The 25 Pictures Girls Need to Stop Posting in Social Media

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stop posting in social media - 1

Everyday, our feeds on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are flooded with the same old crap. Girls are going crazy taking pictures of EVERYTHING throughout their days, and subjecting their friends to this garbage on all the social media sites. These following 20 pictures are the most commonly posted, and the reason Zuckerberg gave us an 'unfriend' button.


stop posting in social media - 2


stop posting in social media - 2

Thank you. I have never seen one before. Unless you live in Alaska or Siberia, leave it off my feed.

Laying Out Legs

stop posting in social media - 3

Laying Out Legs

stop posting in social media - 3

Your glistening legs look so hot… oh wait that's only because you did the Lo-Fi filter. Thanks for keeping it to just your kneecaps though because if that was all you were willing to show, we probably didn't want to see the rest.


stop posting in social media - 4


stop posting in social media - 4

"LOOK HOW MUCH FUN I'M HAVING AND I'M SO COOL BECAUSE I'M DRINKING ALCOHOL!" I'm going to assume your stupid hashtags underneath are #beerthirty #fiveoclocksomewhere #sexonthebeach.


stop posting in social media - 5


stop posting in social media - 5

Basically, what you're admitting to the world with your hundreds of pictures of your cats is that, you're single…. or you're jealous of your friends with children and this is the only way you know how to compete. A couple now in then is fine, but 3 a day? Bet you're watching Ellen too.


stop posting in social media - 6


stop posting in social media - 6

Congratulations, you can reproduce. I'm not interested in the cake your child smashed, their first bowel movement, or their first steps, because you know why…. it's not my child. With everything being documented on the internet these days, leave your child off of it. There are enough people looking into our business, don't voluntarily give it to them.

OOTD (Outfit of the Day)

stop posting in social media - 7

OOTD (Outfit of the Day)

stop posting in social media - 7

I just don't know if I would get any sleep if Jessica didn't post her "outfit of the day" everyday! It is comical to make fun of all the fashion mistakes you're making though.


stop posting in social media - 8


stop posting in social media - 8

The worst of the worst of the worst. Stop. Stop now. Isn't this what your profile picture is for? I don't need to see you throwing up a peace sign, a smoochy face, or pushing your boobs together (even though you didn't really mean to, it just happened!) You know how you criticize when you see someone else's selfie? Yeah, that's what we're doing to yours.

Text Conversations

stop posting in social media - 9

Text Conversations

stop posting in social media - 9

If it's not a picture, don't post it. You're either trying to prove how happy your relationship is (which means it's probably pretty sh*tty) when we see your text from him that says "I love you baby, you're gorgeous!", or you're trying to show us the hilarious conversation you just had with your bestie. Haha, so funny.

Pet Selfies

stop posting in social media - 10

Pet Selfies

stop posting in social media - 10

Trying to take a selfie with your pet. What else needs to be said? It always looks like the dog's head is being forced into screen shot. Animal cruelty. Human cruelty. Don't subject us to this garbage. "My dog and I are so happy", as are you and your vibrator since you are probably single.

Plane Wings

stop posting in social media - 11

Plane Wings

stop posting in social media - 11

Ohhhh, so when you checked in at LaGuardia an hour ago, I thought that meant you were running to Chicago. Thank god the plane wings cleared that confusion right up.


stop posting in social media - 12


stop posting in social media - 12

What are these giant cotton balls? Am I dreaming? Oh wait, it's those things I see every day of my life. They may never appear again, thanks for documenting it. Oh, and that double rainbow too.

Mirror Pics

stop posting in social media - 13

Mirror Pics

stop posting in social media - 13

Where to begin? I'm so cute holding up my Hello Kitty iPhone case and looking at the phone instead of into the mirror because I'm actually embarrassed I'm doing this in the first place. More often than not, the subject in the picture is looking at themselves on the phone. What the f**k?


stop posting in social media - 14


stop posting in social media - 14

Fresh manicure! Don't my Minions from Despicable Me look ravishing in nail lacquer? I'm also 30 years old, maybe not mentally though.

Feet in the Sand

stop posting in social media - 15

Feet in the Sand

stop posting in social media - 15

What a pensive shot. The water is withdrawing around my feet and I'm sinking in the sand. Is this supposed to make me jealous?

Fortune Cookie

stop posting in social media - 16

Fortune Cookie

stop posting in social media - 16

Unless it says "You are an attention whore", I'm not interested in your cracked cookie.

Coffee Art

stop posting in social media - 17

Coffee Art

stop posting in social media - 17

Someone spent an intricate amount of time making this design, which is going to be ruined in 5 seconds. Thanks for capturing it. The barista is laughing at you by the way while you're holding your camera up to the mug.


stop posting in social media - 18


stop posting in social media - 18

Celebrate! Celebrate your complete lack for creativity and skills in photography.

Holding Hands

stop posting in social media - 19

Holding Hands

stop posting in social media - 19

Please believe how happy we are! Is that a promise ring? That's probably all it'll ever be.

Eyeball Close Up

stop posting in social media - 20

Eyeball Close Up

stop posting in social media - 20

Why? To see your sh*tty attempt at doing your eye shadow and eyeliner? What a turn on for a guy, seeing this girl he knows having a striking resemblance to that creepy dead girl from the Grudge.

Driving in the Car

driving in the car selfie stop posting social

Driving in the Car

driving in the car selfie stop posting social

Let's start a new campaign to join "It can wait", and we'll call it "It should never happen". It's terrifying to know girls are taking these pictures while they're driving. I'd prefer a text message then you fumbling trying to make sure you hit the camera button.

The Gym Selfie

stop posting in social media - 22

The Gym Selfie

stop posting in social media - 22

Okay, she's got a sick body. But still, selfies of you at the gym are weird. You want us to see that you're working out, like it's attractive to everyone. We don't care about your work out pics, we already knew from your check in at LA Fitness.

Your Starbucks

stop posting in social media - 23

Your Starbucks

stop posting in social media - 23

It's always joked about how white girls love their Starbucks, and they have unhealthy obsessions with it. We really don't care if you're drinking it. My day will go on just fine without seeing your Venti Mocha Frapp.


stop posting in social media - 24


stop posting in social media - 24

Again, not another photograph. Great, you're listening to Michael Jackson on Pandora. Why do you think we care?

The Body / No Head Shot

stop posting in social media - 25

The Body / No Head Shot

stop posting in social media - 25

If we're friends with you, or following you... we know who you are. Why are you blocking your head? Are you embarrassed? Other variations of this picture are taken from above with no head even in the picture. It makes no sense.


stop posting in social media - 26


stop posting in social media - 26

Quotes are all over Instagram and Facebook. They aren't pictures. Have you ever noticed someone who posted a quote that couldn't be more the opposite of that particular human being? You know, the girl who was spreading malicious gossip to you, and then posted "do unto others as you would have them do to you!" So... you want people spreading gossip about you? Got it.

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  • The Whole Nine Nards

    Pretty sure this would put Instagram out of business.

  • DaleDoback

    Every day I scour the web looking for new airplane wing pictures for my collection, and here you are trying to discourage it.

    Do you put YOUR airplane wing pictures on the mantle above the fire place? I do.

    • Had Enough

      I know you are being sarcastic, but I have a friend who takes and collects pictures of manhole covers from across the globe, and there was once a “artist” (crackpot) who supposedly every photo he snapped or foot of 16mm he’d shoot had to have the tip of his thumb visible in the left lower frame.

    • tron

      ahhhhhhh ha ha thtas great!

  • AmyH

    Why don’t you just tell people to not take any pictures? At all. No pictures. No sharing. Nothing.

    Get over yourself.

    • Majestyk Melons

      The author of the article must have had a case of the Mondays on a Thursday. :>)

    • ShooterMcGavin

      Wow Amy, you sound really bitter and/or defensive. Lighten up, it’s a fun article.

      And sorry that not everyone is as interested in the minutiae of your life as you are.

      • Leah Gassman

        I just think she meant…it isn’t that big of a deal that people post things on Facebook. I have a handful of friends that post frequent pictures….I haven’t had a hissyfit/bitchfest/conniption/stroke/breakdown over what they choose to do. I just ignore it and move on with my life.

        • mn_test347

          Thanks for the cleavage shot, Leah. I think that was mentioned.

      • Ckrista Mari

        If someone is on your friend list, then they should by all rights of friendship want to be included in your life… when we are all so busy in life, we have a hard time finding the time to socialize and so we post to social networks…

      • les342

        If they aren’t interested, then they don’t have to look at it. It’s a simple concept. If you don’t like what you’re seeing, you can unfriend the person or skip that particular post. No one’s being forced to read or see it.

      • tron

        booo you suck shooter sandler kicked yo assssss

      • merr7242

        That was sarcasm….geez!

      • Valerie Scalici

        SORRY, but Amy is right – what is it that the author wants to be put on Facebook? Because the last I checked, we could pretty much post what we wanted so long as it wasn’t nude, obcene or drug related….. And this was not too much of a “fun” article – just someone complaining. but oh well, that is her right also. :)

    • Chad

      You sound… guilty! lol

    • JT3

      I see where the author is coming from but it is ridiculously smug and cynical. The duck face and mirror thing I understand, but fireworks? Sunsets? Jesus what else does the author hate? Kittens and rainbows? I was thinking the same thing as AmyH, and I am a guy so I don’t post any of this crap.

      • Courtney Lynn

        Puppies. I’m pretty sure she hates puppies.

        • Bruce_Leet


        • tron

          yup puppy killa

      • p680

        And offensive based on the way she wrote about singles. She is probably single, lonely, and jealous herself. I am single with cats. I love posting my cat pictures and my friends love seeing them. If I go a while without posting them my friends ask me to post more. This has nothing to do with being jealous of those who aren’t single or have kids. I love looking at kid pictures too. They are my friends. I love all their pictures.

      • tron

        that monkey coffe cmon twas sick

  • Rob_Grant

    Coffee art seems pretty cool.

    • Jolie

      Yeah, I’m pretty sure the barista would be happy to know that her artwork appears to be neat enough for someone to WANT to take a picture of.

      • boadicea

        I was a barista for years and never could create coffee art! I’d be happy someone wanted to share my art!

        • sma

          and did you take it from behind while posing your mindless pics….

          • boadicea


        • lace

          I want a monkey coffee…and to post a picture of it!! >_<

    • Joe Methuen

      I liked it too. It made me smile.

  • Alberto Gomez

    This is the most ridiculous post Ive ever read, not only is it misogynist but its also entirely sour and incredibly idiotic, why don’t you re-call it “PEOPLE SHOULD NOT TAKE ANY PHOTOS”

    • JoshBjerke

      Misogynist? That one you are going to have to explain.

      • texassa

        All people post pictures. This article (and many like it) calls out “girls” only for posting what they say are stupid pictures. Attacking half the population for doing something everyone does is, yes, misogynist. And unfortunately very common. Hard to miss.

        • JoshBjerke

          [ mi sójjənee ]

          hatred of women: a hatred of women, as a sexually defined group.
          This article seems a far cry from hatred, especially considering it is written by a woman.

          • texassa

            Unfortunately, women can absolutely perpetuate misogynist thinking. This is a perfect example.

          • JoshBjerke

            Again, this doesn’t fit the definition of misogyny. Not in the least.

          • Mr. Copland

            Oh snap, look out folk! Dude got a textbook definition of a word that in no way makes allowances for assumed meanings or cultural acceptance of said usage, he knows what he’s talking about!

          • JoshBjerke

            Seriously, you want to be that asshole? Define misogyny in an acceptable way that fits this article into its definition.

          • Mr. Copland

            It can also be defined as the dislike or mistrust of women. The author has taken a topic that both sexes engage in (IE. selfies, pet photos, food photos) and applied the filter only to women. In essence, she dislikes women for something that she apparently gives men a pass for. Singling out a specific sex is unnecessary and denotes hostility towards only one group. Hence misogyny. It’s not hard, kiddo. Have fun with your dictionaries!

          • DaleDoback

            NOT misogyny.
            Keep trying. You like the big words.

          • lololawso

            Ahem. “Misogyny” according to Oxford English Dictionary.

            Syllabification: (mi·sog·y·ny)
            Pronunciation: /məˈsäjənē/
            dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women

          • Lulu

            And what do you like? Beer and porn? Sorry about the big words, maybe you should leave all the talking for the grown ups.

          • tron

            he he he

          • Lulu

            Thank you!

          • ratsass

            What you must understand is that language evolves. I don’t like them using the word “implode” to describe the explosion resulting from strategicall placed explosives to cause a building to collapse inwards. A true implosion only occurs when there is a vacuum present. However, I accept that the term has evolved. You’d be surprised to know the original meaning of some words.

          • willytea

            “Implosion”: Obama’s presidency.
            “Explosion”: Obama’s excuses.

          • Helena_Handbasket

            Congratulations on being the biggest fucktard on the thread. STFU, this is not an article about politics.

          • Had Enough

            Maybe he saw your username and it made him think of where America is headed.

          • Kathleen Br.

            Ok, that was damn good.

          • willytea

            Of course it’s about politics when the current unethical if not poisonous White House influences the behavior of the gullible young. Are you the poster child?

          • Helena_Handbasket

            Wow, have you sought mental health treatment for your obsessive thought patterns? If you think that facebook selfies and photos of kids and sunsets are symptomatic of the gullible young being influenced by corrupt politicians, you’ve clearly either gone beyond “a bit off” to “full-on batshit bonkers”, or you’re simply irretrievably stupid. I will grant you the nicety of leaning towards the opinion that you are simply an imbecile rather than a lunatic… mostly based on your childish view that corruption is somehow a “current” rather than persistent problem, or that the current asshat-in-chief even is the worst of them.

            Incidentally, to answer your question, I am a middle aged, political independent rather than the poster child for “THEM” (I assume you’re referring to some sort of imaginary, teenaged Obama zombies that are bent on undermining America with duckface and pictures of bacon). If you’re going to attempt to needle me, you may find it productive to use insults relevant to me as a person.

            Congrats, you’ve been promoted from “biggest fucktard on the thread” to “lifetime achievement in consistent fucktardary”

          • willytea

            Don’t flatter yourself sweetheart. You first wrote to me! All of your twisted name calling is the sad hallmark of sexual frustration. So maybe go take the cure?

          • tron

            is fucktardary a word you know since were on all this gramma n shit

          • tron

            shuuuutttt uupppp boring

          • tron

            i think im going to my corner to do some coloring

          • midwestmomof2

            You appear to be a poster child for Fox Noise! EWWWWW that stinks!

          • willytea

            Well, that’s mature! You must be one of those who thinks Fox News lies but Obama doesn’t.

          • Jennifer

            What the fuck does this have to do with this stupid article??? You know what I hate most? Self centered, politically obsessed people that try to relate EVERYTHING to politics.

          • willytea

            Poor thing! My comment was to “ratsass”, not you. But thanks for your useful commentary!

          • Jennifer

            I bet you stand on overpasses holding up stupid signs, too.

          • midwestmomof2

            He is a TeaTard. It is in his name and says it ALL!

          • Helena_Handbasket

            Amen sister!

          • tron

            yup you suck too

          • tron

            wow wow easy with that asshole word josh b- a-jerke

          • tron

            i know i think im a believer

          • mn_test347

            Women can hate women – and often do.

          • midwestmomof2

            It appears to me that the author hates women. Women with children. Women with pets. Women who post pictures to FB. The author is showing her immaturity.

    • Rebecca Cantrell

      THANK YOU!!!!

  • Thelonious Mac

    You forgot all those stupid annoying self help memes.

  • sugahoneyicedtea

    Um, that’s not a Hello Kitty phone case. It’s Chanel.

    • Gal Friday

      Thank you. That was bugging me.

    • mn_test347

      Well – that changes everything.

  • Lakeshia Evans

    The Ellen comment is over the top. Not everyone with cats is a Lesbian. Haley needs to get over her homophobia (and I’m saying that as an opponent to the LGBT, BTW).

    • Helena_Handbasket

      She also apparently has a problem with single women and women that might not meet arbitrary standards of attractiveness. Strange, considering how her prose drips with the sort of insecurity usually stereotypically attributed to those groups.

      • tron

        oh ok doc me next

    • midwestmomof2

      A homophobe calling out another homophobe! That is RICH!

      • Lakeshia Davis

        An LGBT opponent and a homophobe are not necessarily one in the same. One opposes the lifestyle and the other the people. So when the moderates on this oppose, you know the anti-gay bias is over the top.

  • Lakeshia Evans

    And the comments about children. Hey, not everyone is a pedophile.

  • Lakeshia Evans

    And what is so bad about being HAPPILY single. I guess Haley still needs to learn how to be comfortable with herself rather than expecting a man to make up for her low self-image.

  • Earthling

    Nothing wrong with taking a whole bunch of pictures of yourself and your activities every day, but posting them on facebook and instagram IS annoying. I take millions of cute, silly and stupid pictures of myself all the time, but I don’t post them all out there for the world to see cause no one gives a shit about anyone’s life or day-to-day activities or what you had for dinner. However, OP, if you are going to criticize others for what they do on the internet you might want to work on your grammar and spelling. Just sayin’.

    • Helena_Handbasket

      Actually, just by being annoyed people prove that they DO give a shit, and they’re just pissy that either they have nothing to post, or nobody comments when they do. It’s really that simple.

  • Joe Kazmierski

    I mostly endorse this – but you should have edited to 10. There are some men do: (airplane wings) and a few that have not reached a bothersome level: (fireworks and some of the later ones in the list). But, you missed those memes(?) – those inspirational posters that say “Life life to the fullest because everything happens for a reason!” All in all, a lesson which should continue to be addressed. AmyH, please stop Commenting. Thank you.

  • kidsafe

    And how do boys’ posts and photos measure up? Let’s see, you have the basic shot of your girlfriend’s boobs (or other parts she didn’t know you were photographing), getting drunk scenes, followed by being horrifyingly drunk scenes, then the inevitable throwing up scenes.

    Oh, and for laughs, what about all those truly epic shots of you and your friends raping, molesting and humiliating a drunk girl at a party or your dorm room.

    Give me clouds anytime.

    • techy dude

      you win the award for having the dumbest post on this page. You even topped the author’s post.

      • kidsafe

        That’s an interesting response. Care to elaborate?

        • The Whole Nine Nards

          1. You’re either full of it or have some really dumb friends.
          2. If your Facebook friends really do that, why do you associate yourself with those people?

      • tron

        ok techy DUD

      • midwestmomof2

        Aren’t you way off base? I’m guessing you are male?

  • Diana Davis

    Just throwing this out there to the original poster.. GET LAID, FIND A BF A FB SOMETHING CAUSE YOU ARE MOODY AS HELL. If you don’t like the pics ppl take then why tf are you even on social networks? Get that huge stick out of your a$$ and find something better to do than to complain about someone else’s life decisions. This post just goes to show you don’t have a life. Idc who you are if I want to take a pic of my son and post on Facebook that is my decision not yours you don’t want to see it then get the hell off my page. So go get laid then maybe you will feel better about life

    • edree

      Wow, I’m impressed with how erudite is your paragraph, so well thought out and well presented.

    • Luna

      I can’t stand people who use “get laid” as some sort of command/insult . Guess what? Some of us live for something other than humping like animals. The high point of YOUR life might be spreading your legs or sucking dick, but that doesn’t mean everyone else’s is.

      • FEDupWITHstupidity

        Only old or bitter or frigid women don’t like humping like the animals that we truly are. Too bad your parents didn’t practice your attitude, as you wouldn’t be here hating

        • mandy pandy

          your username describes how I feel about your comment, how nifty :)

  • Joy Massicotte

    To Each theirOwn. And IMO whoMEver Wrote This Needs A Hug. Wowwww … How Can You Hate Everything. And All The Comments About “Fake happiness, And “Broken Promise Rings Makes Me Feel Bad For You. Maybe Call A Friend And TalkIt Out, Maybe Have A Drink just don’t take a picture of it lol. Bitter And Unhappy Are the feelings that runs throughout this post and no your words. and if you hate all these people so much on your friends list maybe you just need new friends

    • midwestmomof2

      Or NO friends.

  • Angie VanDoren

    Dang… someone needs to have a drink.

  • Peggi Danks Barratt

    I laughed so hard at this, I think I hurt myself!! This was a really funny, well written, tounge-in-cheek piece! I’m just sorry that the commenters below didn’t get the irony of your writing. I’d love to see you follow this up with the same fashion for “Guys” “Grandma’s” “Athlete’s” “Foodies”, etc. You get the picture, I’m sure. And for the rest of you, don’t be so uptight. Seriously, you didn’t giggle at the least at one of these pictures? Or, were you embarrassed when you recognized yourself? I know I was!!

    • techy dude

      We’re uptight? I think the people commenting are complaining that the author is being overly uptight….so you chime in and basically say “i like the overly aggressive and uptight author complaining about everything, what’s wrong with you people, don’t be uptight and complain about it?!” ….do you not see the “irony” of your own comment???? sad

      • Helena_Handbasket

        You covered most of the bases I wanted to cover in a reply… but I’d like to add one more. Where the hell does the “tounge-in-cheek” bit that Peggi mentioned, come in. I didn’t see anything in Haley’s “article” that even vaguely fits that term.

    • p680

      Some of the pictures were funny and I can see her point in some of them (selfies and alcohol) But she pretty much hates pictures of everything. For example- double rainbows? They are great! But the other issue is the way she insults half the audience with the way it is written. Saying things like “you must be single” like it’s a bad thing is pretty much like insulting someone for their race or religion. There is nothing wrong with being single and those types of insults should not be published on the mainstream internet (found the article through MSN).

  • tj7978

    We all care what color your turds were this morning. So why not take a picture and post THAT?

  • Michelle

    Who died and made you Instagram Nazi? Seriously. Get over yourself. You forgot cars, food, kissing and many others. If you don’t like the most common photos people take, then perhaps you should avoid instagram altogether.

  • Ali

    Dear Haley: radical thought… bear with me here… you could just use that unfriend button Zuckerberg was thoughtful enough to give us instead of being a whiner.

    I get so tired of people complaining about what other people post on their own personal blogs/twitter feeds/Instagram accounts (and yes, I acknowledge the irony here) – IT’S NOT BEING BEAMED INTO YOUR HEAD INVOLUNTARILY. There are about a thousand ways you can avoid seeing these things that annoy you. Why don’t you try using them instead of wasting your time coming up with snippy little comments about stuff other people like?

    (P.S. If these photos are being beamed into your head involuntarily, I sincerely apologize, because that WOULD be something worth ranting about).

    • Bud Mulqueeney

      ……and WHY doesn’t Zuckerberg and his “motley crew” review and disapprove naked/porno photos posted, as other social sites do ?

      • Digital Jedi

        Um, they do.

        • Diana Martinez

          They don’t anymore. Try it.

          • Digital Jedi

            You do realize they have to be reported for it to work. That’s how all social networks work, outside of telepathy.

          • Richard Brady Wells

            I’m with you Diana, I’ve havent seen nudity on facebook in…ever? If they are out there, they live in a hole.

          • Digital Jedi

            I think Diana was saying they don’t filter. But for all appearances, nudity doesn’t last but a minute on Facebook, unless it’s buried in someone’s album somewhere.

          • 2-late-2-matter

            Believe it to be on Tumbler however….

          • Digital Jedi

            True. But Tumblr’s ToS specifically allows it.

          • LoLYouMad.

            Are you guys fucking retarded or what? You aren’t going to see nudity on instagram if you aren’t following someone who posts that shit.Samegoes with facebook, if you don’t follow a page that does it, you aren’t going to see it either[or friends]. That’s why you don’t see it.

          • Digital Jedi

            I’m not sure what your on about, or if you meant to refer to me first. But we were discussing the fact that each website has a different term of service regarding such content.

          • Tina Holbern

            Bullsheeet. I see it all of the time. I reported some pages to see what would happen….Nadda daumn thing. Checked it the next day, still there….day after, still there…and so on.

          • Digital Jedi

            Are you talking about Facebook or Tumblr? Tumblr specifically doesn’t censor adult content. The even say that when you sign up. Or did you mean Facebook? Depends on what you reported and what you consider adult content. A girl in a thong isn’t going to go anywhere, nor necessarily the so-called “nipslip” pics. But I reported a profile just the other day, and it was removed, because it was blatantly a bunch of pictures of a guys junk. Again, porn doesn’t last on Facebook. But a little skin isn’t going to violate their ToS.

          • Whatever

            I’ve reported oral sex pictures and they never took them off. Hentai, too.

          • Digital Jedi

            I saw the picture you were referring to. My email delivered your first comment, with the link to the Facebook photo, directly to me.

            It doesn’t matter what I think. What matters is if it’s against Facebook’s ToS. There’s no nudity in the picture. That’s what violates their policy. There’s nothing in their policy about sexual suggestive photos. Even it’s real oral sex, it doesn’t matter because the picture shows no body parts. Again, it’s not a matter of what you or I think. It’s about what was explicitly stated in their Terms of Service. Suggestiveness would get half the world banned.

          • Whatever

            Its not just suggestive. The girl is clearly wearing no pants, and he clearly has his head in her pelvis. Would it make a difference to Facebook if I uploaded a picture of the back of two people having sex, except perhaps a fruit rollup is cover one’s behind? Or maybe they’re having sex while holding their pants mostly up. Whatever. If a convicted pedophile had that on his search history (assuming the girl is a minor), he would be thrown in jail. Thinly veiling something doesn’t turn it to ‘suggestive’. Lets post a picture of a guy shot in the face witha handkerchief over the wound, see if facebook is okay with that.

            Wow. i posted this and in 1 minute it got a downvote. What?

          • Mary Ann Redfern

            That fruit rollup comment gave me a really good laugh. Thanks!

          • LordDarque

            Perhaps because people are sick of others trying to force their personal views on them? If you see something you don’t like unfriend the damn page and move on. Reporting is vile.

          • dragon5126

            they are as long as it isnt gratuitous violence. meaning if it is news or note worthy it is acceptable, but if it is just for the sake of gore it is not acceptable.

          • dragon5126

            If he had his head IN her pelvis you would not be able to see his head, as it would be INSIDE her, as her Pelvis is INTERNAL and contains her INTERNAL sex organs… get a clue and an education!

          • Whatever

            Also, the Facebook TOS does say ‘Pornography’, which pictures of a sex act (even when slightly obscured) surely are. Let me post it right here:

            Facebook has a strict policy against the sharing of pornographic content and any explicitly sexual content where a minor is involved. We also impose limitations on the display of nudity. We aspire to respect people’s right to share content of personal importance, whether those are photos of a sculpture like Michelangelo’s David or family photos of a child breastfeeding.

            See? Anal sex =/= Breast Feeding

          • Digital Jedi

            Again, again, what you or I think pornography surely is, doesn’t matter. They’re talking about privates, plain and simple. The sex may or may not be real. Doesn’t matter, because they’re following a more generalized standard. The same kind you’d find on cable television. No private parts, no pornography. Even if you or I have a differing opinion to that, there’s no reason to think they’d be following any other standard.

          • Whatever

            It doesn’t say anything in the TOS about sexual parts. It says ‘pornography’, and there’s nothing subjective about what pornography is:
            “Sexually explicit pictures, writing, or other material whose primary purpose is to cause sexual arousal.”

          • Digital Jedi

            If you really believe that there isn’t a more clinical definition of the word, and that an organization and groups of people are certainly going to see it differently than you, and thereby abide by a standard different than yours, then you’ll be clicking that Report button to no effect for a long time.

          • dragon5126

            Wrong Whatever, the SCOTUS specifically defined pornography as a “SUBJECTIVE MEDIUM” in “The People vs Larry Flint” The nations MOST NOTED pornography trial to have ever hit the highest court in the land, It was so well noted that a movie was even made using the case name as it’s title, So its time for YOU to piss off poser.

          • dragon5126

            Do not say “we” you are not the “TOS cops”

          • Guest

            I reported a photo once that was straight up, some guy’s cock, fully erect, posted as a comment and the next day, was informed through the notifications that it wasn’t removed because it didn’t violate the ToS. Really? Nudity? Sexual arousal? I believe those are the words the ToS uses. Yet that picture is still there to this day.

          • Digital Jedi

            Check to see if the photo is still there. Or re-report it. Often, when a bunch of people report the same photo, the subsequent requests will show up as rejected. Because there’s nothing there anymore.

          • dragon5126

            no no no you reported AURAL pics the bimbo wasn’t Giving a BJ she was talking about giving one…

          • Denise Hamilton-Shamblin

            you are a “reporter” LMAO!! grow up, as we all say, don’t like what you see… change the channel… what a person puts on their personal page is their business…. who are you to dictate to someone what goes on their page?? get a life and stop going to the principal… unfriend, block, delete, get the picture now? and as for the white girls and starbucks comment…. what if I made a comment about black girls and orange aide???

          • fatty

            Guys pride and joy their manhood and you reduced it to junk

          • Fighting_Republitard_Dumbness

            I love your naked selfies Tina…. I sent them to everyone I know. Your boobs are going viral as we speak but girl you need to shave those pits….

          • zak

            Keep on lookin, must be some really hot hard under age teen boi dicks for you to keep going back to stalk the person. Damn woman, get a man who can do it for you, “TINA” Digital Jedi of boutique bullshit.

          • dragon5126

            nice tits tina, but they deleted the pic of your snatch before I could save it . Can you repost it for me?

          • Leah Gassman

            Yeah… never seen any sort of pornographic image on facebook/instagram. Even if I did…just hide the person who posts it and move on! lol some people..

          • dragon5126

            I have, so what? the bigger the deal everyone makes of it the more demand there is for it

          • bonniefide

            heh heh. you said “a hole”.

          • Dark Angel

            Richard: I haven’t seen nudity on FB, but then I limit the people that I allow to post on mine. The others can stay hidden.

          • redhen1919

            only once, several years ago, it was removed

          • dragon5126

            Yes they do, YOU try it hell my awesome Pecs and abs pic get pulled all the time because wimpy dudes feel intimidated

          • ClobberDobson

            Diana, comere and sit on my face.

      • Had Enough

        *feeling sad* If anyone wants to send “naked/porno” photos to me please feel free – you would genuinely make my day :(

        • Barry McGuire

          Sure Bud, but you may be arrested at the Public Library with all those kids around, just sayin.

          • Had Enough

            Um, with 2 desktops and a laptop in my home office I hardly think I need to use the library’s computer. However, YOU may be arrested with all those kids running around in your basement – a*shole.

          • Jennifer

            haha, swift and painless ;) best comeback ive seen on the internet thus far

          • Barry McGuire

            Try an experiment Bud, take a pic of your scrotum and see if it gets banned for nudity or some kind of freak bio experiment..I hope that’s on really, I really laughed out loud, I swear..

          • DixieAngel_76

            Do you really think someone named ‘Jennifer’ even has a scrotum?

          • fatty

            Jennifer you probably got stuff like thiss

          • arizona

            damn mate, -facepalms- she needs to shave.

          • fatty

            man you can pet it and comb it . It’s lie anything else. Imagine a couple hundreds sprigs. That shit is so thick and when your woman knows you love it she knows she has you

          • Tyson Litz

            There you’ve discovered an example of Posting-pussery. Bud clicks on ‘reply’ under Jennifers post to respond to Barry, that way Barry never gets an update & thus never responds to his attacker. It’s a whole new way to be a chickenshit!!!

          • fatty

            Jennifer has something way more fun than a scrotum

          • notadork

            Know why they sent Bud to school? To make Budweiser!

        • Destined To Be Destiny P.

          You are off topic.

          • Had Enough

            Well isn’t life just a bouncing baby bit*h?

          • fourscoreandseven

            Ad hominem attacks are the mark of someone who does not know how to debate.

          • dragon5126

            people who bitch about ad hominem attacks are just arrogant horses asses who have no friends off line and have no clue what real social inter action is like, So the lonely bastards think the world is all nicey nice…

          • Fighting_Republitard_Dumbness

            In that case, stfu you piece of stinking crud. There, how’s that working out for you NOW?

          • dragon5126

            that was weak, give it another try… Oh wait you cant do any better, I see by your name you are just another weak willed libtard, My sympathy… How do you like that Obamaphone, and the bill for your Obamacare that pays for it?

          • Elizabeth

            Oh, I get it now. You’re bitter and jealous that someone knows what ad hominem MEANS. But, I suppose, being a Republican, you value corporate greed, religion, and guns over education, so how would you know? Also, this post of yours is a red herring. ;)

          • John Manuella

            where is that unfriendly button at….Had Enough lol

        • tlweldon

          may you be snowed under with photos from the many nudist camps here in California. brace yourself. very few camp residents are under 55.

      • Jonathan Oakes

        because you can block it from your feed on your own…easy as pie

      • BoogerBoy

        Ill bet you complained all the while it took to download 362 naked pictures before your mom came home……

      • Whatever

        Yes, please. I’ve reported posts of people engaging in oral sex and they send me a message back saying ‘we did not find anything sexual in the post’. REALLY?

        • LordDarque

          So unfriend the page and move on. Easy enough.

        • dragon5126

          Try washing your genitals and you will get some too, and your jealousy will go away

        • dragon5126

          Jealous people are pathetic

      • dragon5126

        they do

      • Barry McGuire

        Try an experiment Bud, take a pic of your scrotum and see if it gets banned for nudity or some kind of freak bio experiment..I hope that’s on topic..

        • dragon5126

          it would get laughed at and Bud would get the nickname “Sadsack”

      • AbsolutGrndZer0

        Um… they do Bud.. Naked/porno pictures get removed all the time. In fact, it’s kind of stupid… they will take down and ban a woman for posting a picture of herself topless, but videos of actual violence? That’s cool. That can stay.

    • Richard Brady Wells

      I would just like to point out that ALI here is a hypocrite. Clearly they chose to be a whiner instead of taking their own advice and ignoring the column they didn’t like. ANYWAY, I would say a couple of these were just gratuitous (sunsets arent that bad), but I would add one thing… The BATHROOM SELFIE! Including a dirty toilet in the picture with your sexy pose utterly destroys the sexiness, and your facebook wall.

      • VT_Citizen

        Holy crap is there even a ladder high enough to reach that horse you’re on?

        • dragon5126

          he isn’t on a horse, he’s stating a simple fact filthy bathrooms are antierotic

          • VT_Citizen

            I can’t disagree with that point.

      • Jonathan Oakes

        I think it makes it so much better.

      • dragon5126

        I have to laugh at bathroom selfies, fricking dirty mirrors dirty laundry all over, filthy bowls or worse, a rugrat in a loaded diaper in the background…

    • Oldtimemoonshine

      You gonna be ok there buddy? nice little meltdown over complete nothing nobody cares about..

      • BoogerBoy

        actually – she made sense………….

      • Helena_Handbasket

        Well, you apparently cared enough to comment, either that or you are just a crunchy, old drunk looking for a fight to bury your awareness of your own uselessness?

        • Cahuatijo

          I can’t wait to be a “crunchy, old drunk” – sounds amazing.

          • zbogen


        • Mariana Grala

          You’re dumb. You’re doing the same thing.

        • Tina Holbern

          Big ‘Ole Computer balls, eh..?

          • dragon5126

            is that anything like a “ball BARING” cooling fan?

        • dragon5126

          that would make you a dried up snatched ex hooker with no social security or pension

    • Brad Price

      so you’re the one posting all the crap.

      • Ali

        Well, I mean, if I had known it was bothering Haley…

    • Jonathan Oakes

      Fact, this lady needs to get a more interesting life. How about you get off Facebook for a bit?

