Things That You Can Get Away With When You’re Drunk But Not When You’re Sober

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Things That You Can Get Away With When You're Drunk But Not When You're Sober

Things That You Can Get Away With When You're Drunk But Not When You're Sober

The world of drunk is totally different than the world of sober. There are many things that are socially acceptable when you’re wasted. However, if you acted like this when you were sober, people will think you’re a nut job. Am I right?

Change your Facebook status to something nasty but true.

Change your Facebook status to something nasty but true.

When you’re drunk, you want to share your feelings with the world! “Missy and I are taking big dumps at the bar.” 15 other drunk people immediately like it and think you’re joking. Do this sober and you’re a sick individual. What’s your problem?

Dodging traffic on foot.

Dodging traffic on foot.

Fear is no factor for you. If you dangerously dodge cars and traffic when you’re drunk it seems totally safe and funny, right? Do it when you’re sober and you’re totally nuts!

Doing a crazy stunt

Doing a crazy stunt

Whether it’s doing "The Worm" or showing off a hidden talent of flexibility, we all get a little showy when we’re drunk. People dig this and we don’t feel like morons. If we try this when we’re sober, then we’re like “totally showing off”.

Taking crazy photos.

Taking crazy photos.

The difference between drunk and sober photos is very easy to tell. Take all the weird pictures when you’re drunk, they’re funny as hell. Take them when you’re sober and they’re not so fun and you’re also kinda weird.

Eating massive amounts of fried food

Eating massive amounts of fried food

Who doesn’t go out for late night drunk food? Forget the diet when you’re drunk, nobody will judge you at all. If you sit at McDonalds and order the 2 cheeseburger meal and chicken nuggets at 1pm and you’re sober, you’re a fat a**.

Getting a tattoo in a naughty spot.

Getting a tattoo in a naughty spot.

Getting a tramp stamp is cool when you’re drunk. It will make a funny story to tell friends later on. If you get a butt tattoo or tramp stamp when you’re sober... what’s wrong with you?

Hook up with a dude you just met.

Hook up with a dude you just met.

Go home with a guy that you just met at the bar and your other drunk friends are very supportive of this life choice. Tables are turned and you’re all sober, it turns into “Don’t go home with him! It isn't safe!”

Invade personal space.

Invade personal space.

When you’re wasted, you have no concept of personal space. You sit on people’s laps, spank strangers' butts and dance all up on people. Totally acceptable and men find it hot if you’re drunk. If you do this sober, you’re a slut.

Jump off of things

Jump off of things

Why do we feel invincible when we’re drunk? I’m not sure, but it seems like a really good idea to jump off of a park bench or bar stool when we are! We’re superheroes. If we try this and we’re sober we look like total idiots.

Overly exposing yourself in public.

Overly exposing yourself in public.

Lifting up your shirt and flashing someone is totally hot if you’re wasted. If you do this sober, you’re actually a big skank.

Painting your face.

Painting your face.

Instead of makeup, you put on face paint to go out since you had a few pre-game cocktails. Do this drunk and everyone will get a good laugh. Do this sober and you have serious, serious issues.

Passing out in public.

Passing out in public.

Finding a nice spot on the corner to pass out on... it’s super comfy. Try this mid-day and you’re labeled “homeless”.

Peeing on the street

Peeing on the street

On the walk home from the bars and you can’t hold it in any longer, it’s okay to pee on the street. It’s actually highly entertaining. Not something you want to do when you’re sober.

Saying perverted things.

Saying perverted things.

Screaming things that are vulgar and disrespectful. Some I have heard are, “Your mothers a fugly slut” and “I have rocks in my vag***”. Hilarious if you’re drunk, effed up if you’re sober.

Screaming Profanities

Screaming Profanities

“F**k you” and “You’re a piece of sh**” are just a few phrases that I have heard come from the mouths of drunk girls. If girlfriend tries to scream that out when she’s sober, people will look at her like she’s a total bitch. If she’s wasted, it’s okay, she really doesn't mean it.

Sexting a guy you like

Sexting a guy you like

The big drunk moment when you get the courage to spill the beans to the love of your life. Tell them everything you have ever thought about them, you’re drunk, it doesn't matter. Confess your sober love for them via text in the afternoon and it’s kinda weird.

