat holder, why not just use your butt? If it’s big, you will have more than enough junk to save two seats rather than one.

No. 17 Door Closer


When you have your hands full and can’t shut the pesky door, you can use your butt to close the door behind you. Sure, a small butt could do the same thing, but a big butt has a bigger radius and will allow you to shut the door from farther away.

No. 16 Hand Warmer


Sitting on your hands is a great way to keep them warm, especially if you have a big booty. The heat from your bum will radiate to your hands and make you feel like you’re enjoying a hot summer day.

No. 15 Crowd Seperator


If you’re going somewhere in a hurry and there is a large crowd, use your butt as a bumper. You can knock people out of the way and fight your way through the crowd. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

No. 14 Shock Absorber


This comes into play a lot if you live in the Midwest where the weather is icy. If you’ve ever taken a tumble and landed on your butt, you’ll notice that it doesn’t hurt as much if you have some padding. Ask a person who has fallen and doesn’t have any junk in their trunk. They will agree.

No. 13 Cannon Ball Detonator


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the bigger the booty, the bigger the cannon ball. If you’re looking to prank someone or get an enemy wet, cannonball into the water and make sure your butt hits first. The water will go up like a tidal wave.

No. 12 Sled


Sledding is childish but it is also a fun event that we can still partake in in our adult lives. If you’re on the spot and don’t have a sled, go ahead and slide down the hill with your bare butt. If you've got the meat to cover it, it won’t hurt!

No. 11 Jean Filler


I don’t know about you, but I hate it when girls can’t fill in the butts of their jeans. A pair of jeans is meant to be filled out and the butt of the jeans is no exception. Let’s face it, jeans just look better when you have a booty to fill them out. Nobody likes a saggy butt.

No. 10 Bug Killer


Who wants to kill nasty spiders and other bugs with their hands? If you’re in a bind and you need to kill a nasty critter, just go ahead and sit your big booty on it. It’ll be an easier clean-up all around!

No. 9 Dog Bed


Dogs love to snuggle up to their owner. I can attest to the fact that my dog always uses my butt as a bed and he falls asleep like a baby. Don’t believe me? Try it for yourself.

No. 8 Kim Kardashian’s Butt Double


In the rare event that Kim Kardashian gets into acting, she may need a butt double for some scenes. This would be the perfect moment for you to launch into the spotlight and start your acting career. Maybe other leading ladies need a butt double too? Do you know where we can submit an application?

No. 7 Weapon


Yes, you heard me right. A weapon! If someone tries to come after you, you can bump them away with your big butt. You’d be surprised how powerful a butt can be when you push someone away with it.

No. 6 Man Magnet


We’ve all heard the term “He’s a butt guy”. Use your ASSets to reel in a man by wearing tight pants and showing off your round butt. Boys will go nuts over this.

No. 5 Shield


A big booty can be a great shield against any unwanted predators or enemies. If someone is trying to throw something at you, simply shield the rest of your body with "dat ass".

No. 4 Pillow


Ever since I was a child, my sister would ask if she could use my butt as a cushion. She swore it was more comfortable than her own feather pillow. I’m glad I was able to provide comfort for a loved one. You should loan your butt out to someone you love and offer them a place to lay their head and gather their thoughts.

No. 3 Drum


A big booty drum is the best thing to play Babaloo on since Ricky Ricardo’s trusty bongos. Sure, you could play drums on a small booty, but the sound will not be the same as the sweet tunes on a big booty.

No. 2 Bottle Holder


This one may sound a little strange, but I can assure you that you can wedge a bottle between your cheeks if you got some junk in your trunk. When would this come in handy, you ask? Well, this can come in handy watching TV in your own living room. Tell your boyfriend he can use your butt as a holder for his beer. He will be very impressed.

