The Simple Joys in a Female’s Life

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It's the simple every day things that can bring smiles to our faces. There are some small things in particular in a female's life that can bring smiles to our faces over something so simple. Here's a list of the everyday joys we love!

Finding a Front Row Spot at the Mall


Especially during the holidays, the jubilation that'll occur in your car could bust out your windows!

Making a Guy Laugh


Sometimes, it's hard for a girl to really make a guy laugh, so when we finally get a good laugh out of a guy, we're on cloud nine.

Getting a lot of Likes on Facebook


It's a good ego boost when you post something on Facebook, and see that a lot of people are liking your activity. Maybe you said something funny that a lot of people liked, or announcing your engagement. It's always a little depressing to see that no one likes something that you thought was funny or exciting. Fail.

Waking Up and Realizing You Have Another Hour Left


Self-Explanatory. This is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

Being Friends With a Hair Stylist


It's so refreshing to sit in a friend's chair because they'll listen to exactly what you want, and give you the best results. It's also nice to be able to sit there for a few hours and have a good time rather than feel awkward. And the discounts aren't too bad either!

Finding Your Size on the Rack When There's Only a Few Shirts Left


When you spot that shirt from far away and see that there are only a few left, you might be discouraged. So, when you approach and find your size, you grab it in excitement!

Being Successful at a Pinterest Activity


Trying to conquer a recipe or DIY you saw on Pinterest isn't always easy. So, when you hit the nail on the head, you can't help but be excited!

Having a Hair Tie on Your Wrist When You Go to Grab One


This one is a little tricky. When you go to grab your hair tie, and find one, you just quietly use it and forget it. But when you go to grab one, and it's not there, you frantically begin asking any girl around you. You'll even use the dreaded rubber band if you have to.

Guessing Your Right Foundation Shade


Most of us don't go to a professional to get our shade matched to a specific foundation. So, when we guess from a color chart online, or just by looking at the drug store, and we hit it on the spot, we feel high and mighty. Because there is nothing worse than a girl walking around with a clearly wrong shade on her face.

Having the Same Size Shoe as a Friend


Your collection just doubled in size! The same goes for clothing too!

Finding the Perfect Mascara


We are always on the search for the best mascara. It's the makeup that brings it all together. Different kinds work for different girls, and when we find the right one that adds the right amount of volume and separates, we couldn't be happier!

Finding Out an Item is on Sale at the Register

Sale - Bags

When you hit the checkout, and you see something rung up on sale that you had no idea about, there is no better feeling.

Seeing Toilet Seat Covers When You Walk in the Stall


Pure bliss. We don't have to make some horrible toilet paper circle, or squat. Eh well, some of us still squat.

A Friend Having a Tampon When You Unexpectedly Get Your Period


There is no worse moment than when we realize, it happened. So when we're unprepared, and we find out girlfriend has extras in her purse, there is no calmer feeling.

Being Able to Take More Than 6 Items into the Dressing Room


Why 6? When you're at your favorite store, you're more than likely going to grab more than 6 items. It's so frustrating to have to swap in and out in the dressing room, trying to keep everything in order.

No Associate in Dressing Room


Finally, not having to wait around for a lackluster employee to unlock a room for us.

VS Angel Reward Card is Worth More Than $10


Does this ever happen? Well when it does, we will be screaming at the register!

Grabbing Your Lipstick Immediately When You Stick Your Hand in Your Purse While You're Driving


This could go with anything. As soon as your hand goes into your bag, and you grab exactly what you were going for, it is pure happiness!

Having Exact Change in Your Purse


If your total for a bill has a small amount of change in it, you normally want to pay with exact change so you don't add that much more to the bottom of your bag. A big smile will grace your face when you find that dime and penny at the bottom of the purse for that $16.11 tab!

Not Needing a Filter on Instagram


When you're posting a picture that you're included in, and you look at it and realize you don't need a filter, you'll be feeling better about yourself all day!