Singing a terrible karaoke rendition

Singing a terrible karaoke rendition

The only time most of us have the balls to actually get up and sing karaoke at the top of our lungs. If your voice sucks, who cares? You’re a rockstar that night. Try and do this seriously when you’re sober and it’s a trainwreck.

Spending way too much on a bar tab

Spending way too much on a bar tab

Shots for everyone? No problem! Your generous drunk self wants to buy everyone a drink, no matter what the cost! Not a shot in hell your cheap a** would do this when you’re level headed.

Tell your best friend what you really think of her man

Tell your best friend what you really think of her man

Alcohol is also a truth serum. You actually have the balls to tell your friend what you think of the guy she’s dating. He’s a total d-bag, so you tell her. All good when you’re drunk, the next day you can be like, “I was wasted, I had no idea what I was saying.” If you tell her when you're sober, this means war.

Throw objects (perhaps ice cubes) at people

Throw objects (perhaps ice cubes) at people

The famous “drunk toss”. Feeling energetic and the need to throw various objects, like ice cubes at people. Perfectly acceptable if you’re drunk, totally unacceptable if you’re sober.

Being Sloppy

Being Sloppy

Drooling everywhere, dropping glasses at the bar and falling over people. Sloppy drunks are funny drunks.

Chugging Straight Alcohol

Chugging Straight Alcohol

When you’re between drunk and wasted- it’s always a good idea to just chug straight vodka, whiskey or tequila out of a glass. Chug it sober and it’s not as tasty or socially acceptable.

Grinding on a Pole

Grinding on a Pole

Who needs a man when you have a pole to grind up and get dirty on? Very regrettable when you wake up the next morning and see your friend posted this video on Facebook for the world to see.

Waking Up At a Stranger's House

Waking Up At a Stranger's House

Dude… WTF Happened last night? Your drunk self told you it was cool to go to crash a stranger’s party. Not so cool when you wake up in their house the next day.

Wandering Aimlessly

Wandering Aimlessly

Take it from Snooki, drunk people like to wander. Go ahead and wander away, people will see that you’re clearly inebriated and they will not pass judgment.


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  • Ethan Allen VI

    This is without a doubt the stupidest piece of crap I’ve ever seen on the internet! Was the compiler AND the editor wasted when they decided that this was a good idea? Fire ‘em both!

    • Allie Walton

      You must have been a loser in college or never had a good time….

      • lakawak

        Or had fun as an ADULT…not a worthless idiot who pathetically will always think of the 4 years in their late teens and early 20s as the best 4 years of their lives. That is SUICIDALLY sad, by the way.

        • ShamrockRancher

          “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go thru life, son”.
          - The Dean from Animal House

          • Jay

            “TOOOOGGGGAAAAA” – Belushi from Animal House

        • Admin User

          “see if you can guess… what I am now…”

          (smashes face, spitting mashed potato all over coeds)

          “I’M A ZIT!” – Belushi from Animal House

          • Jay

            That man is a P… I… G… PIG.

            As old as that movie is, it’s still a great film. I hope Hollywood never tries to remake it. They can make wannabes all they want, but as long as they don’t redo Animal House, I’ll be happy.

      • Rene H. Provencher

        I was a Veteran when I went to college. Never had time to fuck girls and get drunk. Did that in the military. College is to learn! This is stupid.

        • Jay

          So was I, but I still managed my fair share of parties and fun. Only difference was I didn’t do the 21 bar crawl since I was older. Then again, I went to the #1 party school. Still graduated with a 154 credit hours.

          • Framerman

            Go Hawkeye’s!

          • Jay

            Go Buffs. ;-)

        • Bo Jonson

          I concur. Thank You for your service!

    • DP

      wheres the guy who is suppose to hold her hair

    • mrcead

      Good lord. It’s easier for you to just find something else to read.

    • moe_i_am

      you’re just mad because one of these 26 is actually you. i’m guessing the faggy guy in the pink power wheels photo

  • Lala

    This is so funny i was lmao looking at these pictures and the headings. Back in my drinking days or if youve ever gotten drunk 1 or more of these things have happened to you.There are so many more things that drunks do. you guys should come up with a part 2 of this. Great read, its comical and relatable. Ciao!