No. 1 Cushion

No. 1 Cushion

Forget about bringing a seat cushion into a sporting event. A big booty makes for a great seat cushion. Not only do you not have to worry about remembering to bring your trusty seat cushion, you'll also save some cash since you don’t have to buy one.


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  • Mr. 9

    A big bootie is where I insert my purple-headed warrior.

    • ANGEL94928

      Yes ! Yes . . . that’s “really -EXTRA ‘special’ !
      Thank you for “sharing” ! : (

    • Purple head penetrator 2000000

      anon purple head warrior’s unite!

    • farlo

      EXACTLY. That should have been NUMBER ONE use.

    • Barry Blows


  • Bernard Walker

    bottle line ” extra tips” check casher” rum sponge” iced cream social ” bunt cake” spice apples . Now can you bring it butta butta while the cat walk goes by jigga jigga

  • John Claude di Ronaldi

    Big butts are the best. Women who ask if their butt looks too big are ignorant. Jeans need to bill filled out A butt cannot be too big it is natural and you are healthy

  • oliver durgen

    i love big butts. just like guys like big tits, although i’m not of the ladder, they are both primal remnants related to procreation.

    by the way. women set all standards for physical beauty. and its women who ridicule other women. and women arent really interested in what men think about their physique, they are more interested in what other women think. this too, is nature, not society.

    women have also created and maintain the double standard. men dont care if women are sluts, just as long as they dont step out on them. its women who condemn an shun other women for being perceived as “slutty” or whatever. again, this is nothing more that natures competition for survival and procreation.

    • Elliot

      You “love big butts, just like guys like big tits, although…you are not of “the ladder”?? First of all, Isn’t’ that something you climb? Also, I assumed by your name you were a guy, but I guess not since, unlike guys that like big tits, you are something else that loves big butts. Maybe you love big butts on guys? Maybe you love big butts on guys climbing ladders? Hahaha

      • oliver durgen

        brilliant! you’ve changed my mind about everything. That was your point right. to set me straight? well, congratulations, i’m now your humble follower. oh master!

        please, proof read this comment on the bottom of a website that 3 turds will read. It is very important. get back to me as soon as you can. I can’t stand the thought of a misspelling again. I can barely sleep at night as it is with all these grammatical errors destroying the goodness that is the world wide web. oh dear lord!

        • fuck you

          Holy crap, are you autistic?

        • Purple head penetrator 2000000

          You have thoroughly proven beyond a doubt that you’re ignorant.

          A wise man once said ,” Better to be thought a fool then to, open your mouth a remove all doubt”.
          You definatley fulfilled the latter hahahahahahahahaahhaha rofl jjkjkjkjkjkjkjk lololololoolloololololoollooolloooolollllolooloolololollololololololololo

    • themaskedmarvel

      Mmmm, primal remnants……

      I’m both of the former and ladder kind….

      • oliver durgen

        lot of vocabulary students in here.

        do any of you have anything poignant or interesting to say? or do you just like stroking your tiny little ego’s by pointing out the flaws of others?

        how utterly pathetic.

        • Ian

          sounds condescending, but i should say, ive been routing for you this whole time ive been reading the comments to im sorry

    • Foresight

      Nope, you’re wrong. I don’t want a slut, nor do I like modelly looking women…too skinny. I’m glad women shun other women who sleep around. Those women become numb to the senses of a real relationship after a while. The same is true for guys who sleep around. The magic dissipates far quicker as the number of partners goes up. Also, women don’t set the sttandards, I set the standards based on what I saw in the country I grew up in and the people I hung out with.

      • oliver durgen

        you dont want a “former” slut because you are shallow and insecure. other people aren’t extensions of you. your not the center of the universe.

        if you only knew how promiscuous women really are it would frighten your fragile, yet pathetically macho ego.

        dont be naive. you’ll just end up murdering your wife when you find out the things shes done in her past.

        you set the standards for women’s appearance? lol! you set the standard for stupidity.

        the “magic”? lol! that ideology of yours is going to lead to nothing but failed relationships and frustration. you can’t possibly be of legal drinking age.