    • Nuni

      I am posting comments very unfrequenty and I am never posting pictures on social media ( have no accounts)
      The above comments struck me as much more nocive than the examples of pictures posted…in some cases really mean. Showing too much consideration for one self and liitle indulgence for others.
      Haley, If I had an account, I would use the ‘unfriend’ button on you instead.

      • Tyler

        YES. You are exactly right.

        • Chemda
          • brpunker0421

            Animal pics are dumb… adopt a human, or a stop trying to keep up with the Joneses.

          • Sigh

            Not every one is trying to keep up with the joneses. some people just like animals. End of story.

          • jasmine


          • brpunker0421

            Not even close to the end of the story, nitwit. But nice try.

          • Glenn Taylor


          • brpunker0421

            Stooge wrestling mark.

          • OneWolf


          • Shini Taigen

            Why not both? Both is good.

          • Sarah Terban

            Plenty of people with children also post pictures of their pets. How is that even keeping up anyway, having children is somehow better? That’s just an opinion, yours. If sleeping in on Saturdays (or ever) and being able to come and go as you please is what you like, then having no children is better. Another opinion.

          • Cathie2027

            exactly. I much prefer staying up til whenever, being able to leave whenever and wherever I like, and DEFINITELY sleeping in. Pets are way better and are better for the environment.

          • Glenn Taylor

            Actually animal pictures are better than human ones, animals are infinitely more interesting, they don’t stare at their phone/computer/tablet 16 hours per day.

          • brpunker0421

            They make the same faces, ass clown. If you can’t conceive or procure a mate, that’s your fault. Grow up.

          • OneWolf

            They just lick themselves 16 hours per day… pervert.

      • notadork

        Haley is such a jerk. Would go to an orgy and complain about the cheese dip!

        • ChrisB

          HAHAHA!!!!! Funniest comment ever.

          • Completely Anonymous

            I’d be more than okay with an elaborate version of this thread as an article. :)

        • beaver

          actually, she would go to an orgy and complain about all the sex

          • Francis Trahan

            actually she would complain about people having sex with the cheese dip because

            they preferred it over her slag ass attitude

          • Jack Peter

            Yeah and that the DM failed to make the slave squirt during the dungeon show on the fourth floor!

          • heysabs

            Jack Peter translated: “I’m not getting enough attention. Clearly I need to turn this into an opportunity to brag about hanging out at the Armory.”

        • Johnross1968

          That’s not cheese dip.

        • JMonkey

          Sex and cheese dip? Where is this orgy?

          • JRose

            I don’t know, but Haley’s not invited! She could ruin a wet dream and make a guy shrivel pretty quickly.

      • Maritimer1

        Pardon my ignorance but, what is “nocive”??

        • John Manuella

          no speaky cive man aren’t you listening, lol dumb ass

          • Maritimer1

            No, sorry. I only speak English and a little German. I can also read English (very well, thank you), German and French. I do not read, write or speak this “cive” you reference. And what country would that be from??

          • roger gibson

            Dude you’re okay.
            Don’t listen to these assholes.
            I’d consider my vocabulary above average, and I never used ” nocive” in a sentence.
            Hell I never have heard it either.
            That’s perhaps for self-important douches.
            But they are “novices” at conversation.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Perhaps you should look up how to actually spell dumb-ass (or dumbass in some places) before tossing the word at others. Then again, you have shown yourself to be a real dumb-ass so nobody should be surprised that you can’t even spell your insults correctly.

            I always find it ironic that people so frequently have the inability to spell even common words while readily attacking other people’s intelligence level.

          • Ben Dover

            should be ” peoples’ “

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            People is the plural of person. So nice try on being intelligent, but as you are incorrect, you were only able to achieve being a jerk.

          • Ben Dover

            In the context it was written, ” peoples’ ” is the correct usage, now go stick your head in a toilet and flush it while chanting ‘I’m so sorry, daddy.”

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Do some basic research. The word “peoples” doesn’t exist as a word in this context, as the word “people” is the plural of person.

            Noun1.peoples – the human beings of a particular nation or community or ethnic group; “the indigenous peoples of Australia”

            I was not talking about a group of people, but the multiple of person. Hence, you are an idiot once again.

          • Wendy

            I do often wonder why people feel the need to belittle people for their grammar…. Does it do something to help that person feel superior? This isn’t English class……… its the internet…. we are not in a room or class where every word and punctuation must be correct. I just don’t get it…. I never will.. I swear grammar Nazis are some seriously uptight people should really learn to let this “control” and need to feel superior and the need to try to make other peopleS feel inferior … that stress will just kill ya!! (just trying to help…lol)

            P.S. How bad did my sentence, paragraph structure and lack of the correct punctuation screw with you?? LOL

            P.S.S. and the next time you run across something like this……. please keep telling yourself… this doesnt matter… it doesnt matter… no one will die if they think a hyphen belongs or doesnt… no one will die if they spell a word incorrectly…. I promise you will survive it…. LMAO

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Perhaps you missed the entire point where I was what you call a “grammar nazi”. The person I commented to has repeatedly insulted the intelligence level of others, while not showing a single bit of intelligence, and then failing to spell an insult correctly.

            I was pointing out that IF you intend to insult someone’s intellect, you should be able to spell the insult you are slinging correctly. I was also highlighting the irony that the majority of those that step up and insult others in writing, when focused on intelligence level, can’t even spell the insult correctly. I am not quite sure that qualifies as being a “grammar nazi” especially when you consider the other errors in grammar I did not address, as they were outside the scope of what I was speaking about.

            In fact, if you read other comments I make, other than when the grammar is so horrid I cannot understand what the person is saying, I only bring up grammar when someone attacks a person’s intelligence.

            So, with that, feel free to apologize for your lack of understanding, clear intent to antagonize, and “advice” aimed at making me the butt of a joke that is clearly not applicable to this situation.

            Should you feel I am “uptight” for telling you that your statement is wrong, then perhaps you should think to yourself whether or not I would be correcting you if you hadn’t opened your big mouth which was lacking in the ability to utter anything of value.

          • in all seriousness

            dude seriously grow up

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Believe me when I say that the last person I would take advice from is the loser that is stalking and harassing me because I proved him to be wrong 4 months ago in a totally unrelated post.

            Unless you have something to add to the discussion at hand, kindly go fuck yourself and leave me alone. The results of your harassment will not end as nicely for you as they did last time.

          • in all seriousness

            your delusions and paranoia speak to an adolescent mind. i couldn’t care less about your threats or your creative reconstructions of conversations that we had in other disqus forums. it would be healthier for you to stop trying to prove your ultimate rightness in all things, but if you’re going to constantly act like a 12-year-old with a keyboard and fake accounts, expect correction from time to time

            alternatively, grow up.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            You have neither corrected me nor shown any logic to the claim I act “like a 12-year-old”. Have some sort of support as to why correcting people that insert themselves into a conversation with antagonistic “corrections” that are easily proven to be wrong makes me childish?

            Alternatively to your continued harassment, you should look into the laws surrounding cyber-bullying, and then reflect upon the proof you have given of your intent to cyber-bully that irrefutably makes you guilty of an act which could be quite damaging to your life. While you continue to harass me, I just gain more ammunition to use when I decide to move forward with correcting your behavior through appropriate consequences.

            As for your absolute lie, asserting I have “creatively reconstructed” our previous conversation, that is laughable. You lied then, were caught in that lie, and as is here, did nothing more than sling insults which you refuse to justify with any sort of logic.

            Sling your insults all day about how I am “childish” and “delusional”, but the only childish and delusional acts here are your continued harassment and the proven lies you continue to spew.

            For the last time, stop harassing me, or you will be responsible for the only choice you leave me, which is to ensure you suffer the consequences of your stated goal. If you are ignorant enough to believe I don’t have a case, then you should take the time and review the laws, and then cross your fingers I don’t decide to move forward regardless of your next actions.

          • in all seriousness

            Move forward. I dare you.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            As you wish. It is clear you are not going to stop harassing me, and thus you leave no alternative. As an added bonus, I even warned you, and you “dared” me, solidifying your continued intent to harass, sealing the final requirement to ensure you receive everything you have coming to you.


          • DERP

            “harassing”, LOL!!!! Way to backpedal, you dimwitted simpleton.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            “LOL!!!”, Way to backpedal, you dimwitted simpleton.

            Oh sorry, I thought we were just blurting out shit that didn’t make any sense.

          • jim wood

            DERP the TWERP strikes again. Commas always go inside the quotation marks. Name-calling is childish and shows a lack of intelligence. LOL is also childish, and followed by four exclamation marks, it shows that you are a junior high school girl.

          • Decrescendo

            Although this argument is very dumb I felt the need to tell you it is People’s. In the sentence the subject was referring to a large group of persons, i.e. people. The apostrophe will always be located behind the possessor. People being the possessor, the sentence is correct being people’s. The only time the apostrophe would be at the end of peoples would be if peoples was referring to a ethnic or cultural group, correctly being used as peoples. “Who were the gods of these peoples? Who were the gods of the other native peoples? Were these peoples’ gods one and the same, or did they vary from tribe to tribe?”

          • wwwdarkjediorg

            Omg, must another intelligent user like Meatshield pop into this conversation to point out retards in denial. People are so fucking retarded. Oh wait, should I have said “Peoples’ or people’s are so fucking retarded”? Lmao, you sad kids with no life have nothing better to do than to attack, for no reason, people who misspell on purpose or with no knowledge of doing it. I’m the judge. I’m the reaper and the end. Do not fuck with me, because i’ll fuck you up just like Meatshield did to you all at the same time(I so agree with your methods shield instantly becoming a fan after noticing that you solo multiple attackers at once the same way I do it). I have read every word for the most part from the beginning to the end of this thread. My decision was made after reading the first few sentences. I do not care where you are from, but please open your fucking eyes dipshits and read every word and definition before making yourself look like an idiot to the world. People is the correct plural. Whether your statement that people’s or peoples’ is correct or not, please do some research and do supply sources providing proof that “people” is not a correct usage for the sentence it was used in, rather than giving, well, bullshit. Do you guys hold a personal grudge against Shield or can’t understand the meaning in sentences(In this case it seems both)? Guest is either an idiot or a weak troll for attempting to make an incorrect statement correct with no facts, but then again it was a personal attack. Derp’s intellect is far worse than Guest. Both won’t be remembered for losing. Wendy is a stupid bitch with “beat around the bush”, off topic, and nonsensical comments most females give. I’m not a feminist, but I do know what makes a woman a woman and what ruins their logic momentarily. People is the written “American” default correct spelling in the plural use. Please remember there is difference between default correct and non default correct. America = #1. I do not care about a non-default and possibly a second correct “American” plural usage for the word “people”. Shield wins by default. If you have a problem with my ruling, provide sources or fuck off weak trolls. Troll me with caution. You will lose. Meatshield, if you have a Youtube channel please link so I can subcribe. Mine is wwwdarkjediorg

          • Frederic Bourdin

            That’s actually what TheM3ATSHI3LD said… roughly.

          • wwwdarkjediorg

            Omg, must another intelligent user like Meatshield pop into this conversation to point out retards in denial. People are so fucking retarded. Oh wait, should I have said “Peoples’ or people’s are so fucking retarded”? Lmao, you sad kids with no life have nothing better to do than to attack, for no reason, people who misspell on purpose or with no knowledge of doing it. I’m the judge. I’m the reaper and the end. Do not fuck with me, because i’ll fuck you up just like Meatshield did to you all at the same time(I so agree with your methods shield instantly becoming a fan after noticing that you solo multiple attackers at once the same way I do it). I have read every word for the most part from the beginning to the end of this thread. My decision was made after reading the first few sentences. I do not care where you are from, but please open your fucking eyes dipshits and read every word and definition before making yourself look like an idiot to the world. People is the correct plural. Whether your statement that people’s or peoples’ is correct or not, please do some research and do supply sources providing proof that “people” is not a correct usage for the sentence it was used in, rather than giving, well, bullshit. Do you guys hold a personal grudge against Shield or can’t understand the meaning in sentences(In this case it seems both)? Guest is either an idiot or a weak troll for attempting to make an incorrect statement correct with no facts, but then again it was a personal attack. Derp’s intellect is far worse than Guest. Both won’t be remembered for losing. Wendy is a stupid bitch with “beat around the bush”, off topic, and nonsensical comments most females give. I’m not a feminist, but I do know what makes a woman a woman and what ruins their logic momentarily. People is the written “American” default correct spelling in the plural use. Please remember there is difference between default correct and non default correct. America = #1. I do not care about a non-default and possibly a second correct “American” plural usage for the word “people”. Shield wins by default. If you have a problem with my ruling, provide sources or fuck off weak trolls. Troll me with caution. You will lose. Guest, Wendy, and Derp fan attack me, because I called you guys idiots. Meatshield, if you have a Youtube channel please link so I can subcribe. Mine is wwwdarkjediorg

          • Glenn Taylor

            Any person so obsessed with being considered “right” on this forum is just, I don’t even know, it’s such a pathetic waste of time to engage people like this, why do people do it?

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            So you just accept people telling you that you are wrong when you aren’t? You accept people jumping into your conversation, insulting you, then basing those insults on the notion that you are somehow a jerk for pointing out someone else is wrong?

            I highly doubt you respond nicely to that seeing as you have about 900 insulting responses to people that weren’t even addressing you.

          • DERP

            Again, you try so hard to act smart on the outside, but you are just showing everyone how ugly you really are on the inside. Enjoy trying to win a battle in life that every single normal adult on earth thinks you’re nothing but a little CHILD for attempting. Good luck measuring dicks on the internet, cunt.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            blah blah blah…have anything intelligent to say?

          • jim wood

            Before I noticed that “guest’s” sniping attacks on you were three months old I had composed a longer response in my mind. Condensed, “Guest” is not worth your time. No ideas from him at all. His final “I dare you” proves his childishness.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            The “guest” must have finally overstepped his ability to cover his own ass, because that used to be an individual’s account who had multiple thousands of harassing posts all around the internet.

            You are absolutely correct that the individual was not worth my time, but he had a stated goal of pushing me to a mental break. Given there was no possible way he could have pushed me to a mental break, I decided to engage in his games to allow myself to be the target of his malicious intent so someone who legitimately could be pushed over the edge wouldn’t end up the next target of his pathetic behavior.

            I felt it would have been irresponsible of me to walk away even if the results of engaging him would reflect badly on myself. I guess that is just who I am.

          • Jimmy bean

            This is great. How much idle time do you have that you can just continuously put up such lengthy responses. Bro, smoke a joint and let it go. Oh, and by the way. There is actually NO time that a s’ should be used. In TRUE grammar, it would be peoples’s. Dropping the S after the apostrophe to show possession for plurals is actually an error that has almost been included in our grammatical rules based on prevalence. Correctly, the s should stay.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            A) What I do with my time is my business. My choice to spend the amount of time it takes to write a “lengthy” response is an idiotic thing for you to comment on given you have no clue how much time it takes for me to write the response nor do you have the slightest clue how much time I am not “idle”. As the following statement is true about 99% of the time, I am about 99% sure I work many more hours than you do in any given day and most likely I put in more time in 3 days of a week than you do in all 7 days.

            B) Funny you would comment on my “idle” time when you not only spent the time to read my statements, but then chose to actually take the time to create an account before you could respond. Seems to me you lack the ability to see the hypocrisy of your actions, but that is just an assumption which I base on your unsolicited conduct.

            C) If you actually think you are correct, then provide a source that confirms your notion of “TRUE grammar” in opposition to my provided source which happens to be a dictionary. If you don’t, I will take that as confirmation you are full of it, and continue with my assumption you lack not only intelligence, but common sense.

          • wwwdarkjediorg

            Omg, must another intelligent user like Meatshield pop into this conversation to point out retards in denial. People are so fucking retarded. Oh wait, should I have said “Peoples’ or people’s are so fucking retarded”? Lmao, you sad kids with no life have nothing better to do than to attack, for no reason, people who misspell on purpose or with no knowledge of doing it. I’m the judge. I’m the reaper and the end. Do not fuck with me, because i’ll fuck you up just like Meatshield did to you all at the same time(I so agree with your methods shield instantly becoming a fan after noticing that you solo multiple attackers at once the same way I do it). I have read every word for the most part from the beginning to the end of this thread. My decision was made after reading the first few sentences. I do not care where you are from, but please open your fucking eyes dipshits and read every word and definition before making yourself look like an idiot to the world. People is the correct plural. Whether your statement that people’s or peoples’ is correct or not, please do some research and do supply sources providing proof that “people” is not a correct usage for the sentence it was used in, rather than giving, well, bullshit. Do you guys hold a personal grudge against Shield or can’t understand the meaning in sentences(In this case it seems both)? Guest is either an idiot or a weak troll for attempting to make an incorrect statement correct with no facts, but then again it was a personal attack. Derp’s intellect is far worse than Guest. Both won’t be remembered for losing. Wendy is a stupid bitch with “beat around the bush”, off topic, and nonsensical comments most females give. I’m not a feminist, but I do know what makes a woman a woman and what ruins their logic momentarily. People is the written “American” default correct spelling in the plural use. Please remember there is difference between default correct and non default correct. America = #1. I do not care about a non-default and possibly a second correct “American” plural usage for the word “people”. Shield wins by default. If you have a problem with my ruling, provide sources or fuck off weak trolls. Troll me with caution. You will lose. Meatshield, if you have a Youtube channel please link so I can subcribe. Mine is wwwdarkjediorg

          • Wildman 74


          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            While your capitals scream how correct you must be, your words fall well short of making any point that is worthwhile. If you notice, I have an itemized list given which is on topic to the previous comment, which was not only wrong, but is something you failed to even address in your lame attempt to launch personal attacks.

            We won’t even delve into how hypocritical your statement is, given the topic here is not whether or not I am a dumbass, but something wholly unrelated. I guess you are allowed to comment off topic, but my doing so is some sort of egregious offense? I think that points to your need to go out in the world to face reality, but that is based on basic logic I can only assume you feel applies to everyone outside of yourself.

            I would love for you to actually put some thought into what your “proof” is. I am sure you actually stating that “proof” would be a hilarious contribution to my day. I find people such as yourself, who seemingly lack even the slightest levels of adequate intelligence required to have a rational conversation, to be quite amusing while scrambling to say something of substance after thinking their post filled with little more than personal attacks and hypocrisy has a basis in reality they can describe.

            Please do provide me with that enjoyment and in doing so “prove” to me that you are the court jester your first response shows you to be.

          • leo

            this girl hates the whole fucking world. Why the fuck do you even have a facebook or anything for that matter.

          • John Carter

            How is any of this relevant to hating on RantChic? Please stay on topic. ;)

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            If you actually took the time to read and understand the whole situation you would realize that I am not the one that brought things off topic. My responses are just that, categorically disproving the attacks others levy against me.

            Should that defense take me off topic it is purely due to the direction others have taken things. I also fail to see where it is defined that conversations must stringently remain on the initial topic as well.

          • Glenn Taylor

            Good God you are a blithering idiot.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Compelling argument. Did you need to get together with your racist bigot buddies to come up with this?

          • DERP

            this cunt still being a cunt?

          • Kathy Allen

            sorry but that would be “the loser WHO is stalking and harassing me”

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Congratulations on finding an error in my writing. Perhaps you would like to write a correctly formed sentence the next time you want to address another person’s slight mistake in grammar.

          • Wendy

            Oh one more thing… I will never ever see your reply to this… I am going to close out this window and will not return to this page… I feel it is best to break off your need for my help with a clean break…. your dependency is rather concerning to me….. so this is why I will no longer respond to you…. But I did mean all that I said … please work on your issues… and before long you will be on the road to recovery… I will be cheering for your success… TRULY!! lol

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            I know you claim you won’t see the reply, but I also know you are a liar. Anyone that makes a statement as incompetent and nonsensical as what you just made would have to cover their ass plenty via lies I am sure.

            Nice of you to admit you were wrong. Shows how adult you are. If you find my posts where I have actually been incorrect, I have admitted so when challenged. You failed to show I was incorrect, thus you received a response explaining your missteps in logic.

            What I find funny is your claim that I need your help, implying that your previous statement was in some way helpful rather than incorrect and intentionally inflammatory. What dependency are you referring to as concerning? You never stated what the dependency is, as there isn’t one that exists.

            The truth of the matter is that you won’t respond because I made you look like a fool in my first response, and you needed to trick yourself into some delusion about how I need help, instead of being the adult you try to trick people into thinking you are. You are the one with the problem here. You were wrong while trying to be insulting, which I pointed out, and you can’t admit that.

            If you disagree with that, then argue your points, instead of running away with some asinine statement of psychological concern for a person you don’t know in the least, nor have the qualifications to assess on a psychological level.

          • DERP

            and the cunt comes back with a TLDR page of overly-defensive bullshit. Low self-esteem much?

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Actually it wasn’t overly defensive in the least. I simply refuted the statements of the previous person’s assholish behavior. The fact that you haven’t presented a single logical argument is what shows you to be the one with low self-esteem. Hence why you keep slinging pure insults.

          • Frederic Bourdin

            TheM3ATSHI3LD’s responses seem pretty straightforward and dispassionate to me. I don’t know why people keep saying that TheM3ATSHI3LD is being inflammatory when s/he is merely responding to various, far more antagonistic and direct, comments on his/her character.

          • Glenn Taylor

            Jesus you really need to go see a professional.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            I generally don’t care what racist bigots have to say. This is one of those situations where that is true. Perhaps you should see a professional about your 900+ insulting responses to people. Seems you are simply looking for a fight, but then can’t back up your idiotic notions after you instigate.

          • beaver


          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Thanks for the update. Why would anyone care that you didn’t read something yet are compelled to comment?

          • in all seriousness

            maybe (s)he’s trying to help improve your writing style so that you don’t lose your audience with an unnecessary multiplicity of words

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            My intended audience isn’t some ridiculous person that assumes a post is too long and has no clue what the conversation is about. Not to mention, there is nothing helpful found in “TLDR”, as it doesn’t point out anything that could have been said differently or in a shorter manner.

            Just because “beaver” and yourself are not intelligent enough to participate in debates, and I choose to show certain people to be categorically wrong by addressing everything they have said in their shotgun blast of idiocy, doesn’t mean that any of you are my “audience”.

            Seems to me that you and beaver suffer from a bit of narcissism to think anyone cares what your opinion is. The difference between us: I write what I want not caring if anyone else wants my opinion. You think your opinion is what people just can’t live without. You are wrong.

          • in all seriousness

            the narcissist is the person who expects everyone to care about every thought they ever had, and cannot reduce their discourse to the salient points

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Well, perhaps you should actually pay some attention before commenting. Perhaps you should actually read what is written. I clearly stated I don’t think anyone cares what my opinion is.

            As to your belief that I don’t stick to the important points, I would have to say you wouldn’t have the slightest clue. Between your clear avoidance of debating the points I present, and openly repeating things I have stated like a parrot, I would have to say that the points I present seem to be quite effective.

            To be honest, I usually ensure to hit everything someone like you even vaguely references, because people like you, who never address my points, are the first ones to point out when I don’t take the time to address even a single off-topic comment you make. This is proven by your own actions.

            So if anyone needs advice on anything related to “salient points” I would venture to say it is you that should take the advice to actually make a point and refute counter arguments presented, rather than evade any defense of your position through direct verbal abuse and personal attacks.

          • in all seriousness

            Point: “I clearly stated I don’t think anyone cares what my opinion is.

            Counterpoint: If that were true, you wouldn’t spend paragraphs desperately explaining your opinion in detail to anyone who will listen.

            See what I did there? I boiled it down to a few short sentences. Seriously, you’ve got good linguistic ability but your discourse and debate techniques need work.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Fact: You didn’t actually prove anything there. Anyone can make random statements they claim are fact. Not many can prove those facts through counter-arguments that force the other person to use resources in an attempt to refute the counter-argument which was correct.

            As you have previously done, when I put you in that position, you immediately went to insults and refused to concede the point. Eventually we end up here, with this very discussion, where you claim to be superior, while never justifying your superiority with demonstrated intelligence.

            Then you disappear for a while, and come back yet again, swinging wildly until this pattern repeats with you going on a superiority series of “advice” comments. You are predictable and present the same ridiculousness with every encounter.

            So to save us both time; I don’t want your advice. It has no value to me. You don’t possess the skills required to convince me of anything. There are those that can. You simply cannot.

          • in all seriousness

            you immediately went to insults

            what insults?

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Are we going to do this dance again? Where you pick out one thing I say, demand I justify it even though it is absolutely proven, while ignoring every other point?

            Predictable again. You really need to get some new material.

          • in all seriousness

            you complain I don’t respond to your points and then complain when I respond to your posts. everyone can see that you’re a liar and a hypocrite <– those are insults, but also true observations

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            A) It is absolute fact you consistently sling insults.
            B) You cannot list a single lie nor hypocritical thing I have stated in a valid context of the full statement you intentionally misrepresent.
            C) I didn’t complain you responded. I pointed out that you asked a ridiculous question as your response to my statement, once again avoiding any sort of actual defense of your position which I refuted.

            You won’t address my question, but how is your response of “what insults?” on topic, refuting my supporting statements, or something that can be considered even remotely rational to ask given you know with 100% certainty that you have slung insults repeatedly?

            Also, you should learn the difference between complaining and illustrating how asinine your behavior is. I don’t care if you refuse to answer on topic or defend your position, but I will definitely point it out when you attempt to sell your delusion that your statements are valid.

            So why don’t you actually attempt to address something that is the topic of discussion? There is plenty here for you to address, but as is your ignorant way, you will snip a partial sentence which has no actual correlation in its stand-alone form to keep your delusion alive. The only person you are fooling is yourself.

            You are a joke. Nothing more.

          • in all seriousness

            There is plenty here for you to address,

            no, there are just a lot of rambling, disjointed sentences. boil it down. be specific. if you want a certain, specific point answered, ask a specific question.

            please note that I asked you a direct question: “What insults?” You gave zero specific examples and then complained that I wouldn’t provide you with specific examples. That = hypocrite.

            Ta-DA: you lose.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            And that is why you are absolutely inferior to me. You don’t understand context at all.

            I make 5 counter-arguments to your weakly presented foolishness and you demand I give you examples of something unrelated that doesn’t require proof to be provided.

            Once again, I highlight your avoidance of rational answers and inability to refute anything I say. There are hundreds of examples all over this board of you insulting me. That is not something that I need to justify or provide examples of, as it is already a proven statement and is your intentional smokescreen to shift the conversation away from the fact you ran your mouth, but can’t back it up in the least.

            B) You cannot list a single lie nor hypocritical thing I have stated in a valid context of the full statement you intentionally misrepresent.

            That is what I posted to you. Your response uses an intentional misrepresentation of events with invalid context as the comparison, which proves my statement in full. You cannot and have not illustrated a single valid instance of me lying or being hypocritical.

            Just because you will deny having slung insults, showing you to be absolutely delusional due to the proof being readily available and irrefutable, does not make your demand of proof something that holds any expectation of a listing of proof.

            I know you think you are smart by intentionally making a statement you knew I wouldn’t justify with a list for proof, but it just further highlights how ignorant you are at every level.

            So seriously man, go fuck yourself. I am sick of your pathetic ways and absolutely sick of your harassment. If you can’t speak on topic then don’t say a damn thing. If you are just chiming in to “give advice”, I don’t want it.

            Enjoy dealing with the proper authorities on this matter as well. It may take a few months for them to actually get to you, but I have already provided them with all they need to move forward with the recently applicable cyber-bullying laws that have been put into place.

            I don’t really care that you intentionally harass me, as I would put you in the ground so fast you wouldn’t even have seen it coming if you pushed me that far (not a threat just a simple fact that I would hurt you long before I hurt myself), but others you could truly hurt and you really don’t care. If you didn’t know, freedom of speech doesn’t extend to words aimed at intentional harm. You have admitted to attempting intentional harm, and that is all that is needed these days for very good reasons.

          • in all seriousness

            I feel a little bad for you. I can see you’ve had enough for now. I am glad that I am able to follow you on Disqus because it automatically keeps me in the loop when you go crazy. Take your medications. See you around—I promise.

            I’m still not sure your not just a brilliant, brilliant troll pretending to be a moron. If so, I applaud you. You really had me going.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            You are 100% delusional and an absolute piece of shit. Get over me punking you 6 months ago and just kill yourself already. It clearly means that much to you, so just get it over with so the world isn’t subjected to your particular brand of idiocy and malicious intent.

          • in all seriousness

            Here you’ve earned it.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            oooh…original…How is me acting “crazy” like you assert I am an epic failure? Seems to me like it is what should be expected right?

            And that is where you are an epic failure. If I act rational, you say I am crazy. If I call you out for running from supporting any of your ridiculous statements, you say I am crazy. When I am crazy, you say I am a failure.

            So, if you ever get an original thought, that happens to be on the topic being discussed, and have a way to support your assertions instead of running like a scared little child, come back and get some more.

            Until then, have fun living in your mother’s basement or whatever hole it is that you live in.

          • in all seriousness

            came across this, thought you might enjoy it:

            “When I see anyone with low self-esteem covered-up by a grandiose presentation, I always suspect a narcissistic personality. These are the characteristics that I look out for:

            Rigid, inflexible thinking – Anyone with a different approach is seen as personally attacking the narcissist. Rules rule, and some narcissists get inappropriately angry when they see little things, like grammar errors. I knew a narcissistic computer programmer who would refuse to answer any e-mail that used non-accepted word abbreviations! – (“My way is the ONLY RIGHT way and any other way is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG”).

            Cannot be wrong – The narcissist is never, ever wrong, and they like to present “proofs” that they are correct. The narcissist cannot accept responsibility for making a mistake and they are expert at diverting the blame to others – (“It’s not my fault. I lost that promotion because my team let me down”).

            Arrogant, boastful and pretentious – These are people with stupid/fake certificates and awards on their walls, the kind of people who exaggerate their accomplishments or use inflated job titles like “Engineer, Physicist” in their resume job histories. – (i.e. “I’m a Sanitation Engineer”). This narcissistic trait is especially prevalent in computer work where people elevate themselves to “expert” status, and then treat people in a demeaning way when they get questions (“Boy, now that’s a really stupid question. Where did you go to college?)”.

            Aggressive responses to criticism – (“How dare he criticize me? That lying bastard, I swear I’ll get even, if it takes years”). This essay notes that it especially difficult to do anything critical with the narcissist because they see the criticism as a threat to their self”

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            All 100% applicable to you, as this is purely because you chased me down after proving you were wrong that the Obamacare website was “glitched”.

            Just because you can’t prove I am wrong, when I challenge your delusional comments, doesn’t make me a narcissist. I am neither rigid nor inflexible in my thinking. I have admitted multiple times when I was wrong and someone took the time to present an argument that was more than them saying some variation of, “You are wrong”, with no supporting arguments.

            I don’t have low self-esteem, as you don’t have a single example you can provide that supports that. No grandiose behavior either. I haven’t told tall tales of unbelievable proportions or any other non-sense that would be applicable.

            A negative response to you lying, misrepresenting the context of a situation, and intentionally misquoting me, is not an aggressive response to criticism. It is the natural negative response to someone that has no honor.

            My arrogance goes as far as knowing you are a fool and being willing to state that openly. I have achieved a lot in my life, which I am proud of, and proud people generally “boast” or openly speak of their accomplishments, especially when those accomplishments have a relevance to the discussion.

            I haven’t elevated my status with computers to expert. In my field, my mentor has designated me an expert. Being an expert in my field is also the step before mastery, and thus I still have plenty of room to grow.

            The problem here is that you are clearly too incompetent to see that showing your statements to be categorically incorrect, doesn’t actually mean your statement I am a narcissist is true. In fact, based on your actions, you fit your definition much more than I do.

            Have you ever actually presented a logical argument, which you can support with your own words, that was formed in your own mind? Your “best” arguments presented have been stolen from the minds of others, and even then they are not applicable in the manner in which you use them, regardless of how much you think they do.

            You are absolutely pathetic. You are nothing more than a liar and your petty jealously spawned from being caught in those lies is really what should be highlighted here. You were the one to “seek revenge”. Check yet another one of the statements you aimed at me that applies to you.

            I look forward to your next idiotic statement or copy/paste of another person’s intellect which you don’t understand.

          • in all seriousness

            I follow you on Disqus because you are both entertaining and pathetic (in the literal sense of being filled with pathos, evoking sympathy), but if it makes you feel better to imagine that I am “jealous” based on an argument you clearly think you won, go ahead. Your opinion of my abilities and qualifications are not my concern. But I do worry about you. It seems likely that someone with your personality problems cannot be healthy and happy. I know I can’t help you, but I hope you don’t refuse all help from other sources. There are medications and other treatments that can probably benefit you. Good luck.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            More feigning of sympathy. You are full of shit. Also, once again you make a wild claim, I refute everything you said with pure logic, you didn’t make a counter argument.

            That is the perfect representation of “winning” a debate.

            How is it that you “won” the initial debate when you resorted to using a source which you misquoted, and the part you misquoted was the confirmation of my argument presented?

            Remember the whole insulting me saying I need to learn how to use a dictionary, and then when you finally post up your definition of “glitch”, after me asking you to define it no less than 10 times, I used YOUR SOURCE to prove you were a liar?

            Or will you deny that ever happened, further confirming you to be an absolute piece of shit?

            I bet you don’t answer the 3 questions I presented here. If you choose not to answer the 3 questions, I am stating ahead of time that the only reason you don’t answer is because I am telling the truth and you are the one that can’t admit they are wrong.

          • in all seriousness

            I’ll humor you, even though you’ve tried to predetermine the outcome by reframing the issue, because I am bored and this is more fun.

            If you are referring to our conversation about the meaning of the word “glitch” in the context of the Obamacare website, I do recall redirecting your attention to the dictionary definition of the word, whereupon you latched on to one part and selectively ignored the rest. If that counts as a “victory” in your book, congratulations.

            So that’s all three questions answered–yes it happened, victory is subjective, and yes, I do remember that you still need to learn to navigate the dictionary. (ie, the meaning of “rhetoric” vs “rhetorical”)

            My concern is not feigned, but it is paired with benign amusement. I like crazy people. They are unique and valuable for their unusual perspectives. I do wish, sincerely, that I could help you, but I can’t, but I can’t help myself either, so I keep coming back to humor you. This is turning into a hobby. Thanks for playing.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            And there we have it. I have your direct quote already posted here from one of your other random harassment marathons.

            You gave the definition of “glitch” from the dictionary, except you left out part of the definition which defined the word in the exact manner I presented to you as my argument your usage of the word was wrong.

            I then used the link you provided, presented the entire definition with the part you left out included, then called you out on your lack of ethics. That is not me latching onto one part and ignoring the rest, it is me proving you to be wrong and proving you to be a liar.

            You have proven yet again that you are nothing more than a liar. Unless you have edited the original, that proof is still there. The proof you can’t get rid of though is when I posted it and you failed to challenge its authenticity at that time.

            So good job discrediting yourself and putting to rest any hope you ever had of convincing anyone you are more than an incompetent fool.


            3.rhetoric – loud and confused and empty talk; “mere rhetoric”


            So there is another lie. Oh sorry. I mean you misrepresented the truth through omission of facts that support my use of the word rhetoric.


            Now that I think about it, that last part certainly seems like it amounts to a lie. Is that crazy that I call an omission of the truth a lie? Now run along.

            Once again the first time you even attempt to say something you back up with a supporting argument I show you to be wrong and a liar. See you again in a few months when you inevitably come back to harass me more.