    • Bill Braski

      Holy crap, did you just finish with a ciao? It doesn’t make you look older, stop it. Your fake account is fooling no one. Go do your homework.

  • Gene Smith

    I bet she’s gonna feel real lousy when she sobers up.

  • Public_Sense

    Yeah, I’m thinking not many of these are acceptable, drunk or sober.

  • opinionated_too

    Hey mom, I’m on the internet with my legs around my head. What do you mean, I should have worn clean underwear?

    • Phil

      Haha, did you notice the sweat spot in her crotch too?

      • AugustineThomas

        Secularism rots your soul and your brain.

        • Phil

          Perhaps. But it keeps my sense of humor intact. Do you feel you lead a fulfilling life as a puritanical proselyte? Go sell crazy someplace else. We’re all stocked up over here.

          • AugustineThomas

            See what I mean.. All you can do is quote crappy secularist movies.

            Secularism has made you as shallow as a puddle.

          • Phil

            And being a religious zealot seems to have made you a one-dimensional, intolerant bore who recites lines and ideas that imperfect human beings wrote in a Book.

          • AugustineThomas

            I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

            Galileo, Mozart, Beethoven, Lemaitre, Erasmus, Mendel, Kepler, Leibniz, Borlaugh, Collins, etc., etc., etc. all were as committed to their religious beliefs as me.

            You’re the one who is new.. The aggressive secularist, who couldn’t exist in a non-Christian country, who goes threatening religious people who hold beliefs shared by all of productive humanity in the past.

            Aggressive godlessness is what’s new. And that leads to the murder of hundreds of millions.

            Pure secularism rots your soul and your brain.

          • Phil

            First of all, I think you’re assuming that I don’t believe in God. And second, at what point in my comments did I make any “threats?”

            I don’t doubt that any of those historical individuals you named were devout in their beliefs just as you are, but I’m sure that they didn’t go around preaching to random people on the street right out of the blue. My best friend is a devout Christian, but he understands that there is a time and a place for the conversation. You don’t seem to have figured out that an Internet comment board is neither the time nor the place, especially when neither my original comment nor the subject on which I was commenting had anything to do with religion, let alone secularism. Again, my original comment had nothing to do with religion, so you were way out of line to begin with when you struck up this little conversation with me. So you started this whole thing by making your little comment about my brain being rotted by secularism when neither my comment nor the subject on which I was commenting had anything to do with religion whatsoever. You’re trolling. Your comments have nothing to do with the subject matter and I think you’re just trying to get a rise out of me and start an argument, which makes you an Internet troll. And I have a strict policy against feeding the trolls, but I seem to have made an exception in your case.

            Besides, what would you prefer? Would you prefer a country under religious rule? Do I need to remind you that more people have killed and been killed in the name of religion than any other cause in human history? Western civilization will never be placed under religious rule because we see what’s happening in the Middle East and every other region and country that has fallen under religious rule. All they want to do is kill each other because their neighbors don’t share the same religious beliefs. They’ve been doing it for thousands of years and they’re going to keep on doing it and that’s why they will never advance as a society. I challenge you to show me a country that has been as successful as the United States and whose government rule is based on religion.

            In conclusion, I do believe in God. And you’re damn right I’m a secularist because that’s the foundation on which my country was founded and it’s what makes my country the greatest in the history of humanity.

          • AugustineThomas

            That was quite a response for a troll.

            Secularism has left your country with the highest teen STD rates in history, the highest self-reported misery rates in history, the highest murder and violent crime rates in history (and that’s with the bloodsucking, Nazi storm trooper cops constantly minimizing the statistics) and a society full of uneducated sex and drug addicts who are constantly given more free baby murder and condoms while they get even more heathenish and zombie-like..

            You guys don’t care, you’re happy to watch the whole thing burn as long as you can keep your pet sins.

            I wouldn’t get too cocky.. Whenever the immoral go promising the God-fearing that they’ll be forced to live under Satan’s thumb forever, the wicked are put back in their places and the orthodox regain the reins and steer the wagon away from the cliff..