        I have no other choice but to assume that you are religious. the ignorance, the sheltered view, the intolerance. its all there. thump thump!

        • John

          I think you need to chill out. Attacking religious views and others’ opinions…that’s kinda sad. He didn’t even mention religion at all; don’t know why you even brought that up. Regardless, people are entitled to their opinions, no need to insult them personally or make assumptions about them. I don’t really care much for feminism, but some women take it a little too far, I think you’re really exemplifying that.
          Also, don’t worry so much when people mention your grammar; they’re not making fun of you, just joking around. :)

        • Foresight

          I don’t think I have ever seen someone be so wrong on all counts as much as you. Perhaps your extreme narrow-mindedness on the way the world works and people think has led you to these beliefs. Maybe you should hang around slightly more cultured people for a change before you make your false assumptions.

          First and foremost, I am not religious whatsoever. Many people often tie this in with cannabis-users, bar-frequenters, promiscuity, and anarchists. So, just because I don’t conform to these ideals I must be religious? You show how very little you know about the world.

          I was quite the opposite of sheltered as a child. I grew up in an Eastern European country, and then came to the U.S. where I spent the rest of my childhood in Queens and Brooklyn. The friends I made were anything but sheltered either. During this time, and well after, I was exposed to so many people that had similar thoughts such as you, (though you alone seem to be the embodiment of all of their ignorance), each one with deep-seated issues of their own.

          I knew several formerly promiscuous females in my time. I was even dating one for some time. The full extent of her past ventures was revealed to me well before we got together, so there was no surprise like you might be thinking. While we were together, she was fiercely loyal the whole time, (she even cut off many of her previous connections, even though I told her not to), and revealed to me that she was finally happy in life after many, many years of sadness. In fact, most if not all of these promiscuous females I knew were troubled and seeking something with their actions. Something which they somehow could never find no matter how many times they hooked up.

          You see, one thing does hold true with such women. They are lacking something else. Usually self-respect. And with it, the willpower to do anything meaningful in their lives, something they can be proud of. That is why, after some time, they start to look for a man which will be their source of will-power, so that they can stop hating themselves so much. This may make them happy, but doesn’t solve the source of the problem. And this problem will manifest to the rest of the family, (when and it the family forms), including the children. And the vicious cycle starts again. You must know this pattern well, as it rings true to your ears too.

          And another thing, I set the standards of beauty for myself. It’s simple because I know it when I see it. I don’t need fashion magazines or other girls to tell me who’s hot or not. In fact, I would disagree with many of them. For example, in my eyes Megan Fox is incredibly ugly, while Natalie Portman is drop-dead gorgeous.

      • farlo

        what country are you from? Kazahstan. Where man sleep with goat, just like own sister.

        • Foresight

          Nope, not from there. Never heard of such a custom either. And it’s “Kazakhstan”, by the way.

      • Barry Blows


        • Foresight

          Not too sure what you are trying to say with this at all. Please revise.

  • GregCz

    Big butts doggie style are so much fun.

    • T Baich

      who could possibly give this comment a thumbs down? two thumbs way up!!

      • Irving Hancock

        an uptight ole hag who loves the standard missionary

    • notrustgovt

      More cushion for the pushin’.

    • TGiovani

      Big butts are always fun no matter what the position. The weirdos who like flat asses are the ones who secretly wish women looked like teenage boys.

      • Scammer Slammer

        butts like Lopez’s are mighty fine but that Kardass bee itches huge fat ass is enough to make a skunk puke. If you like that sheet, keep it….
        BTW flat asses are not attractive to anyone, but if the girl is otherwise nice or sweet or attractive to you then keep your face in the front and appreciate she’s not making fun of you for being bald toothless or having a gut or flat ass yourself .
        Just examples nothing personal

  • Stuart

    We call it a PUSHIN CUSHIN.