          • in all seriousness

            LOL I said you latched on to one part of the definition and selectively ignored the rest

            you come back with #3 definition and leave out #1 and #2

            and then you claim victory

            this is what I meant by “unintentionally hilarious”

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Yep. I didn’t post the entire definition, but I also wasn’t claiming you didn’t know what rhetoric meant while leaving out the part of the definition that matches your usage. I was simply posting up the part you failed once again to present because it showed you to be wrong.

            You see the difference there or are you really that incompetent?

          • in all seriousness

            your use of the word was improper, as you were attempting to use the wrong connotation in an inappropriate context. good luck learning to use the dictionary.

            get a grip. maybe call this thread a wash and move on? Anyway, don’t kill yourself. it’s not worth it.

          • DERP

            please tell me that cunt isn’t still posting more shit

          • Frederic Bourdin

            I find your comments immensely more predictable and unpleasant, Derp. Why do you even feel the need to keep repeating that sexist slur if you’re not even going to bother with reading TheM3ATSHI3LD’s comments in the first place?

          • DERP

            lol, you upvote your own TLDR

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Prove it loser. It says who voted on it. I did vote on 1 of my own posts 1 time to see if it was possible and if it shows the name of the person if they voted on their own post. That was the only time I did that and it wasn’t this post.

          • RandyMarsh

            are u trolling…lolololol jesus man do something productive with your life

          • DERP


          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            If that is too long, then you need help with your reading. There are tutoring places out there that can help.

          • Frederic Bourdin

            Maybe TheM3ATSHI3LD just likes practicing debate and articulation, and does so to improve or entertain him or herself, or maybe s/he is interested in the way people respond as opposed to how much they care. There is a lot of observation to be done in not only reading people’s responses to his/her comments, but in also viewing their profiles and activity. Truthfully, there are many reasons why someone might perpetuate and online debate or conversation without necessarily believing that anyone cares. Additionally, as far as I’ve read, TheM3ATSHI3LD has expressed more unbiased fact than opinion anyway.

          • DERP

            greatest mental breakdown ever. Nobody is actually reading this shit, right?

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            You are reading it, so somehow your statement seems false. Either that or you are commenting without reading which means you are a moron through your own actions.

            Either way, still didn’t actually argue any of my points. You are really good at this debating thing…

          • DERP

            TLDR (love that this twat is obviously the only one downvoting)

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Love that you haven’t presented a single logical argument in any of your 13 troll posts.

          • Frederic Bourdin

            No, no… I think you are a lamentable excuse for a human being, and express that with the minimal exertion of down-voting and pointing out your insipidity and asininity.

          • Socrates is Mortal

            geezuz, give it up already would ya. You sound just like my neighbor who is a ‘know it all’, egotistical obnoxious righteous Ahole who has to justify even that which is irrelevant and meaningless, and, always has to have the last word. Get a life pal, your the laughing stock of theM3asshole placebos’s’s’s’s.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            So you come in, make some insulting remarks that are totally incorrect based on your lack of understanding, while never once addressing how it is that I am wrong in the context of the comments I responded to, and you assert that I am the egotistical and obnoxious “ahole”?

            What I see is yet another smurf account created by the idiot I have proven to be nothing more than a liar with the pure intent to harass me due to me proving he was a liar many months ago in an unrelated article.

            Should you not actually be that idiot, you have still proven yourself to be just another idiot.

            The things I “justify” that are irrelevant are not justifications of anything. They are responses to the erroneous statements aimed at myself that are based in nothing more than insults, or in many statements such as yours consist purely of insults, and are absolutely devoid of even the most rudimentary signs of intelligence.

            As for me needing to “get a life”, I would say that if you took the time to read all the way through the correspondence up to where you decided to respond, that it is you that needs to reflect upon your own life.

            I get email notices when people respond to me and it takes me at most 5 minutes to write a response, but you chose to waste your time to read what you call irrelevant and meaningless. Then you made the choice to comment to someone you don’t even know, proclaiming how terrible I am for intelligently illustrating the reasons why the statements of those directly attacking me are wrong.

            It really seems like you are the one in desperate need of “getting a life”, because I don’t have time to waste in the same manner as you. I have time to waste when people such as yourself come to me with their unintelligent banter though. It makes me laugh.

          • in all seriousness

            i promise I will never come at you with a ‘smurf’ account. That’s an entirely amateur move.

            You might benefit from taking some time to reflect upon whatever it is that compels you to respond to criticism in the way that you do.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Perhaps you should reflect upon whatever it is that compels you to lie in your feeble attempts to prove me wrong and insult me. You may also want to rethink your classification of my response as in relation to criticism. Criticism can’t be coupled with pure insults as the sum of the two simply equals an insult.

            If you think I respond the way I do to you because you are “criticizing” me then you are a bigger fool than I thought. I respond to you negatively because you are a total piece of shit and the thought of criticism from you is laughable, seeing as the only criticism you have given was that I need to use a dictionary, which I proved to be wrong in the context of the definitions you were claiming I didn’t know.

            In fact, I showed you to not only be too incompetent to know the definitions yourself, but proved that due to your incompetence you would lie in absolutely ridiculous ways that required the smallest amount of effort to prove.

            You are still absolutely laughable and can’t even begin to make an intelligent argument as you base your arguments in the false delusions you have told yourself. It makes me laugh that you are so terrible at proving a point while at the same time you are absolutely convinced you have said something that others can’t identify as absolutely false.

            Perhaps spend less time on Disqus picking fights you couldn’t possibly “win” and get yourself an education.

            I almost feel bad for laughing at your pathetic ways so hard.

          • in all seriousness

            the only criticism you have given was that I need to use a dictionary

            you also need to work on making your posts shorter. I think I mentioned that too.

            get to the point quicker.

            spend less time bragging about your own brilliance and the stupidity of everyone who is not you

            be more direct in your questions.

            own your mistakes instead of back-peddling when you make a genuine error. it’s more impressive than trying to bullshit your way through a mistake.

            those are some of the criticisms I have offered.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            You are the one that needs to “work” on your posts. You make some random ridiculous statement, I refute it, and then add what you call “too much substance” to my post when the reality is I am adding valid supporting arguments.

            You then “backpedal”, or more accurately you run away from supporting your previous statement altogether, and just make some other random ridiculous statement which you abandon when my statements which are “too long” prove to be effective enough that you are unable to make any sort of legitimate statement.

            My questions are direct. You are just too incompetent to actually address them. Then again, sometimes I don’t present a direct question and instead I make a statement. Question or statement, the fact remains that you have shown yourself to be too incompetent to respond on topic with any sort of relevance.

            You haven’t shown me to be wrong on anything, or at least anything on topic and relevant, so there is no need to “own up to my mistakes”. Conversely, I proved you lied to support your argument of the definition of “glitch”. You didn’t admit to that back then and you still refuse to admit to that lie today. I proved you were the one to not understand the word “rhetoric” and/or that you intentionally left out the part of the definition which exactly matched my usage of the word, just as you had done with the word “glitch”. Once again you haven’t admitted to that.

            You have admitted to intentionally harassing me with the goal of “pushing me over the edge”, but you won’t admit the entire concept, for lack of better terms, is morally wrong. I can continue listing that which applies to you, which you are trying to apply to me. You on the other hand have failed to, and at this point outright refuse to, give relevant supporting arguments.

            Once again, you have attempted to misrepresent what I have said as your supporting argument. I have not done any “bragging about my own brilliance” as that implies that my statements were unsolicited and off-topic. If I have spoken of my accomplishments it was valid to the statement I was making which was prompted by the post I am responding to. If I have compared my intellect to that of yours, it was not stating I am more than an intelligent person, which is undeniable, just that you have shown yourself to be subpar.

            Is this response too long? Nope. It is refuting your shotgun blast of unsupported statements, wrapping each portion in scope and correcting the lack of context or direct misrepresentation of context stemming from your statements, and giving you plenty to refute should you actually decide to support your previous statements which I have just crushed.

            Should you disagree with my assertions, then back it up with an intelligent rebuttal instead of just picking some random bit of my statement to misrepresent in your next response.

            Should you have an example of me “backpedaling” then present it. Otherwise once again your statement is mere rhetoric. Listed below is the definition of “backpedal”. I am assuming you are using the word based on the definition presented by the third definition. As that definition is in direct conflict with your other claims, highlighting your inability to present an intelligent argument which you can support, I would love to hear your rationalization for claiming I am guilty of polar opposite behavior.

            Naturally, I fully expect you to once again avoid addressing my valid rebuttal of your unsupported statements. I also fully expect you to claim at a later time that you do support your statements, but we both know that is nothing more than the lie you tell yourself so you don’t have to actually face reality, as reality is and would be too much for you to handle.

            back·ped·al (băk′pĕd′l)

            intr.v. back·ped·aled or back·ped·alled, back·ped·al·ing or back·ped·al·ling, back·ped·als

            1. To move the pedals of a bicycle or similar vehicle backward, especially to apply a brake.

            2. To move backward by taking short quick steps, as in boxing or football.

            3. To retreat or withdraw from a position or attitude: The senator later backpedaled on the issue.

          • in all seriousness

            If you want a systematic rebuttal, you need to make your primary points clear and concise. I’m sure that, to you, your posts are thorough and brilliant, but no one else agrees with you–for a reason.

            You are not the genius you think you are, and you exhibit textbook narcissistic behaviors.You spend way too much time trying to justify your own legend in your own mind. If you want people to take you seriously, you need to invest more time and energy improving your methods, and not just defending your character. Don’t you find your song-and-dance routine of scattershot insults and pedestrian tricks to be a little tedious and time consuming? Seek elegance and clarity.

            Go see a therapist. Get some outside feedback. Maybe I have been unfair to you at times, but you are a crazy person. Don’t misunderstand–there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s why I like you. But you need to see yourself for who you really are, behind the weak and cracked facade you wear like a bad costume.

            What would be an ideal end to our exchange? Would you like to declare eternal victory and receive 1000 upvotes from real, genuine people? What is it that you hope to gain by investing so much of yourself in digital argumentation with total strangers who find your defensive strategy to be socially inadequate? What is it that you are trying to prove? What is it that you need? Ask yourself these questions, if you can–don’t expect immediate results, but at least plant the seeds of self-reflection in your brain. I have faith in your ability to improve.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Reverse everything you just said and reflect upon your statements in relation to yourself.

            Once again you failed to address my rebuttal of your ridiculous statements.

            “Don’t you find your song-and-dance routine of scattershot insults and pedestrian tricks to be a little tedious and time consuming?”

            Your entire response is scattershot insults. I will break it down for you as an illustration of your scattershot. My responses, to your scattershot, cannot then be called scattershot as I am making contextually relevant statements. If you disagree, then present a valid argument supporting your opinion.

            “You are not the genius you think you are, and you exhibit textbook narcissistic behaviors.”

            I am undeniably intelligent. I never claimed to be a genius. You clearly have no clue what narcissism is as I don’t even get remotely close to being narcissistic. If you disagree, then present a valid argument supporting your opinion.

            “If you want a systematic rebuttal, you need to make your primary points clear and concise.”

            So instead of addressing, what is in your opinion, statements which could be more concise, you show that you are capable of making that judgment by refusing to back up the arguments you presented and move on to more random unsupported statements?

            You believe that shows you to be intelligent? I think it shows you to be incapable of original thought and rational thinking formed via logic. If you disagree, then present a valid argument supporting your opinion.

            “If you want people to take you seriously, you need to invest more time and energy improving your methods, and not just defending your character.”

            The amount of time I spend “defending my character”, directly correlates to the amount of time required to address the previously presented logic, or in most cases, the lack thereof. What you call “defending my character”, once again in reality, is me presenting a counter argument to your assertions and then presenting supporting statements.

            As you have not given examples of your own “improved methods”, nor provided examples illustrating how my methods could be improved, you once again fail to make any sort of impact other than showing you are capable of making random statements you won’t back up with supporting arguments. If you disagree, then present a valid argument supporting your opinion.

            “Go see a therapist. Get some outside feedback. Maybe I have been unfair to you at times, but you are a crazy person.”

            What makes you qualified to make this assertion? What is it that you have said that shows, even if you lack the qualifications, that you may be correct? How is that statement relevant to anything I presented in my rebuttal to you? How do you justify calling me the crazy one when your justification for harassing me and “maybe” being unfair to me is that I am a crazy person?

            Right here is the primary difference between us. You make these wild statements about how I am crazy and need to see a therapist, while you have absolutely no qualifications related to the subject, while making the claim that everyone agrees with your inept psychological assessment that I am a narcissist.

            I in turn, highlight how your actions and words show that you are the narcissist, which you then twist in your head is proof you are correct. So in your head you see random statements you make to be proven by a relevant and logical rebuttal, which is very fitting of the general definition of delusion. If you disagree, then present a valid argument supporting your opinion.

            “But you need to see yourself for who you really are, behind the weak and cracked facade you wear like a bad costume.”

            Where is any sort of supporting and relevant argument presented which would prove that assertion? Furthermore, where is anything in your rambling “scattershot” that even explains what that is supposed to mean? I can make any number of assumptions as to what your intent behind that statement is, but I personally find it more enjoyable to watch you drown every time I challenge the statements you make that are well above what you are capable of backing up. If you disagree, then present a valid argument supporting your opinion.

            “What would be an ideal end to our exchange? Would you like to declare eternal victory and receive 1000 upvotes from real, genuine people? What is it that you hope to gain by investing so much of yourself in digital argumentation with total strangers who find your defensive strategy to be socially inadequate? What is it that you are trying to prove? What is it that you need? Ask yourself these questions, if you can–don’t expect immediate results, but at least plant the seeds of self-reflection in your brain. I have faith in your ability to improve.”

            Is this an example of what you call clear and concise? You posted four irrelevant insults, made multiple false assumptions that clearly apply to you rather than me, show that you think so highly of yourself that you believe you have planted a seed which will lead me down a path of self awareness, and then top it all off with encouraging me through an absolutely transparent statement which is really a smoke screen for your usual antagonistic and pathetic intentions, once again highlighting your own narcissism.

            There was nothing clear nor concise about that “scattershot” statement which you are incapable of backing up with logical supporting arguments. If you disagree, then present a valid argument supporting your opinion.

            I am still waiting for you to answer many of the questions you presented. The difference is the relevance of me asking the questions. There I go being narcissistic again right? Then again, I will support my statement with logic.

            “What is it that you are trying to prove? What is it that you need?”

            I asked you those very questions. You refused to answer. When I asked those questions they were just as relevant as they are now. The reason you ask? Well it is simple good chap! Months after proving you to be a liar who was wrong, which was something you simply couldn’t admit, you came seeking a fight with me.

            You came here, with the pure intent to harass me and push me over the edge. This very spinoff of our conversation is a result of you seeking me out repeatedly, so you could get your revenge. Not a single time you have taken it upon yourself to become the focus of the discussion was it done in defense of someone that was correct.

            You initially jumped into article to support a person who repeatedly proclaimed the article was about protecting our children from pedophiles. That is how “crazy” you have shown yourself to be. You have continuously gone out of your way to “invest so much of yourself in digital argumentation with total strangers”. I simply take my time when I am bored and taking a break from working to laugh at you. Nothing more.

            I am not invested in this conversation in the least. I am not trying to prove anything to anyone. Either people have intelligence and clearly see you for what you are or they don’t, but I personally don’t care what they believe. So with that said, I can only assume you now are giddy as can be, thinking that statement supports your unsupported claim of my narcissism. Think again.

            Seeing you for the inept and incompetent person you are is definitely intelligent. Or at least it is more intelligent than someone trying to deny you are nothing more than a petulant child that seeks attention through harassment of those you feel have wronged you. Funny enough, you prove that to be true with every ridiculous statement you make to me, but that assertion is strongly supported by facts. All one must do is simply look at your other posts.

            After a very short amount of time looking at your other comments, it is clear that you have been bullied or abused in some manner, and you gain back a feeling of control by harassing people on the internet. If you look at your last 100 posts made through your Disqus account to other people besides myself, you have an astounding 93% post rate where the posts were either insults, condescending, off-topic, or had absolutely no substance to back up the superiority you proclaim. Of the other posts remaining, only 2 of them appeared to be in response to other people.

            So in the end, you are the one that seems to have issues with socially acceptable behavior. While many of my discussions devolve into some ridiculous person slinging insults at me and me taking the time to show those insults to be a result of a fundamental lack of intelligence, you won’t find a single post I have made where I am the aggressor slinging unprovoked insults. If by chance I did insult someone “first”, the only thing you would find is me logically reversing an insult they had slung at someone else, and presenting that reversal in a relative question form.

            So if you disagree with the length I choose to present my arguments, good for you. That still doesn’t change the clear and undeniable truth of the matter. Simply put, the length of my responses presented to you have never impacted the way in which you respond. Concise or long winded, the results have always been you failing to defend your previous position, failing to present any sort of logical argument with your new position, or on the rare occasion you have tried to prove your original assertion the result was me catching you in the lie you thought you would get away with or proving you to be absolutely incompetent.

            With that last sentence I guess you can choose which you want to known for. Incompetence or lying to hide your incompetence.

          • in all seriousness


          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Then I guess you have lost the right to make any claim of my insanity seeing as you aren’t willing to read my rebuttal and back up your statements. Not that your claims have even the slightest credibility in the first place.

            We both know what the reality of this situation is. You opened your mouth, biting off more than you could chew, so you yet again show how smart you are by refusing to actually respond on topic and use supporting arguments to back up your absolutely ludicrous statements.

            I once again have proven you are full of nothing more than the weak minded rantings of a person who can’t admit they were proven wrong multiple months ago due to a maturity level equivalent to that of a petulant child who doesn’t want to clean their room.

            I absolutely love when idiots such as yourself must resort to such lame responses such as “TLDR”. I guess you just aren’t man enough to finish what you start. I already knew that when you had to lie about the definition of the word “glitch”, but it is still amusing to see you skip over backpedaling altogether for the much more intelligent refusal to even respond.

            As usual, I am certain you will just come up with some other false statement based in uneducated delusions as an attempt to make yourself feel smart. Until you actually respond to my previous post, which was purely addressing your statements, there really isn’t anything you can do or say that will hold any level of validity.

            Congratulations on further segregating yourself from the intelligent people of the world!

          • in all seriousness

            “How do you justify calling me the crazy one when your justification for harassing me and “maybe” being unfair to me is that I am a crazy person?”

            My ‘justification’ for ‘harassing’ you (read: reason for criticizing you) is that you act like an asshat in virtually every post that you make. I assume that this asshatery is the consequence of your craziness and not just the product of a sophomoric moronic mind, but I could be wrong. Don’t confuse correlation with causation.

            You’ve clearly reached a dead-end in your ability to backpedal and skew data, and are now just spewing recycled vitriol so that you yourself can again lap it up for emotional sustenance. I will leave you to your misery for now. TTYL.

            P.S. Take your medication.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Notice that you won’t find a single instance of me acting like an “asshat” to someone that doesn’t come in swinging wildly with insults simply because they disagree with something I have said, but have no way of showing what I said to be incorrect.

            You still haven’t shown me to be backpedaling in the least. Please share your definition of backpedaling and share at least one instance of your definition fitting something I have done.

            Note that you making a wild statement which I disagree with and provide logical reasons supporting my position is not backpedaling. Also note that anything you have presented falsely that I have corrected by including the entirety of what was said and framing it in the context which you had misrepresented is not backpedaling.

            If you notice, the only repetition from me is repeatedly responding to your statements that you repeat without any sort of supporting arguments, primarily with me using new ways of disproving your ridiculous statement. The other form of repetition from me is in the form of requesting you support your ridiculous statement with logical arguments, or in the event you are outright lying, I request you to provide proof to support your absurd statement.

            I am still waiting for you to admit to the lies you have been caught using, to provide any sort of proof or example of any of your accusations, and for you to actually refute my counter arguments that I have presented.

            All of your uneducated responses, filled with attempts to convince everyone I am crazy, or a narcissist, or emotionally damaged, are nothing more than you showing just how weak your mind is.

            Once again I recommend you don’t come back in a month and start running your mouth. You simply can’t support anything you say with any sort of legitimacy. Notice that you keep coming back, thinking you are achieving something, when you aren’t.

            I do recommend you take your own advice and seek therapy, and ultimately what I suspect would be given, medication. It will help you to move on with your life, as you are clearly stuck in the past, where I made you look like a fool for trying to lie in such an obvious way. Not being able to admit to that lie, accept you were caught, and move on, is definitely something that points towards a need for psychiatric help.

            You should get that help.

          • in all seriousness

            LOL you responded by parroting the criticism leveled at you. I was wrong. You’re just a juvenile mind incapable of absorbing new things and growing. You are literally retarded.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            So based on your logic, your previous parroting of my statements, which has been frequent and addressed multiple times by myself, makes you a “juvenile mind incapable of absorbing new things and growing” and “literally retarded”.

            Your words mind you.

            I didn’t “parrot” your “criticism”. I illustrated how your false statements are incorrect and then gave you valid examples of supporting arguments which show your false statements to be applicable to you. So I proved you wrong yet again.

            I find it funny that you claim I have a juvenile mind and that I am literally retarded while still not even attempting to provide any sort of support for your previous statements I refuted. Not only did I successfully refute your statements, but I even requested that you provide examples of how your statements are true and that you define how you are using the word backpedal.

            If I am so retarded, then why is it you can’t actually present any sort of logical argument to refute what I say, nor any logical arguments to actually support your incompetent statements?

            Also, please do share how saying I have a juvenile mind incapable of absorbing new things and growing, with the added insult of calling me retarded, is saying anything different from my statement of you having a weak mind.

            Other than my version being more concise, the statements have the same meaning. I wouldn’t go so far as to call you retarded, but that is because that would be a pretty “crazy” thing to claim. You are definitely incompetent, and lack the ability to comprehend, but you having no common sense or logical reasoning skills doesn’t make you retarded; just really stupid.

          • in all seriousness

            “If I am so retarded, then why is it you can’t actually present any sort of logical argument to refute what I say, nor any logical arguments to actually support your incompetent statements?”

            the evidence is in your inability to respond to new input; you are stuck in a feedback loop in which you pat yourself on the back for your inability to process new information–you have confused your inability to process logical arguments with the absence of logical arguments. your problem, not mine.

            “Also, please do share how saying I have a juvenile mind incapable of absorbing new things and growing, with the added insult of calling me retarded, is saying anything different from my statement of you having a weak mind.”

            if you can’t tell the difference between being “retarded” and having a “weak mind” you should check the dictionary, because words have distinct meanings. Your mind is retarded, having an inability to grow and develop in a normative fashion. Someone with a weak mind (your mind isn’t weak, just strong in bad way) is easily swayed.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Funny that you claim I parrot you, but you just repeated my statement that you lack understanding. An example of you showing a lack of understanding would be your attempt to claim I need a dictionary because “weak” and “retarded” have a different definition. Your statement was aimed at saying I have a weak mind, or I am stupid, or any other way you want to say it.

            My statement was addressing the results of each statement being the same. The previous text is a supporting argument, or an example, which supports my assertion that you are incapable of logical reasoning. Another way of saying this would be to call you obtuse. The definition of logical reasoning and the word obtuse are quite different, but the meaning of the statement is the same.

            I don’t have an “inability” to respond to new input. You make the claim that my responses are too long, but then say I don’t respond to new input. You make random statements without backing them up, I refute those statements, you move on to your next ridiculous statement which you won’t support. Pointing that out, is not a form of retardation preventing me from responding to new input. In fact, I have responded to all of your “new” input and also highlighted again that you refuse to back up your statements with anything valid.

            Perhaps you would care to illustrate where you have made logical arguments to support your statements. A logical argument in this context means you can provide some sort of evidence that links your statement with verifiable conduct. You seem to think that making a new statement, which you do not show to be linked to my conduct through examples, is support for your claim. It is not.

            You say I am crazy. I refute that claim. Your support for your argument is to say I am a narcissist. I refute that claim. Your support for your argument is to define narcissistic behavior. I refute that and request you provide an example of me fitting that description and point out verifiable conduct of your own that actually fits. You move on to calling me retarded.

            By all means, tell me what I missed there, but nothing in that general chain of events proves your assertion in the least. None of your actions in that chain even addresses my presented counter arguments nor do your actions present counter arguments to disprove any statements I have made.

            That chain of events is an exact representation of your conduct, which is not presenting direct evidence, but is also not something you are able to refute. Yet another illustration of a valid and supported argument rather than the throw away statements you make.

            As for mangling the English language — I don’t mangle it anymore than you do — which is something you already know. I can highlight many examples of you “mangling” the language, but unlike you, I don’t make random statements to serve as a smokescreen to hide the fact I am unable to present a valid argument.

            In the end you can claim I need to “check a dictionary”, yet again claiming I don’t know the meaning of words while you lie about the definition of the words.

            You can say your evidence is in my inability to address new input, which is clearly a lie, as I am addressing your “new” wording of the same input in yet another unique way.

            You can make the absurd claim I am retarded, using supporting arguments formed from other random statements you have made, which have been shown to be false.

            You can make up any number of idiotic things to say, which I will outright disprove to be even reasonable conclusions for you to come to.

            With all of that creative fabrication you still can’t seem to do one simple thing; provide a response which illustrates how your statements are actually valid through truthful representation of something I have said or done.

            An argument isn’t logical when you are basing that logic on delusions in your head instead of the reality of the situation at hand. If you are unable to give an example of reality that matches your delusion then perhaps you should assess how deeply you have blurred the line between reality. So far, reality has been utterly kicking your ass.

          • in all seriousness

            You say I am crazy. I refute that claim. Your support for your argument is to say I am a narcissist. I refute that claim. Your support for your argument is to define narcissistic behavior. I refute that and request you provide an example of me fitting that description and point out verifiable conduct of your own that actually fits. You move on to calling me retarded.

            By all means, tell me what I missed there,

            you’re using the word “refuted” as if you have disproved the charge, when you should say, “objected.” just because you’ve lodged an objection doesn’t mean you’ve overturned an accusation. you are a narcissist; saying “nuh-uh” isn’t a refutation, it’s just a denial (unless your own word is ‘evidence’ in your own mind)

            you exhibit narcissistic behavior in the textbook sense, but you say, “no i don’t” and think you’re done. you can’t step back and look at the gajillion posts in which you prove over and over again that you can’t accept criticism from anyone, that you respond with disproportionate rage and fantastical delusions of superiority in order to shield a fragile (very fragile) ego. you can’t see your own behavior because you’re obsessed with simply speaking, as if your words themselves establish a verifiable reality that must be accepted by the larger world.

            bad news: denying the truth doesn’t make it less true. it just makes you look sadder and sadder.

            how are you NOT crazy? do you see anyone else typing out 15-30 paragraph responses to a single poster? especially a poster that is a “piece of shit” etc etc? you’re both obsessive and compulsive when it comes to protecting your fantasyland of awesomeness; compare your behavior to the behavior of everyone else–the only people who act as you act are certifiably unbalanced

            i’ve run this past my colleagues. there is a general consensus that you have a problem.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            You clearly need to look up the word “refuted”.

            “you exhibit narcissistic behavior in the textbook sense, but you say, “no i don’t” and think you’re done.”

            You haven’t provided any examples of me actually exhibiting the textbook behavior. You have claimed I think a certain way and said I have made comments I didn’t, but have still failed to present factual comments coming from me that show narcissism in the least.

            “saying “nuh-uh” isn’t a refutation”

            All of your posts essentially say “nuh-uh” or you don’t even bother to utter that much in response to me providing supporting arguments to refute your random statements. You make a claim, I give you reasons I disagree, you don’t issue a counter argument, nor state any reason you disagree with what I say. You simply come back with some claim that I am in denial, crazy, that I am backpedaling, or some other ridiculous statement.

            “you can’t step back and look at the gajillion posts in which you prove over and over again that you can’t accept criticism from anyone,”

            There is a difference between criticism and a personal attack. You claim someone that comes into the conversation slinging insults and “correcting” me, while their “correction” is wrong and there was nothing to correct to begin with is “criticism”. You are simply wrong, and even with requesting multiple times, you refuse to provide an example of a person that has criticized me rather than insult me.

            “that you respond with disproportionate rage and fantastical delusions of superiority in order to shield a fragile (very fragile) ego”

            Once again, you have refused to provide an example of this. Telling a person they are wrong and that they can go fuck themselves when they jump into the middle of a conversation with insults and “corrections” that are absolutely incorrect is not disproportionate.

            “you can’t see your own behavior because you’re obsessed with simply speaking, as if your words themselves establish a verifiable reality that must be accepted by the larger world”

            That is your claim. You have no support for that claim. You are also parroting everything I have said to you with slightly different words. I will point out yet again that me responding to you, when you came here looking for a fight, is not supportive of your ridiculous statement. The fact that you can’t admit to the lies you have been caught in, while making outrageous claims about my behavior, is what you should really be paying attention to. Worry about yourself because everything you are saying to me applies to you in ways I have proven repeatedly.

            “how are you NOT crazy? do you see anyone else typing out 15-30 paragraph responses to a single poster? especially a poster that is a “piece of shit” etc etc? you’re both obsessive and compulsive when it comes to protecting your fantasyland of awesomeness; compare your behavior to the behavior of everyone else–the only people who act as you act are certifiably unbalanced”

            That is an utterly weak argument. My willingness to respond doesn’t make me crazy, unless you are willing to admit you are crazy for continuing to harass me with your idiocy. The length of my responses don’t make me crazy, unless you are willing to admit that your refusal to say anything new, defend your position, and your refusal to admit to your lies make you crazy. You also have neither the education nor the experience to make the claim that anyone is “certifiable”. Your behavior is absolutely ridiculous, but you will neither admit nor address your behavior.

            You seem to really enjoy shining the light on everyone else, making claims that they are crazy and can’t admit when they are wrong even though you haven’t proven them to be crazy or wrong, but you take that behavior you chastise to a whole new level. I guess your rules don’t apply to yourself.

            “i’ve run this past my colleagues. there is a general consensus that you have a problem.”

            So this is so important to you that you “run it by your colleagues”, but I am the crazy one. I proved you to be a liar around September of last year, you then followed me to harass me, make the same statements over and over without ever defending your position against my rebuttals, and I am the crazy one?

            Your actions seem to be the crazy actions. The simple fact that I won’t put up with your bullshit doesn’t make me crazy. Illustrating to you that you are wrong, whether you have the competence to understand or not, doesn’t make me crazy. Writing long posts in response to your shotgun blast statements that are inept in general doesn’t make me crazy.

            And finally, you repeatedly saying I am crazy, with slightly adjusted wordings, while not being able to provide a single example of where your statements apply to me, doesn’t make me crazy.

            You thinking that repeating the same thing over and over while refusing to defend your position doesn’t make you crazy either, but it sure as hell gets you a lot closer to ringing that bell than I ever will be.

            Should you care to provide a legitimate argument, which states your opinion, gives a supporting argument which may highlight your interpretation of my actions, AND provides the statement(s) in which your claim derives its logic, then I am more than willing to once again show you to be wrong.

            I already know I will prove you to be wrong should you actually do more than beat your chest, as every attempt you have made to present an argument supported by facts has resulted in me proving you to be lying about the context or definition presented. Could I be wrong about the next time you actually try to support your arguments? Sure.

            I definitely don’t see that as being the case. That isn’t narcissism either by the way. That is simple logic based off your previous actions which I learned from. Enjoy making up your next random statements that won’t address what I have just said. (Now I must be crazy because I am making the claim I am psychic right?)

          • in all seriousness

            It can’t be just narcissism. There’s a depth of social failure here that hints of autism, and you did get really mad the first time I mentioned mental illness, which sort of tips the scales in that direction… Plus your google footprint… I don’t know. I think the best way to help you at this point is to let you have the last word and some time to recover. You’ve made substantial improvements to your style of discourse–you even check the dictionary when you use big words, and you’ve started quoting specific statements in your rebuttal with more regularity. Keep up the good work. Good job.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            And you still fail to address a single statement I made. You can make your stupid “hints of autism” statement all day long, but you haven’t supported your first argument with an example of how it applies to me.

            I didn’t get really mad the first time you mentioned mental illness. I told you that you were wrong and your assessment was inept. Just like the rest of your comments now.

          • Michael Miller

            This has been epic. The two (sometimes more), of you arguing over the last 3 weeks who is the biggest moron. And all of this over the use of the word “peoples” and the proper way to insult someone over the internet. I’ll leave you with this:

            Winning an argument on the internet is like getting a gold medal in the Special Olympics; even if you win you’re still handicapped.

            But please don’t stop; I fully expect to come back here a year from now and see all of you making these same arguments over and over again, and I’ll be just as entertained now as I am now.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Let me correct you a bit on what this is actually about. Months ago, I had commented to “in all seriousness” that I disagreed with his opinion that the security issues with the Obamacare website(s) was not a glitch.

            The reasoning was simple. A glitch in the software world is a “bug” or behavior that does not produce predictable and consistent results. The security issues with Obamacare website(s) was a lack of any security at all, and given the absence of any security resulting in 100% predictable behavior, the word glitch is not appropriate to use.

            This resulted in him slinging insults, making ridiculous claims about my intelligence level and my need to use the dictionary, and a mass amount of other nonsense.

            After a multitude of requests for him to answer how the word glitch applies to the situation, when put in context by someone who makes a living as a software engineer, he decided to provide the definition of glitch using an available internet dictionary.

            He also failed to include the portion of the definition which defined the word in the exact manner I was describing. This resulted in me using his source, reposting the full definition, and calling him out on the blatant lie. He continued to harass me there, and after making it clear that he had the intent to follow and harass me in other topics I comment on, I locked down my account.

            Unfortunately I didn’t realize that the Disqus system was quite borked, and locking down my account didn’t prevent those that decided to follow you from doing so without an extra step.

            Fast forward a few months and this moron decided to come harass me here in this article. He stated his intent to “push me over the edge” as he views people that prove him to be wrong as “crazy”. As I am far from crazy, and far from anyone he could push over the edge, I continue to respond to his ridiculous behavior to prevent him moving on to another target, who he legitimately could push over the edge.

            I don’t mind writing, and even though he continues to make statements in a circular pattern which I have identified and actually listed, it has become enjoyable to lull him into a false sense of security which results in his inevitable use of a lie to attempt to prove me wrong. The scrambling he does to shift the conversation away from his actions which show him to be useless to the world makes me laugh.

            So yes, I would agree that in the end, the discussion is quite pointless and frequently repetitive or redundant, but it is hardly like the intended insult of it being like winning the gold medal at the Special Olympics. Winning an argument on the internet, or participating in one, doesn’t make you handicapped. In my case I am bored and while filling in the boredom I also prevent this jerk from intentionally causing harm to others. Absolutely worth it in my book.

            Not to mention that it is insulting to the handicapped individuals who put in a lot of hard work to prepare for the Special Olympics. I get your point, but that reference is definitely one that shouldn’t be used to make a point. Naturally, that is just my opinion, but I know plenty of people that agree with my opinion on that.

            Either way, I am glad you enjoy it. I thought you might like to know what really prompted this though, as I am sure you noticed he didn’t ever actually present any sort of argument in relation to the word “people’s”.

          • Frederic Bourdin

            “As I am far from crazy, and far from anyone he could push over the edge,
            I continue to respond to his ridiculous behavior to prevent him moving
            on to another target, who he legitimately could push over the edge.”

            Then I suppose your username is appropriate.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Thank you for making me laugh. For whatever reason I never made that association myself, as the root of my username is gaming, and definitely find that association hilarious.