          • Phil

            You say I’m cocky. You say “your” country. I’d love to know from what country you hail. I noticed you didn’t address my factual statement that there have been more deaths in the name of religion than any other cause in history. And I also have the intelligence to understand that there’s a difference between a country’s people and a country’s government. There’s a lot of debate going on right now about what direction the country should take, and the majority of Americans believe the government is taking us in the wrong direction. People like you make me despise organized religion. You people believe there is no compromise. And that lack of compromise has killed countless millions.

          • AugustineThomas

            What are you talking about?
            Thousand of people died in the Inquisition and most were hardcore criminals–that was the justice system. The Salem Witch trials were horrible, but 8 people were murdered.

            Atheists (Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc.) have murdered billions and secularists have murdered 1.5 billion unborn children.. Are you living on another planet? Your leftist teachers just completely lie and tell you no atheist ever hurt anyone?

            Also Christians built modernity and gave you your fat, easy modern life you secularist ingrate!

          • FarFromHaole

            Christians in the united states are the most outspoken about their religion while they cherry-pick a half dozen tenets they follow while ignoring that which no longer suits their lifestyle. We are all atheists about most gods- some of us just choose to go one god further.

          • Phil

            I didn’t say it was all done by Christians. What I was saying is that religion has been the driving force, in one way or another, behind more killing and more wars than any other reason. That’s a historical fact that no one likes to talk about. Hitler killed Jews. Radical Muslims kill all non-Muslims. Christians waged war in the Crusades “in the name of God.” That’s my point. And stop calling me leftist! I already told you I can’t stand liberals. I can see I’ve really pissed you off now! And who’s trying to convert you? And I know you’re not trying to convert me! You’ve completely skewed my original point. Or have you forgotten it already? What the hell does secularism have to so with the article and my original comment? You still haven’t answered that. That’s how I know you’re trolling. At what point have I tried to destroy your religion or “convert” you? I think you’re paranoid and your paranoia has led you to make some pretty wild assumptions. You only address my points that you feel threatened or insulted by. Talk about trying to convert someone! You’re trying to tell me that secularism is rotting my soul. If that’s not a comment intended to try and convert someone then I don’t know what is.

          • Phil

            And I’m not trying to say that religion is inherently bad either. A lot of people bastardize religion and try and contort it and manipulate it to conform to their own personal agenda (i.e. these radical Muslims in the world). I do, however, believe that organized religion can be very dangerous–for reasons I’ve already stated. I don’t go to church, but I still believe in God. I don’t believe a person has to go to church on a regular basis in order to worship. But what really turns me, and a lot of other people, off from organized religion are people who think that their way is the right way and the ONLY right way. Which is kinda what you’re doing right now. In that sense, you’re seeming more leftist than me, for sure. Radical left-wing liberals love to believe that it’s their way or the highway and anyone who doesn’t agree with them or see things their way are just plain wrong or flat-out evil and that we want to “push granny off a cliff” and “want dirty air and water.” It’s ludicrous.

          • AugustineThomas

            Christians built modernity. No matter how ungrateful you are, you owe your fat and easy modern life to devout Christians who built your society.

          • Phil

            Ok, You’re officially boring me because you’re not making sense anymore. You’re just spouting off about nothing. Obviously you don’t know how to respond to anything that I say. You seem to be at a loss. Just go feed your cats or something because I know you probably have twenty of them.

          • AugustineThomas

            If you’re bored then you’re boring. And that’s because you have nothing to say.
            You try to make a personal attack because you’re losing the argument and I’m boring? You can’t admit the obvious: that you owe your easy life to Christian monks who built modernity. (This is probably because your only “education” has been brainwashing by leftist public school teachers and maybe a few professors.)

          • Tami Jennelle

            how did that whole argument stem from a dumb photo of a drunk chick with a cum stain on her drawers? do ya feel smart now??

          • AugustineThomas

            Says the woman who thinks “Chelsea Lately” is thought provoking..

            I’ll pray for you.. You’re depraved and perverted and its disgusting even if you’re too far gone to notice it anymore.

          • Dave Thomas

            sorry to feed into this Phil but did you notice how quickly you were judged?
            my response would have been who the fuck are you to judge me. I truly enjoy reading things like this. It almost always shows how “Christians” (notice I used those funny little line thingies ) use and contort the bible to suit their current agenda.

          • AugustineThomas

            Only a fool believes he’s a self-creating man-god or else POOF appeared from thin air.

