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We all have our favorite heartthrobs in Hollywood. In fact, you probably have your Top 5 list that you’re allowed to sleep with and your partner can’t get mad if the situation ever arises! But what makes a hot guy even hotter? His love for his dog, and we just can’t get enough of the hunks with their little furry buddies. Get ready to saw “Aww!” and fall in love all over again!

John Hamm


John loves his Shepherd mix Cora and is often caught cozying up to her on the numerous walks they take. He loves taking Cora to the park to play fetch, and gives that girl plenty of exercise!

Robert Pattinson


Edward Cullen was openly bashful on Ellen talking about how much he loves his dog, Bear. Another rescue, this story is especially touching because Robert rescued Bear from a five day kill shelter, on his fourth day in there. That dog hit the jackpot and doesn't even know it!

Chris Evans


Captain America has a huge soft sport for his bulldog, East. Chris’s mom says, “That dog is the love of his life.” We wouldn't mind being number 2 in his life!

Justin Timberlake


Remember that epic first Punk’d episode where Ashton seizes JT’s house, and his dogs? Hearts were breaking all over America! Justin’s face was so sad and distraught, it even made viewers cry. Justin is still obsessed with his babies that he now shares with wife Jessica Biel. The two share a pit-bull/lab mix, and two boxers. All dogs are B names; Buckley, Brennan, and Billy.

Shermar Moore


Shermar Moore brings his hefty bulldog, Shug, on set to his hit show "Criminal Minds" regularly. This sexy star often posts pictures of himself and his little buddy on social media and the love he has for his dog is obvious.

Ryan Reynolds


Ryan is seen all over with pup Baxter, and the dog is also spotted from time to time with wife Blake Lively. Ryan went to an animal shelter to find his friend a new dog, and couldn't help but fall in love with Baxter for himself. He also scooped up a pup for his friend, and looked at Baxter and said “Let's get the hell out of here.” The two have been best friends ever since.

Bradley Cooper


The sexiest man alive became even sexier when he adopted his adorable dog, Charlotte. Brad's rescue was found in Compton with no bottom teeth, and called their meeting ‘love at first sight’. In the photo here, Bradley is snuggling up to Charlotte at the airport. Whenever possible, Bradley takes his dog wherever he goes.

Gerard Butler


What is it about these big hunks and their teeny tiny doggies? Gerard Butler is obsessed with his pug, Lolita. Gerard is happy to flaunt this un-manly dog all over town, constantly being photographed walking the pooch. Butler was quoted as saying “It’s not politically correct to buy a dog from a pet store...” but when he saw Lolita laying there with one eye open, and her tongue hanging out, he just couldn't help himself.

Jake Gyllenhaal


Jake is known for being a fantastic owner to his dogs, Atticus and Boo Radley. How creative, right? Jake takes Atticus everywhere he goes, and his love for both his dogs is admirable.

Ryan Gosling


You didn’t think Ryan Gosling could get any hotter, did you? Ryan has had his dog George for years, and George is his true BFF. Everywhere Ryan goes, George goes. George even came on set and sat with Ryan through his whole interview on Jimmy Fallon. There is something so sexy about a man that loves his dog this much!

Ben Affleck


Ben and Jennifer are spotted with all their different dogs in the media. Mostly, Ben is photographed walking his beautiful German Shepherd. It’s good to know one of the busiest men in Hollywood carves out time in his busy day to take care of his dogs!

Leonardo DiCaprio


French bulldogs seem to be very popular amongst celebrities, and Leo is no exception. Leo has had his frenchie for a very long time, and has been spotted with his pup on the beach routinely. Believe it or not, his bulldog's name is, yup, Django. Leo has had Django since his earliest years as an actor, and Django was not named after his recent movie. The bulldog's name had nothing to do with the film's title either.

Channing Tatum


Channing is another big rescue advocate, and he rescued his dog Lulu, who he is just obsessed with. He adopted Lulu, a mutt, just after wrapping "Dear John" and has been in love ever since. He’s knowing for posting dancing videos with Lulu, including re-enacting the famous "Dirty Dancing" scene. As if we needed another reason to love Magic Mike.

Hugh Jackman


Stop the madness! Hugh is spotted everywhere all over town with his baby Dali, the French bulldog. Hugh might be the most photographed celeb with his dog. The pictures are endless, and endlessly adorable. Hugh and his wife consider Dali to be one of their children, and no one takes better care of his pup than Hugh!

Jude Law


Jude bought Bess for his ex, Sienna Miller, when they were still together. After their split, Sienna took the dog and Jude didn't get to see the pooch very much. However, the two reunited after Bess recovered from a serious kidney infection, when Jude attended a celebratory party for the dog (yeah, kinda weird). No matter what the reason for the couple's split, it is too adorable that Jude came back to check on their furry baby.

Zac Efron


We all remember Zac taking care of all the pups in his film "The Lucky One", but off-set, Zac is just as loving as we saw in the movie. Zac posted this picture on Twitter, of his dog cleverly named ‘Puppy’.

Ian Somerhalder


Ian is also a big advocate for rescue dogs, and that’s just what he did… and way more literally than most dogs are rescued. Ian rescued Nietzsche from traffic near the set of his show "Vampire Diaries". He’s planning to open his own rescue center for abused animals, which will also double as an educational youth camp. Way to go, Ian!

Josh Duhamel


Josh just loves his dachshunds, and he has two adorable little guys named Meatloaf and Zoe. Josh and Fergie have become big advocates of rescuing since they scooped up Meatloaf from an online rescue. He calls Meatloaf "such a great friend." How precious.

Tom Hardy


Come on, how adorable is this? Tom has been known to take tons of selfies with his dog, but this photo was snapped on the set of his movie "Animal Rescue", coming out in 2014, about a lost pit bull. Tom and the pooch were hanging on set when this adorable photo was snapped. How can you not be in love?

Matthew McConaughey


If you ever want to see a shirtless Matthew, just hang out on a California beach long enough and he’s bound to show up. More often than not, he’s out taking a jog with one of his pups. Matt has been photographed with tons of different dogs, which lets us know this sculpted hottie loves his little canines!


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