          • Frederic Bourdin

            And it seems as though you made an account just to contribute an ableist meme that has been mindlessly regurgitated throughout the Internet many times before. This does not make you intelligent, witty or right. It just displays your amorality and ignorance.

          • Frederic Bourdin

            If you truly believe that TheM3ATSHI3LD is “retarded” or “crazy”, then you are not a good person, period. If you truly believe that, you have made a habit of slinging ableist slurs at a mentally disabled person and should be deeply ashamed of yourself. Not only that, but (if you truly believe that) you have made a hobby of aggravating and harassing mentally disabled people through the anonymity of the Internet.

          • moby

            “Reverse everything you just said and reflect upon your statements in relation to yourself”.

            Ahh… the old ‘I know you are but what am I’ retort. Gets em every time!

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            It absolutely does when the retort is spot on with large amounts of references to use in proving so. Not to mention there is a significant amount more to my statement than “I know you are but what am I” as you are stating. I provide an in-depth view of my logic as well. ;)

            Repeatedly claiming I am narcissistic, without any actual examples of narcissism based on statements I have actually made, simply doesn’t hold any weight against the mass amounts of examples I provided over the course of the interaction.

            Not to mention the guy actually came here a few months after I had proven him wrong on CNN with the pure intent to harass me. That to me shouts the need for counseling much louder than the willingness to defend one’s position based on logical arguments presented which could be refuted should the person be capable.

          • Frederic Bourdin

            It’s a gem.

          • DERP

            STFU already cunt. You may pretend to be smart on the outside, but you sure are ugly on the inside.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Interesting you didn’t argue whether or not my statement was correct. All I see here is a sad sack of shit that can’t present an argument on topic and purely slings insults.

            I tell a person they are wrong, providing a proper argument and you come back calling me a cunt. Who is ugly there?

          • luvbug

            I think I love you , well said

          • Susan Miller Schnock

            I think that some people have to attack other’s grammar in order to make themselves feel big. I have awful written grammar, and get attacked all the time about it when writing comments. Just because your grammar is bad does not mean that you aren’t intelligent or uneducated. I just happen to thrive in History, Social Sciences and Math. I sucked at English.

          • Keyrlis

            It certainly makes me feel superior knowing that I have a better grasp of the intellectual tool that is communication. Granted, I care less than The Meat Shield, err, TheM3ATSHI3LD (see, more crap-talk) does about internet etiquette, but I readily agree with him that when someone makes insults about other people’s intelligence, he should have at least the ability to do so while appearing intelligent enough to convey information properly. While I can read even that horrid L33+ $p34K crap that was so infectiously common amongst techies while the internet was propagating into late 20th century society, it certainly lends much more credibility and clarity when a concept can be communicated to others with the precision of actual words.
            Holy crap, I just scrolled down and saw endless ignorant comments between “The meat shield” and “in all seriousness” to, and about, each other! Nevermind the grammatical crap: watching two people philosophically fondle each other in the comments section rather than have a real (and private) argument is far more amusing!

          • brpunker0421

            Stop being an idiot… you’re comparing people that practiced genocide to those that want you to sound smarter than you actually are. If you spell something incorrectly while trying to come off smart, we’ll take you to task for it. So grow up, you dumb bitch!

          • jim wood

            It’s = it is. Ellipses – use three dots inside a sentence. Use four if at the end of a sentence. “,,,uptight people (who) should….” “…learn to let this….” do what? post postscript = pps. bad should be badly. doesnt should be doesn’t. “No one will die if they think” should be “no one will die if he” (unless you don’t accept the generic use of the male pronoun, in which case, “he or she.”) “I promise, you will….”
            Also, LOL and LMAO are childish and indicate a lack of intelligence.
            I don’t think she is trying to belittle you. She is just trying to preserve the English language. And maybe she’s also trying to prepare you for high school.

          • ur an asshat

            hey buddy, the singular they has been in use since at least the 16th century and wasn’t contested until fairly recently. binary genders are not actually universal, either, so “he or she” could circumstantially be incorrect. if you want a somewhat official source, an oxford blog comments on it here although i think i prefer to direct you here because i want to tell you to get stuffed :) don’t correct people on things you don’t know shit about. interestingly, while wendy was intentionally using bad grammar to prove a point, your post was somehow more difficult to read. good job. (also, just wanted to point out that your completely unnecessary correction of wendy’s original “they think” to “he think” is grammatically incorrect)

          • jim wood

            You are wrong on every point, including the last. Ever hear of the subjunctive?

          • jim wood

            You have said nothing that is correct. “They” has never been singular, not in the sixteenth century, not now. It was and is a lazy man’s way to provide a subject for sentences when the speaker does not take the time to identify the subject precisely. The middle portion of your post is trash to the extent that it is not worth answering. Your last sentence shows me that you have no business commenting on anyone’s grammar or usage. Borrow a high school student’s English book and study the subjunctive case.

          • roy schmoll

            Wendy, I think you used too many dots after the phrase “I will survive it” (jk)

          • JRose

            I only get irritated with bad grammar when I cannot make out a single damn part of what is being said. Its petty to correct something simple that is misspelled such as “peaches” being spelled “peeches”. I get the gist and I most likely won’t mention it to you. How about when someone spells every word wrong and no punctuation is ever used to help end the longest sentence in the world? Well yeah, that bugs me but not enough to rip someone to shreds over it!

          • NailsInTheCityy

            If this posts helps even 1 grammar nazi, then you’ve done your job :) lol. Well said Wendy.

          • Glenn Taylor

            Wendy, it is a direct result of having a very small penis (or breasts) and a serious inferiority complex, coupled with having nothing intelligent to add to the conversation. Criticizing is a way of making yourself feel superior and worthwhile. Why do 6 year old children mock other children, to give their very small self-esteem a boost. The “grammar-spelling” bully is exactly the same. They feel the need to criticize something as inane as adding an s, even if it was meant as a joke, or a typo to give themselves an ego boost, a small sense of superiority, because they know they are inferior. The reality is 90% of them would know nothing of literature or other arts without the aid of wiki and Google.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            You clearly have no clue where the sole “grammar and spelling” correction came from. Perhaps you should learn to read the entire discussion before inserting your ignorance in the middle. I am pretty sure you are incapable of that though.

          • Frederic Bourdin

            The size of one’s sexual organs has nothing to do with their worth as a person or their intelligence. The fact that you would use that as an insult shows how superficial you are, and, by your logic, you yourself would have extremely small penis or breasts based on how much you criticize others with superficial pseudo-science.

          • Joanne Person

            Those people think correct Grammer is an indication of being smart which it’s not!!! Some are mathematical smart others have a science mind. Those people are fools.

          • Joanne Person

            They think grammar is everything and it’s not. There are many factors to intelligance. There are genius that had problems with grammar. Some are mathematical inclined while others are scientific minded. Some people are nick picking fools.

          • Ben Dover

            ‘Hence’? Are you sure you didn’t write the JonBenet ransom note? Anyway, – peoples’ – it is. And your moronism should sprout nicely come March first. The pigeons come home to roost. Give me a call when you dig yourself out of this one.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            You think you are correct and you have your people. I know I am correct and I have my people. Then there are the people that have not decided as they are unsure. So there we have 3 groups of people.

            The people of each group have a different opinion. Or, the peoples’ opinions are different. Multiple groups of people being spoken about. Now onto the singular set of opinions.

            The opinion of my people is that your notion is absolutely false. Or, my people’s opinion is that your notion is false. Your people’s opinion is that you are correct, but many may have changed their mind. As I have shown the correct usage, which you will refute with insults instead of fact, I am certain the people’s opinion from those that were unsure has now shifted to the opinion of my people.

            Should you care to actually disprove my illustration of the proper use, feel free to present some sort of facts. Your insults, while funny, don’t actually support your argument, nor do they make you look intelligent.

          • DERP

            this cunt is using Ad Hominem and calling people out for grammar, while raping it herself. What a twat. When you’re done nitpicking a language which you are FAR from mastering, look up “logical fallacy”.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Interesting you didn’t argue whether or not my statement was correct. All I see here is a sad sack of shit that can’t present an argument on topic and purely slings insults.

          • Keyrlis

            “I always find it ironic that people so frequently have the inability to
            spell even common words while readily attacking other people’s
            intelligence level.”
            As long as we’re being petty and off-topic, your use of “people” seems to be an all-purpose sweep of everyone, and I am NOT a member of the “unspellable” categorization (and I assume by your compulsive need to correct others that neither are you).
            So you should have said *some* people, and maybe included an optional comma, just for clausal clarity. ;)

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            We will have to agree to disagree on the requirement of the word “some” as the word “people” refers to the group of individuals that “frequently have the inability”. Not to say I am perfect by any means, but I am not quite sure you are correct given the portion of the sentence where “some” was covered using other words.

            I will agree the sentence overall was clunky, but I think you may be intentionally missing the point, which was the irony of the spelling, and there was no claim by myself to be perfect in the least.

            I also don’t have a compulsive need to correct others on grammar and spelling. I rarely mention spelling and grammar, with this scenario being one of the rare times I do. I get a little chuckle and tend to enjoy pointing out that the person so willing to attack a person’s intelligence has shown themselves to have a significant lack of intelligence as well.

            I would be interested in your take on the “people’s” portion of the discussion though. Should I be wrong on that I am more than willing to admit to my mistake if I am shown why it is wrong rather than someone repeating “nuh-uhhh” as their argument.

          • Goodlord

            Boys, let it go. It’s the internet.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Let what go? The previous statement I made and the one it is in response to is a simple conversation between two people, which in the event the other person doesn’t come back swinging with wild insults, is not anything I am seeing as something to “let go”.

            Am I missing something in your statement’s intent? If so, please elaborate if you would actually like to have a discussion, as I enjoy discussing different perspectives with people of intelligence whom shy away from pure insults.


          • in all seriousness

            “with people of intelligence whom shy away from pure insults.”

            …LOL “people of intelligence” followed by incorrect use of “whom” to sound smart…

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Wow. You identified a mistake I made. You have waited months for this opportunity you loser. Get a life and harass someone who thinks you have at least an ounce of respectability.

          • in all seriousness

            upvote for admitting mistake. well done.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Something you have yet to do when proven undeniably wrong. Due to this being the first actual mistake you have pointed out, with the rest being your rantings of how insane I am while never making an argument to support such a claim, you wouldn’t have experienced an admission of any sort from me.

            See how you are the one that fits the description of what you have been attempting to pin to me? Probably not…

          • in all seriousness

            “i know u r but what am i” defense = no upvote

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Proven statements which have been supported irrefutably already, with this latest instance just supporting the facts more than before. You have yet to give an argument based on something I have said or done, just your misrepresentation to give the illusion of credibility. Totally transparent.

          • Goodlord

            I was referring to this entire thread. This argument (and all tangents therein) has been going on for several months. I understand liking discussion but when the “discussion” started over the correct use of people(s), it’s not going to go anywhere beneficial. M3ATSHI3LD you are intelligent and well spoken, it’s a shame to see you squabbling with users like DERP and Seriousness who use TLDR as a refute for a statement of yours. The point I was originally trying to make is that this argument isn’t going to go anywhere. No one is going to prove themselves superior because they had a better argument or comeback. Just let it go, walk away.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Thanks for elaborating. There are definitely people that will have a rational conversation, and while it seems to be increasingly rare, I do get enjoyment from those rational discussions.

            You are definitely correct about discussions with DERP and seriousness. In the thousands of posts from “in all seriousness”, spanning a very large amount of topics, I have found less than 0.25% of the posts I have looked at to contain anything more than an insult aimed at the other person’s intelligence. Out of the posts that don’t have direct insults, there are no arguments presented with any sort of supporting facts, and a response with facts from one of his targets results in extended harassment, usually making some claim the person is delusional or some other nonsense.

            In fact, if you compare the general statements made by “in all seriousness” chastising me to statements he makes in other topics, you can see clearly that “in all seriousness” is nothing more than a transparent troll who slings insults at people, flipping on his previously stated opinion, just to issue baseless insults. Even worse, is that “in all seriousness” thinks he successfully trolls people without any idea that trolling is actually “successful” when you do so in a manner which is not immediately identified as trolling.

            So with me expressing my agreement with you, the question to ask is why I would continue to respond. The answer is simple. The coward who hides behind the internet to bully others specifically came to this comment section on this website to harass me. He specifically came here to harass me for proving him to be incompetent months prior to the start if the interaction here.

            His intent is to “push me over the edge” as he was so upset over being proven not only wrong, but to be a liar when in a rare detour from his normal conduct, he tried to actually present an actual argument. He thinks because I will not tell him, or anyone else, that they are correct when they are incorrect, that I am crazy. He finds it “enjoyable” to try and push someone he claims is crazy over the edge.

            In itself, his openly stated opinion shows any number of psychological issues that he should seek help for. Naturally, he won’t seek that help, nor does he recognize that behavior is abnormal. That being the case, as I am far from insane and far from a person he could “push over the edge”, I allow myself to be a continued target of this lowlife piece of garbage. My reasons are to prevent him from attempting his malicious acts on others, at least while I remain his focus, who may not be capable of handling his harassment, which could result in them hurting themselves or others.

            If you have noticed as well, it is quite amazing how many of the “other” accounts which provide him his next launch of inept insults have only a single post, and fail to address anything other than what I have said as a response to others. This is clearly one of his other cowardly approaches to harassment, which is just as transparent as the rest of his actions.

            The fact that he will respond to any number of conversations I am in within hours of a reply to one of these new accounts, created to purely insult me instead of actually refuting the statement I made, is a clear signal that he is the origin of it all. Either that or he is so obsessed with me that he watches the places he has identified I have participated in conversations like a hawk.

            Anyway, I figured I would highlight a bit of why I continue to respond and confirm that I definitely know the conversations will go absolutely nowhere. I like to write and the best way to refine my process is to have something to write about. Responding to the incompetence of “in all seriousness” is simply a way to kill two birds with one stone.

          • Jim

            There,, see what you just did in the third sentence of the third paragraph?? Maybe you should have just written “a person’s intelligence” in the beginning. Then again this was entertaining. Not sure about the whole M3ATSHI3LD thing but hey it’s creative enough… just glad there is not a picture. Carry on Sir.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Do I see what I did in the statement you are referencing? No. I do not see what I did in that sentence in relation to whatever context you are attempting to highlight. You have to actually specify what you are referencing when you make a random statement or your statement simply makes no sense.

            Perhaps I could have said “attack another person’s” instead of “attack a person’s” as my statement became ambiguous using “person” two times in the same sentence with the subject focus (the real term is eluding me right now) being different in each usage, but something tells me that is not what you are trying to reference.

            So feel free to put into scope what you are implying I should “see”, but until then I am unable to grasp your intent.

          • npatel

            not everyone has had a proper education and can write in english you arrogant ass. stfu

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Let me make sure I am understanding you. “Ben Dover” jumps into this conversation, slinging insults and “correcting” me. When I show that his correction was actually incorrect, I am the “arrogant ass”?

            I put in the effort to gather proof while the other person stuck to “nuh-uh” as their argument. Your statement shows that you agree with my conclusion and presented evidence. Yet you call the defense of my position to be worthy of insults from yourself?

            Arrogant or not, you really don’t seem to make much sense. Shouldn’t you be mad at the other person who refused to have a rational discussion? I wouldn’t have ever been an “arrogant ass” had Mr. “Ben Dover” not attacked me for whatever reason he felt compelled to. And in the end, someone who didn’t know the correct answer, now has better knowledge derived from a fact.

            What you are calling arrogance was actually me checking to see if perhaps I did make a mistake. I verified I didn’t make a mistake and that shouldn’t be what is chastised. If you care to present actual logic to how your statement makes any sense please do.

            Otherwise, you might as well save your time and just assume I have heard much worse insults in my life than you could ever sling, and that I will disregard anything you say after that point anyway, so really you would just be further enraged. (not saying this applies, but if the show fits; wear it)

          • npatel

            Im actually sorry,, not being sarcastic at all! I didnt read everything properly and felt like you were the one who was being an ass .. but i just read through everything

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Thank you for the apology and I 100% accept. Taking the time to go back and read the origins was very big of you and I really do appreciate it. It is extremely rare that anyone actually responds the way you just have, so pardon my shock a bit, but rest assured I am not being sarcastic here in my response either!

          • Shelly Almond

            Apparently, it’s only okay to readily attack someone’s intelligence level if you believe yourself to have a decent grasp on English spelling/grammar. Is that right? Sorry to tell you this, but you look ridiculous arguing and insulting people the way you did.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            No. People are free to attack someone’s intelligence when that person comes swinging wild with insults and corrections of grammar that are incorrect with the pure intent to be an antagonistic jerk. You see the difference there or do you need a better explanation of why it is justified to be insulting to an asshole?

          • jim wood

            She’s right. You’re wrong. Even a self-proclaimed pederast should have sense enough not to get into an argument on usage when he can’t write a single (run-on) sentence without five additional errors, more if your ninth grade English teacher is feeling picky.

          • DERP

            “so nice try” isn’t good English, dumbass.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Never claimed I have perfect grammar. Interesting you didn’t argue whether or not my statement was correct. All I see here is a sad sack of shit that can’t present an argument on topic and purely slings insults.

          • Cinnamon Chestnut

            nope. it’s people’s.

          • Glenn Taylor

            Nipples, should be nipples.

          • John Manuella

            and I find it ironic that some people don’t know a joke from an insult,hey dick-head if you want a hyphen all you have to do is ask,now that I know it’s mandatory when commenting to you I shall never forget my hyphens ok dumb-ass lol

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            As every comment you make is insulting, it is impossible to discern you jokingly insulting from you being serious. You also didn’t “forget” a hyphen, as it was clear that you thought it is “dumb ass” and not either of the two other acceptable and correct manners of expressing the term. This assertion is supported by your extremely poor spelling and grammar illustrated in every comment you make.

            Personally, I think you are just trying to make the claim you were joking, even though there is no indication you were, to cover up and distract from being called out for insulting someone’s intelligence while lacking any intelligence yourself.

          • DERP

            lol, your grammar is shit too.

          • DERP

            An em dash is NEVER used for dumbass. Speaking of irony, DUMBASS.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            I can’t help how the Disqus box formats standard keys. Then again, I don’t see an “em dash” being used. I see a hyphen, which is proper.

        • beaver


          • BethRFinch

            Get a room, you guys…

          • Shelly Almond

            Oh my, that had to be one of the most absurdly pointless arguments I ever observed. In trying to figure out if it was between multiple people or just one person arguing with him/herself under different names, I even temporarily forgot about all the real issues in the world.

        • Aaron Stoner

          Come on guys…his question still hasn’t been answered. Here you go bud:

          Nocive No”cive, a. [L. nocivus, fr. nocere to hurt.] Hurtful; injurious. [R.]

          • Glenn Taylor

            wow you know how to use Google, I’m impressed.

    • Cat Marusich


    • Cynthia S

      I couldn’t agree more. She is insanely hostile.

      • ClobberDobson

        Obviously you’re part of the problem.

        • Nathan Maddox

          there is no problem really, just people that are cynical and bitter. There are a million reasons to be angry and hate things. I prefer to live and let live. Life is more fun and tolerable when you aren’t so annoyed with everything

          • brpunker0421

            Well, that’s just not true…

      • Ryan Texan

        I really don’t see how someone else posting something on their page is my problem.
        Does someone force Haley to look at the pics?
        We are all free to “change the channel” so to speak.
        People take pictures of what they find meaningful.
        Might not matter at all to anyone else, but so what.
        I guess it’s what you get when your friends are not all professional photographers.
        Oh, and most of what the professional photogs do is unimportant to me….

        • Maritimer1

          Given her complaints, I don’t think Haley should use her “unfriend” option. Since social media is so annoying to her I would recommend that she delete any account she has on social media. Problem solved and then the rest of us don’t need to be subjected to her selfish, self-centered rants.

          • arizona

            i could not agree more

          • DERP

            She hates pets, booze, sunsets, friends, clothes… I guess all that’s left for her is to drink bleach.

          • Chemda
          • JGallardo

            This is clearly the only logical conclusion.

          • jim wood

            DERP the TWERP is against her. That’s a point in Haley’s favor.

          • Robert Brooks


          • Rocky Price

            Great idea! Maybe if she drinks bleach and manages to survive she will have a better appreciation for life and won’t be so hateful for no reason.

          • Tandi Noggle

            luv this

          • travelqueen2

            Maybe she could could post a video of herself doing that. Oh wait…

          • Joseph Bradfield


          • Lingo
          • Cynthia Picard

            I couldnt agree more!

          • Stephanie Bmoviemama Noriega

            LOL Derp

          • Guest

            I mean, what can you post if EVERY thing that gets posted on social media daily is annoying. The stuff she mentioned is literally all I see on social media and thats what is there for. No where does it say “here are the rules of what you can and cant post. Get over it honey. No one is forcing you to look at the posts, follow/ be friends with those people, or forcing you to even have social media to begin with. So yeah, if it annoys her SO much then social media isnt the place for her.

          • Tony Marcum

            Amen, it’s people’s lives, of which she is clearly uninterested in anyone’s but her own.

          • saraericks

            TOTALLY agree!

          • Miriam De La Vega

            I think exactly like you.

          • Nick Wilkinson Hansrote

            it’s not about her, so she don’t want to see it… her mom told her she was special. Didn’t you get the memo?

          • Kuristi Sturgill

            Amen! She’s obviously unhappy, grumpy, and doesn’t like the “little things in life.” Her post is grossly miserable.

          • Tony Marcum

            She probably should delete her account from the gene pool. She is a horrible lonely mean person.

          • Melinda Nelson


        • Chemda

          Right!? None of this is mandatory. She MUST hate all her friends. And to target women for this stuff is really shitty.

          • LarkintheAM

            Not to mention that she’s calling even 30 year olds “girls”. Sheesh.

          • jeannie burgess

            Because it is somehow insulting to refer to them as “women”.

          • llamos


          • Dooda Elton

            Methinks someone is lacking a good subject to write about. Take a break from blogging for a little while and experience life. Then come back and write about it. This drivel is awfully insulated and sad.

          • Katelyn Fergi

            I did not know she wrote a Rant blog. I am beginning to think she just had nothing to write about now, she was reaching to far for this one. It was a bad choice. we are allowed to f-up sometimes. :P

          • kathy christensen

            Good point.
            I kinda agree on the constant selfies some do though, so I am still “friends” with one person in particular (3-4 a day), but nothing shows up in my news feed.

          • Glenn Taylor

            huh? women are responsible for 99% of the garbage she listed and are the most needy, self-absorbed POS out there. I would be willing to bet that at least 80% of inane facebook posts are from women.

          • ur an asshat

            except she actually used a picture of a guy taking a selfie, asshat. one would assume that if she actually themed it towards things she saw women doing she’d have used specific examples of women only

          • Dusty Cayssials

            well the “guy” in question is Justin Beiber… your argument is invalid. =p

          • Jacey Jones

            A true woman-hater posts. Too much BPH and BPA in HIS bloodstream…

          • Ozzy Junior

            I take it you can’t get one?

          • Melinda Nelson

            That is the cutest Chihuahua!

          • juniper

            shut up don’t blame women. Haley is just a lonely jealous dumb hipocrit that wants attention. look she got it.

          • Teri Lenz

            Not every person who posts a negatively based rant wants attention. Perhaps this girl wanted to simply vent. This could even be an attempt at humor. If you correct in assuming the worst of her, then you’ve only added to giving her attention. Silly goose.

          • Kuristi Sturgill

            or maybe she really is just miserable. she obviously is sicken by the little things in life that makes other happy. you could be right too!

          • Katelyn Fergi

            But the point is “its a free world” don’t complain just block them if it is so upsetting to you. Done.

          • Melinda Nelson


          • cattnipp

            and your attitude about women being self-absorbed POS, would mean that you are single…………….. but I can not imagine why women are not begging to be spit on by you…..

          • Kristie Lindon

            Ok, then delete your account if it bothers you that much. You sound like you are one of “the good ol’ boys” and sexist who really has no healthy view of women by calling them the “most needy, self-absorbed POS out there.” This is hilarious because you think you are better than women who post “80% of inane facebook posts” and “99% of the garbage she listed.” Can you prove those statistics Mr. Taylor? You must have some kind of a life trolling ALL THE social website posts to be able to give a percentage to the “garbage” and “inane” posts, as well as, having devised a system that places all the facebook posts on a scale of total garbarge, to inane, to mundane, to really not relevant,, to “meh,” to might be note worthy, then no opinion, then note worthy, and finally “something of importance to me, that benefits me.”

            Unless you have done this type of research and put in a control measure along with weeding out the dis-qualifiers your statistics points are mute and make you look like a buffoon.

          • Kuristi Sturgill


          • bballusa

            OK Glenn, your partially correct but you don’t have to call us POS. According to our restaurant business analytics 65% of our likes come from women between the ages of 25 and 48. Twitter is dominated by guys because you don’t have to use your brain as much with 140 characters.

          • Celina

            Oh man, then you have never met my dad. He is totally the one responsible for 80% of inane Facebook posts.

          • E_Durkheim

            Ha! That’s funny.

          • E_Durkheim


          • Quark

            I feel exactly the same way. Not one of those pics was offensive, obscene, or sexist in any way. I read a blog dedicated to the positive representation of women in the media that really hit a chord with me. The “selfie”, for example, is a clear sign of confidence. If that’s what a woman needs to feel good about herself and it gets her through the day – then I hope she takes a thousand more. Since so many women hate their bodies, have low self-esteem, and lack confidence, I always take it as a good sign that she is feeling great. She’s feeling good about herself and bravely shares it with others. I admire that and I believe this inspires others.

          • Jeff Brennan

            selfies are ok but the Duck Face has to go. The one thing she didn’t quap on,, lol

          • Kristie Lindon

            She probably didn’t touch on it because she probably is the person that takes selfies with a duck face.

        • John

          ~The Truth of Life in 3 Pages~
          Google “TruthContest” and click on “The Present”.<<<

      • blarga blah

        I am insanely hostile, and even I agree with you.

      • Mary C Giacobbe

        ditto……… whine whine whine, how about I do not care what she likes or not either? please folks, live and let live, if you do not like it, ignore and redirect………

        • DERP

          yeah, but who doesn’t like pets, children, booze, sunsets, and clothes?

          • Brandon Cruise

            Anybody who doesn’t like photos of sunsets or pets is lacking a bit in life’s joyous moments. On top of that, if you get tired of seeing things on social media networks (where people can post whatever they want) then you’re spending too much time on the computer or phone and need to go outside for awhile and socialize in person, face to face.

          • TheHookahMaster

            Yup, if you don’t go outside often and socialize, then social retardation sets in.

          • Independentrd

            And you start finding fault with friends.

          • Glenn Taylor

            are you serious, get out and socialize? I think the point is the idiots posting the garbage are NOT getting out and socializing or they wouldn’t need the social media input ego boosts. Jeez.

          • Brandon Kelly

            uhm, you do realize most of those posts, were outside, doing things? She is probably the one alone pissed at the world for posting things they enjoy instead of living within their own misery. Brought up the single thing quite a lot.

          • Jacey Jones

            You mean, moron, that people shouldn’t SHARE special moments that might make someone elses’ day, like cute animals or gorgeous sunsets…get a life nonman…

          • Mayra Souffront

            If they are not out, how did they take the picture of the sunset?

          • Prion Indigo

            Then why don';t you get off your ass and this website and “go outside”, jerk.

          • Kuristi Sturgill


          • Independentrd

            Apparently Haley.

          • Dana Conrad

            Especially together. I think she’d have an aneurysm looking at her news feed on July 5th.

          • cattnipp

            I guess she only like dic pics

        • Dana Conrad

          According to this all we’re allowed to post is a good ol’ dick pic. Maybe that’s what she wants to see more of… maybe she’s not seeing enough in real life? Hmmm…. Also, of all the inane things on this list… no food pics? Coffee pics are on there twice…

      • Margaret


      • Steve Iversen

        Give Haley a break. She isn’t “hating”. She was right on the money with this list. She was just having a little fun with people that think others want to know every single thing they do or see.

        • nanciesweb

          Most of the things I post on are for friends and family who complain that I don’t post enough.

          They WANT more kid pics.

    • The Hungry Geek

      You do know this site is called Rant Chic. If you don’t like her posts, don’t read it! Simple as that. What a radical thought that was.

      • LWMT

        Why can’t you rant at the ranter? Is only one rant allowed at a time?

        • Ali Krav


        • dragon5126

          Rantwarz rule

        • deechanko


        • dragon5126

          one idiot is ranting against this ranters rant…

      • Mariana Grala

        You’re stupid.

        • goldushapple

          So someone complains about stupid Facebook pictures, people say don’t go on Facebook, ignore it or unfriend. When someone brings up the OTHER side of people complaining about people complaining about Facebook pictures they’re stupid? Oh boy, your education has, in a way, failed you.

          • Ali Krav

            And what about people complaining about people complaining about people complaining about people complaining about people complaining about Facebook pictures? Where do we stand on them?

          • Mary Ann Redfern

            I’m not even sure how I got to this shit, but I haven’t laughed this much in a long time. Way to go, Ali…I was hoping someone would make that point…I’m feeling too lazy tonight to bother.

          • f flores

            On their shoulders, to get on the higher horsie. of the other people complaining about people complaining about Facebook pictures.

          • Ali Krav

            ::counts:: Hey! That one was directed at me (I think)! No fair! Or possibly thank you.

          • dragon5126

            On their faces, after we stand on yours.

          • deechanko

            On their hands…so they cant type or post. lol

          • dragon5126

            WHAT Education?

          • dragon5126

            well it DID take some knowledge for her to spell “stupid” correctly so give her a gold star

        • dragon5126

          and so are you, rant cidpants

          • Mariana Grala

            It takes one to know one. You’re obviously just a dumb.

          • dragon5126

            Wow who let the 6th grader in here?

          • dragon5126

            not only is she at the 6th grade mental and emotional level, so is her physical development. Little Girl, and I mean that literally, change your pic, unless you are trolling for implants

          • Mariana Grala

            Jesus all of you guys are such bullies, I feel bad for you. I said that “you’re stupid” comment because I didn’t have the energy to care enough at the time. I know I’m intelligent & mature , I don’t need your reassurance. And I know that I’m not a child, but I am 21 so maybe I just look young, I don’t know. But like I said I’m 21 and in graduate school already. I feel bad for you that this is your life. You have little hissy fits on here and have to have the last word, who’s the child now. So go ahead, have your temper tantrum and say the last word, the big girls need to go to their real jobs.

          • Mariana Grala

            I’m a graduate student you idiot, get a life.

          • dragon5126

            amazing what they leave into academia these days… Thank the lord for my tenure, I don’t have to deal with the ignorant flat chests like you.

          • Mariana Grala

            Damn you’re pathetic, you’re such a bully. And how I look has nothing to do with how smart I am, that just shows how superficial you are. Like I said, get a life & leave me alone. Thanks! :)

      • redhen1919

        what? how would she feel if absolutely no one commented? what would be the point in blogging? bet she would be upset if there were no comments. no comments= total fail.

    • goldushapple

      You just avoided the issue the writer has with these online photos.

      • Crystal Taylor

        The writer has an issue with the types/styles of pictures she’s mentioned? I was unaware. I thought she was just whining….I’m sorry. I will do my best to remember that ALL the pictures I EVER post on Facebook must meet with the writer of this blog. I wouldn’t want her to EVER be offended by MY Facebook page or anything.
        To be honest here, she sounds like a whiny woman who wants everything to be done her way. I wouldn’t want to be here friend anyway. Soooo, with that said I guess I have solved the problem of my Facebook pictures ever offending or upsetting her.

        • dragon5126

          Face it the writer just wants females to post nude pics of themselves, since they ranted about every other type of pic

    • thesparky1

      Well, push notifications tell me that you are on Rodeo Drive buying a Cartier watch for your wife. BFD and this just gets you one more step closer to being unfriended.

    • sdelaray

      This “rant” is vitriolic and sexist. The snippets seem like they were written by a 16 yr. old. Haley needs to shut up and sit down.

    • ratchet

      You must be one of said worthless whores who post that kind of bullshit that no one cares about. Get a life, you lump of shit =)

    • Chris Pratt

      Wow, can you say angry? First she pokes at those with pet photos because they have no kids, then pokes at the kid pics because they are not hers…on and on. Sounds like my ex-wife…

    • Stacy Bolin Fiock

      I totally agree with you i have family across the country who want to see this stuff and enjoy when i post it. Haley I have an easy solve for you delete your facebook account then take your phone and computer and smash them with a hammer then you will never have to worry about seeing what other ppl want to share with their friends and family

    • Chemda

      Love it! My goodness. I don’t have pets and never did but I can find a way to “get” why women post pictures of a living creature who helps their day be better. What a high horse to ride on to be so critical of women in this manner.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Love your comments on “beaming”! :)

    • Danielle P

      I always say the same thing! You took the words out of my mouth. Here’s an idea; If you don’t like what you’re seeing, REMOVE FRIEND OR HIDE POSTS. Logic!

    • DainBramage1

      And I thought I was an a-hole!!?

    • Marissa Woodman

      This comment and all the replies to it are hypocritical ,in the sense that all of your are ragging on her and telling her to unfriend, hide from news feed, ignore, or avoid things that annoy her. A lot of the advice from all of you roughly follow the same suggestion as @disqus_ZbQYIL1b7j:disqus : which is to stop wasting your time coming up with “snippy little comments about stuff other people like”. Well, aren’t you in fact doing the SAME thing? Aren’t you all “wasting your time” commenting on here. I’m sorry if all of you were “forced” into reading this article, just like she must have been forced to see these photos. However, I don’t see any difference between Haley posting her opinions of typical social media pictures and each and every one of you posting YOUR OWN opinions of her and this article she wrote. Unless all of these cynical comments and responses were involuntarily forced to be written and published by you. I suggest if you are all so inclined to feel offended by her opinions than maybe take @ryantexan:disqus ‘s advice and “change the channel” *so to speak*!!

      I personally find good humor is found inside “snippy comments” that are so undeniable accurate and true. Which is why I find Haley’s photo assessments to be witty, as opposed to “whiny”. But what would my opinion matter? I guess because I don’t take selfies at the gym I didn’t find a reason to be offended like a lot of people so clearly are.

      ((I look forward to the 20 judgmental, argumentative and hypocritical comment replies I receive. After all, people seem to think you lose your right to comment your own opinion when it doesn’t agree with the majority of those who bitch the loudest!!))

    • Scarlett

      My thoughts exactly! Uh-oh, were your thoughts unvoluntarily beamed into my head??? Creeeepy. LOL

    • brpunker0421

      and the sheeple are speaking. This chick nailed it. Don’t hate… appreciate it.

    • Travis Adams

      To be fair you’re on a website called “Rant Chic”.

    • Cinnamon Chestnut

      what’s really sad? someone published this stupid article. haley is the one who doesn’t have a life.

    • jasmine


    • Julia

      Ali’s comment sums up my feelings exactly.

    • Jennifer Risley

      I have to agree. You might not like the photos of my pets or dog or something i like but guess what i have friends that do. And i want to see pictures of my friends that i moved away from so that we can stay connected.

    • syhcoach

      Here’s an even more radical idea: just stop using “social media”, and … well… SOCIALIZE (in person, on the phone, whatever)

    • Linda Prince Johnson

      Obviously she is friends with a lot of people she doesn’t like. Just unfriend them already. I only have FB friends I like and I enjoy all of their posts.