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  • Megan Rooney

    What about writing a poem or painting a picture? What about engineering the latest gadget or designing the latest Google doodle? What about perfecting your back flip or helping someone move with your truck? What about going barefoot or living without a television? Your list is incredibly sexist, and assumes that all women are shallow, lazy, materialistic, consumer and image-driven creatures. NONE of these things are my favorite things. Please do NOT speak for me. In fact, don’t ever try to group a whole genre of people into one category ever. It’s not so smart. Thank you.

    • Kelly Jackson

      Pipe down Megan, you’re being retarded with your statements. Not everyone is the same as you and wants to walk around barefoot.

      • Megan Rooney

        Not everyone enjoys shopping either. That’s my whole point.

        • Farva55

          Who fucking cares? My god.

      • Old Speller

        “You’re being retarded.” Now we see the intelligence and emotional level this article was aimed at.

        • Kelly Jackson

          Speller you are nowhere near as intellectual or sophisticated as you’re trying to come across. Just put a cork in it.

    • Donna C

      Did you not read the title or the intro? It was the SIMPLE everyday joys. I loved this Haley, I am always so frustrated not having a hair tie, and I am TOTALLY with you on the 6 items in the dressing room. Engineering the latest gadget? How is that a simple joy? Relax Megan, this was a fun playful piece that you took in the complete wrong direction.

      • Megan Rooney

        Okay, you’re right… Engineering surely isn’t simple, I got carried away! But ladies, seriously, don’t sell yourselves short! I stumbled upon this article while looking for something else, and I was shocked. She might as well include “finding the perfect pan to cook your man dinner in!”… which is fine…. but the variety here is seriously lacking, and only presents women in ONE dimension…. Which is the dimension that the media and popular culture force-feed us into thinking we have to crowbar ourselves into. It’s like a list for men only including tools and “brawny” things. It’s like a list for black folks only including fried chicken and sweet drinks. People are much more multi-faceted than that.

        • Donna C

          what is the problem finding the simplicity here? It’s hard to comprehend how you have blown this out of proportion. But I suppose myself, the writer, and anyone else who enjoys this, is too one-dimensional to comprehend anything.

          • Megan Rooney

            You are all beautiful just the way you are, and I accept you as such. All I’m saying is, don’t say this list covers all females, because it’s simply not true.

          • Farva55

            You don’t accept jackshit. All you’ve done is shit on a fun article. I feel sorry for you. Stop listening to Hilary Clinton on a daily basis and start enjoying life a little more.

    • Susie N

      Its so sad that you can’t see the simple things in life and enjoy them! Why do you read so far into things? Get a glass of wine sit back relax and then re-read this post. Who doesn’t love the feeling of realizing you have a hair tie on your arm in the most desperate times of needing one, or finding a front row parking spot at the mall or grocery store (especially if you have kids), Hearing your crush/love of your life laugh at something you said or did is one of the best feelings in the world! Making them happy is something so simple and taken for granted everyday that you should sit back and enjoy the feeling! Having a friend who wears the same shoe size or clothes size is something people should enjoy! I have had multiple occasions where a last minute event has came up and had to run over and borrow something! You honestly cant tell me that you don’t get excited when you reach in your purse and grab what you were looking for immediately!

      I think you need to look at the world in a different perspective (not everything is about you or your likes) and maybe write a poem and list the simple joys in your life! Your examples of simple joys in your post are more personal, and some are ridiculous (latest gadget really?) I think Haley made it more about everyone. You read too far into this and made something so simple- complicated. If you don’t have anything nice to say why say anything at all? its as simple as that!

      • Kelly Jackson

        You hit it on the spot Susie!

      • Megan Rooney

        Wait. So you’re saying you staunchly and simply live by the “don’t say anything if it’s not nice” mantra? So this post was completely nice towards me? Sure. Yeah. OK.

        I enjoy plenty of simple things.