          • Phil

            And, yes, you are a troll. I’ve reviewed several of your previous comments on other articles. You’re a one-trick pony. You need a life. Stop trying to convert us “secularists” over the internet and go live and enjoy yourself. My advice: Get laid! Lol!

          • AugustineThomas

            As soon as you guys stop trying to convert me and destroy my religion, I’ll stop trying to convert you!

          • AugustineThomas

            (By the way, you’re quoting the homophobe from that movie. Ostensibly your leftist secularist brethren would sanction you and even threaten you with excommunication if you were to start sympathizing with the attitude of homophobes. You’re breaking several PC Commandments.)

          • Phil

            Actually, I’m a conservative, but that doesn’t mean I lack a sense of humor. And just because I quote a line from a movie doesn’t necessarily mean that I identify with the character. For one, I have a very close friend who’s gay. Besides, by the end of the movie Nicholson’s character comes around and realizes he was wrong in his “homophobic” beliefs. And I’m the furthest person from PC that you’re gonna find. I think political correctness is killing our society. Again, try pushing your radical religious beliefs on someone else. Try your local middle school. Lots of young, impressionable minds there that you can mold like Play-doh, I’m sure.

        • Lamont_Madison

          Liberals have no soul because they sold it to Satan long ago!

      • Darr247

        Don’t you mean sweet spot?

        • Phil

          Touche, sir.

  • lakawak

    Even for a lame blog, this is pretty stupid. No one “gets away” with most of these tings, drunk or sober.

    • Jay

      I live in a college town and yes they do.

  • Nelson Montana

    Is it mandatory to be a registered moron to write these articles?

  • Heavy_Weapons_81mm

    Tat dodging traffic bit is funny – until- you get hit by a driver too drunk to dodge you

  • Lewis Goudy

    So a dragon on a forearm is ok but a reefer leaf on a butt cheek is not? This site is garbage and I won’t be coming back. Whoever put this clusterfuck together should be flipping burgers.

    • John Daily

      maybe if you’ve only flipped at a fast food joint…

      It’s almost 2014; time to stop relating “flipping burgers” as an indication of being low on some social scale that you assume readers would understand.

    • Coco Lax

      @Daily; good post.

  • Ras Ible

    Prohibitionist are going to say marijuana did this:)

    • Sterling Headset

      And totally irrational paranoid guys that fear flying monkeys and “prohibitionists” will probably use this comment board to make stupid smiley faces.

      • Ian

        Haha you’re a faggot man! ^

  • JustCathy

    What kind of friend lets someone get THAT wasted? The girl in the subway train photo (sorry, I didn’t want to see the rest of the pics) could’ve been raped while unconscious. Ladies, have your fun, but for chrissakes don’t drink youreslves into oblivion!!! How many times do we hear about Manhattan chicks being put into cabs by friends & then the cabbie takes advantage of the girl’s impairment to rape her?!? STOOOOPID!!!!!!!

  • Jay Kmonk

    On slide #4, any guesses on what was leaking out of her to cause that wet spot? Her talent will come in handy to keep any husband happy.

  • dick hake


  • dwight

    She has a pad on

    • Stormchaser Onne

      That is not a pad it is a cellphone. More than likely on vibrate mode.

  • GoingToTellItLikeItIs

    Thanks to Obamacare, we will see lots more young people getting totally wasted like this!

    • Bill Braski

      That makes absolutely no sense what so ever.

      • GoingToTellItLikeItIs

        Sorry…. it takes a Republican or Independent (i.e. someone with an IQ higher than an Obama supporter – which happens to be lower than a cow pie baking on the ground under the hot Texas sun) to understand it.

        • Bill Braski

          You and a guest posted the exact same response? Weird. Could you just explain to me why The Affordable Care Act would have us seeing “lots more young people getting totally wasted like this!”?

          • GoingToTellItLikeItIs

            Hi Bill!

            Young people are already struggling with finding a job and the cost of living. Many are forced to stay at home or live with roommates. If you add to that the financial burden that Obamacare would place on them if they had a job, then you should understand why they would become depressed and unmotivated and seek out substances that would help them escape the reality of their dismal lives with little hope of enjoying the freedoms and financial successes of their ancestors.

          • Bill Braski

            Got it. So universal health care will cause all young people to abuse drugs and alcohol.