  • ShadowBurn

    #20 “bottle holder”

    daaaaaaaaayyyyyyyumm look at all that ….

    Makes me wanna dive in face first like cookie monster on a binge.

  • butt boom

    cant resist these pictures

  • Cerebriac

    I’m one of the guys out there that LOVES a big, round, firm bootie. They are the best!

  • themaskedmarvel

    “Fat-bottomed girls, you make the rockin’ world go ’round……”

    How many of you were disappointed that you weren’t treated to more pics of big butts?
    I know i was……

    • Farva55

      There’s nothing about this article that disappoints me.

      • themaskedmarvel

        That’s good to know…..

      • Purple head penetrator 2000000

        Are you perhaps a purple headed warrior ?

  • Arshad Sherif, M.A., M.Ed.

    One of the most desirable aspects of a woman’s bottom is seeing some part of it when you are not supposed to see any part of it at all. Sometimes the top of the butt-crack is revealed. It is called the sacrum or the coccyx. But a woman can have a very significant portion of her butt exposed and be completely unaware. To witness the early portion of the butt-divide is incredibly exciting for a man. This happens most often for women who fulfill two requirements: 1) She is wearing jeans. 2) She has a big butt.

    Jeans, more than any other type of pants, tend to pull hard on a woman’s butt. And the bigger the butt, the harder the pull. Women endowed with big butts need to know that when they are sitting down in jeans they can be revealing a lot more than they wish to reveal.

    I have noticed that girls are much more conscious about this problem than women. Girls are much more likely to be aware when they are exposed and to quickly cover themselves up. Normally they do this by pulling up their jeans or pulling down their sweater. Not sure why girls are more sensitive to this type of exposure than women. Maybe they are more sensitive to the flow of air on those parts that should not have been exposed in the first place. Or maybe when women reach a certain age they are more willing to let men have their way.

    And contrary to what many believe, summer doesn’t offer more of an opportunity to see a woman’s butt. Although some women certainly give us a full view of it on the beach. But off the beach, the shorts they wear pretty much cover all that there is to cover. We do, of course, get to see the legs and the feet in the summer. And to many men, legs and feet are no less sexy than a woman’s butt. But in the fall and winter, the gravitational pull of heavy cotton jeans on a big butt can give a view more exciting than the shorts of summer.

    But when all is said and done, the most interesting question of all as regards the female bottom is this: At what age does a girl begin to have a bottom that men find desirable? Surely the answer is not 18. Or anywhere near 18.

    • CarbonaNotGlue

      White girls about 11 .. black girls sometimes younger.

      • Arshad Sherif, M.A., M.Ed.

        I think you missed a zero at the end. Yes, 110 is about right. But if you want to put a decimal point before the zero, I am still with you.

      • Dawn

        Sick fuck

    • Dawn


    • Nonsense


  • Gamby

    Bigger da cushion mo betta da pushin

    • ANGEL94928

      That’s a “special” comment, SICKO !

      • Gamby

        Why, all us guys and some women know a big cushion is of mo betta pushin

  • Farva55


  • efe

    I’ve got an awsome use for my big bootie.. taking a shit.

  • Steve Gallegos

    They stink, and smells like being around a group of diary cows? How do they find a toilet seat to fit on?

  • Jake P

    Can I have the last 2 minutes of my life back?
    By the way, i dream of what it would feel like to have KK’s luscious wet cheeks sliding up and down on my johnson

  • Acadia

    Who makes fun of girls with big booties…. certainly no man, we try to bang them … what world does this author live on,

    • TGiovani

      Let’s put it this way: Four out of five men prefer women with big butts. The fifth guy prefers the other four men.

  • Acadia

    Great gunga munga!

  • Martine

    I’m a bit over the whole hip hop standard of good looks. A big ass, squat legs, and all that. I think I would rather look more elegant and more leggy. Maybe the average “brother” won’t be impressed. But then thats not the sort of guy I want. To each their own.