    • leighsha101

      My thoughts exactly… there is a simple fix, “I don’t want to see this in my news feed.” Or unfriend. Why do people constantly piss and moan about what others are posting? Everyone’s page is exactly that, THEIR page; to post, rant, or do whatever they please.

    • roy schmoll

      Nicely said Ali. I enjoy seeing things that my friends enjoy.

    • Cheryl Snelleman

      2088 upvotes and not one downvote. I have faith in humanity.

    • Devin_MacGregor

      Exactly. No one forces you to read it and you have options to hide any of that. I do all the time. In fact I need to now do that with rant chic.

    • Fashion Icon

      Sersly. Hayley’s “post” was way more annoying than the 25 she whined about combined.

    • Don R

      Whew! Made it through the list and was SO glad to see from the comments that I’m not the only person thinking this author is a whining, nasty, self-centered diva. Surprised she HAS any friends to poke fun at. Lady, just delete your account. The rest of us unwashed heathen will get along just fine, I’m sure.

    • Dani Dstew Stewart

      i also couldn’t agree more.

    • Woody Lisa Irish

      I totally agree. Who cares what everyone else puts on THEIR OWN PAGE. Judgmental much? haha. Live and let live. If someone posts too many pics, I..well…turn my eyes away. really easy. hehehehe and love the “beaming into the head involuntarily” idea. hehehe thanks for sharing your thoughts. VERY good ones indeed!

    • AmyTrax

      Seriously! She must be the most bitter and lonely chick out there! Must be sad to not have anything to enjoy herself. Such resentment of friends who do.

    • blah

      I’d have one exception. If someone posts something offending about you on their Facebook page, then you do have a right to be offended.

    • jbeezz

      That would be something that i wouldn’t mind seeing on FB. LOL

    • Anthony Tanas

      Good post and I think Eric Schmidt said it’s in beta. The beaming in your head thing.

      • Ali Krav

        HA. It’s all fun and games until the science fiction universe kicks in and it turns out you’re eerily prophetic.

    • Ozzy Junior

      Give it a break bitch

    • juniper

      They also have an option to block people posts from showing up on the newsfeed if you don’t want to unfriend them,…. but you shouldn’t be their friend anyways if you’re saying things like this about them behind their back.

    • Freddy Benson

      This thread is quite hypocritical. People who identify with the author can’t comment or show agreement. But you who read that agreement and article which struck a nerve can go on your own rant. And it therefore screams of you who the author is exactly talking about who do take these kinds of photos and posts them looking for an ego boost.
      I’d say the ugly skanky feet shot at the beach is tops on my list, followed by your stupid yappy dog, and then the cocktail holding pics.

    • Niece1964

      My question is, what do you want to see because you just described the majority of what people post. I don’t care what people post, this is a free world and for us that are 1000 miles from half of their family, I enjoy seeing what my family members are doing and creative pics they can take. That is the purpose of social media… so we can be SOCIAL! Some people are just jealous of everything and whiny! Your not happy unless your complaining!

    • Leslie

      For the first time, I actually agree with the majority of the comments, many of which are logical. First of all, who ever wrote this is incredibly hostile and I feel terrible for them that they are SO bothered by social media. Second of all, I would LOVE to know what they post. People take pictures of what they find meaningful. So, while it may annoy you that someone is posting pictures of their pets…guess what?? You’re annoying them posting pictures of your food/nails/friends/skateboard/textsbooks, etc. Moral of the story? You can’t please everyone so post whatever the HELL you want. That is all.

    • Melinda Nelson

      I agree. She sounds a litter bitter (jealous maybe).

    • Juca68427458

      How can people not post pics of kids and pets?
      This dude or dudete who wrote this article must live in a concrete city or in a dungeon and does not know what real life is…
      Sorry, but that’s the way it feels…

    • Bouncer

      I don’t mind what people choose to do with their life, however I think they should be made aware of how psychotic they look to normal observant people. you document your entire life on social media but then in person you’re not the same person. you try to be fake because for some reason in your tiny little brain you think nobody knows about you. nah. we saw you break up with your boyfriend and call him all kinds of horrible names and expose extremely personal things to embarrass him, then we saw you delete them the next week and post about how happy you are with him and you’ll be together forever. it’s mind blowingly psychotic. I’m terrified of the idea that you people exist in this world and I have to raise a child that will same day drive on the same road as you.
      p.s. if you think it’s okay to take selfies while you’re driving then I honestly hope you get in a horrible car accident and die. just you though, nobody else.

    • Cindy Jossart

      Wow. Ya…. I totally understand not liking certain photos people put on facebook, but this list covers literally almost every single photo one could possible post on facebook (or other social media platforms). I post photos of my kids because I have a lot of family on the fb, so that they can see their neice/granddaughter/cousin (however they classify my kids). And, apart from the selfies, I happen to love it when my friends post pics of their kids.

      And since you’re working in rant form, Ms Rant Chic, I’ll continue ever so slightly longer myself. Since when did people with dogs have to be single and lonely. I know plenty of child-free couples who will talk about and post photos of their pets. Maybe quit with seeing the world in your own, limited filter and open your eyes a little more.

    • Julie T

      Agreed!! And with everything she’s vetoed what are people supposed to post? What DOES she like to see? Grass? If someone posts a picture I’m not interested in, you know what I do? I scroll on past it!! And don’t look at the picture with my post, it’s a selfie WITH a child!! I think that’s a double no-no.

    • Greg Kling

      I agree Ali…but she is just one of the crowd of “trolls” who have actually figured out how to get thousands of “clicks” or “hits” and comments on her page (mine included). What she did, is make a bunch of gripes that she KNEW would get people fired up, get people to complain, to comment. All the while, her page advertisers are super happy…because people are here, spending time reading, commenting, etc. Its not that she even has these beliefs or opinions…but she knows that going with what the crowds think…won’t get her attention, etc. So, they go AGAINST the grain…or they swim upstream…to get people riled up. Weak, moronic…and lame, yes. But in terms of getting clicks and making her advertisers happy and keeping her PAID $$, she is actually smart.

    • robarino

      It’s not irony, it’s hypocrisy. There is a bit hypocrisy on your part when you say you are “so tired of people complaining” while you complain about it in the exact same way. ;-)

    • Maman Seo
    • Kuristi Sturgill

      You said it! Amen! She’s obviously unhappy, grumpy, and doesn’t like the “little things in life.” Her post is grossly miserable.

    • Sean Goth

      Yup. Needs to just get off of social media.

    • ST1TCH

      I mean, it is always fun to give the horn a little tap when you see those dumb bitches trying to selfie while driving.

    • JoyceBarker

      I came here to say just that Ali Krav… she is one bitter, angry woman… (probably a girl not a woman)

    • Sue Rhodes Hedtke

      Absolutely….I could give a freaking crap about what this arrogant “pseudo journalist” thinks should be posted on Facebook. Who the hell died and made her the Facebook Etiquette Czar anyway. My friends like when I post pics of my pets, and all sorts of other things that you think are not “cool”. So don’t read or look.

  • Wendy Perez

    These were pretty funny and spot on. Brush up the spelling a bit. Keep up the good work.

  • beets

    if you’re gonna complain, at least display some type of intelligence and use proper grammar.

    “It’s terrifying to know girls are taking these pictures while their driving”. THEY ARE. THEY’RE. Dumbass.

    • Joe

      I don’t disagree with most of these examples, but nevertheless…

      “I’d prefer a text message then you fumbling trying to make sure you hit the camera button.”

      Then? What happened then? Oh… s/he meant THAN.

    • Chad

      What’s the first sign you have a weak retort? You resort to being a grammar nazi.

      • Bridget

        On the contrary, the first sign of an idiot is atrocious spelling and grammar. The best and most clever post in the world will be immediately discounted as unintelligent if it’s written the way this post was. So sad… :(

        • Ken Spaziani

          yet all the points of these style of photos that seem to spread faster than the Ebola virus over our youth; reproducing further like cancer cells to parents – Almost as atrocious as the video of the 7 or 8? year old girl ?Twerking? (I didn’t even know this term actually existed) against a wall; video has the older sister run in and film it; saying shes going to show mom. I highly doubt it would ever be shown to mom; as if big sister is running in to film this she most likely has scorching herpes; or for some reason is jealous of her 8 year old sister who has been mentally damaged forever by MTV and Instagram.

        • Richard Brady Wells

          On the contrary, the first sign of a pseudo-intellectual is someone who thinks they can judge a book by its cover. The typos in this article in no way diminish the ability to read or understand the underlying points, and while some of the points may be taking it a bit far, there are others which are spot-on. Throwing the baby out with the bathwater only makes you arrogant and lacking in understanding. A lot like criticizing a sunset photo for invading “my feed” makes one arrogant and lacking in understanding. Maybe you and the author have more in common than you realize, maybe you can teach her to write, Bridget.

          • Landy Man

            If you cannot spell in a post, why bother posting? Intelligence is suggested by the ability to write a reasonable message, post, tweet or article. It does not lack in understanding to expect skill with words and the right way to use them. We have enough ignorance and stupidity from the ghetto culture that we do not need to move towards complete abysmal writing.

          • Joshua Fuller

            hoo da hell cares bout dis noncents u still no wat the hell that peron is sayin so y cry about it sometimes it’s easier writing without using correct grammar you must be bored and just want something to bitch at

          • xtina724

            Wow. Maybe while you’re sitting there pounding away on your Fisher-Price My First Keyboard anyway, you could investigate resources that would aid you in edging closer to literacy. Learning those skills might help you move out of your mother’s basement more quickly.

          • tron

            boooooo!!! you suck i know the edge you shoud be touching

          • tron

            in fact i wish someone pounded you with that fisher price would have been a great beat maybe luda could have rapped on it

          • tron

            ha sent that to myself like a jackass…. no it was ment for you xtina724

          • tearsofjade

            THIS is one of those posts that we quit reading after the 1st few words cos we KNOW its an undereducated kid trying to look “cool”. Its too bad our tax $$$ went for the attempted education of someone with no appreciation or intelligence…..

          • Alina Skittlet


          • tron

            sorry you cry stop by the store grab yourself a bottle waaaahhhhh waaaaahhhh waaahhhh ;] your lucky they dont rob you of you’re tax dollars

          • Alina Skittlet

            Ahhhhh! The English are correct when they say Americans use the English language quite poorly. If people just learned how to spell and write properly, there wouldn’t be a problem at all!

          • Angelus Umbratia

            You clearly have not seen how atrociously the English use the language.

          • 2-late-2-matter

            ….nothing is as bad as ‘American ebonics’ that comes close to texting…..

          • wowzie

            eye theenk yoo giez ar miseeng thuh poeent. I believe what the author is trying to convey is that people put entirely too much information of themselves online where anyone can see it. what difference does it make? none, unless someone wants to use that information against you. although I would agree with her that there is a lot of unnecessary photos. on the other hand I have to agree with a lot of you commenters that she’s possibly bitter and this and that. keep in mind that the world revolves around complaints, everyone needs something to complain about. finally do you realize that any of these comments are literally a waist of time and effort? ahhh, p.s. thank you for the laughs, my life isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was before reading all you guys’ comments. take care

          • tron


          • Michael Vain

            Go back to school.

          • jnsesq

            Just not a government school.

          • tron

            go back to hell heathen

          • Michael Vain

            Hell is a construction of your hypocritical little fairy tale – not mine. Enjoy your ridiculous superstition. I’ll be laughing as I sit on the evolutionary bell curve on a higher plane, waiting for the rest to catch up.

          • tron

            oooohhhhhh ouch that hurt.. lol

          • Whatever

            You have no manual dexterity.

          • Ckrista

            There are different types of intelligence… the author here seems to be lacking in emotional intelligence.

            Further, you should entertain the idea that typos do not directly correlate with the writers understanding of grammar rather typos normally correlate with inaccurate keystrokes and inexperience in typing.

            I know someone who can do ginormous mathematical equations but still cannot type by touch… Besides, who are you defending, YOURSELF or the AUTHOR?

          • xtina724

            What excellent reasoning that would be if the author had, in fact, made typos. She did not. She committed language-skills mistakes, which have nothing to do with keystroke errors..

          • Chandra M. Jordan

            Either way, the author is an angry, wretched person so I don’t give a shit what type of error she made.

          • Ckrista Mari

            I second that!

          • Amused

            Best Comment!

          • zbogen

            Sounding pretty angry yourself with that comment…

          • dragon5126

            Not as angry as you. it seems. Since Chandra simply discounted all excuses and went right to the content of the message, there is no anger present. Those who attacked the FORM of the message are the angry ones along with the original author, so get over it anf put those rocks down, (there, I left an evil typo in place for you to attack, or IS it a typo, since I put it in place on purpose?)

          • tron


          • tron

            100% agreed from the dumb ghetto culture over here

          • Ckrista Mari

            How do you know that? Were you sitting there watching her type? That seems silly to imply that you know if it was a typo or grammar error…

          • xtina724

            Those can’t be real questions. No, I wasn’t watching her type. Even if I had, visual access wouldn’t make any difference in the determination of the cause of her mistakes. Having a working knowledge of my native language, however, does allow me to recognize the difference between keystroke errors and stupidity. That you can’t do that speaks volumes, and not a lot of it is good, particularly if English isn’t your second language.

          • dragon5126

            I said it before and will say it again, gotta love the stupid, after all, ignorance can be cured, but stupidity can not.

          • tron

            than i say the same to you to also

          • dragon5126

            We thank you for your admission of abject stupidity

          • tron

            i thank you for being a pussy

          • tron


          • tron

            very welcome pussy boy

          • dragon5126

            As they say, You are what you eat, You really should log in, Your DaddiesDong.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Interesting that you would make the claim of tron stating an admission of anything. There is a difference, which you would make the claim of knowing, but don’t illustrate in the least.

            You know what is a perfect example of ignorance and abject stupidity? All except 1 post you have made on Disqus that I have read. Your opinion on parents needing to take responsibility for their children is the only thing you have said that is remotely acceptable.

            Other than that, all you do is insult, lie, fabricate evidence which you won’t support with facts or sources, and absolute bigotry towards anyone that isn’t anglo and your brand of Christian is what rounds out the list.

            That of which I have listed is ignorance and abject stupidity. The fact you fail to see that only supports this assertion and any response you issue I am sure will just be icing on the proverbial cake.

          • brebay

            Wrok instead of work is a typo. Your instead of you’re is just plain wrong.

          • dragon5126

            gotta love the stupid, after all, ignorance can be cured, but stupidity can not.

          • tron

            yup we…. sorry I see alot of it in you lol

          • dragon5126

            this does not remove the fact resorting to Grammar (and Spelling) Nazism is resorting to attacking the “messenger” so to speak rather than what is being said. It is the sign of a weak mind and is the equivalent of an internet temper tantrum.

          • tron

            go back to your corner meatshield beat you all into ha ha

          • dragon5126

            and another twat queefs it stench

          • tron

            agh ha ha ha your a bitch straight up

          • SearchingForLogic

            Not disagreeing, but it’s the sign of a LAZY writer when they do not check their spelling and grammar but post things for countless people to read anyway. I’m not a grammar cop to others, but for myself, I can’t even send a text without getting it right, that being a personal compulsion. But as a former English teacher to non-native speakers, so long as I can understand what the person is trying to say, I’m fine.

            It is somewhat amusing, however, when someone criticizes someone/thing else without first taking care that there are no flaws present in their argument. In the eyes of people for whom such a thing matters, it discredits them.

          • Steven

            Go back to your basement couch.

          • Ckrista Mari

            Go back to your lonely place inside yourself so you can cry yourself to sleep where no one can watch. :)

          • tron

            ahhhhh ha ha that was epic!

          • tron

            go stick your head in a hole like an ostrich. ha ha did i spell that right?

          • jnsesq

            “[B]ut it’s the sign of a LAZY writer when they do not check their spelling and grammar…”

            Should be “when he (or she, not they) does not check his (or her, not their) spelling and grammar.”

            Third person singular. ;-)

          • Ckrista Mari

            I think all of you that are focusing on this grammar thing are completely missing the point that this author is cold and arrogant… using “than” instead of “then” really does not matter… It could be typo, it could be grammar, it could be that this author doesn’t care two shits about the usage of words… who cares? What matters is the POINT of the writing…

          • jnsesq

            It’s not a typo — it’s TYPICAL. Welcome to 21st century government-“educated” America.

            And how about a little pride in one’s ability to communicate?

            No whum sayn, yo? Ya be feelin me?

          • Brad Price

            here here! How many morons out there think “I seen” and “I done” are correct English? And how many dumbasses out there use the word “literally”? If you do, stop. You don’t know what it means and you sound virtually stupid when you use it

          • brebay

            It’s hear, hear, actually.

          • CrystalTiger

            I was taught that it is Here! Hear! or vice versa.

          • brebay

            You were taught wrong.

          • BriMin

            I use “Literally” sometimes, and I don’t think I sound “virtually stupid” when I use it. No one has told me that I need to stop because I sound “virtually stupid” either. Im pretty sure I know that “I seen” and “I done” Aren’t real words, but for instance, if someone was taught that way and has a habit of saying it that way telling them they sound stupid isn’t going to make them change. It’s just like you and someone else doing something the same way but with different outcomes. Of course, ones wrong but no need to put anyone down because you know your way is right and theirs isn’t. Even if it was to be on purpose, it’s their choice.

          • tron

            well said.

          • Helena_Handbasket

            I use the word literally extremely frequently. There is nothing wrong with the word “literally” unless you say it when you mean “figuratively”.

            PS you misused virtually

          • len

            I’m literally shaking my head. Come on now. It looks like this author doesn’t want pictures of anything on “her” feed. Why even have an account at this point? Sit in a hole all alone and ignore everyone. Seems she will be much happier.

          • tron


          • tron

            why cause YOU SAY SO lol…

          • Brad Price

            there is no point to all of this. It’s all a bunch of dangling particles.

          • TeeTime

            I think you mean “all of you who” and not “all of you that” unless you feel you are just a thing, and not a human. When you finally have a rational point, please shove it back in your butthole that can handle two shits, among other things. Empty barrels make the most noise.

          • tron

            hmmmm must be a reason those barrels are empty and make alot of noise prob cause ya got shot buttonhole…. oops i meant butthole :)

          • brebay

            It’s not a typo, the a and the e are not even next to each other. What don’t you get about this?

          • Brad Price

            i like dangling participles.

          • David Thomas

            The nicest dangling particles here are Jessica’s legs. I would enjoy her OOTD. But it is a shame the education system of today has dumbed down the requirements of everything, especially, math and English.

          • Eric Toler

            Most people waive that rule, though, to be gender-neutral. There are more genders and identities than just male and female. Using “they” encompasses all identities and avoids a binary way of thinking about gender. Just saying.

          • dragon5126

            THIS is what pisses me off the most about the grammar/spelling Nazis. As a former English teacher this should amuse you. Are you familiar with the Toyota RAV4? It was made and introduced into the US market first, and the Advertising agency that Toyota used cost the manufacturer MILLIONS by using an actor reading the ad copy who was TOTALLY IGNORANT of what the bar over a vowel means. Instead of reading the copy as RAVE 4, which Toyota blew big dollars, in the magnitude of millions, researching and finding the right name, to market it to the niche it was manufactured for, this idiot read it as RAV (as in ravioli) 4. Nobody in the advertising agency, caught it because they thought they knew everything. We were what, first graders when we were taught how to read pronunciation cues in a dictionary? But these people “knew better with their college degrees”, even though Toyota supplied the name which is even trade marked with the A marked as a Long (aka Hard) A). There ARE times when spelling and grammar are ABSOLUTE, and everyone NEEDS to make efforts to at least TRY to get it right when they write, because the effects affect the outcome (yes, I snuck that one in to make a point to other readers). But when someone tries to be a Nazi about it, and screws up themself, they need to be ridiculed just on principle…
            This brings up another peeve, the way our language has changed for the worse… but that is an extremely long winded rant on it’s own.

          • Alina Skittlet

            Excellent point. :)

          • kaybeetoyz

            Whoever uses that words shall NOT be taken seriously, ever. Typos and grammar are 2 different things DUH

          • Ckrista Mari

            You make now sense… “uses that words…” what the hell is that supposed to mean exactly? Like a stated before, you have no idea whether this was a typo or a grammar error; further, when you are using numbers under ten, you spell it out. You shouldn’t be commenting about correct usage of words when you cannot write a sentence correctly yourself.

          • kaybeetoyz

            I made a typo. A simple mistake, yet you troll this to answer me. What an ENORMOUS cunt you must be. I’m quite sure what a grammar issue is, so get a life skank :)

          • tron

            your a cunt for calling her a cunt PUSSY.

          • TeeTime

            Ha ha you got owned Ckrista. I feel sorry for your crotch-dropping, too if you have more time on here than with IT.

          • tron

            youre a pussy too! ;o – thats a little pic of you getting ready for your girlfriend kaybee

          • 2-late-2-matter

            must be referring to artificial intelligence, just like it suggests……

          • Steven

            C Word Grammar Nazi.

          • xtina724

            What’s the matter, hon’? Weren’t you sure how to spell the “c” word? Or is mom skulking around behind you and you were afraid she’d see what you were writing?

          • Ckrista Mari

            Wow, you sure talk about moms and basements a lot… sounds like some Freudian slippage to me…

          • tron

            ahhhh ha ha

          • D. Benjamin

            On the contrary, it does lack in understanding to expect “…the right way to use…” words. There are tremendously book-, street- and life-smart folks w/ a ton of mileage under their brain-buckets who may not phrase things correctly per your language expectations, but who still wield brilliantly-incisive perspectives and know-how. If the “right way” is “your way”, then please keep on with such a mono-beam view. No dis intended, just an alternate skew.

          • Ckrista Mari

            Yes i agree, typos and grammar errors do not depict one’s intelligence. Some may be so caught up with their ingenious ideas that they consider grammar and/or typing errors to be irrelevant.

          • goldushapple

            >>If the “right way” is “your way”, then please keep on with such a mono-beam view.

            Well, that’s debatable. If ones way is proven to work then it can be said to be the “right way.”

          • D. Benjamin

            People make new routes up some of the most beast-like peaks all the time. I don’t know many climbers who would say, “Yup, my line up is the Alpha and Omega, yo. None shall forge one better.” Sorry, I’m simple and only phrase replies in ways that concerns all the different paths to a mountain-top. Ain’t never going to be “one” on any planet there is.

          • tron

            agreed HOMIE

          • zbogen

            Thanck gowd, I gots’a definaitshon 4 intelegents sinter’d intirely ‘rond graemer! Thx!

          • les342

            That’s not true. I have a friend who is very smart, went to great schools and is one of smartest, if not the smartest, person I know, but she can’t spell very well at all. Spelling doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with spelling. It just gives anonymous jerks on the internet the chance to feel superior because they think they’re smarter than everyone else.

          • tron

            damn you know how to swing a hammer and hit a nail

          • redhen1919

            Speaking of Trolls. Your attack on black Americans is an example and off subject. In fact the whole literacy post is trollish and an ad homenim attack. None of you said anything about illiterate whites. The facts are: (1) “one change is indisputable, well-documented and easy to track. During WWII, American public schools massively converted to non-phonetic ways of teaching reading.” (2) “When literacy was first abandoned as a primary goal by schools, white people were in a better position than black people because they inherited a three-hundred-year-old American tradition of learning to read at home by matching spoken sound with letters, thus home assistance was able to correct the deficiencies of dumbed-down schools for whites. But black people had been forbidden to learn to read under slavery, and as late as 1930 only averaged three to four years of schooling, so they were helpless when teachers suddenly stopped teaching children to read, since they had no fall-back position. Not helpless because of genetic inferiority but because they had to trust school authorities to a much greater extent than white people. (3) By 1940, the literacy figure for all states stood at 96 percent for whites, 80 percent for blacks. Notice that for all the disadvantages blacks labored under, four of five were nevertheless literate. Six decades later, at the end of the twentieth century, the National Adult Literacy Survey and the National Assessment of Educational Progress say 40 percent of blacks and 17 percent of whites can’t read at all. Put another way, black illiteracy doubled, white illiteracy quadrupled. Before you think of anything else in regard to these numbers, think of this: we spend three to four times as much real money on schooling as we did sixty years ago, but sixty years ago virtually everyone, black or white, could read.”

          • tron

            man who you callin getto cultcha ? ahhhh ha ha

          • xtina724

            Dear god. Only on the internet can the expectation of accuracy and knowledge of basic language skills be considered “pseudo-intellectual.”

            And for the record, none of those mistakes were “typos.” They were spelling and usage mistakes, an entirely different category of error. Perhaps one who cannot delineate the difference shouldn’t be calling others names, nor handing out advice.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Depending on the situation, I consider usage mistakes to be typos if the person knows the correct word to use. I frequently type certain words that I then type as a reflex and don’t notice until after I read my post at a later time.

            And example would be the words “site” and “sight”. I am a software engineer and do a lot of work on websites in my spare time or when needed for work reasons. As such, I type the word “site” a lot and as I am typing, regardless of which word I intend to use my reflex results in “site” instead of “sight” often.

            So in reality it wouldn’t be logical to make the assumption that a person that has usage mistakes wasn’t making a legitimate form of typo. My opinion on the matter of course, but I do agree with the general sentiment of your statement as long as that generalization isn’t viewed as an absolute.

          • Ckrista Mari

            Thank you!

          • tron

            uhhhh i think hes got them debatin gloves on again Duck!

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            I am not sure if you are referring to me or to the person I responded to here. I wasn’t really debating with this statement if you are referring to me, as I was not necessarily trying to disprove some sort of false statement as much as I was giving my opinion from a different perspective without expectation of any sort of “debate” style back and forth.

          • tron

            lol youre good with words, i was cracking on pretty much everyone who debated/gave an opinion from a different view against you i thought it was hilarious putting on your gloves just ment your swift words are about to be used on someone else again

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Haha! Thanks man!

            I tend to come across very combative due to my very straight forward way of writing, which ends up rubbing people the wrong way, but my real intent is generally to open up a dialog for intelligent conversation.

            I have been working on being less effective in my statements actually, because the real offense people take seem to come when I leave no room for logic outside of my statement on accident. That probably is a weird statement in itself, and I don’t think I am saying that quite the way I am intending, but hopefully it makes enough sense without coming across as arrogant.

            I am a firm believer in everyone being able to have their opinions, as long as that opinion isn’t harmful to others, and really enjoy pointing out what I see to be possible flaws in someone’s logic due to their perspective’s apparent lack of consideration to certain factors that I feel should impact the decision making process.

            I too make decisions based on a lack of consideration of applicable factors, and wish people I try to have discussions with would address those factors over attacking me personally, but that just isn’t the way of the world most of the time.

            Thanks again for your comments!

          • tron

            keep doing what you are doing, should not change anything for anybody why? cause you do a great job… arrogant na just strong minded

          • tron

            lol youre good with words, i was cracking on pretty much everyone who debated/gave an opinion from a different view against you i thought it was hilarious putting on your gloves just ment your swift words are about to be used on someone else again

          • Steven

            You must have no friends.

          • xtina724

            No, sweetie, I have lots of friends. All of them are literate, however. They are also witty and clever, and none of them would *ever* attach their name to comments as banal and boring as yours, all of which excludes you from being one of them.

          • James Carter

            I don’t think Steven cares.

          • Ckrista Mari

            Steven: I think you touched a nerve. :)

          • Ckrista Mari

            WOW! You must be psychic! You can tell why/how/what errors are being made by someone who is possibly a million miles away!

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            The only point of this was so this person could make what they believe to be witty comments that are about as original and stimulating as the pictures they are ripping on.

            Apparently Ms. Kittsmiller despises everything and everyone that doesn’t have the same negative view on the world.

            If sharing a picture of yourself with your significant other means you are trying to convince everyone that your terrible relationship is going great, then I am pretty sure that speaks volumes about Ms. Kittsmiller’s personal relationship(s) and how poorly they must be going.

            With an outlook like she has, I don’t see anyone wanting to be around her for more than 5 minutes. I know based on the opinions given by Ms. Kittsmiller that I wouldn’t want to know her and I definitely know I don’t have any interest in wasting my time reading anything else she writes.

            Even if I agreed with everything Ms. Kittsmiller said, the lack of wit, intelligence, and personality displayed makes this article, or rather this poorly formed bash session, much more annoying than people taking pictures and sharing them with people that are supposed to be friends.

          • Monica Lopez

            my sentiments exactly, this individual is a very very very bitter sub-human, she should mind her own business and GO BACK to grammar school! Now THAT is a problem…writers that can’t spell…evidence of our so-called leaders in the media, the new “dumbed down society.”

          • ipaxton

            Actually she has a point about people putting there whole freaking life on the internet. Think about it, It’s super easy for some physio to find pics of YOUR kids on facebook, track them down and kidnap them. Besides that why would I want to see a picture of someone’s feet? REALLY? Do you realize how much of a arrogant asshole you sound like bitching because someone don’t like something? Do us a favor before you post again, grow the f*ck up.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Well first of all, the article has nothing to do with the possibility of psychos kidnapping children, so your hypothetical scenario is about as relevant as if I started talking about elephants at the circus.

            Second, she didn’t ever make any point about people putting their entire life on the internet. She just insulted people that she says are her friends in a crude manner over getting enjoyment out of life.

            Here is something you should pay attention to before you start making claims about how “arrogant” I sound and how much I need to “grow up”. 122 up votes to 2 down votes. Your peers have spoken and other than the 1 person that down voted me besides yourself, 99% of your peers disagree with your assessment. THAT is what you should pay attention to.

            When less than 1% of the other people agree with you on something it is generally an indication that you are the one that is incorrect. So before YOU post again, try giving that some thought, and then maybe you can start your own journey down the road of “growing the f*ck up”.

          • ipaxton

            Well actually it has alot to do with psychos. People don’t think about the things they put on social media. Second of all just because you were offended because all your pictures are those of what the writer posted about doesn’t make it a insult. She pointed out things that gets old on social media and poked fun at it. Sorry if I too found it funny. Third, The only reason you got 122 up votes is because you came off sounding smooth and “im hip because I have a opinion”. You just so happen to stumble on the stupid crowd of close minded people. Maybe unclench your butt cheeks and see the funny side instead of being so defensive.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            So you are making the assertion that out of the 124 total votes, you and 1 other are the ONLY people that are not part of the “stupid crowd”?

            You do realize that anything you say now is tainted by your extreme arrogance right?

            By all means show me where this shows a theme of addressing posting pictures of your children on the internet and the correlation between that and a higher risk of “psychos” taking your kids. You can’t, you won’t, but damned if you will admit you are wrong on that.

            I state again, this “article” had nothing to do with the topic of psychos kidnapping your children.

            Perhaps you are the one that is overly defensive. I simply stated that the insults that the author was slinging, not in a lighthearted humorous way, were not witty nor original. If you tell me how expressing your disgust at a friend posting a picture of themselves and their boyfriend, then stating they are just overcompensating for a terrible relationship, is lighthearted humor then do so, but once again you can’t and you won’t.

            The funny things is your claim that I took offense to this article, that I take offense because it is a reflection of who and what I am, and that I can’t see the funny side of something. I beg to differ.

            I see the humor in how inept you are at using logic to support your arguments, as you have done nothing besides sling insults. I really do find that extremely humorous.

            The last time I took a picture of myself or another person was so long ago that I don’t even remember even an accurate timespan in which it happened, let alone why I took the picture. So I find extreme humor in your assumption about my personal life after reading 2 posts I have made on the internet. It makes me laugh that you would consider yourself to be so intelligent, yet blurt out some random “fact” about my life that is so far off the mark that you pretty much couldn’t be more wrong.

            It also makes me laugh, or using a phrase you may understand better, I was able to unclench my butt cheeks to see the humor in your lack of reading comprehension related specifically to what I have written. There was nowhere that I ever claimed I was offended by the article. In fact, the underlying point was that even if the author said something I agreed with, there was nothing witty nor original about anything they had said, which was one of the statements the author made multiple times aimed at other people.

            The hypocrisy of that notion is what was the point and not that I somehow am offended by some person making snide remarks about their friends. I see the humor in that hypocrisy too. Just like I see the humor in the hypocrisy of your statements, primarily because you are too full of yourself and arrogant to even recognize how much of a hypocrite you show yourself to be.

            Anyway, enjoy believing that you are the only person that isn’t part of the “stupid crowd”. I am sure you will get far with the mentality that you being the sole dissenter amongst a group of 123 people means that they are the ones that are wrong. Thanks for the laugh!

          • ipaxton

            Congratulations let me give you a hand, Not only did you miss the point..but you took a article that was meant to be funny as a insult. Do you feel better now? Don’t worry I won’t respond back I don’t want my arragance to get in the way or anything lol.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Once again you are the one to miss the point and to show you have no grasp on reading comprehension in the least.

            I clearly stated I didn’t take offense to it. I did state that the author was not original in the least, did not make any statement that was humorous in the least, and that you couldn’t back up your assertion that the article is somehow about the dangers to your children when you post pictures on social media.

            In no way did you defend your position that the statement I highlighted was humor and not just insulting. Not insulting to me, but to the friends the author was making the statement about. It is clear you are incapable of actually debating logic.

            And now you make a comment about how you won’t comment back, implying it is due to my comments being absurd in nature. Clearly my comments are absurd. So much so in fact, that you can’t even make a basic argument to refute my comments. Or is it just that your opinion is absurd and my rational statements prove that, leaving you with no option other than to tuck your tail between your legs and run?

            My vote goes that you are the one with the issues, but that is only based on your absolute inability to grasp even the simplest statements I make coupled with your inept manner of backing your own statements.

            And just a tip for the future; if you intend to make the claim that you are the only person that is not in the category of the “stupid crowd”, you may want to learn to spell. I could care less about spelling and grammar the majority of the time, but I feel obligated to point it out when someone claims they are the “smart” one, but can’t even spell words that are automatically highlighted as spelled incorrectly the right way.

          • ipaxton

            You have no arguments all you been doing is twisting my words around. As I said before, You completely missed the point. I already plainly made my points about social media whatever else your problem is get over it.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Wow. It didn’t take much to get you back into the conversation and making you a liar in doing so.

            Perhaps you should go back and read your own posts and then respond with the list you come up with of “points” you have made. The only “point” you made was when you went on a tangent about psychos kidnapping my children because of photos on facebook, which had nothing to do with any point that the author was trying to make.

            I asked you to back that up with something tangible, and you couldn’t.

            You did say I was offended by the article, when I have clearly stated I was not and explained, using small enough word for you to understand, that my opinion of the author and the content of their “article” (a term I am using very loosely here) suffered from many of the very things the author was saying about others, and that their statements in no way come across as humorous, but even further they don’t come across as intended humor either.

            You refused to elaborate on how the statements were humorous rather than insulting (once again not insulting to me but insulting to the person the comment was aimed at).

            So you didn’t make a point there.

            Then let’s see; you tried to claim that you are the only person not in the “stupid crowd”, but failed to illustrate how anyone else was in the “stupid crowd”, let alone how you are separated from said crowd.

            No point made there.

            I think the only point you made is that you are unable to actually make a valid point. So kudos to you on that!

            As a parting gift of wisdom; your denial of the presence of arguments presented by myself does not make it true. Your false claims of me twisting your words does not make that supposed action a reality. Repeating over and over that I missed the point does not change the clear absence of any valid points from you.