          • GoingToTellItLikeItIs

            No Bill. Obamacare in its present form will further weaken the job market for prospective youth and is designed to make them pay most of the bill for others. It won’t cause “all young people to abuse drugs and alcohol”, that is not what I said in my original post, we will just see more young people heading down that path.

          • Bill Braski

            How is health care availability going to damage the job market?

          • Bill Braski

            Whatever, really, who cares? This is a ridiculous pointless blog targeting twenty-somethings. You crow barred in some anti Obama BS. Yay for you. In reality, it has no connection to this article.

      • Guest

        Sorry, it takes a Republican or Independent (i.e. someone with an IQ higher than an Obama supporter – which happens to be lower than a cow pie baking on the ground under the hot Texas sun) to understand it.

  • Ian

    This shit is great I’m in college and this is just the daily norm to see on campus and every night haha I love this its funny and very true. The rest of you guys are just a bunch of lame ass haters.

  • Evan Bernard

    #4, the flexibility stunt, totally has a wet clam lol

    • Jonathan Miller

      That is some nasty shit, if you cannot tell, it looks likes someone is wearing a sanitary blanket.

      • Karah Wade

        A ” sanitary blanket? ” WTF?

        • Evan Bernard

          is a sanitary blanket what they call a pad in Europe or something? lol …..shes clearly wearing nothing sanitary…..

          • Blackjuju18

            Well, it does look as big as a blanket so…

          • Karah Wade

            Right?! LOL.
            I dont even know what to say ..

          • Xavier McHenry

            In California we called them snatch baskets. something to carry around their rotten tomatoes in.

    • obamas dorian gray moment

      try as she might, it is just too big

    • Coco Lax

      Every generation has women like her. I am 51 but when I was 21, I was playing rock star in bands back in the 80-90s and as a musician, you meet these types all the time. They live in bars and unfortunately rarely do they change. Twenty years later, they’re still smoking, drinking, through a couple of husbands, and looking like they’re 75 at 45.

      • Evan Bernard

        im not upset about this, morons give me something to laugh at and make fun of when I am drunk. Let morons be morons lol

    • Scotster

      She been busy.

  • Jill Grayson

    I think that most of these things are a turn-off, and maybe even more of one, if you are drunk. Getting that drunk is ugly…

  • CarbonaNotGlue

    Dumb. I want the last 12 seconds of my life back.

  • bruce clark

    Whoever let this be published is a complete moron, as is the writer. But, my dumbass also just read it!

  • MannyHMo

    Never, never, never do these stupid and dangerous actions when under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Do it while sober and accept the consequences of your actions. You’ll regret it totally.
    This is an article for the liquor companies which implies to folks – It’s OK to do these things while drunk. It’s not OK. Don’t ever believe it.

  • Bo Mingo

    well let’s face it. This is what bitches do. They have nothing else going for them except a stinking vagina. Brainless twats

  • captaindandan

    I stopped drinking for two reasons::
    #1) I would do outrageous / stupid / illegal stuff when drunk: 100 mph in Shelby, drive home after drinking 13 “Harvey Wallbangers”!! , sex with strangers (women),and
    #2: I was attacked by first wife Denise’s uncle when I was drunk and unable to defend myself!!!
    I NEVER had a drink with those THOSE people ever again. “TRUST”
    #3: Finally, I received the LORD Jesus Christ as my LORD and Savior in 1979 — the ONLY time alcohol passes these lips is “Champagne : 1 flute at new years 1 flute at Crystal wedding, etc.

    • Coco Lax

      Same here brutha. I don’t miss bars.

    • Jay

      I’m guessing that was some 30 odd years ago, since no one drink Harvey Wallbangers anymore. Galliano is pretty just a decoration at a bar these days. Hell, kids these days don’t even order Screwdrivers, they just say Vodka OJ. But yeah, can relate on the car thing. Got a DUI doing 79 in a 35, had to pee… Never again.

    • Bo Jonson

      Praise to your ‘free choice’, the God given image of His creation!