    • Nonsense

      Sounds a little racist or at least very problematic to say that women with big butts are not elegant. M. Obama has a big one is probably more elegant that you will ever be, also probably smarter, more intelligent, successful, and wealthy than you will ever be. I know several lawyers, doctors, and ivy league PhDs with big butts, so please.

      • Bewitched40

        Amen! Who says having a “nice, round, juicy one” isn’t ELEGANT?? It’s all in how it is presented!!! LOL.. Soooo, if you have a flat ass you are Elegant??? PLLLEEASE!

    • farlo

      Sounds like Martine doesn’t have an ass, sorry fat bootys will always draw attention, hip hop or not.

  • thefermiparadox

    A booty can never be to big. I love a big ass. Most guys do except for some dudes that prefer anorexic girls. It’s a display of fertility and youth/health. Sexual Selection over time. Oliver is right in his comments below mine. The really interesting thing in Selection and Evolution is how this is all about fitness & reproduction and not really at the conscious level. It’s all working at the subconscious level with thousands of years of evolution at work. Yet even knowing how round butts were selected (sexual selction & individual fitness) for and the primal instinct reason at work, we really do fine the onion bootys attractive & delicious and a light would go on in certain parts of our brain if hooked up to an MRI. Quit amazing

    The Science I found: Round butts (woman) evolved to be desirable trait because they provide a visual indication of the woman’s youth and fertility. They signal the presence of estrogen and the presence of sufficient fat stores for pregnancy and lactation. Additionally, the buttocks give an indication of the shape and size of the pelvis, which impacts reproductive capability. Since development and pronunciation of the buttocks begins at menarche and declines with age, full buttocks are also a symbol of youth. Buttocks is the primary sexual presentation site in primates and well you know we are the hairless bipedal self aware ape.

    • FAT X

      We are not apes you big retard. Anyone who believes in evolution is a numb nuts!

      • FAT X IS A MORON

        FAT X you “That doesn’t have anything to do with being racist. The average white person does have a flat ass…that’s factual. Racism is when you lie to make yourself feel better about an attribute you hate. The white people who do have butts are mixed with black.”
        Just so you know buddy saying big butts only origin from black decent is not only moronic but quite sad you actually believe this horse shit, Spend less time on goggle looking up false facts then trying act like you know something here.

        • Sugarstarzkill

          Damn, I already rebutted (haha) that comment, but this guy is just an all around moron. Either that or trolling. It’s sad when you can’t even tell. It’s depressing to know that people *that stupid* actually exist.


        First of all. The ape is right and second of all your an idoit. e.e

      • disqus_zn050pDY1Z

        Anyone who doesn’t believe in evolution is an uneducated idiot.

  • Westerplatte88

    Honky tonk badonk a donk… whoever said white girls don’t have booty is a racist moron. Come down and your be made the fool. Nothing like tite Wranglers and Levis.

    • FAT X

      That doesn’t have anything to do with being racist. The average white person does have a flat ass…that’s factual. Racism is when you lie to make yourself feel better about an attribute you hate. The white people who do have butts are mixed with black.

      • Bewitched40

        … not mixed with “black”… but blessed with a GREAT back side! ;) Like they said, “don’t be hatein’!!!!!!!” LOL

      • matt

        not a race thing, its just a weight thing.
        What yall decide to make of that is up to you, but aint touching on it any further! (hmm, seems appropriate to say, that’s what she said all the sudden).

      • Sugarstarzkill

        What?! I can assure you, I’m white as snow and have a fucking awesome rear end. And I’m not fat- I have a tiny waist with a big arse and thick thighs. I would love to be mixed-I hate being so pale. There are definitely some white women that have nice/big asses. I do agree that it’s not as prevalent with white women, but it does exist.