            As I can only assume you charge into debates such as this often, I would suggest you attempt to gather your thoughts and present a valid argument before taking a run at someone like me. When you start a debate with someone by calling them names, you have already lost.

          • ipaxton

            No you’re right, Can’t argue with a internet troll.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            How is it that you jumped into this discussion a month after the rational debate was over, slinging insults at me and making absurd statements about how the article is about psychos kidnapping children, and that somehow amounts to me being the troll?

            Have fun with your warped sense of reality…

          • ipaxton

            In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people,[1] by posting inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a forum, chat room, or blog), either accidentally[3][4] or with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[5] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

            Now go back and reread your responses.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Seriously dude, you need to go see a mental professional. They can walk you through this. Having a rational discussion that others clearly agree with is not trolling.

            You coming in a month later and starting up this whole thing is what is trolling, if there was to be that classification here.

            My responses have been all on topic of this discussion. You are just too incompetent to see that, on top of seriously needing mental help with the way you see the world, because you see things 100% backwards and that is not healthy.

            If this didn’t boil down to you just being an idiot I would say you were trolling, but I get the strong impression you believe everything you are saying. Hence my recommendation you seek mental help.

          • ipaxton

            Ah ok so now i’m insane lmao, Pretty lame trolling there Mike no wonder your profile is set to private.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Nobody said you were insane. I implied you have a warped sense of reality, which is far from insanity.

            Might I once again point out that you are the one trolling here. Not once have you addressed any of my statements via a counter argument.

            The fact you continue to respond without addressing the clear points I make proves you are a troll. If you don’t realize that then yes, you have a warped sense of reality, and yes you need a mental health professional to assist you in getting a grasp on said reality. Clearly your family has not been able to illustrate to you how your perception is not reality, thus my recommendation.

            Care to respond with substance? I figured not.

            *ADDITION* – My profile is private because I found out quickly the only people that check a profile tend to be trolls like you whom would follow me around to everything I happen to comment on to harass me. Thank you for validating that decision.

          • ipaxton

            You just don’t know when to stop do you? So what i looked big deal.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Still waiting for something of substance from you. Are you trolling or debating? You are trolling unless you have something to say of substance.

            A proper response to what I just said would be a counter-argument that would show that my statement is untrue in some manner, whether your perception is right or wrong. Being incorrect and saying nothing of substance are two different things, but as a troll you wouldn’t understand that.

            Substance or go home with your childish ways…

          • ipaxton

            Your manner and demeanor is way wrong considering how far off topic you have taken this. I made my point my 2nd posting 5 days ago, Go read it and if you don’t like it well there’s nothing more I can do about it. You clearly are out to “win” whatever it is you are trying to win. But infact it’s trolling, stop trolling, grow up and please for the love of god shut the hell up no one cares what you have to say nor do I.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            You clearly care what I have to say or you wouldn’t be responding. You “attempted” to make a point in your 2nd posting, which I refuted with logic, and then you were the one to go off topic.

            In fact, your point you were trying to make was off topic as the discussion was the author and her outlook on the world and your point was that posting pictures of your kids raises the risk of your kids being kidnapped by a psycho, which you claimed was the message the author was trying to send.

            Based on your comments the discussion at hand shifted as I addressed your inability to back up your statements with logical arguments. YOU then took the discussion to an accusation of me being a troll, which I refuted numerous times with logical statements of which you could have debated. You chose not to debate anything and simply levy insults and accusations. I responded in kind.

            If you don’t give me something to respond to, then I won’t respond. That requires you to accept the fact that the only troll here is yourself and that you have shown yourself to have inadequate skills while trolling because your trolling is easily recognized.

            Give me a single example of where I am trolling and then you may have a point, but making logical arguments based on your comments which lack any rational logic or substance, once again, is not trolling. It is actually proving that you are a troll and have nothing to offer to this or any other conversation.

            If you don’t wish to debate, then don’t post comments to me in opposition of my statements. Or better yet, when you inevitably decide that you must post, add something of substance. Reversing my logic backed assertion that you are acting like a child is not substance nor is it using logic to support your statement.

            To say that nobody cares what I have to say is a stretch. People care about as much as they care about what you have to say, except I would be willing to bet that people would rather read what I have to say over your inept attempts to levy a retort.

            Once again, care to add some substance to your crying? I thought not.

          • ipaxton

            Boy you have a lot of pent up anger, let it out you’ll feel better :)

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Yet another ridiculous assumption in a comment with no substance. Once again you prove my assertion that it is you and not I that is trolling here.

          • ipaxton

            There see was that so bad?

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Was what so bad? You get more off the charts with your absolutely weak trolling as this goes on. Care to elaborate on what it is you are trying to say?

            My bet is you don’t even know what you are trying to say. You are just so pissed right now that you tried to jump into a conversation over your head with a statement that was shot to pieces by the person you were trying to insult. It is just fine for you to walk away at any time. I won’t think any less of you for it, as it would truly be a step up from anything you have done or said thus far.

          • ipaxton

            I have a tear for you :( tissue?

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Interesting. Now why would I need the tissue if you are the one with the tear? Troll fail again buddy. Care to go even further into the hole you are digging? I bet you will. I await your next fail troll.

          • ipaxton

            Sounds like someone needs a tampon :)

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Now that is an interesting statement too. Care to explain how someone can “sound” like they need a tampon? I do not believe I have ever heard this sound before.

            Failed again. If you are going to attempt to be witty, at least post something I can’t show to be a ridiculous statement with ease.

          • ipaxton

            My question is how do you type with your dick in your mouth?

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Well even if I somehow managed my own dick in my mouth I am fairly certain that wouldn’t preclude me from typing as my hands would be free.

            Do you still want to make the claim that you are not the troll here or do you truly not understand what a troll is within the scope of this context?

          • ipaxton

            Then why do you keep responding?

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Just seeing how low you will sink on the intelligence scale. I wasn’t actually sure I would ever meet someone quite as low on that scale as yourself. So congratulations on reaching an all new low. I am sure your mother would be proud!

          • ipaxton

            Must be that Michigan sprite right? GO BLUE

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Do you really think I care that you think you know who I am? That is what you are trying to imply here right? That you somehow have leverage over me because you know the slightest bit of inconsequential information?

          • ipaxton

            What info? Your profile is locked remember?

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Well so far you have used my first name and referenced the State I live in. I can only assume that you are intending that to be intimidating in some way, but you don’t have the gall to actually make your intent clear. Not that it matters in the least, as your intent if malicious, would most likely be as inept as everything you have said and done thus far.

          • ipaxton

            My intentions are as moot as your troll failing.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            So now we are back to you reversing statements that I have already made aimed at you. Your intelligence level continues to drop even further.

            I am bored and responding to you. You are the troll. I was involved in this discussion in a legitimate way and you at no point have had a valid point.

            Once again, that makes you the troll. You being delusional or not understanding the definition of what a troll is does not change the facts related to this matter.

            Care to retort with something of substance? Again no you won’t. Thus you are the troll. Failure to refute that with substance proves my point. Deal with it.

          • ipaxton

            WoW that was a longer statement.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            All of my statements have been valid and with the length they require for me to say what I intend. You on the other hand have been unable to say what you intend to say with any length of statement.

            As you didn’t refute you are the troll we have now irrefutably proven that you are indeed the troll. Was that your intent? I doubt it was.

            Although your intent is clearly to troll me, you are failing at doing so. I know you are trolling. I am responding out of boredom and not out of some sort of confusion as to your intent. So you have been utterly unsuccessful at making a real point and you have been even less successful at trolling.

            You should just give up and spend time with your family instead of showing just how big of an ass you truly are. Then again I can see why you would be all alone to fail at trolling me. I have a very good reason why I have the time today to deal with your lack of intelligence, but I highly doubt you have a good reason other than nobody would want you around.

            Care to debate that logic with me? No? Probably because even if it wasn’t true, you don’t have the capacity to have a rational conversation or to present valid arguments in a back and forth debate.

          • ipaxton

            Oh I made my point already twice. Plus in case you didn’t see was backed up by another person. I don’t need to add anymore to it and the conversation if you want to call it that ended right then and there 5 days ago yet you continue on with your rant. Lets face it you trolled i trolled back that’s how it works. Now if you are done we both can move on. End of discussion.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Actually you made a statement that the “author’s intent” was to highlight the dangers to children from psychos by posting pictures online. That was never the intent of the author and you never even attempted to refute me telling you that.

            You weren’t backed up by anyone. You had an idiot jump in and claim that I denied that there is a risk to children. I never said that and you can’t show anywhere that I have said that. I said, once again, that was not the point of the article.

            Show me where the point of the article is any sort of warning of the dangers to children. You can’t. You haven’t. You will run from that statement like it is a zombie trying to eat your brains.

            Reading comprehension is your friend. Your lack of intelligence has been displayed time and time again. You just showed your lack of intelligence once again.

            Care to refute that or just make the claim you made your point already even though I have proven that you haven’t made your point?

          • ipaxton

            Let it go Mike it’s over enjoy the rest of your Christmas.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Laughable. Of course it is over. I have proven you wrong over and over and have been laughing at you for hours at this point. It was over the moment you opened your mouth with that first insult you slung at me.

          • ipaxton

            Good bye door is that way —->

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Enjoy your walk home. Should give you a nice chance to think about how ridiculous you have been and how you were unable to make any point let alone the point you think you made.

          • ipaxton

            isn’t it Christmas? Holiday spirit go spread it.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Didn’t take you long to come back did it? Looks like you are unable to walk away from the battle you lost the moment you decided to make your first incorrect statement.

          • ipaxton

            Ok i’ll sing a song but just this once. Which one do you want to hear? Jingle Bells? How about 12 Days of Christmas? No? Joy to the World? Silent Night? Lets see…Jingle Bell Rock, Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer I’ll let you pick.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            More idiotic statements from you. Big surprise. Why don’t you shock me by illustrating to me how the author’s intent was to warn everyone of the dangers of posting pictures of their children online. You claim you did already, but I seem to have missed it. Care to repeat it?

            I bet you won’t, with either some new idiotic statement, or refusal which you claim is based on having already said it being against your code of honor or some nonsense intended to mask your inability to admit you were wrong.

          • ipaxton

            Backed up and confirmed my friend.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            The 25 Pictures Girls Need to Stop Posting in Social Media

            And that is the title. Not something like, “Keep your children safe from online predators”. And thanks for proving me right that you would use some ridiculous excuse as to why you won’t simply state where you are getting the article is about the title I came up with.

          • ipaxton

            Because I pointed out one picture? Well Two i said something about feet too.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            So how does what you just said show that the intent of the author was for the audience to take heed of the dangers to their children when posting pictures online?

            You are wrong because I say the article was only about sunsets because 1 picture was about sunsets.

            You can’t refute that either because then you would be refuting your own logic.

            I quote, “Everyday, our feeds on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are flooded with the same old crap. Girls are going crazy taking pictures of EVERYTHING throughout their days, and subjecting their friends to this garbage on all the social media sites. These following 20 pictures are the most commonly posted, and the reason Zuckerberg gave us an ‘unfriend’ button.”

            The author’s own words about what the intent behind the pictures are. Or would you like to make the claim that the author’s intent is what you say it is regardless of what the author says it is. I mean, you are the only one that isn’t in the “stupid crowd” right?

            What a joke.

          • ipaxton

            Why are you having a hissy fit about one picture? One picture out of 25 and I took that ONE picture and made a point and it was confirmed, Go read Dragon’s post. 97% of all abducted children or assaulted children was due to someone they knew on social media. Not exactly those words precisely but I’m assuming you get the point. THAT was the point I was intending earlier.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            You made the claim that I was a jerk because the author had a point about that. I refuted your statement and said that the dangers to children was not the intent of the article. You returned with more insults.

            That is what you apparently missed in your over zealous attempt to insult me. The fact that you were referencing just a single picture was not what you said and I don’t make assumptions as to what you don’t write, but really want to say. Hence why I gave you opportunity after opportunity to clarify your statement.

            You chose to be combative and insulting instead of clearing up your own failure to say what you mean. Then you went to poorly executed trolling. Now we are here, where I have proven you wrong beyond anything you could possibly recover from, which is when you finally elaborate and clear up what you were really saying.

            Why is it you were unable to simply debate like a rational and logical adult? That is the question you should be asking.

          • ipaxton

            Now point where I was wrong? You want to be rational about it try doing it in a manner that’s not so demeaning like you have been.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            I told you where you were wrong. Your first statement came in swinging wild with insults backed by an assertion that the author made a good point about the dangers to children. I refuted that saying that was not the intent of the article. You replied with insults and the claim it was the intent of the article.

            You set the tone and you made the assertion the author’s intent was to warn of the dangers to children. Plain and simple.

          • ipaxton

            I never made the intention where the article was about the dangers of children, I made the point of saying she has a point about people posting too many pictures of there kids. Which makes it a danger. Too many people out there, sexual predators, creepers and such. I know too many people that post hundreds of pictures and over half of them are of there kids AND there info isn’t private. That sir is asking for trouble. An for future reference, you should really hide your info better that’s why I don’t link anything to social media.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            I don’t care who has my info. My Disqus account is private so people such as yourself can’t hunt me down in other discussions and not to hide who I am.

            Whether you realize it or not, your intent and what you said are two very different things. Instead of you coming in with insults you should have been paying attention to what you were writing. Then you might have not made the blunder of making the assertion that the article intent was about children instead of what the article was really about, a bitter woman that hates everything in life that gives others joy.

            There were a few pictures mentioned that are indeed annoying, but pictures of art, a beautiful sunset, a nice day with your significant other, and many of the others are the exact intent of social media linking people across vast distances.

            So if you learned anything today, it should be that you need to say what you mean, or when you make a statement that is understood different than your intent, you simply need to clarify your intent instead of being an ass hat slinging insults for no reason other than what appears to be the inability to express yourself in an acceptable and intelligent manner. Call that demeaning if you will, but the point remains to be true regardless of its harsh nature.

          • ipaxton

            I told you I made a point, You misunderstood it you went on a rant I tried to give you a chance to stop. Then the trolling began again i gave you a chance to stop. By the way I’m not seeing too many insults until tonight. (Yes I trolled back). You clearly stated in your own way you were going to win that I already lost. It’s clear to me you HAVE to have the last word. Here’s something to think about, When someone can’t be rashional walk away instead of trying to prove a moot point. You don’t need the last word and trying to to do that with a insult doesn’t always get the point across. The same goes for me I’m stubbern but as I said you don’t have to have the last word and it doesn’t always make it the best word. With ass hatness aside we have agreed we can disagree. With insults thrown, mud slinged and fists flying we proved each other wrong in one way or another. Wrong on the account of the insults, two we weren’t clear with each other and three the trolling. Doesn’t matter who trolled who more or who said what insult point is everything said and done there is a lesson to be learned. Plus I think I had my fill of this and I hope you have as well. Lets call it a night and move on, Merry Christmas to you and have a Happy new Year, be safe.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            If you give me something to comment on I will comment. It isn’t a need for the last word, it is a continuation of the conversation. I didn’t misunderstand you. You didn’t say what you meant. There is a huge difference.

            I specified exactly what you said and the message you sent with the words you chose. You decided to not correct your own ambiguous statement.

            You were not “trolling back” as you were the troll to begin with. I asked you no less than 10 times to explain how the article was about children’s safety while you refused to answer with anything other than idiotic statements. That is undeniable and if you choose to ignore that fact then at this point there is clearly no hope for you ever seeing things in a rational way.

            As I had stated already long ago, I didn’t even care after a certain point as I was bored and figured I would see just how ridiculous you would get. I did this while addressing your previous statements or requesting yet again that you address your original assertion. You failed to address anything I said in nearly every post.

            You may try to come back now and make some claim of trying to teach me a lesson, but you won’t fool me and I am certain the people you consider to be the “stupid crowd” will see right through your ridiculous claim as well.

            I see things much differently. The “insults” I have slung have been right on the mark. They were topical to your conduct or at minimum a valid assessment used as bait to hopefully get you to hang yourself more (far different than trolling).

            I succeeded in that respect, as I kept you engaged and making a fool out of yourself, and finally got you to actually get back on topic where I then clearly illustrated that you were absolutely incorrect in your assertion that you gave. You fired the first shot and I responded in kind. I have justification while you do not. That is the difference between right and wrong.

            There is no logic in your claim we were both wrong for misunderstanding what you said. You were unclear and ambiguous at best, and I was extremely clear as to my understanding of what you said. You chose to not clarify the confusion that you set in place. That is on you and cannot be put on me for not reading your mind.

            I can move past all of that and let things go, but I simply will not stand by and allow you to make a claim such as what you did in your previous comment, as your assessment is merely a sidestepping of the responsibility that you should be taking for the way this situation unfolded.

          • ipaxton

            Unclear as you may have thought it was it seems some people thought it was clear enough. End the end I tried to be nice, Let bygones be bygones. But it seems that won’t be enough seems you’re stubbern as I am. That’s ok because I see the fool you really are. I take no responsibility for my actions which were intended to make you stop your foolishness. I made my point, later explained it and it was backed up by another poster. Yet you go on, You simply can’t drop it can you? You have to have that last pop on a insult. What did i say? Which I’m going to take my own words “If someone can’t be rashional, walk away” I’m walking away and you should do the same. As i said before the The last word isn’t always the right word. Take the opportunity I’m giving you and walk away. I won’t be commenting back as right now I feel you can’t be a rashional person and accept that this stupid conversation is done.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            I quote, “Well first of all, the article has nothing to do with the possibility of psychos kidnapping children, so your hypothetical scenario is about as relevant as if I started talking about elephants at the circus.”

            My first statement in response to your first statement where you told me to grow the f*ck up.

            Your response, “Well actually it has alot to do with psychos. People don’t think about the things they put on social media. Second of all just because you were offended because all your pictures are those of what the writer posted about doesn’t make it a insult.”

            By all means, tell me how that can be taken as anything besides you claiming the article was about children safety. Let me guess, I am trolling you by posting your exact words that you claim I am at fault for “misunderstanding” right?

            So tell me how it is that I am at fault again? I really want to hear how you can explain that away and make the claim that I am not rational…

          • tron

            ya like who? you you and……..You LOL

          • tron

            i agree you got beat into a corner lol woke up then came back for more its fun watching this guy totally blow holes through you LOL

          • Cara

            Dude, are you really NOT understanding what he is saying? Because one of two things is going on here.

            1. You are failing to comprehend what M3AT has clearly laid out for you in at least 10 different instances while in the same breath labeling yourself part of the “smart crowd” and him the “stupid crowd”.


            2. You very much get what he’s been saying and you’re pretending you don’t understand just to keep this ridiculous charade going which makes you THE DEFINITION of an internet troll which is another label you’ve slapped on your friend here.

            Pick one.

          • in all seriousness

            take your meds meathead

            i subscribed to your account before you locked it; I can pretty much tell when you’re having an episode

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Perhaps you would like to add something to this conversation? That is right; you come after me in a totally random place, to make a ridiculous statement because I offended you somewhere, sometime, for what I can only assume is a very good reason.

            “people with no direction always circle back to the biggest icon they can think of”

            This is your classic defense statement I recognized while searching for where we may have crossed paths. Think of how hypocritical that statement is, then imagine me ripping on that for about 3 days. Then go f*ck yourself.

            I don’t have time to put up with people that can’t have a reasonable conversation, nor time to deal with someone that hunts me down to tell me to take my meds as if they truly believe they are the one that is capable of making that judgment.

            Either refute my statements, or come meet me in person, but don’t be the weak person you are by being an internet stalker. If you have been offended that much, come deal with it in person like a man. I would enjoy that.

          • in all seriousness

            do you not understand how your disqus account works? LOL you’re still adorable

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Nothing in what I just said to you addresses my level of understanding in relation to my Disqus account.

            I was addressing the fact that you make a claim that I need to take medication when you are the one that stalked me over to this subject because I showed you to be a fool somewhere else on an unrelated topic.

            I also addressed that your classic rebuttal to people, which I only noticed due to the visual pattern established by you making that statement in your posts frequently, is a hypocritically asinine thing to say when it establishes the same level of incompetence and inability to present an argument that has merit as the statement is intended to show to other readers.

            So what was it that I did to make you stalk me? I wasn’t even able to find where it was that I came across you before and you sure as hell didn’t make enough impact on me for me to remember you.

            You should try reading comprehension too by the way. Making what is supposed to be a condescending and inflammatory statement such as your previous response only highlights how incompetent you are when it is based on your own inability to understand the English language.

          • in all seriousness

            i like to imagine what kind of person would write like you write

            in my imagination, you’re about fifteen. you don’t have a lot of friends. you spend a lot of time on your computer. you have a deep need to prove yourself right. you are often alone.

            btw, it’s not stalking–I just follow you on disqus. that’s how it works. all your comments are fed into my account. welcome to social media

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            The only thing you said that was even remotely close to factual is I spend a lot of time on the computer. People tend to do that when they are software engineers.

            As for your idiotic statement, once again in an attempt to be condescending, my reference to you stalking is based on you coming to this topic simply to harass me. Welcome to the opening in my new course, Logic For Adults With the Logic of Kindergartners.

            Anything useful to say? Thought not. Care to answer the question I asked about where it was I offended you at? Thought not.

            Enjoy life on the bottom rung. You couldn’t debate your way out of a paper bag before and you clearly are unable to do so now.

          • in all seriousness

            LOL I’m not interested in debating someone with the social skills of a turtle.

            But I do like to poke the turtles with the idiot stick.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            At most I can be called an idiot for responding to you, but regardless of what you attempt to say you are still the one that is so childish that they run around with the pure intent to harass an individual they have deemed an enemy that doesn’t even remember them to begin with.

            Learn to let it go. I made a fool of you before. Nobody here knew that until you decided to act like a 5 year old and harass me.

            I am not sure what logic in your head tells you that you are “winning” by forcing people to lock down their accounts to avoid you, but rest assured that they are not avoiding you for your intellect.

            Luckily, I won’t have to deal with the likes of you again. Now go find one of the other people you harass to fool yourself into believing you are important in some way, because anything I say or do that you think reflects upon me negatively neither matters to me, nor outweighs how it reflects upon yourself, which is clear is very important to you or you wouldn’t have started harassing me for no reason in the first place.

          • in all seriousness

            LOL, yeah, I can tell that it doesn’t matter to you at all because your responses are so short

            your many words cannot obscure your many faults, and only highlights them

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            If you think that the amount a person writes reflects how much they care then so be it. Your lack of intelligence does not make your idiotic notions stronger, but highlights that you are incapable of being an adult in the least.

            I still don’t even remember where it was that we crossed paths. Care to share that? No? Must be because you are the one that cares, otherwise you wouldn’t be scared of pointing out my “many faults” via proof outside of your own words of “many faults” and nothing more.

            Oh darn. I guess I used too many words here in this response. Sure must be proof that I care what the stalker has to say to me when hunting me down to harass me after being made a fool of elsewhere.

            Ask yourself why anything you would say would carry even the slightest emotion you think you are getting from me. Then when you come to your answer, realize that nothing you think is the answer is correct. I simply answer because I am bored and I hope to at some point illicit some sort of response that shows you to be more than the brain dead fool I believe you to be.

          • in all seriousness

            i believe we crossed paths on cnn. you were arguing about the obamacare website. we talked for hours. i thought you were hilarious so I followed you and then for some reason you locked your account (maybe because I told you that your disqus account was open and that i could see all your hilarious posts. good to see it’s still locked. safer)

            you spend a lot of time in your posts talking about the subpar level of intelligence exhibited by everyone else, and that suggests a deep insecurity. plus sometimes you say really dumb shortsighted things, and then spend hours trying to backpedal instead of owning it. that’s gotta be your biggest flaw, a tedious inability to self-correct. plus turtle-level social skills

            i won’t lie, part of me is rooting for you most of the time, but try to become more efficient with your words. don’t assert your superiority–demonstrate it. you’ve got decent writing skills, and a better vocabulary than most high schoolers, but be more selective with you say instead of desperately hurling everything you’ve got

            good luck. still looking out for you.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Ah yes. Obamacare website. You were the one that argued that it was a minor glitch. Seems every bit of advice you just gave is a reflection of your actions there. I didn’t backpedal when I corrected you. I gave you evidence you were incorrect, caught you in multiple lies where you intentionally left out the facts, and fielded every statement you made with intelligence and requests that you defend your position instead of misquoting me in your insults.

            I also believe you responded negatively, with insults, when someone corrected a secondhand number I had received which I immediately owned as a possibly flawed number and requested a link from the individual so I could check my facts and confirm his.

            That doesn’t fit the picture you paint in the least. Perhaps you should reflect on your own social skills. Aside from your harassment of me, in the last 5 days you have not made a single non-derogatory statement in your large amount of posts. Every single one of your responses is quite concise and contains 2 elements while lacking a very important element. Your statements all have an insult directed at the previous poster, or you have some mindless one-liner aimed at the tea party.

            Every last one of them lacks substance though. No facts. No counter arguments. No advancement of the topic. Pure, lowest denominator, mindless dreck that every unoriginal and unintelligent antagonist spews on a daily basis.

            Did I address your intelligence while implying my own is clearly superior to yourself there? Well of course I did. What have you done to give me, or anyone else for that matter, the impression that notion is false?

            The answer simply is you have done nothing. You try to “give advice” about choosing words and how I don’t do it well. I dare say your opinion on the matter is inconsequential in the least. I don’t require proof to take something into consideration; all I require is for something to be logically plausible.

            Nothing you have said gives the impression of anything deeper rattling in your brain, and none of the statements display an affinity for choosing words in a unique way worthy of being the basis of an example for others to follow.

            Let me guess; now I am desperately hurling everything I have right? Funny enough, by definition that would mean I couldn’t come back and deliver more, yet I do. Not to mention this is only a fraction of, in your “selective” words that are “efficient”, “everything you’ve got”. Nothing efficient about terrible grammar and an entirely unnecessary word in your sentence right?

            Anyway, you enjoy believing the lies you have built to support your glass house. Those lies make you act out without any thoughts of the consequences that your actions may carry which eventually means trouble. Just be prepared for the day the pendulum swings.

          • in all seriousness

            you are so awesome
            don’t ever change

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            And you are a piece of shit who should change. I will keep my end of this bargain, but I doubt you will be able to be anything more than an incompetent ass that has fooled himself into thinking others find him to be intelligent and witty.

            Your responses prove my point every single time, so thanks for that there genius. Any other “effective” words you wish to use? You may want to look up what effective actually means before responding.

          • in all seriousness

            surely thou art the people, and wisdom shall die with you.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            And there you go trying to show how efficient you are with words, when the reality is you just plagiarized the bible. Yet another bit of proof of your incompetence, as anyone with the slightest intelligence knows to cite the source of quoted text and not pass it off as their own.

            Naturally your next remark will be something idiotic instead of refuting that your plagiarism proves you are incompetent, but that is because you are just so efficient with words right?

            I think it is pretty clear it is because you are incapable of anything more than off topic one-liners spoon fed to you by your favorite media source or plagiarized comments.

            Care to debate any of that? If not then don’t even respond as nobody wants to bored by your mindless dreck, least of all myself.

          • in all seriousness

            ROFL do you not understand the difference between plagiarism and quoting?

            you could’ve replied to the charge of overbearing confidence and shortsightedness (which, BTW, is what the verse means))

            but instead you preened when you were (eventually) able to identify what I wrote as a famous biblical quote,

            which was frankly more than I expected from you, (even though I adopted the King James English to help you out). thank god you have google huh?

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            You might actually have merit to your challenge of my understanding of quoting versus plagiarism if you had actually listed the quote properly. The way it is written is not how you quote something.

            You also have absolutely no room to chastise me for not addressing the intended meaning, as I have given you something to respond to with every post I have made, and you have chosen to respond like an idiot instead of addressing any points I have made or “charges” as you just called it.

            As for “eventually being able” to identify your statement. 10 seconds. All it took. Perhaps it takes you large amounts of time to copy/paste into a Google search, but it was more than evident the words you used were not yours and thus it required the most rudimentary of skills to once again show you to be a fool.

            How about we test how much of a hypocrite you are? You issued the “charge” that I don’t address the point of your messages. I just did, as I always do, in exception of your previously idiotic statement that required no response as my “overbearing confidence” in relation to you is based on your inability to challenge my confidence in the slightest, but I have a counter-“charge” for you to address.

            If you think the way you made your “quote” is the correct way to do so, and as such makes it so calling your “quote” plagiarism is incorrect, list at least 1 accepted scholastic grammar method which allows you to quote in the way you did, or at minimum, explain how your procedure for quoting, without any of your own words used and without the quote being referenced as such, is correct while I am wrong.

            My bet is that you will not address my “charge”, nor go back to the 50+ “charges” you have refused to address prior to the statement in question, as you are nothing more than an incompetent liar who has also been proven to be an absolute hypocrite as well. (BTW: this last statement is yet another thing you can address, but as with all your other responses I suspect you won’t address it with some ridiculous justification that fools only yourself.)

          • in all seriousness

            what charge do you think I haven’t responded to? i am curious as to how bad your reading comprehension is

            btw, the bible is public domain and common knowledge; rules for scholastic citation are therefore very different

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            And you fail. You haven’t responded refuting any of my statements, let alone refuting them with any sort of legitimacy. Once again you proved me 100% correct. If you don’t see that then I guess you are the one that clearly has a need for taking meds as you are delusional to say the least.

            I quote, “you are so awesome don’t ever change.”

            That is your response to my comment that had no less than 10 different statements that could have been directly addressed. Once again, you fail.

            You are one of the most laughable individuals I have met, but frankly you are boring. You have no skills in debate, nor any skills in identifying reality in comparison to your fantasy world.

            Hey look! More “charges” for you to ignore while somehow having the belief you addressed them!

            I recommend you walk away while you can, because I grow weary of your incompetence and find myself to be less willing to hold back from introducing you to my true nature that you have failed to identify in your fantasy world where you think you are poking a turtle with an idiot stick.

          • in all seriousness

            Me: What charge would you like me to respond to?
            You: Victory is mine!

            …… Clearly you have trouble conducting actual conversations, and prefer to reach non sequitur conclusions on your own power.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Yet another idiotic statement rooted in delusion. You challenged my reading comprehension, but then state your comprehension of my words as “Victory is mine!”

            I have fully described the logic behind my conclusions, which all derive directly from your own actions. You have not shown a single set of logic to be non sequitur and your improper use of the latin term shows you have the inability to make any sort of legitimate arguments.

            Where is it that you think you have shown anything besides incompetence? Care to address that? Once again you won’t, but will try to make the absurd claim that I am the one that doesn’t address your statements.

            Until you actually address the statements I make in a legitimate way, you will continue to be beneath me in intellect and you will continue to fail at proving anything I say is incorrect. Currently, you have confirmed every bit of logic that you proclaim is non sequitur, but as you have a lack of understanding what that term actually means you will continue to prove me right with every statement you make.

            I find it extremely sad that you have lied to yourself to the point of clear delusion. I guess pathetic is actually the better word to use. I find your mentality and delusional thinking pathetic.

          • in all seriousness

            I’ll try this one more time: which statement would you like me to address? normally, rhetorical questions (especially those you yourself ask and then answer) require no reply, so clarify which ‘charge’ you think needs to be addressed.

            you poor lonely lonely person

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            And your response is indicative of your entire mentality. You ignore responding to anything in a legitimate way and then expect me to hold your hand and walk you through every bit that you have ignored so if I don’t, you can make your ridiculous claims that you proved some sort of point.

            I am not going to waste my time stating that which I already have because you refuse to go back and actually address any of the points I have made.

            If you say I have no reading comprehension, is that a question or a rhetorical question/statement? The answer is that while you have expressed an opinion in the form of a statement, I can present a counter-argument using valid points to disprove your assertion.

            Every statement I have made, to include this one, has plenty in which you can directly address with a counter-argument. You lack the ability to do so.

            Let’s take that last sentence as an example. I am making the assertion you lack the ability to respond in a manner that would disprove what I have said. That is directly addressable by yourself. Failure to see that shows your level of incompetence in relation to conversations or debates, which again is an addressable statement.

            Now you have a few choices. Address the statements I just made, address the statements I just made plus some of my previous statements, or proclaim yet again that I have said nothing you can respond to which yet again entirely proves my statements. (Once again the last statement is something you could address as well, but will most likely choose not to based on the strong logic supported conclusions derived by your previous actions.)

          • in all seriousness

            is that a question or a rhetorical question/statement?

            it was a statement of obvious fact. for future reference, rhetorical questions are generally still followed with a question mark, whereas a “rhetorical statement” does not mean what you think it means–all statements are rhetorical. do we really need to revisit the full definition of rhetoric again?

            Address the statements I just made,


            in a debate a “charge” is a focused accusation against the other person, and not just a vague point buried in a litany of pedestrian insults. it seems as if all you really want is for me to go on the defensive, as if i have been paying careful attention to the long paragraphs in which you rant against my shortcomings

            i’m more comfortable simply letting the people who read our exchanges make their own decisions about who is smart and who is dumb, who is a jerk and who is a moron (let’s be honest: I’m a jerk for picking on a moron, and a moron for wasting my time with a jerk). actions speak louder than words. hence, I have encouraged you to pursue an economy of words. it will improve your victory-loss ratio

            best of luck

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Seeing as you came here with the pure intent of harassing me, that pretty much says who the jerk is.

            As for your clarification on “rhetoric”, I was posing the question based off of your definition given of my previous statements as rhetorical questions, which I was stating was a false claim. I never once said that my statement was actually a rhetorical question or statement, and was asking a question of you to define my statement using the classification you previously used.

            Once again you change your language and use of terminology after I challenge your use of said terminology in an attempt to spin your previous words into my own while you backpedal from the truth. Just like when you used half the definition of the word “glitch”, presenting that half as support for your argument, while excluding the exact portion of the definition that proved my assertion. I called you out on it then, just as I have been calling you out on all of your other bullshit here.

            You claim I am the one to issue the insults, when in reality I am simply using logic backed statements to turn your insults around. If you read again, you will notice that you open the door for every insult by slinging it at me, and I then show how the insult applies to you instead.

            As for you thinking you addressed my statements, I pointed out multiple other statements you could address in that post, at the time of making it. You chose to address only a single statement of which you either didn’t comprehend, or made the conscious decision to present your response in a condescending manner based on what you knew was a false representation of the intent. As you will claim you are a super genius that can understand more than myself, your twisting of the truth just shows you to be the jerk you tried to claim I am.

            Regardless, I am glad you will no longer waste my time, as nothing you have said can be viewed as truthful or intelligent and it gets boring not being challenged by someone that has fooled themselves into thinking they are witty. As I said before, you are delusional if you think that you have done anything more than make a fool of yourself. Could my insults aimed at you be considered to fall along the same lines?

            They sure could, except my insults were carefully designed to disprove your previous insults aimed at me, while giving you plenty of room to show just how ignorant a person can be. Well done on that. For you I guess ignorance really is bliss.

            I would wish you the best of luck too, but frankly I see you for the trash you are, and I only wish for you to learn the hard lesson that is coming to you eventually. Once you learn that lesson, I could then wish you luck on turning the leaf I am sure you would recognize is a necessity if you ever intend to be anything more than a detriment to society.

          • in all seriousness

            it’s like you’re not even paying attention.

            what kind of life do you have, where this is your only way to vent? what happened to you? war trauma? failed relationships? or are you just really messed up and off your meds again?

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            For all of your big talk you sure don’t actually live up to anything you say. You didn’t address a single statement I made.