    • HMichaelH

      “I stopped drinking for two reasons::” Then you list three. Have you always had trouble with numbers, or you simply cannot count? Did Jesus telly you to stop drinking. Maybe he ran out of the wine from that wedding, and wanted to cut back on the demand. Drinking alcohol has always been OK with Jesus. It’s just the abuse of it that creates the problem. If you have Champagne at New Years, you haven’t stopped drinking. Jesus, who is your loving and caring savior, is going to get you for either lying or drinking…..I’m not sure which.

      • NofirstNolast

        Water into wine, woke up 3 days later in some cave.

    • NofirstNolast

      The He turned the water into wine and the race is on again!

  • Jennifer Russell

    What are you, like, 12?

  • Robert Foster

    for #12 you don’t need to be drunk, KISS fans paint their faces anyhow.

  • UncurlyDIYBrazilianKeratin

    You just channeled my class-act next door neighbor’s to-do list! Oh, the discreet charm of alcohol.

  • flash001USA .

    This was beyond a waste of time!

  • christopherbsd

    Hey Vagina Flange, Wrong!
    Nobody respects you when you act like a drunken idiot – not anytime!

    You really get paid to write this crap?

  • JonaD

    I like when women insert a beer bottle and drink out of it with a straw while doing this on the floor… it really livens up a party.

  • Coco Lax

    In the second picture of the girl holding the beer can between her legs (Doing a crazy stunt),,,? Her future prospects for a good man are seriously limited, it at all possible.

  • Rat Bazturd

    stained Kotex pad visible thru the black panties

  • ken hart

    Just another example of how this world is sliding into a disgusting nasty state of evil !

  • ken hart

    Why would anybody post such a slutty picture like that anyway ? Bar whores are just that ! Immoral disease ridden pass arounds !

  • fuck you

    Hey does Lisa Kudrow & NBC know you’re using their name from “Friends” as your screen name which is probably no big deal to them other than they might want royalties. Fact of the matter is this you are a fraud and whatever you post is considered junk fluff because you have no journalistic integrity, if you’re going post as a fictional character you might as well post as “Mrs Santa Claus” that way your readers will know you’re not real and shouldn’t be taken seriously and as for you taking someone else’s post and taking credit for it like you actually did the foot work to write it is not writing it’s called plagiarism this article appeared over a week ago on another site. That’s great that you can troll and read something find it interesting then re-post it, do you have any original material to post, most likely not because you probably got your position through nepotism, not merit and experience and yes I’m posting to you under a pseudonym because that’s what you do…………..

  • carole fox

    fuck u & the horse u rode in on,etc.

  • Bo Jonson

    although I find this mildly erotic, it’s stupid…. If you want to be provocative, post it on,

  • nadyia

    this is stupid, and it was never about getting away with it. fun does not constitute humiliation or things you regret next day. fun is something you will enjoy and then remember to cherish them. not this sad list, of bunch stupid college idiots, who spent their college time drinking and sex, but forgot to learn. by all mean, have fun, drink and fuck, but not in the way that this list portray, as getting drunk is an excuse. it is like saying, oh that means cheating when i am drunk, i can get away with it. please!

  • nadyia

    some are okay, but many of these are not acceptable, whether drunk or sober, period !

  • ru_serious

    If you act like a skank when you’re drunk, you’re still a skank. You’re just a drunk skank, and if you think that makes it better, you must be a drunk skank.

  • Nate

    I have woke up in a strange place totally naked. In the living room of one of my friends house. As the night came back to me over the next da, I realized how I ended up there. The rude morning wake up was buy his very hot older sister and she welcomed me into her bed to sleep and fuck the night away! So truly it was a great experience !!!!! I would do it all over again any day! Dam I wish I was 18 again LOL!!!!

  • Jo

    If you have a butt like that I don’t think it matters what you tattoo on it. Wow.

  • magic3400

    There are WAY TOO LINKS to this site…time to update my firewall settings.

  • Cynda P.

    Is the first pic Brandy Glanville?

  • Mz.Understood

    Somebody finds it ‘entertaining’ to see someone peeing on the street when they are drunk? I think THAT person needs as much help as the peeER.

    • Sensitive Whining Black Guy

      its highly erotic you prude

      • Mz.Understood

        A prude I am not, but if this is considered ‘erotic’? hmmmmm….I may have to rethink that, because to me there is nothing erotic about it.

  • Dan Miller

    I actually really dig that position. Minus the pee spot tho..I’d still hit it.