        Watching my fish get excited when I feed them in the morning.
        The smell of bacon frying, even though I don’t eat it.
        Arm warmers that let your fingers be free.
        When my heater finally kicks on in my sometimes-stubborn old car.
        Making loved ones smile.
        Having fresh cut flowers in my home.
        The sound of a child’s laughter.
        Being under water, and seeing how long I can hold my breath for.
        Watching chocolate chips melt in a pan when I’m making my famous chocolate-peanut butter bars.
        The warmth of the sun.
        The way trees turn up their leaves right before a storm.
        The rhythm of crickets on hot summer nights.
        Knowing the grease can under my sink will eventually go into my boyfriend’s grease-powered car.
        Having a laptop, and internet service, and the ability to read and write and communicate with you folks right now.

        • Farva55

          You get excited over feeding fish?


        • Farva55

          Maybe you should write an article for this site about YOUR simple pleasures since you’re clearly more important.

  • Old Speller

    God, are women this shallow and boring?

    • Donna C

      Are all people as cynical as you? The person who judges all women based off a fun slideshow on a women’s lifestyle website?

    • Kelly Jackson

      Get laid Old Speller.. You need to take Susie N’s advice. She hit it on the spot.

    • Megan Rooney

      No. We are not. This is not an all-encompassing list. So let’s take our eyeballs and hearts and minds elsewhere, this isn’t doing any good. It does much better in the world to support a good cause than to fight one with negativity. Fighting war concentrates on war and anger, and creates more. Supporting peace concentrates on peace and creates more. Like attracts like. So let’s try to spread some more positivity, shall we? Rooney out.

  • Savannah

    Holy crap! What is the world coming to? Seriously? Heres my little bit of simple, Megan. I enjoy shaving my legs and not getting cut! Offended? Sweet, intelligent, scientific Megan! Did someone hold a gun to your head and make you read this article? Maybe you should google how not to make an ass of yourself. You google doodler you!!! You go doodle somewhere else. Us WOMEN enjoy certain little things that are too small for your enormous google infused brain to understand. Do us all a favor if you can fit it into your busy schedule. I know you are important and all!! Borrow a tampon, find your lipstick while your drive, make a guy laugh, get a like on Facebook, and go find a good parking spot at the mall. And let us all know how you feel later! If not, stay out of these fun slideshows and keep your activists mind set silent. You just made us all laugh and enjoy our simple things even more. Google this, Megan, WE DONT GIVE A DOODLE!!

    • Donna C

      this is fantastic. shallow women unite!

      • Savannah

        Shallow enough to call someone shallow. Beautiful!

        • Farva55

          Donna C is clearly unattractive or doesn’t like herself very much.

  • Savannah

    HOLY SHIT!!! Can we make a slide show about crazy ppl? Either you like the list or you don’t. Do u like simple things as a woman or not? POOF!!! My mind is blown!! Now we are all beautiful and need to be positive????? THIS SLIDESHOW WAS POSITIVE BEFORE SCIENTIFIC SPECULATION AND STUPID COMMENTS!!

  • Allie Walton

    Do any of you people have lives? Why are you reading this “crap” if you don’t like it.. go back to your caves and be miserable… I though the article was fantastic.

  • Farva55

    I think RantChic should do a slideshow of dumbest fucking comments of all time. You could fill up an entire page with Megan Rooney.

    • Megan Rooney

      At least I’m not hiding behind a screen name. It’s easy to put rude comments up, and be ignorant to others anonymously. I used my real name.

      • Farva55

        Sweet. My real name is Bob Saget.

        I hate to break it to ya sweetheart but it’s called the internet. The computer. Whether you use your “real name” or not- you are still “hiding” behind it.

  • Maori

    I don’t agree with this article, personally. I guess some people may find joy in having a good make-up day or things just going the right way, but that doesn’t seem like joy to me. I can’t find ‘joy’ in doing my make-up better than usual or things just feeling convenient for once. Although looking good does start my day off well, I find real joy in seeing a beautiful sunrise, having a pleasant conversation, cooking something better than before, or just seeing something odd. This list was supposed to be simple things, and I understand that, however I feel like if these ‘simple’ things are most of the things that provide a woman joy on a day-to-day basis, that’s a bit disappointing.