            You seem to be the one with the problem. I am telling you simple facts about your conduct and the conclusions that people make. You on the other hand have weak insults you think are witty because you have the intellect of a five year old with the maturity level of the same age.

            What happened to you to make you think that it is enjoyable to harass someone you claim you believe is “off their meds”? You think you are somehow more than an idiot because you come on the internet to intentionally try to push people over the line of sanity based on your inept profiling of their mental state?

            You are laughably pathetic and will never be anything more than that. I get to sit here and laugh at you, while you have to live with that the rest of your miserable life.

            You do have the power to change your own behavior, but as a symptom of your delusions you see it to be perfectly acceptable to bully those that you feel are mentally unstable, which anyone with any intelligence knows is either extremely dangerous, or carries the potential to cause someone to take their own life. Yet that is “funny” to you.

            I have news for you buddy, you picked the wrong target, because unlike most people out there, when I get sick of you I will undoubtedly make you wish you had never made the choice to be a piece of shit. At this point I almost see it as irresponsible for me to not take action, as there are others out there that you legitimately could push over the edge, and regardless of what you believe to be true, you don’t have that right. Not in this life, nor your next.

          • in all seriousness

            I notice that you didn’t answer any of my questions. I have passed the point of idle interest and have real concerns that you might be coming unglued for real. It is my sincere hope that you have a support system in place, and that you are comfortable asking people you trust for help. If you don’t, consider finding a doctor or professional. You seem intelligent but exhibit problematic behaviors that otherwise hamper your social interactions–if I googled you, what kind of digital trail would I find? (I already know.)

            The reason this conversation started is because I contacted you when you started showing real signs of aggressive, delusional, grandiose behavior in your internet chat. You are so engaging that I couldn’t resist the typical banter, but please take your health seriously.

            Best of luck.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            So I might be coming unglued because I didn’t answer what amount to very personal questions asked by an absolute piece of shit on the internet? Do you even realize how stupid every comment you make sounds?

            What problematic behaviors is it that I am showing there guy? Oh that is right, I haven’t taken your shit since the first moment you showed yourself to be an idiot, so that must logically mean I have mental issues right? Once again, do you even realize how stupid you sound.

            Go ahead and google me. What could you possibly find that I would be worried about? Nothing. I am an upstanding citizen, that goes out of my way to help others, and have nothing to hide. In fact, YOU are the only reason my profile is private. You are so immature that you run around harassing people, with the pure intent to cause them harm beyond the brain cells they naturally lose by having to deal with you.

            So come on there Mr. Psychologist. What “problematic” behavior is it that you think you see? I guarantee you won’t address that direct question. The only reason you might is so you can act as if responding to 1 question means you didn’t just act like an ass, ignoring every last question or statement, simply because you lack the capacity to actually say anything of meaning.

            You didn’t contact me because of any of the bullshit you listed. Contacting me would be coming onto this thread and asking if I am alright, whereas you came in saying I am off my meds and then used the ultra-original insulting representation of my name. If you weren’t smart enough to know what my name means to begin with, it is absolutely asinine to change it to some other ridiculous word as the name is already a joke to begin with.

            List 1 thing that I have said that is delusional. Not some bullshit lie you make up, but a legitimate statement I really made, in the context in which it was made. You can’t and won’t.

            List 1 “grandiose behavior” coming from me. Not that you even have the slightest sense as to what that even means, but you can’t and you won’t, as there is nothing “grandiose” found in any semblance of the word based on even the slightest rational interpretation of the definition.

            Aggressive, perhaps, dependent upon your view. I have aggressively pursued showing you to be a liar and a fool. To be incompetent and incapable. To be delusional to the point you make claims of statements you never made while insisting I have said things that I never wrote. So yes, aggressive in proving you have nothing to offer the world.

            If you are implying aggressive in a violent way, believe me that you would never even see violent aggression from me coming. That isn’t “grandiose” as you would try to claim, just a simple fact based on one of the many skill sets I possess, and you were the one to bring it up.

            I would advise you to be the one that takes their health seriously, as you clearly don’t at this time. Either you truly believe me to be unhinged, which makes you the biggest idiot in the world for continuing to try to “push me over the edge”, or you are full of shit and have the full understanding that it is yourself that is in need of the help.

            Either way, your actions here will eventually bite you in the ass. Then again that bite might be more like a stab in the throat, but who am I to say what form of violence will result in your demise should you continue to make your attempts to push people over the edge. Inevitably you will cross the wrong person and I am 100% certain you don’t have the skills to prevent the violence they perpetrate upon you.

            As I stated before, I look forward to that day when you learn your lesson. Unfortunately I doubt that lesson will be something you can apply afterwards to your future actions.

          • in all seriousness

            What “problematic” behavior is it that you think you see?

            “The reason this conversation started is because I contacted you when you started showing real signs of aggressive, delusional, grandiose behavior in your internet chat.”

            please continue to tell me what kind of violent death you like to imagine for me while simultaneously claiming to be totally stable and an upstanding citizen

            and take your meds

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Speaking facts about the results of a person’s actions is not imagining a violent death you would like them to see. Those are your words, and just further the proof that you are either incompetent or delusional yourself, dependent upon an inability to understand or a true belief. You will have to choose one.

            If you are not aware of events such as Columbine, Aurora Theater Shooting, or any other number of mass shooting events, and the triggers identified as the motives, then you should do some reading. Pushing unstable people is a very dangerous thing, because they don’t push back, they kill you. That is fact, and not any twisting you do can change that.

            So congratulations on not addressing what I said, twisting what I said into some ridiculous statement I never made, and making the clear choice to ignore the dangers you put yourself in when conducting yourself in this manner. I do look forward to you learning your lesson, but as also stated, that lesson I am sure will come at too high a price for you to be able to apply the lesson moving forward.

            Also, if you hadn’t noticed, you can repeat I should “take my meds” as much as you would like, but even if I had meds to take you are more than insignificant to me and thus I wouldn’t listen to anything you have to say on the matter anyhow. Eventually you will crawl back into your cave, or better known as your mother’s basement, to find another target and I will once again forget of your existence, while you brood and wish you could come harass me more to get your revenge for proving you are nothing more than an incompetent liar.

            As a parting gift, I will say that your entire brain is glitched. There is the possibility for it to be fixed, thus using the word glitch would be appropriate, whereas your previous usage which spurned all this hate you have for me was not correct, and that was irrefutably proven.

          • in all seriousness

            Well, thank you for at least leaving the door open for my potential improvement. I would like to leave you with one last thought, though I expect you would prefer to have the last word (have at it):

            “How long, O simple ones, will you love being simple?
            How long will scoffers delight in their scoffing
            and fools hate knowledge?
            Give heed to my reproof;
            I will pour out my thoughts to you,
            I will make my words known to you.
            Because I have called and you refused,
            have stretched out my hand and no one heeded,
            and because you have ignored all my counsel,
            and would have none of my reproof,
            I also will laugh at your calamity;
            I will mock when panic strikes you,
            when panic strikes you like a storm,
            and your calamity comes like a whirlwind,
            when distress and anguish come upon you.”

            PROVERBS 1.22-27 <– that's a biblical quote. just so you know.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Well if you are going to quote something in an acceptable way, yet make a snarky remark implying that me calling you on not properly citing your previous quote, I will definitely respond. It is about time you recognize that I am right and admit it openly as you just have.

            Now you will respond with I am delusional or some nonsense because I said you acknowledged I am right, but tell me how you actually process your actions. I call you out on your blatant disregard for proper quoting, which you turn around and try to claim signifies a lack of intelligence that I show, but then you at least get close to an acceptable method. Sounds like I was right and you actually took my advice to me.

            Putting “PROVERBS 1.22-27″ after putting the text quoted, signifies it is a quote there genius, so you have no base to your snarky comment other than to illustrate all of the negatives of your personality I have pointed out, without you refuting those assertions in the least.

            As for the quote itself, it is actually quite funny. It says all that you want to say to me, and all that I have already said to you, but once again illustrates you lack the capacity to actually write anything of substance that is an original thought. Better luck next time.

            All jokes aside, do you really think that ANYONE would ever “heed your advice”? What is it that you bring to the table that would make anyone think your advice is worth contemplating? My answer to those questions is you bring nothing to the table, nor believe that anyone heeds your advice, hence why you are so offended that I have laughed at your uneducated psychological profiling of me.

            Should you disagree that your profiling is uneducated then all I ask is you prove why it is not. Give me the clinical term for the personality I most exude, and if correct I won’t even debate the subject of whether or not I truly am a person of that classification or just really good at giving that false impression.

          • in all seriousness

            Give me the clinical term for the personality I most exude

            you exude histrionic narcissism and borderline dissociative disorder, but I wouldn’t rule out autism or bipolar I or II, or some kind of trauma-associated PTSD. without more information a clinical diagnosis is impossible, but you probably already know what the doctors think

            its interesting to me that I offered you the last word and your decision was to keep the conversation going. are you seeking an outlet for your venom?

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Nice job naming every disorder that is even remotely plausible based on using any number of partial statements to support the theory. Anyone can look up common disorders in the DSM IV/V and list them off.

            While you would quite possibly have a point about me keeping the conversation going, I think you coming back and responding is what really shines here. The fact that you don’t see your actions as reflections of your own psyche and attempt to associate your actions as mine also speaks volumes.

            I didn’t twist your arm to make you respond. That was something you did of your own free will. Granted, I set the perfect groundwork to compel you to respond, so I can’t blame you for reacting exactly as I knew you would.

            The difference between us is that for all of your talk, you prove nothing, while at every step I show you with undeniable proof that I will back up every last word I write.

            Notice also that you came at me with pure disorders. I could have been referring to personality type and not personality disorders, but I knew you just couldn’t resist a chance to shout to whomever may be listening (nobody btw) that you are smart because you can list off personality disorders which you assume offends me.

            It never occurs for an instant in your mind that blurting out 6 of the top 10 well known disorders instead of just the single classification requested would make you look foolish, because you are blinded by the rage that you insist is mine.

            You are categorically wrong with every diagnosis you listed for more reasons than are worth listing, but the highlights are autism and bipolar disorder which I have not displayed even the remotest symptoms of. I am quite balanced in my perspective, with varying levels of focus, but not a discernible difference in overall mood.

            Your reading comprehension and exaggerated interpretations of my words are not traits I display as you have tricked yourself into thinking. You implying I have aggressive traits and me listing facts associated to that is not a change in my demeanor, as an example, just because you make the wild claim that I am imagining your violent end when I point out that your intentional and overt attempts to push someone over the edge will someday result in violence against you.

            All that aside, take a long look at your own words.

            I quote, “its interesting to me that I offered you the last word and your decision was to keep the conversation going.”

            How does your decision to give me the last word, which you quickly reversed, in any way bring you to the conclusion that I am somehow bound to join you in your decision? It doesn’t, but somehow you clearly believe it does.

            These are psychological traits to pay attention to. Not whatever you believe are the traits that I exhibit which lead you to a shotgun blast of 6 different possible disorders that you can say just about any human may have. Every one of the disorders you listed could easily be turned around and aimed right back at you, but I won’t do that. The reason?

            The reason is because I know the truth. The truth simply is that you are an asshole. There doesn’t need to be some psychological disorder to blame. You are an asshole and you choose to be such.

            While I have stated I believe you to be delusional, I also believe that most likely what appears to be delusion is actually, once again, just you being an asshole.

            In the end, just know that the disorders you listed are all off the mark significantly. Had you made the claim purely that I was a sociopath I would have let you slide, because to be blunt, I am a creature of instinct who is capable of the scary parts of being a sociopath in the event that the lives of those I have dedicated myself to are in peril.

            That being said, there is nothing I have done here that would indicate I am a sociopath, nor is there a single medical professional that would ever label me as such due to my ability to love my mother, my extreme honesty even when I could easily lie, and the ability to apologize for wrongdoings.

            So in reality, the only thing you said in your previous statement, where you had your chance to prove how intelligent you really are by not responding or by simply stating I have a Type A Personality, was that there was no way for you to make any assertion as to anything other than the generic personality type often referred to as being an alpha male.

            And now I am truly bored, as I was hoping to get at least a little bit of a challenge from you, but I can see clearly now that my baited insults seemed to be more accurate than I had realized, and all the opportunities in the world for you to prove otherwise will reap the same results.

          • in all seriousness

            you remind me of a somewhat dumber me, so i have given you advice i hope you will eventually process

            i haven’t been bored at all; i have been immensely entertained. please continue to post.

            i hope we meet again

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            You can make that claim until the day you die, but until you show that through this discussion you are nothing more than inflating your own ego based on self-proclamation which is always rooted in delusion.

            If you read that I accept your conclusion that all are plausible as recognition of some sort of insight read it again. I also said that you can apply the assumed reasoning you have to just about any person including yourself.

            Once again you are boring, and if we are using classifications of mental disorder, present clear narcissistic behavior shown in your self adulation that nobody else would support.

            If we meet again just leave me alone. You have nothing of value to say and I definitely will not be as pleasant should you pull your shit again.

            I have given you advice as well. Are you going to process it? Nope. My statements were backed by extreme logic you didn’t refute, and you didn’t support your assertions in the least. What makes you think, once again that anyone would consider your advice on anything when all you show of yourself is the propensity to be an asshole and the inability to give advice rooted in reality?

            Heaven forbid you actually address the questions I pose to you. A question posed with my opinion stated doesn’t negate the question, but regardless of the question posed, or the manner in which it is, you will avoid showing intelligence at all costs as if you actually apply yourself and I still show you to be wrong that would just crush your world.

            You remind me of someone I used to know. He is no longer with us once the weight of his actions became too much to bear. I see you headed down that same road based not only on this conversation, but EVERY single one of the conversations I perused in your profile.

            Ever go back and read your statements by bringing up the list from clicking your name? It is just inept statement after inept statement, with you claiming how smart you are, how stupid others are, insulting them, and NEVER actually saying anything of substance.

            Take a look and read it as if you were reading someone’s page other than your own and tell me you truly believe you illustrate the remotest level of intelligence over just being an asshole. I am sure you won’t, but I don’t need you to accept you are an asshole to know it is an absolute and irrefutable fact.

          • tron

            agh really low.

          • in all seriousness

            LOL creating a second account is really low. 81 comments. 0 upvotes. gee I wonder when you came online

          • tron

            lol you took me seriously…… fool.

          • in all seriousness

            lol 2 days ago you were “tron”
            then I called you a secondary account
            now you’re “guest”

            hey, I wasn’t joking, you should probably get some professional help. you don’t want to be miserable for the rest of your life.

          • tron


          • Cara

            Please show us, actually copy and paste your comment, where you “backed up and confirmed” that the author’s intent was to warn against the dangers of child predators.

          • dragon5126

            Reposted for those who have not read the entire thread:

            Fact per the FBI, and the center for Exploited children, 97% of all abducted, assaulted or murdered children are victims of people they know, have come in contact with or have caught the eye of their assailant, who then makes themselves known to the child and/or their parents. Fun and games time is over. It is now time to move back into reality. You are arguing against hard core crime statistics, Something I deal with every single day. I face the parents of these children, and all too often have to tell them that we have no news for them, and its because they were too ignorant to keep their child safe.
            So can your ignorance and grow up. The facts speak loud and clear on this, NEVER post any public photos of any little children, EVER, send them ONLY to close family members, and ONLY in private messaging with STRICT instructions not to share or repost, with precise reasons why…

            And unknot your panties and grow up

          • ipaxton

            I say no more :)

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Fun fact: You reposted something that has nothing to do with the conversation. The debate here isn’t about those statistics, but whether that was even remotely in the realm of the author’s message from their “article”.

            That wasn’t their message, so basically you are insulting me based on your lack of reading comprehension. Congratulations on making an ass of yourself via anger towards a statement I never made.

            Perhaps it is you that should grow up and unknot your panties, because I am definitely laughing really hard right now at your expense.

          • dragon5126

            Fact per the FBI, and the center for Exploited children, 97% of all abducted, assaulted or murdered children are victims of people they know, have come in contact with or have caught the eye of their assailant, who then makes themselves known to the child and/or their parents. Fun and games time is over. It is now time to move back into reality. You are arguing against hard core crime statistics, Something I deal with every single day. I face the parents of these children, and all too often have to tell them that we have no news for them, and its because they were too ignorant to keep their child safe.
            So can your ignorance and grow up. The facts speak loud and clear on this, NEVER post any public photos of any little children, EVER, send them ONLY to close family members, and ONLY in private messaging with STRICT instructions not to share or repost, with precise reasons why…

            And unknot your panties and grow up

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Facts per this discussion:

            That was not the point of the article which is all that I had said. Your ignorance is the only thing shining here. It is nice that you deal with “hard core crime statistics” on a daily basis. I too have an education, one of which is a degree in Criminal Justice.

            So now that you posted up statistics from the FBI to prove me wrong, please provide where it is that I denied anything found in those statistics. Perhaps you should take your time, read what I wrote, and then apologize to me for your absurd behavior and insults based on your lack of reading comprehension.

            That or you can keep slinging insults at me for statements I didn’t make. I guess we will find out what type of person you really are in your response. I am betting it is more insults based on statements I didn’t make though.

          • Lakebound
          • dragon5126

            Go ask Nicki how being a lowly writer for Stars & Stripes is the same thing as Military Intelligence… A posing whore who makes up lies and attempts to discredit others then having friends post comments before locking the topic really make her credible… As for no balls, take a look in the mirror, stalker…

          • dragon5126

            By the way Stalking is being kind…
            You seem to have a very unhealthy fixation going on there. Perhaps you are one of those sad individuals who needs deep psychiatric Therapy. After all it simply isn’t healthy, following people around the net just to stroke your own damaged ego,,,or being a poser I’m sure a call to “Stolen Valor” and my friends at S&S will clear that up real quick, wont it?
            Lakebound • a month ago

            He also likes to play with HAM radio as well: Mr. Scott
            A Schoemann is currently using Call Sign: N9TGW.

            Lakebound • a month ago

            You’re a d-bag poser that has been outed as Scott A Schoemann who lives in Cudahy, WI 53110-2302

            You also like to play around with HAM radio too. Isn’t that correct N9TGW?

            Lakebound • a month ago

            You’re most welcome. But, thank you for providing a rather exhaustive body of work on our little man child Scott. You deserve the credit for outing this little poser.

            Lakebound • a month ago

            Hello Scott. You’ve been outed d-bag: http://thelibertyzone.wordpres
            We know who you are now.

            We know who you are now.

            Lakebound • a month ago

            Looks like some of you have been trolled by one of the biggest posers on the net who calls himself “Dragon 5126″. His name is Scott Schoemann and he’s been outed for the poser that he is. Read on folks, he’s the 2013 version of Gecko45: http://thelibertyzone.wordpres

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            From what I can tell, they are not stalking you, but ensuring they can discredit you at every step you take, due to your own actions of falsely posting a photo of someone claiming they were wanted for child sexual offenses.

            By my count, I have seen you claim to have 6 different high level jobs, all clearly lies, while doing nothing more than insulting anyone that doesn’t bow down to your incompetence.

            Seems to me like you need people to put you in your place, which is very near the bottom of the food chain in terms of every aspect of life. You certainly are not honorable or intelligent, which is shown with every comment you make and every challenge of your “facts” that you run from.

          • dragon5126

            If he unclenched that Jumbo sized butt plug up his ass would fall out. so Cut him some slack…

          • ipaxton

            No way he want’s to be the troll of Rantchic which is some off the wall website to begin with. Second he just can’t give up the fact I made a point about how I feel about social media now he’s out to prove me wrong. Nope I say let him troll.

          • Cara

            I randomly stumbled upon this blog an hour ago and after reading it and the comments section, I can’t walk away having gotten this involved and not weigh in on the shit storm between you and TheM3ATSHI3LD.

            To get right to the point that you made, ipaxton: people put their entire lives online and putting photos of children on the internet can be an invitation for predators which should be fairly obvious but to many people it isn’t. What you didn’t do was make this a standalone point when you stated it. You implied that the blogger was also making this point, which she was not. Nowhere in her caption did she condemn the idea of posting photos of children on Facebook for safety reasons. THAT was the counterpoint that TheM3ATSHI3LD was making but you seem to have missed it.

            I tend to mostly agree with TheM3ATSHI3LD’s initial comment and the 123 people who upvoted it. Ms. Kittsmiller’s post (to me) was wrought with bitterness. Assuming her reference point is a News Feed full of people who are her friends, she wrote scathing remarks about the things these people enjoy posting about. Pictures of sunsets, clouds and puppies make her angry? They make most people happy which is why we share them with others. She assumes that a picture of a happy couple is an attempt to fool everyone (including themselves) because underneath, they are really miserable? That tells me that she’s been horribly mistreated and makes me feel very sad for her. But my point is that her cynical worldview is not one that is commonly shared or welcomed. People do not typically want to be around this type of negativity.

            Moving on…if you want to debate a point, you have to make your point clearly and be able to back it up with sound logic and sometimes, solid, factual evidence. Your point about posting pictures of children being dangerous was a good point but it was not one that the author of the blog made (which was TheM3ATSHI3LD’s point in reply to you). Instead, you chose to reply by claiming that he missed your point when in fact, it was the other way around. Then you proceeded to say that he was offended by the post when he already said he was not, by claiming that he was insulted by something that was intended as humor when he had already stated that a) he didn’t find it witty and b) he wasn’t insulted by it, misinterpreting everything he wrote despite the fact that his responses were very clearly constructed but at the same time accusing him of twisting your words around, only being able to support your own point when someone else FINALLY – out of serious obligation – swooped in and posted an FBI statistic for you, and (certainly not last but definitely most far-reaching) calling him a troll and going as far as to copy and paste the definition when you could not even be bothered to support any of your other numerous replies.

            The whole thing was a little tit-for-tat and went both ways but seriously? When you want to cling that passionately to a point you claim you have made, you can’t hang onto the discussion by replying with answers that are basically just ad hominem attacks. There has to be substance. And yes, sorry, but grammar and spelling DO count in a keyboard war when you claim to be part of “the smart crowd” and you are trying to discredit your opponent. So just FYI – when a word begins with a vowel, the appropriate article to use before it is “an”, not “a”.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Actually you stated that was the author’s message and intent. You didn’t state that was your belief only. In fact, you came swinging at me with insults because you claimed the author had a point about the dangers to children when posting pictures of them online.

            That isn’t trolling, it is refuting your clearly incorrect statement that you can’t admit you made, even with the proof directly in your own words.

            You made no point, have refused to act like an adult, and all the while making some claim I am the troll for making legitimate statements that prove you to be wrong.

            There is one word for your behavior. Asinine.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            This coming from the guy that can’t do statistical math. I am still awaiting your apology for your blunder of a comment insulting me over the simple math you messed up.

            124 total votes. 1 vote belonging to ipaxton. 122 votes up. 2 votes down. Making it 1 vote down from others besides ipaxton. That leaves 123 votes altogether.

            1/122 = 0.082%

            Of ipaxton’s 123 peers that voted, less than 1% agreed with him.

            Care to refute that math there buddy? Thought not.

          • tron

            OOP make that136 i guess i should have went with the 3 smart people

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            I am not sure I am following what you were trying to say there. Any chance you could rephrase your statement, or elaborate, as I do like to respond to people, be it positive or negative, with a proper understanding of what they are trying to say.


          • tron

            you had 135 votes at the time adding mine made 136 you proved many points

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            That is what I thought you were saying, but wanted to be sure. Thank you for your comment. I was definitely under the impression I was proving points rather definitively, but as is often the case, those that are unable to admit simple mistakes tend to pretend as if you haven’t made a point at all.

            I am not sure where in their head they are able to view their actions as logic of any sort, but in the end it is evident that they will struggle to ever make any sense in a discussion let alone “win” a debate.

            I really wish I could have a more than 5% chance to find intelligent conversation, but unfortunately it seems like the only people willing to respond are the ones that are totally off the wall, screaming they are right and you are wrong, even though they won’t address anything relevant the entire time.


          • dragon5126

            Hey asswipe, when you go by the number people who vote for you as an indication of the amount of people who agree with you, there is a very real indication that YOU are out of touch with reality. All it means is that some part of your post struck a humorous cord, or even that they think your sarcasm or lack thereof means the exact opposite. But what You did miss is the allusion that the author did make was that the people who post these pics DO put their entire lives on the net. So it is very sad that in your immaturity you missed it. Oh one other thing, go take a remeidial math course by the figures you supplied, it is more than 1% agreeing with ipaxton, it’s just over 1.6 %. And that is just by a quick mental calculation. It must really suck to have your well thought out post torn apart so quickly and easily in one fell swoop. But by the looks of things, you must be used to it.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            You make me laugh. First of all I wasn’t presenting a literal number and I was also referring to the other 123 votes. Less than 1% of the other votes were in agreement with ipaxton and perhaps my statement was ambiguous, but by no means makes your claim I need remedial math remotely valid. In fact, my actual job calls for algebra all day every day, so I am one of the few people that actually ends up using advanced math on a frequent basis.

            I also wasn’t basing my acceptance on the up votes, but based it on the up votes in comparison to the down votes. There is equal opportunity for down votes to occur, thus it is absolutely logical that one would state the sole person speaking against me is in the minority on the subject.

            Whether or not part of the intent of the author was to illustrate those that post the types of pictures highlighted do so with too much of their lives as a whole is beyond the scope of what I was addressing and is definitely not even remotely close to a statement about posting pictures of your kids resulting in psychos kidnapping your children as ipaxton tried to claim.

            I do thank you for insulting me though. It is refreshing to meet yet another person that can’t have a simple discussion without insulting a person, while attempting to insult intelligence, while the entire time being absolutely incorrect about what was written to begin with.

            Feel free to come at me again though, because you at least attempt to make a point, however invalid those points may be. Next time try not to assume as much though, because assumptions will lead to you making an ass of yourself once those assumptions prove to be false and your harsh words fall short of landing the blow you intended.

          • Cara

            I just typed a reply to your opponent up there and I don’t know where it went. I was agreeing with you (mostly) although I don’t know how you have kept going back and forth this long. While he is claiming all along that you have missed his point(s?), he clearly missed yours which was that the author NEVER condemned the idea of people posting photos of their children on Facebook for safety reasons. To be honest, based on the tone of this post, it doesn’t sound like the blogger gives much consideration to other peoples’ children at all.

            Anyway, it’s pretty clear here who has debating skills not to mention a grasp on grammar, spelling, syntax, sentence structure, logic, and reading comprehension. Too bad you’ve been corralled into the “stupid crowd” ;)

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD

            Thanks Cara. I will take ipaxton’s classification of being part of the “stupid crowd” any day over being part of whatever crowd he thinks he is a part of.

            It actually is surprising how long I managed to stay in the conversation, but to be honest, the actions of ipaxton were so humorous to me that I couldn’t help but engaging more. I happened to be working this holiday so I didn’t have family to spend time with and was bored out of my mind.

            Sadly, ipaxton will never realize that the only confusion in this situation was his inability to understand his quite definitive statement defending the assertion the article was aimed at some sort of children’s safety.

            Anyway, thank you for your comment, as it is always nice to have validation that my logic at least makes sense to someone besides myself.

          • tron

            i think those votes are cause he is the master debater lol come on dont call him an asswipe its not nice.

          • f flores

            Seriously, does anyone give their correct name and address in these sites? I mean really. I have 4 accounts , not one has all my correct info.

          • dragon5126

            even the BS in a profile gives a clue as to the the makeup of the person’s personality

          • dragon5126


          • Guest

            Oh look another troll, It’s called a typo jackass.

          • ipaxton

            Typo yes sorry.

          • Alina Skittlet

            I wouldn’t hire someone with poor grammar and writing skills. I question their ability and it also looks bad as a representation of a business. :/

          • Steven

            You’RE probably a waitress.

          • xtina724

            And what are you? I’m trying to figure it out, and I’m torn between professional larper and 12-year-old child.

          • Guest

            Nope, I not a waitress. I have an excellent job and currently applying for graduate programs to obtain my MPA and MPH. Thanks though! :D

          • Guest

            Nope, I am not a waitress. I have an excellent job and am currently applying to graduate programs to obtain my MPA and MPH. Thanks you! What do YOU do for a living? :D You must be a really unhappy person, most negative attacking people are so. Maybe you could go back to school, get a proper education, and you might be happier about your own life.

          • Alina Skittlet

            Nope, I am not a waitress. I have an excellent job and am currently
            applying to graduate programs to obtain my MPA and MPH. Thanks though!
            :D What do YOU do for a living? You must be a really unhappy person,
            most negative attacking people are so. Maybe you could go back to
            school, get a proper education, and possibly be happier about your own

          • Ckrista Mari

            I also agree with this because errors look unprofessional no matter the reason why they were made. A little proofreading can go a long way, but many arrogant writers don’t feel the need to proofread and that is obviously the case here.

          • tron

            ahhh sweet youre hiring?

          • D. Benjamin

            Hallelujah, sir.

          • Chowdahed

            Agree with most of what you said, but, we are all different. We do not all share the same interests. That would be boring. Her thoughts are hers, and while I do not really agree with her, I respect her for sharing her thoughts. I agree to disagree, it is what it is. Have a nice day.

          • tron


          • Mavsynchroid

            It’s called professionalism. Thanks for continuing to lower the standard for the world though, Richard.

          • tron

            oh ho ho…. ho ho didnt know we had to be pros for you wow you must be somebody lol

          • ipaxton

            Nice burn :)

          • tron

            dont want to hear about any nice burns you have….lol
            you should go see a doc.

          • dragon5126

            I have NEVER met anyone named Bridget who had enough common sense to understand much of anything. The last one I knew, refused to take a fifteen dollar an hour job because she would have to pay her mother 50 bucks a week to watch her one year old…

          • tron

            serious now youre gonna start saying all bridgets have no sense. i know where you’re 2 cents are…. definitely not in your cup serious read what you just said. you’re is mo fucked up den me cuz. ha did i do that right

        • JOHN T. FOX


          • Mack Bonham

            Is that the same upgrade that disabled your caps lock key?

          • JOHN T. FOX


          • Tony Pink

            CTRL+Mouse wheel is much better than screaming at everyone because you won’t wear your glasses.

          • Frank

            Ah the internet. Only here will I find people arguing intensely over the appropriate usage of they’re and their ALONG with what classification of error that falls under. It’s just beautiful to see Al Gore’s invention bring people together in ways that really enhance the human condition. Now, who wants to debate the new minimum wage proposition?

          • TeeTime

            Al Gore didn’t invent crap. Do some research fool. Look up Vint Cerf, Tim Berners-Lee and a few others. That’s the real shame here, is that people repeat a hoax without doing their homework.

          • Steven E

            Just a hunch, but that “Al Gore’s invention” crack was probably a joke, judging from the humorous language of the rest of his comment.

          • JOHN T. FOX


          • Ckrista Mari

            Reset to factory settings… sounds like maybe an update messed with your settings. Good luck. I know how frustrating computers can be.

          • JOHN T. FOX


          • Ckrista Mari

            Very witty

          • tron

            agghhhhh ha ha

        • Alina Skittlet


        • Jano

          Oh, who cares … get a life!

        • Steven

          C Word.

          • xtina724

            That’s the second time. Yeah, I’m going with 12-year-old little boy. ;)

        • worst list this year…

          Hay, I cant spel 4 sit butt my mommy says I am smart. You calln my mommy a lier?

          • tron

            lol thats hilarious

        • redhen1919

          Not true. In the 1700s,you could spell words anyway you liked, punctuate anyway you liked, and generally write anyway you liked, but actually it caused problems. With everyone doing his or her own thing, readers were often confused because of the increased publishing of written works. Grammar rules were invented to prevent confusion. It had nothing to do with intelligence. As long as I understand what has been written I don’t worry about grammar. There are a lot of people that have dyslexia and other disorders. There others that have not had access to educational opportunities,i.e., the young man or woman that dropped out in order work to support their family and immigrants. To deny anyone the right to comment, based on their ability to write, is snobbish. English has always been the most difficult language to master.

          • tron

            well put

      • WORDGIRL!

        It’s not so much about those people who use “den” instead of then…it’s more about the fact that they use terms the wrong way. It’s like saying “I’d rather be pissed off THEN pissed on”…you see how it affects the whole sentence? THOSE are the dealbrekers, the THEN’S, TO’S and YOUR’S …stupid thing swallowed up my letters the first time I posted it t-.-

      • xtina724

        On the internet, as in other situations where only the written word represents one’s abilities, presentation is important. Since there is so little on which to initially judge, things like spelling, grammar and syntax take on an importance that might not be reflected in real life. This might be especially true when the writer committing one mistake after another in the usage of what I assume is her native language is mangling that language while bitching about things that irritate her about the presentation of others. (This kind of situation is what makes me so happy that I cannot die of irony poisoning.)

        Would you continue to purchase books written by an author who had a tenuous grasp on language usage? Would you keep a subscription to a blog, magazine or newspaper that contained an average of one error per sentence in everything it published? Would you want to follow the lecture circuit of a speaker who used words which he consistently and obviously failed to correctly define? That doesn’t make one a Nazi. It makes one smart, with reasonable expectations.

        • Steven

          Stop commenting. No one likes you.

          • xtina724

            What’s wrong, sweetie, aren’t there any cartoons on yet where you are? Why don’t you go sit quietly somewhere and color, and let the grown-ups continue their conversation?

          • tron

            ya so they can finish and tina can fire up that 250cc twin turbo vibrator of hers made by husqavarna and have few few seconds of happiness in her life

          • tron


      • TheM3ATSHI3LD

        Actually, if the entire point of a person’s statement is to illustrate that someone displaying an attitude that is teaming with superiority is looking like a fool because their insults are poorly formed, and expose a level of inferiority, then the retort is anything but weak.

        Then their retort would actually be on topic, valid, and irrefutable; as is the case here.

        • GatoCat

          “…attitude that is teaming with superiority… Then their retort would actually be on topic, valid, and irrefutable; as is the case here.”

          That was funny. Did you put “teaming” in there on purpose, or is this a classic case of Muphry’s Law?

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD


            Classic case of Murphy’s Law would be the good bet there, but I also wasn’t actually the one being analytical of the grammar and spelling mistakes. As stated as one of my major points in another comment, typos and/or using the wrong word, is not a fool proof way of determining much of anything about a person.

            We all make mistakes and it is the frequency in which such errors occur that paint the real picture. In this case, the errors showed a pattern of not knowing what was correct. There is also a much higher expectation of correct grammar and spelling when you are reading a published article.

            That expectation is pushed even higher when the author of the article is simply insulting anyone and everyone they possibly can in the harshest way possible within what is socially acceptable of a published work.

            Let’s call it a safe bet that if someone is debating with me, and resorts to insults, when they call me “retarted” and I point out that someone attacking my intelligence with misspelled common words, my response highlighting that blunder is definitely relevant. ;)

          • GatoCat

            Oh, you and I are totally in agreement on those points. I only responded because you called your response “irrefutable” when in fact you misspelled “teeming”. I’m not criticizing, judging or even saying that your comments aren’t relevant. It was just funny, that’s all. And I wasn’t referring to Murphy’s Law. I specifically said “Muphry’s Law”. Google it. I bet you’ll laugh, too.

          • TheM3ATSHI3LD


            Thanks. That made my day. Had never actually heard that before. I noticed the misspelling, but didn’t want to be a jerk and point it out as it was clear you knew what you were saying. Turns out it wasn’t even a typo like I had thought.

            The sentiment of Muphry’s Law is right on the money though. Thanks for making my day!