  • HMichaelH

    Very nice! I like the little stain between her labia on her pants. Is it spilled beer, urine, or she’s just very aroused?

  • P Y

    OMG, I had forgotten just how boring it was to be babysitting a totally drunk girl.

  • watchthis

    wish i coulda been there for some of that , id love to watch her pee in the street again

  • Zak A

    It looks like she’s hiding a cell phone down there

  • Blake W

    this list is so stupid I can’t tell you how stupid it is it’s so stupid.

  • jwbaumann

    Don’t forget passing out drunk on a neighbor’s porch when it’s 17 below and you’re just wearing a sweatshirt so you get horrible frostbite and lose your fingers and toes (true story). You’d never do that sober.

  • KunTewk

    Roll her in flour and aim your little buddy at the wet spot.

  • Bob Young

    All these pictures are very sad. MY daughter recently passed away because of this. If we are suppose to get a laugh out of this, we are not laughing.

  • anonajude

    I agree with the others….this is stupid. You can have “fun” when your are drunk w/out being the most annoying asshat on the planet.
    Most of this crap is unacceptable even when drunk…and exactly “why” i NEVER hung out with the college kids- they are complete idiots when they drink.

  • Tom Servo

    Change the subject of these comments from “women” to “men”, and a lot of these will get you thrown in jail. “Invade other’s personal space” – like the creepy guy trying to feel up woman at some bar???

    Or how about “inappropriately expose yourself”???

    If the author thinks any of this stuff is “funny”, just try to imagine some 60 year old drunk guy doing it next to you and think how “funny” that would be.

  • white god

    lol her pussy wet lol nasty ass bitch

  • dwpittelli

    I understand that about 50% of the time, when a pedestrian is killed by a car, the pedestrian is legally drunk.

  • harpo64

    my friend!! That wasn’t sweat. it was left over sperm from a few friends…….

  • Psycho

    OMG nice wet spot right on your pu**y! I cant believe they put this photo on here!! lol (she must have been really excited to show everyone her trick!

  • Rudolf F. Borsics

    Youzz guyz are wild n and crazy…

  • AugustineThomas

    I don’t think you “get away” with these things.. It’s one thing to get drunk and have some fun, but our society is descending back to barbarism. We’re exactly like the Romans when the barbarians conquered them.

    And, let me guess, I must have a psychological problem because I don’t think being a drunken and drugged slut is the best thing to do with life..

  • tevra

    or the cute little thing who leans out the car door with her pants around her ankles and yells out “eat me raw!” and sees my face…she sobered up fast….thought it was all strangers in that part of town.

  • sydney

    Girl with legs behind her head looks like Blake Liveley (yup spelled her name wrong).

  • Barry David Vyskocil

    Is that her phone doubling as as a maxi-Pad-don’t want to spill beer in my pussy safety device? or just another drunk girl who had the common sense to put on a pad to deal with monthly visitor. I am not sure I really needed to see it like that.

  • http://WWW.EXTRA-CASH-ONLINE.COM/ Robert Connor

    what next!

  • Ward Howard

    How the hell did I end up in this lib landfill?

    • Tinwoods

      Because you’re a closeted liberal, you coward.

  • Frank Beran

    Arriving for a late night get together and finding her passed out with her head in the cat’s litter box is always a good conversation starter.

  • Keith

    I wonder what time of the month this picture was taken?

  • SIGmund Fried

    Guess what? It looks stupid when you’re drunk, too, not just when you’re sober.

  • Conservativesniper

    I must admit the chick in pic #4 sure has a nice koozie.

    • AMR1960

      what do you mean “Nice”–She’s wearing a napkin and it’s got a blood stain in the middle…

  • FarFromHaole

    Seriously- is the author of this in tenth grade? I can find THOUSANDS of better written pieces in high school newspapers! If somebody actually paid money for this piece they should go work on a garbage truck.

  • James

    There is a drink holder in there somewhere…

  • Janet Sutton

    Wow, I that a fart ? LOL

  • dave

    looks like she has a tampon on

  • Solon Benjamin

    yikes………. the Yeast…

  • Lamont_Madison

    Intelligent people don’t “dig” these stupid actions.

  • ronald parker

    A real woman , BEER & BUTT my favorite

  • jinger