        • Itbloo

          My former girlfriend was 5′ nothing. She had a gymnast’s body. Small, pert breasts, muscular thighs, perfect small feet and a sweet round butt. I miss both her and her body. Best sex I’ve ever had, cutest personality with intelligence, also. The best things in life never seem to last.

      • farlo

        ehh no, thats like saying the average negro is just plain stupid, and its factual

      • farlo


    • Wiki10

      The white women she used in the slides unfortunately have fake butts. Kim K. and Ice T’s whore’s butts are fake…White women can have butts but the kind of butt these two have are not natural for white women even when they’re over weight. The fact that europeans were parading Sarah Baartman around just shows how uncommon a big ass was for whites, so please don’t claim it when for centuries you’ve degraded it and now that its popular you all of a sudden like it. And for your own good, STOP USING KIM KARHDASHIAN AS AN EXAMPLE! It is FAKE, and the fact that you’re so gullible to believe that it is real just goes to show unaccustomed you are at seeing white women w/ big butts. And the white celebs who claim fake butts as real make white women look fake.
      Lets be honest, you don’t have to go searching for a Black/Latina woman with big ass but you do have to search for a white women with one, that’s why you barely have any real examples in this slide( its so bad that the examples you use contain woman with surgical butts) let alone real life. Unless they’re athletic, even then its not guaranteed.. There’s even special jeans and underwear created for those with small/no butts, so there’s a market for it and like most products, guess who it’s targeted to?

      • CandiApple

        I know this is an reply to a 3 month post, but thank you for the Sarah Baartman reference. It’s sad that alot of black women and men know NOTHING about what they did to humiliate this woman.

  • ANGEL94928

    Well . . . isn;’t that REALLY ‘special ‘ !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    society is falling apart, people !

    • fuck you

      Are you autistic? Shouldnt you open the shades, let in some light, and probably go to your next meeting with your case manager?

  • ANGEL94928

    J-LO is dirty. SHE cares ONLY ABOUT $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ !
    People – WAKE UP !

    • fuck you

      A-are you ok? Did the doctors let you off your meds?

      • Growupfolks

        That’s such an ignorant response, and your screen name just blasts to the world what an ill-breed, low class, ignorant person you are. The “let you off your meds” statement is used only by low-IQ commenters who cannot intelligently argue. Stupid person !

      • saspecht

        You are the one who obviously needs psychotropic medication if you think J-Lo is all that. She is average looking at best, but her personality makes her a 4-5 out of 10 on her best day. Clearly, there is much more to attraction to those of us that use our mind. I’ll take a small breasted thin woman any day over that big butt that will drag on the sidewalk and have more hail damage than a stormchaser’s SUV in a decade. Knock yourself out with your gal who looks like her butt and legs caught on fire and someone put it out with an ice pick. Mmmmm….sexy!

  • Dawn

    smh… too funny

  • mrboz

    Just don’t get those who find these big asses attractive. Give me a slender elegant woman anytime. These girls are fat, not phat.

    • marianne72343

      I agree. Looks like they came straight out of the jungle off the back end of a HUGE gorilla. They will find all kinds of excuses to justify that big glob of fat .

      • Bewitched40

        … you all must be the “no-ass-at-alls”!!!!!

      • Edgewalker

        Really? “out of the jungle off the back end of a HUGE gorilla.”? Hater… justsayin

      • Vanessa

        LMAO Marianne you sound like the dumbest most ignorant backwoods and probably racist person on these comments. Back of the jungle? Seriously? Yeah I wonder what you look like to be criticizing others. Just another stupid miserable piece of shit like classy women. The two of you should get together and rant on how you think your the most beautiful women alive and how stupid you both truly are.

    • Bewitched40

      Like they said, “hate, hate, haters”!!!!! LOL

    • Edgewalker

      Yep, to each their own! Some like ‘em big, some like ‘em small…

    • ClassyWoman88

      MrBoz I so agree with you finally someone said something normal big asses are not classy at all I’m a woman and I like elegant … Normal is the best and classy

      • ClassyWoman88

        I’m talking about those huge asses when you wear a classy dress it doesn’t look nice and flat ain nice either normal and cute is the best and people get this straight nobody is hatting I don’t know why you guys think that its cuz people are being honest that doesn’t mean their hatting some like huge meat some like little meat or normal most of the guys when they see huge asses they think dirty that’s not koo at all and some woman like that that’s why they don’t complain

        • ClassyWoman88

          Now this days people don’t know what classy means especially woman their showing their asses and half naked bodies like it’s nothing that’s why guys turn like this I think if a woman dresses up more classy and not post half naked pictures guys would have more respect woman should make things more interesting but instead they make it so easy I wish the world had more mature people than a lot of dirty people ..

          • fuck you

            >they dont know what classy means

            You know what isnt classy? A supposedly classy woman on the internet talking shit about someone’s ass. You seem pretty trashy right about now.

          • Vanessa

            Wow Classy women what your saying is so contradictive and ignorant. I get the whole thing of a women who dresses tasteful and classy versus a women who is always exposing every asset she has without leaving anything to the imagination. However, what your saying is that if a women naturally has a bigger than average backside than she is trashy and no matter what she wears she is gross. Do you know how idiotic you sound? I believe all women of different shapes and sizes are beautiful regardless if they have a small, large, or medium sized rear end. I guess you must be that unhappy and miserable with yourself that you feel the need to try and put down other people. Since you claim to be the poster child for what is so beautiful and classy and you believe yourself to be so much better than other’s why don’t you post your picture along with your comments and show everyone what you think true beauty is. Even if you truly are physically beautiful it’s obvious your disgusting on the inside.

      • farlo

        sorry AssyWoman 88, but only dude with small weiners don’t like big butts

        • Fulaman1984

          I agree with you, I don’t understand how someone could not like a huge booty

    • ClassyWoman88

      its all meat and it’s nasty I’m a woman I got everything but not a huge ass that looks like a ate a cow lolll

      • Vanessa

        Yeah if you really had everything and truly loved yourself you wouldn’t be on this website bashing others.

    • farlo

      Mr Boz doesn’t like big asses because it makes his weiner look small.

    • farlo

      your tiny weiner makes you afraid of big asses

    • Fulaman1984

      These women are not even fat, something is wrong with you bro.

  • Reagan Barr

    My g/f has almost no butt. What does that say?? (I’m talking about No. 23)
    I have a big booty (I’m a guy, BTW), I make A’s & B’s, & doctors tell me I’m healthy as a horse. 8D Also, my g/f LOVES to play w/ my booty!!!!

    • Reagan Barr

      She also uses it as a pillow & goes nuts when I wear my tight “baseball” shorts!!

    • farlo

      your big ass is from estrogen, lady man

      • Fulaman1984

        Not necessarily, black males (I’m black) naturally have bigger butts than their other male counterparts. Alright this chat is starting to sound gay.

        • farlo

          hahah i was just joking with him

  • Ian

    fucking stupid, big butts and intelligence have no known connection, actually look it the fuck up assholes and the whole reason farts make noise is your butt cheeks flapping together really quick so who ever believes this should stop using the internet. PERIOD

  • Doc

    I like big butts and that’s no lie.

  • Ray Cabarga

    Wow, it really seems like the author, and everyone who read this silly article and commented on it, is around 12. I’m not. I’m 54 and a half but i have the maturity of a twelve-year old. But really, look at Mr. 9′s comment. Can you be any more 12 than that?

  • Ray Cabarga

    There are myriad more uses for a hippopotomic hindquarters.
    1. A substitute for Dr. Kevorkin (My preferred method).
    2. With white pants, an excellent screen on which to project a powerpoint presentation.
    3. Ironing.
    4. An effective visual diversion while shoplifting.
    5. A conversation piece for a party that can double as…well, the party.
    6. A more efficient means of mass producing large quantities of wine.
    7. A pitchers mound for height challenged players.
    8. A decorative tchotchke that’s sure to enhance any interior.
    9. A pantyhose length shortener.
    10. A trampoline to give extra vertical distance when mounting the pommel horse.
    just to name a few…

  • Dave Edmonds

    Someone somewhere actually got paid for this drivel?? no wonder we’re screwed up as a society.

  • Bob

    Big Booty: Excellent for picking Cotton!

  • Lord help us

    We are idiots, and need a new plague.

  • Fulaman1984

    I would love for a woman with a big booty to grind it against my long you know where and make me a happy man :-)

  • Juan Morales

    Big booties are fine, but I ratter snuggle to a nice set of boobs than a smelly but. lol

  • Jay

    stupid ass article
    how about the uses of a BIG BRAIN

  • name

    people say they like booty any size how about this

  • name


  • Marina Smith

    not interested in fat booties but have tongue punched a few hot fart boxes in my day

  • Wiki10

    The white women she used in the slides unfortunately have fake butts. Kim K. and Ice T’s whore’s butts are fake…White women can have butts but the kind of butt these two have are not natural for white women even when they’re over weight. The fact that europeans were parading Sarah Baartman around just shows how uncommon a big ass was for whites, so please don’t claim it when for centuries you’ve degraded it and now that its popular you all of a sudden like it. And for your own good, STOP USING KIM KARHDASHIAN AS AN EXAMPLE! It is FAKE, and the fact that you’re so gullible to believe that it is real just goes to show how unaccustomed you are at seeing white women w/ big butts. And the white celebs who claim fake butts as real make white women look fake.
    Lets be honest, you don’t have to go searching for a Black/Latina woman with big ass but you do have to search for a white women with one, that’s why you barely have any real examples in this slide( its so bad that the examples you use contain woman with surgical butts) let alone real life. Unless they’re athletic, even then its not guaranteed.. There’s even special jeans and underwear created for those with small/no butts, so there’s a market for it and like most products, guess who it’s targeted to?

  • TGiovani

    No man who’s ever had sex would prefer the boney asses of anorexic models over a nice juicy ass to bang and play with. Most of the weirdos who bash big butts on the internet are either lonely women or sexually confused basement virgins. The entire porn industry has been built on the straight males’ love for big asses and big tits.

  • Black Archer

    All I can say is, Yum!

  • Chris .

    Please , let’s distinguish between a “big” nicely shaped booty i.e. Jlo and some fatass with a thong lost in the mother of all cracks..

  • Bobo

    Big asses are nasty. Ass men are latent homosexuals.

  • HubertCumberdale99

    This is text taken DIRECTLY from the preceding article:

    “Embarrassed to pass gas in public? Girls with bigger butts shouldn’t be! Though it isn’t 100% guaranteed, a bigger butt can lessen the sound of a fart. Crop dust away ladies!”

    Isn’t anyone managing content? THIS is your work-product Ms. Phalange?

  • Barry Blows

    The BEST USE—
    A HOME FOR A HORSE !!!!!

  • Greg Higgs

    Actually, heterosexual males are genetically programmed to seek women with wide hips and big butts.

  • Patrick Jackson

    I like big butts and i cannot lie..

  • oldcrankyyankee

    shameless excuse to show booty pics.thank you.

  • kristenlea47

    lol that’s not downward dog

  • Scammer Slammer

    J lo’s butt mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy
    throw that bee itch to the sharsm but be prepared cause they WILL throw her back!!!!! cause even sharks have better taste than a fat butted no class, no brains , no talent bimbo

  • Mac

    If You’re fortunate enough – Big Butts make ‘Hump Day’ all the more satisfying & rewarding…
    Having a Love w/Big Butt is being ‘Fortunate Enough’ too, I promise…