      • JOHN T. FOX


        • xtina724

          You *are* shouting. Typing in capital letters is the equivalent of yelling your comments. Welcome to the internet.

          • shannon

            Hey xtina for someone who makes a big show about presentation, you using the world “sweetie” and “hun” as passive aggressive remarks is presenting me with the fact that you are pathetic. Unless you’re a grandma talking to your grandchildren you don’t use passive aggressive endearments to make a point. Only assholes do that.

          • xtina724

            Actually, dear, those are colloquial terms one might use when one is speaking to small children. Regardless of whether the reader is a child in the strictly-chronological way, or if it’s because their stuck at an emotional age of nine or so, I don’t think we can go wrong by treating kids kindly. You’re welcome.

          • shannon

            No, it’s a passive aggressive way to make yourself feel “better” and “smarter” than the other individual. You think by using terms like sweetie and honey and dear that we won’t notice you being an asshole. Unfortunately we do. Nothing pisses me off more than someone sitting up on a high horse acting like they’re “helping” others by pointing out their flaws or in your case “being kind” to people you perceive as lesser than you by using terms of endearments.

          • xtina724

            Oh, sweetie, you’re just not very good at this at all, are you? I don’t need to post here to feel better or smarter than you, though doing so certainly offers confirmation of those things. Nor do I give a tiny rat’s ass what you think of me. “Passive-aggressive?” Why on *earth* would one engage in that, especially given the anonymity of this kind of forum? The only thing I feel badly about is that you perceived me as trying to be kind to you, which for the record, could not be further from the truth. I promise to not point out your flaws. I am neither interested enough, nor do I have long enough left to live.

            Maybe you need a new hobby. I hear coloring is relaxing. :::headpat:::

          • garotte14

            I’m sure you care nothing about what I think, or anyone else for that
            matter, but you really don’t come across as a good person. I know my
            opinion means nothing, but it just seems that all you are doing is
            insulting people and trying to make them feel bad about themselves. I’m
            well aware that this is the internet, and you aren’t the only person
            attacking others in comment sections. I just feel like someone with a
            fresh perspective, who you haven’t been arguing with, should let you
            know that you are the one coming across as the child. Belittling others
            is not very “adult like.”

            And before you go off on me, just know that I’m not trying to start anything. Just voicing my opinion of the situation.

          • xtina724

            Yes, I do have a tendency to reply in kind to people who lecture me. As for the rest, I’ll try to live with it.

          • CrystalTiger

            I’m not Steven, I’ll say it. You come across as a real cunt, xtina.

          • tron

            exactley tina are we learning yet teacher

          • tron

            oh sweetie? you perv!

          • tron

            exactley i think smell something fishy tina and its not the left over juice from your husqavarna its DENIAL

          • Contrarian

            Seriously, after all your b*tching about correct grammar you still can’t get “they’re” right? “…or if it’s because their (sic) stuck at…”

          • tron

            DONT THANK US CAUSE YOUR AN ASSHOLE! damn gotta stop shouting

          • tron

            YA PUCKERD ASSHOLES now where are my glasses?

          • tron

            well i think he is VERY SORRY TINA!!!!!

      • Alina Skittlet

        I don’t see any problem with pointing out grammatical errors, but to point it out as a way of attacking a post is silly. I hope my friends will point out of I somehow get the difference between their, there, and they’re. American is becoming dumb. People rely on phones with autocorrect and T-9, spell check, and so forth. If I start using a new word incorrectly I really hope that someone would point it out to me. :)

        • Steven

          American is becoming Dumb. Starting with…you. Bitch.

          • xtina724

            Uh-oh. I think someone has issues with girls. And with intelligence, literacy and the ability to craft interesting commentary. But I think mostly it’s girls. It’s not your fault, though, Steven. I’m sure there’s an utter lack of them to practice with there in your mom’s basement.

          • Alina Skittlet

            It appears Steven has many issues.

          • tron

            ya i see two right now agh hem

          • tron

            uh oh someone knows jedi mind tricks oooooooooohhh

          • Alina Skittlet

            Thank you for being an ideal example of how America is becoming dumb and dumber. ;D

          • tron

            ohhh straight up

      • kaybeetoyz

        Your hyperbole is weak. Hitler is dead, thankfully. Bet you thought you were clever huh.

      • Brad Price

        you obiviously don’t know English.

      • Marie

        Complaining about someone correcting grammar is like pulling the race card. An argument can be quickly discredited if it sounds like the person doesn’t care to articulate his or her views through appropriate use of language. Being put on the spot is one thing, but posting an article that was planned and thought out is another. If she were to spend as much time making sure her text made sense as she did choosing which annoying types of photos to write about, it would’ve been a great post.

      • dragon5126

        Actually that’s the second retort, the first is a down vote.

        • tron

          not too loud meatshield might hear you

    • Digital Jedi

      On that note. “If.” Not “if.” Wasn’t capitalized.

    • Ramona Yedidsion

      the funny thing is they all have incorrect grammar..check it out!

    • SassyPantalones

      Picture #4 “…every now in then…” Wait, what?? I believe she meant every now AND then.

      • ipaxton

        grammer nazi

        • ldawg911

          It’s “grammar”. Love, the spelling Nazi.

          • ipaxton

            lol me too

        • SassyPantalones

          I am ok with this label you are placing on me. :) If someone is going to post a blog shaming people, they should expect the same in return.

        • SassyPantalones

          And also, it would be grammAr nazi…

        • SassyPantalones

          That would be grammAr nazi.

    • jess

      She also used ‘then’ wrong. It’s *than, not ‘then’.

    • zbogen

      Yes! A grammar nazi! Comment section complete.

    • goldushapple

      I think driving while taking selfies qualifies one as more of a Dumbass than a simple grammatical error.

    • Jean-Luc

      That’s a spelling mistake not a grammar mistake.

    • dragon5126

      Jesus Christ, Not a Grammar Nazi, I thought we all would be spared that one indignity.

  • Andrew Svensk

    Wow, you must be a pretty miserable person. Why don’t you just get off the internet if you can’t stand these innocuous pictures.

  • Guvna

    This Should be titled “People should stop posting pics” Because guys pics don’t differ much, other than the fact they are alot more dude bro-ish. You should delete all your social media accounts or block everyone if you really can’t stand it.

  • Shell Martin

    They’re , their, there….. Learn them before you start criticizing others!

  • Limari

    Horsesh*t, I take pictures of my cat, i’m not single, i don’t watch tv, and my family across country likes to see them. You’re an idiot

    • tron

      word i like cats i gots 20 of them

  • Tim Harb

    Your Missing the Biggest one. The BJ pucker lips. That is one that is probably used the most and looks stupid. I can’t believe you miss that one.

  • Aubree Baysinger

    Wow you really just hate everything! You obviously have a terrible life and can’t handle the fact that everyone else is enjoying life. Here’s a tip, GROW UP! cutting other people down for what they post is extremely childish…

  • dooks

    my nigga likes to leave rants, i mean its called rant chic.
    so let my NGGA RANT. he probably knew all you shady ass one upers would be here with your opinion which makes it funnier. why dont you guys go take pix with your dogs and go watch ellen. hahahah. great post. people are dumb, so are selfies. your all dumb except me.

    • SearchingForLogic

      The phrase “your all dumb” negates your statement; or rather, turns it back on yourself..
      Keep trolling, though; just be more clever about it.

  • marive

    Facebook is like leaving your window ajar for voyeurs…

  • istompstupid

    lol… tuff bunch here ,but i though it was funny im so guilty of some my self……


    Stop being a crybaby and just block them…problem solved. I hate Facebook nazi’s who are always telling others what they can and can’t post on their own pages.

  • Ghost_Babel

    It should be “while THEY’RE driving”.

  • Darnell Coleman

    You whine like woman

  • Sarah Elsner

    So, people just need to stop taking pictures of everything? oh okay. Get over yourself, seriously.

  • GS099

    Stupid article! Haley Kittsmiller go get a real job!!!!

  • JAY

    Those are not legs, they’re two hot dogs.

  • trin

    Its actually a coco Chanel case and you need to get a life. Insecure? Jealous?Who gives a fuck what people post about. Judgmental ass mother fucker…. Touche

  • Harusami Is

    want to write the “20 Reasons Dipshits Like the Author of this Article
    Need to Learn How to Control Their Settings on Facebook and Stop
    Bitching About What Their Friends are Posting.”

    • The Whole Nine Nards

      That title is not SEO friendly, sorry.

    • Helena_Handbasket

      Write it and I will “like” it.

    • tron

      ugh in your faces

  • A Loose Cannon

    The only mirror selfies I want to see are the naked stupid female ones.

  • reltson

    The DEATH of satire, humor, irony, and the like is upon us. Those of you that didn’t enjoy this are missing the point entirely. You’re also most likely posting such things.

    • Nova

      So, what do you post that doesn’t fall under one of those categories?

    • tron

      bull no were not?

  • Anderson_Cooper

    That the term “selfie” even had to be created to address the ridiculously narcissistic phenomenon of posting photos of yourself speaks volumes about where this vacuous society is headed. Before the internet, imagine stopping an acquaintance on the street & showing them 20 pictures of yourself. You would think that person was a d-bag. You would be right.

    Hating baby & pet pictures is a bit much, though.

    • Helena_Handbasket

      I don’t have to imagine, I existed for decades before the internet.

      People DID frequently show entire books of photos and even present shows of slides containing photos themselves, their vacations, and the things that made them feel fabulous. Sometimes people found it annoying, sometimes they didn’t. If you found it annoying, you could easily make an excuse to get out of there. (you don’t even have to worry about that with modern social media photo orgies, today you can simply block certain people from your news feed, or put in even less effort by just choosing to look at something else)

      BTW… Your comparison that presents social media photo posts as the equivalent to people stopping you on the street to look at a sheaf of photos is entirely hackneyed and slightly melodramatic. Now it might be accurate to compare constant tags and messages insisting that you look at the photos, to stopping people on the street… but that’s not what you did, was it?

  • Frank Baine

    pretty much exactly as I would say it Haley…bravo

  • Coco Prime

    Dont like pictures, don’t look at them. If you can’t change the world. Change how you think!
    Your the one obviously with a judgmental problem.

    You seem like a very unhappy person!

  • stupidpplwritestupidarticles

    Wow, Haley. I’m a guy and I agree with the ladies here, you’re an idiot. What’s your next article? “I like to Bitch about anything anyone does anywhere, anytime.” You’re on par with the dizzy dames you’re criticizing, after-all, you just re-posted all the pictures you’re trash-talking about. Hypocritical?

  • BEMH

    So basically girls should never post photos ever because someone might assume they are single. What I get from this is that you hate everything and really need to start deleting people from social networking if their sharing their lives with friends bothers you enough that you took the time to “write” this article.

  • Midnite

    why don’t you just stay off social media sites altogether?? you’re hater lmao really get a life stop hating on females who take pics probably because you’re not so great looking or you’re just miserable with yourself so of course you’re going to be on your hater-ade.
    Btw jealousy is a really bad disease get well soon. also you complaining about what chicks be posting isn’t going to stop them just saying.

  • William Ramos

    everybody just stop f#%+! posting.


    You forgot ‘Duck faces’!

  • iambcweare

    Quit complaining, Haley. People make what they want out of their internet experience so if posting pictures of whatever makes them happy, then you should just respect that. If you are tired of viewing them, go outside.

  • Jen

    Do you mean stop posting these kind of picture excessively? I don’t mind looking at these pictures in moderation.

  • RhetoricalQuestion

    Haley, I have no clue who you are, but I know we’d be fast friends. These superficial posts have clogged my feed for way too long.

    Constructive criticism, though, maybe take a closer look at grammar usage next time. :)

  • arevr18

    We need to keep #14. Girls’ feet are sexy and delicious.

  • texassa

    First of all, these types of pictures are hardly limited to women or “girls.” Secondly, the person who wrote this is seriously troubled. You don’t like the pictures other people share on social media? Sounds like a personal problem to me. Get a life.


    Yeah, a lot of these (such as #20) are overkill. So are how many calories you burned from Zumba this morning, re-posting the guilt trips that I don’t love Jesus if I don’t share, that mess about 5 Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays that won’t happen again for another 824 years… Those are are the posts that grate on my nerve. Some of the “personal” pix such as cats/dogs, babies, don’t bother me because FB can be a place to catch up with friends and family across the country. The good news: If you don’t like continuous offending posters, you can unfollow them or delete them. Just remember that you probably do something that bothers your friend as well.

  • jp

    judge not lest ye be judged! and yeah proper grammer is key!

  • Jack

    well that was a waste of time

  • Common sense

    It’s surprising you expect people using social media websites not to post things they like or insipire them. That’s what they are there for, sharing your life with others.

    If you don’t like looking at everyone’s “junk” maybe stop going on social media websites and get a hobby you actually do like. No one forced you to join or look through their page. Rhys all on you.

  • Eric

    This article lowered my I.Q.

  • jester43

    So why does this only relate to Girls??

  • Jeanine Ortt

    Or how about you just stay off the internet.

  • Toot Suite

    Why did you mention only girls in your title? This type of social media posting is not specific to just girls, but to both genders, and all ages. I’ve seen older men and women post no differently than young teenage boys and girls alike.

    • HS03

      Thank you! There’s no need to create more negative double-standards against girls, enough already exist.

  • meanjean52

    quit yer bitc#in and stop lookin, go watch tv, turn on the radio

  • Mr. Copland

    Tell me I’m not the only one who finds it hilarious that this rant is referred to as “20 Pictures Girls Need to Stop Posting in Social Media”… and the selfie example is Justin Bieber.

  • penkwin

    If I didn’t get tons of likes on photos of my dog, I guess I’d stop posting them. I’m sure every photo you post is a masterpiece, however many people just post pictures from their lives, of the things that are important to them. What a bunch of dumbasses, right?!

    If someone posts too many selfies (the only one on the list I really can’t stand), unfollow them. Pretty easy.

  • Amber Menke

    LOL do you not understand the point of a social media?… To put your life on display for other people to see… The slide show is so contradictory that i cant even help but laugh… What you should say is “People shouldn’t have any pictures of themselves online”… I cant take it with my front facing camera, i cant take it using the mirror, i cant have pictures of my kids or my pets?… What should people use the photo option for there Einstien?… Soooooooo please friends don’t inquire on anything in my life because according to this genius its all unacceptable. People should stop posting their personal opinions up like they are professional studies… #WhoAreYou

  • Liberals are pond scum

    Girls are meant to be banged, not listened to.

  • Allyson

    There is also a “deactivate your account” button. You should probably consider clicking it since you don’t enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

  • saintswife

    Here’s a better idea Haley. Maybe you should stay off social media, climb into bed and enjoy being the debbie downer that everybody hates. Oh, and by the way if you’re going to be critical of other people, you might want to make sure you use the correct words. Coffee maker spend an INORDINATE amount of time; not an intricate amount and since it’s considered an art form, they probably aren’t laughing when people admire their work. You’ve got issues Haley and by the looks of it, probably don’t have a lot of friends.

  • bbbb

    what the fuck are we supposed to post if we cant post pictures of our self on OUR profile (not yours) is what do u want us to post then!!!!!!!!!

  • DaleDoback

    Hey…. we can share our own pics that are more hackneyed than these. Here’s mine, the Heart drawn in the sand on the beach

  • Elizabeth Anne Milner

    Hey sweetheart, I hate to burst your bubble, but not EVERYTHING is about YOU. I have tons of family and friends spread out all over the globe so the pics of my family and our activites are my way of sharing with those that can’t BE there with us! That’s what FB is FOR! Or have you forgotten that important little detail? It’s not called “Social” networking for nothing!

    And guess what else? Theres this other nifty feature called a HIDE button in the top right corner of EVERY SINGLE POST. If you don’t want to view it, CLICK HIDE and get tf on with your life instead of vomiting your narcissistic, poorly edited (read the posts of the grammer nazis), derisive, and questionably “clever” bile all over the rest of us.

  • Limonlady

    ……while they are driving. Pics are entertaining.

  • Empirical Love

    Wow. Someone call the girl police why don’t you? Sick of seeing pictures of people’s children, pets and LIFE? Then get off social media. That is what it is for. And BTW, I am assuming you meant women and not girls, which are females under 12. Seriously. THIS is what you have to write about? Missed all the violence against women? Maybe you slept through the whole “rape culture” debate recently? Instead let’s focus on what matters most: making women feel like crap for just being human beings. Good one. Kudos to you.

  • SarahS


  • Donz0

    Someone wanted us to view/read. It doesn’t matter if it makes us angry.

  • David Dylan

    Sorry, but there is a supply and demand for cool looking people, and it really doesn’t matter if you like or don’t like what they post.

  • Caitlin

    Grammar Nazis. This article was clearly a joke and picking fun. Relax. It’s amusing that so many people have become so offended at something so silly.

  • sdgirl1

    I enjoy the sunset, vacation and pet pics. The rest eh…

  • Jason Villalobos

    I like how “Anderson Cooper” ironically came up with a defense about people sucking for sharing their pictures on fb with a reason he got off a FB MEME. Oh, and nice name douche. I mean if you hate it so much, what are you doing here?????

  • Justine Borsvold

    I don’t mind any of them. I take a million pictures of my son because any family close is 5 hours away, and if people don’t like it then they can unfriend me. Funny blog though.

  • HH

    what else would they post…

  • Admiral America

    So in other words don’t post any photos because apparently nobody cares about anyone else but themselves?

  • Corinne Jackson

    Most of these are just ridiculous to think in such a negative way!!
    I think if one should have a blog, one should have completed and done well in english and grammar classes.
    One more question, why so cynical Ms. Kittsmiller? Whom may I ask, pissed in your Wheaties this morning?
    As for the driving photos, you do know most people actually do have sense enough to be parked. I clearly think it may have been you yourself trying to capture a photo while driving.

    I really enjoy viewing photos of my friends’ children! We all live far from one another so it is nice to see them grow.
    There is nothing wrong with my friends’ post when they post photos of sunsets, THEIR children, pets, selfies, or anything else. IT’S their choice and their page, to do with it as they wish.
    So as I have concluded from my studies in college, it seems you have these issues within yourself. Try not to be so self loathing, this is how you are portraying yourself…

  • Yves M LeGagneur

    LOL, the OP is right, these images are stupid and there are way too many posted, but what else is there? Oh, parent shots. I haven’t seen pictures of my friends parents!

  • Crystal Boatenreiter

    Believe it or not, some of us DO care about children that are not ours, and so-and so’s new hair or remodeled kitchen or new home, and even just snapshots of our friends and family members in general.

    Some of us are lucky enough to have friends and family to encourage us when we try a new recipe, smile for us when we get the opportunity to fly to a wonderful place (complete with view from the plane, wing and all), show concern when we post that hospital photo, tell us to “drink one for me!” when we are toes-deep in the sand with a cocktail.

    Some of us WANT to see that photo of our sister or mom or cousin or friend in her silly glasses, or excitedly getting ready on her wedding day behind the scenes, or the awesome sunset she saw, or a weird cloud. Basically some of us DO desire to share our lives with others, as they share theirs with us.


    If that isn’t okay, then what’s your alternative? Because, quite frankly, you didn’t leave much. What exactly SHOULD people post on social networks? Deep, meaningful poetry? Political rants (God help us, I wish THOSE would stop). Or maybe every post could be super personal and dramatic! Should every post on Instagram be a perfectly planned, perfectly composed, artistic, noteworthy photograph, complete with symbolism (taken with a phone???)?

    Or maybe every post could just be like this article, meant to judge and make fun of others, and, in a twist of irony, exhibit the self-centeredness and self-absorption that you so self-righteously decry in others.

    • Savvy_1823

      You are awesome! Thank you, your thoughts are reflective of what so many of us feel lol

    • Leah Gassman

      I agree. I use my facebook to keep in touch with the people I do care about. I don’t mind one bit what people post. If i did, I’d hide their facebook page

    • Guest

      Then send the picture DIRECTLY to the person you want to share it with. Does this not make sense to you? I want my girlfriend to see my private parts, do I post it on facebook or twitter or instagram? No, I send the picture to the person I want to see it…

      • yourmathteacher

        That’s why it’s called a social NETWORK. If someone you know is sharing pictures on their wall, it is because they want to share it with their NETWORK of friends. If you don’t like what they are sharing, you should remove yourself from their NETWORK of friends (because you obviously aren’t one, if the minutiae of their life bothers you so greatly that you would compare a picture of their child to a picture of genitalia.)

        • Ckrista Mari


      • boadicea

        I come from a large family with siblings and cousins and such spread out all over the world. Emailing them each photos of the new baby, or whatever, was pretty time-consuming and some of their computers wouldn’t take a file that big, etc. But with FB, I can have them all on my friends list, and then post the picture once. Done.

        Also not sure how the issue of posting private parts got into your train of thought, but that’s not what anyone is suggesting. Actually it’s kind of disturbing.

      • Ckrista Mari

        God, your a flipping idiot. I could go on forever what is wrong with what you have said but it would do no good and would be a waste of my time.

        • kaybeetoyz

          ^^The true sign of an ignorant slag.^^ The lazy thinker who constantly uses a simple contraction incorrectly. It’s YOU’RE a flipping idiot, as in YOU ARE. Case closed.

          • tron

            ohh here he goes again QUACK!

      • tron

        gosh youre mean too whats wrong with you man cmon……. tell me its ok

    • Ckrista Mari

      Wonderfully stated.

    • tron

      thats really really nice

  • Johnny

    “A couple now in then is fine..”

    Now in then? Seriously?

  • Angel

    So now you should make an article on what kind of pics to posts since everything was eliminated….

  • PipeDown123

    A bunch of fn idiots on here. This article was too over the top for everyone’s intelligence. Like Reltsan said: The DEATH of satire, humor, irony, and the like is upon us. Those of you that didn’t enjoy this are missing the point entirely. You’re also most likely posting such things.

  • Bella’s Shelf

    I think this is pretty fucking funny. It was meant to be sarcastic, snarky, obnoxious, etc.etc.

    I laugh because:
    A- its all so very fucking true
    B- all of the intense anger& hatred ppl have for the poster fuels her to create yet another similar post.
    #CantWait #Hurry
    C- We are ALL guilty of posting these mundane, ho-hum, images. Including the poster herself!
    D- its oh so fun to bash the fuck out of ppls grammar, spelling, sentence structure, etc. Aint it?

  • Mike DaBomb

    My rant is about people who rant but cannot write. Goodness, where do I start? Rants aside, you need a lesson in English grammar.

    >>It’s terrifying to know girls are taking these pictures while their driving

    The contraction “they’re” is short for “they are” – that’s what you want to use here.

    >> …then you fumbling trying…

    It’s “than” and more properly it’s “…than your fumbling…”

  • Ross

    She is correct with most of her comments. But she must feel very incomplete and lonely if this kind of stuff actually bothers her. Why would anyone even care what other people are posting, unless they themselves are jealous and have nothing in their lives to do except comment on others. Sad.

  • Alyssa

    I will post my pictures of my babies and I will enjoy every minute of looking at pictures of my friends babies. If someone has a problem with it then unfriend me, or trun off my notifications but don’t get cranky about people being proud about what God has given them. I do however agree that alcohol pics are dumb. Also, if pics of clouds and sunsets bother you then take it up with God.

  • Vickie Stevens Watson

    Haley, perhaps you should delete your fb account since it has ruined your life. OR maybe you could just ignore the crap you don’t want to see like everyone else does. SPEAK FOR YOURSELF! I love seeing my friends’ kids, pets, and travel pics. Perhaps you are jealous that they have a life and you spend yours looking for stuff posted on fb to complain about.

  • Melissa

    I just thought I would check this out and it was the most stupid thing I have ever read! First of all, not only “girls” post these kinds of things. Guys do too. Second of all, the posts aren’t for you, if you don’t like them, hide or delete them. What an ass.

  • AbnDoc

    So, that just leaves politics, religion and…nope. Just politics and religion. The author doesn’t like anything else people post 99 percent of the time. Maybe it is time to get more interesting friends.

  • Sarah

    So what pictures are allowed to be posted?

  • Jennifer

    I have friends and family all over the country who are always asking me about my daughter, so I thought, “Hey, why not post photos up here and post updates about the silly things she does.” cause you know, it’s not like I can hop a plane everyday to see the family that lives on the opposite coast of me.

  • Jeff, CO

    You could have made this a lot shorter by just saying, “Don’t post pictures”.

  • Digital Jedi

    Er, so don’t post…anything?

  • Pixelfish

    Because clearly girls are the only people posting these things. Your selfie pic is Bieber, for chrissakes. And then the list is pretty comprehensively broad.

    I think I’d like to write an article entitled The 20 Stupid Judgy Articles Telling People Exactly How To Do Things The Way I Would That People Need To Stop Writing. This is as solid a contribution to society as that dude who basically said don’t post anything to Facebook he personally wouldn’t.

  • Shannon Kaye

    Oh wow… these aren’t even annoying things. Really? You get annoyed at sunsets, pets and baby pictures? I’m pretty sure your 12 Facebook friends get annoyed at your throngs of pictures from one of your baby seal clubbing excursions. Seriously. Pull your head out of your ass ASAP. You’re being one of THOSE friends nobody likes.

  • MusicFuelsTheSoul

    OK, So I do agree with some but PETS really? Who cares! I think people need to stop posting ‘selfys’ and ‘duck face’ not pets, plus you were very rude, “Ohhhh so when you checked in at LaGuardia an hour ago, I thought that
    meant you were running to Chicago. Thank god the plane wings cleared
    that confusion right up.” You have a clear ‘sassy’ tone with this, FYI to me you’re coming off as a real b**** & “Bet you’re watching Ellen too.” are you saying that the person is gay or a loner! AND WTF, You can not take the time to do a spell check! Some things you are complaining about are just dumb. Clouds, fingernails, feet in the sand,plane wings, coffee art?!?!?! Some people make photo accounts,

    I think you just should stay off the internet,read a book. I mean what do you like seeing posted? I really want to know.

  • Partisan Pat

    #5 Sharing pictures of your kids is probably the thing Facebook is best at. Should people go back to attaching them to emails or carrying them in a wallet?

    The author either has a personality disorder or (more likely) wrote this in the voice of someone who does. This is not a normal way to think…

    “Congratulations, you can reproduce. I’m not interested in the cake your child smashed, their first bowel movement, or their first steps, because you know why…. it’s not my child.”

  • Tamara Augustine

    Dear Haley:
    You sound like one lonely, miserable bitch. Try getting a life, maybe making some friends.

  • KevinS

    Just get off social media all together and actually make a phone call to someone for once!

  • Transcender

    Wow – Haley Kittsmiller needs to get a life. All she can do is criticize people who actually have one – as a harsh, envious shrew. Grow up.

  • Joanna Dyndor

    This is silly. People can post anything they want on Facebook. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. Delete that person. I like pictures of outfits, shoes, drinks, food, etc…. It’s all a matter of preference and opinion.

  • Jesradi

    Dear Haley, if you thought you were funny, you were wrong.

  • OnlyOneWing

    Who cares. Worry about your own facebook.

  • Mike

    Garbage article. I thought I was gonna see some T&A but it turns out it’s just some the ramblings of some jaded horrid witch.

    • svscnn

      “jaded horrid witch”
      effing PRICELESS!
      Best string of words I’ve read all day.

  • Andrea

    You might’ve had a really good point if you would’ve made valid points on each of these pictures. Instead you actually made rude comments about people being single just because they posted pictures of their pets, or the one about the promise ring and how that is all it will ever be. You actually just sound jealous of the people who posted the pictures. I’m going to go out on a limb and say you wrote this in the heat of the moment instead of thinking about what you were posting. Get new friends or stop adding people you don’t know.

  • brittany

    okay you just listed everything on instagram…

  • Kayla

    So don’t post pictures of anything, anywhere, anymore? Gotcha’

  • OranjeImmigrant

    Why all the references to the guys not being interested in the girls that post these pictures? I hope you’re not trying to imply you are doing any better.

    I can’t think of a bigger red flag than that article full of spite and anger . No piece of a s s, no matter how fine, is worth putting up with a resentful, angry bitch for the other 23 hours and 15 minutes in the day.

  • notsoslimshady14

    That blonde in the mirror tho :3

  • Nikki

    Someone is bitter about life…

  • Diana Martinez

    Ugh what a bitter individual. Can’t even finish reading,… buzzkil! Maybe we like seeing that corny crap rather than the shitty stuff on the 5oclock news.

  • Doc999

    I don’t care what you people say this shit is funny, and really as much as you say she is bitter, the truth is all of the shit she is talking about is really true. All of these things are corny as hell and don’t make people look cool. Nor do most people care, to see these things posted every day multiple times a day, personally a lot of this is the reason I stay off of social media as much as possible. And I imagine most of the people talking bad about her making this article do most of if not of of this corny shit, hence the high and mighty offended comments. And not one of you can tell me that the girls taking duck lips picture didn’t get out of hand.

    • VT_Citizen

      Nice try Haley.

  • Jim Hunt

    Haley, you are right in that people should be careful about posting pictures of their children for anyone and everyone to see, there are too many perverts in this world. But the rest of this article is just proof of how idiotic YOU are. If you don’t like someone’s pictures, don’t keep looking at them. It is your fault if you look over and over, not their fault for posting. Which is why I will never waste more of my time reading a second of your self-centered, whiny blog posts.

  • Tzipporah

    This guy should be in school rather than writing things like,”while THEIR driving.” Try “While THEY’RE driving” for the correct version.

    • rosewater49

      ‘then you fumbling’ should be than you… and this person is making fun of others??

      • Tzipporah

        Missed that one. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • smash44

    I agree. Stop posting pictures of your kids. We don’t care.

  • Sargent Chumley

    This article is very mean.

  • Angela

    Wow you are a very unhappy person aren’t you?? Lol

  • Bob Macadoo

    Your article is the equivalent of going to a strip club and saying, “man, I hate seeing naked women.” Sure, you’ll ruffle a few feathers there but you just look stupid complaining about something you have control over. Get up and walk out if you don’t like it.

  • AndyMatts

    Don’t post pictures of yourself, your kids, your pets, what you’re doing with your friends, scenery, travel….

    well, one thing I do know, is that I have no interest in seeing the author’s photos, seeing as how there’s nothing left that would remotely interest anyone.

  • Dave

    Come on people it was funny. Shows how pathetic social media really is how common these pics are. Lighten up.

  • Anca Bettencourt

    super funny <3 but FYI for everyone I usually take the photo n the car when I'm waiting for the green light :))) lol

  • DepthTested

    You know what I’m tired of? Lame articles criticizing what everybody else is doing on Facebook. Get off of FB if you don’t like it you whiny sack of crap.

    • svscnn


  • Am San

    Haley, Why are you so mad? Some people are animal lovers? And people can post whatever they like on THEIR profile becuase its THEIRS not yours. Maybe you should remove them from your friends. You basically eliminated everything to post! What should they post? Miss you think you know it all!

    • tron

      exactly animal lover = 20 cats

  • Peter Jackson

    What else is left if you take those options out?

  • Heather

    So pretty much…stop sharing photos.

  • Whitney Ingram

    Whoever wrote this article has some issues, and obviously a sad life. I for one love all these pics, and if my friends post pics of their pets are they jealous of themselves? Pull the stick out of your @$$ and put it where it’s clearly needed…

  • JP

    So my question is……what pictures are we allowed to post?

  • Rebecca Charlton

    This is shockingly rude. So, in your opinion, what IS ok? Pics of you and your interests, perhaps?

  • Megatron

    THANK YOU RANT CHICK, Thank you for letting me know I’m not the only one who thinks people that do these things are attention whores starved for affection.

  • Megatron

    How many of you pull a Zoolander “blue steel” pose when taking ‘selfies’? YOU LOOK LIKE IDIOTS! STOP IT!

  • NoChip4Me

    Well picture number 4 of 20 with the dog is fine by me……That is one cute pup!

  • NoChip4Me

    And picture 5 of that beautiful little baby just made my day. With all the horrible stuff going on, seeing that baby smile contently is sure sweet.
    Let me guess you’re a 20 year old guy that wants to see T and A.
    Get out and get a life.

  • svscnn

    Here’s a thought… instead of criticizing, how ’bout remembering that people can post whatever-the-hell they want on their own Social Media sites.
    Perhaps, instead, Ms. Kittsmiller and her ilk should consider simply not looking. If you don’t want to see your friends’ babies, pets, and selfies, then log-the-f-off.

  • mike james

    some of the worst writing ive seen today, and ive seen a lot of writing.

  • Amanda

    Haley, you are bitter and nonsensical. I do not disagree with all of your selections but your reasoning behind them are ridiculous.

    1. Sunset, yes they may be a little overdone but sharing a beautiful moment from vacation is up to them. As long as it isn’t a daily pic of their back yard most people enjoy seeing them. Maybe you are jealous you do not get out much? (Jealousy seems to be a trend in your ranting…)

    2. Laying out legs, again seems like you are jealous you do not get out much. Saying they only wanted to show their thighs and not the rest of their legs makes no sense, it is usually the other way around. I’m guessing your thighs are massive and you are bitter you do not have a thigh gap?

    3. Alcohol, sure, too many scream I have a problem but maybe you should be a decent friend and reach out to your alcoholic friends if it is really that big of a deal. I’m guessing you are again jealous you don’t get invited out for drinks?

    4. Saying people who post pics of their pets are jealous of their friends with kids is one of the dumbest things I have ever read. I rarely post pictures of my animals but they are much cuter than any children on my news feed and the pictures are not accompanied by their bodily functions for the day. You are dumb.

    5. You immediately listing pictures of kids after your moronic statements about the pets just confirms logical though process does not exist in your life. Are you the “jealous of friends’ children” person you mentioned earlier?

    6. Agreed, but again I think you are jealous you cant fit into any cute clothes, probably goes back to the thigh gap issue you have.

    7. Well duh, super original.

    8. Sometimes they are funny, I am guessing your friends are not as they carry you as company, but there are entire sites devoted to this crap.

    9. Jealous animals don’t even like you. You definitely are the one in need of a vibrator.

    10 -12. Duh and you repeats, you lack substance.

    13. Get your grungy nails done once in a while so you have something to be proud of or do them yourself, maybe you have a talent for nail art? (We all know writing is not your thing.)

    14. Again, repeat and contradict your whole idea that people dont want to show the other half of their legs.

    15 – 17. Who cares?

    18. You need to find friend and a man, or a vibrator. Jealously makes you look uglier than you already are.

    19. Yes annoying, but if they do this often enough for you to bitch about it they’re probably good at it, you are probably not.

    20. Repeat, again, you unoriginal twat.

  • Big D in Texas

    You do realize picture #2 is actually hotdogs don’t you?

  • Christopher

    You know what my biggest pet peeve is? Super ranty messages that contain bad grammar, like the wrong “their” up there in the last pic. Whoops.

  • Random Generic

    Actually, no comment is needed. The quality of the writer’s imagination and execution says IT ALL.

  • LaMalaEstaBuena

    this sorta makes you come off as a sad, lonely, jealous person….most of the stuff you listed are things that I generally like seeing my friends post!

  • Savvy_1823

    Wow you obviously have no life and I’m sure EVERYONE would be unfriending you because you do nothing but b**** about what others do. Get a life and scroll past what you don’t want to see.

  • Barry McLawhorn

    Who pissed in your Cheerios this morning. At least these “girls” have friends, a life, and enjoy sharing their joy with their friends.

    Hey here’s a suggestion – take a picture of your sour puss grumpy face and – Don’t Post It Anywhere! Because we do not want to catch your emotional cancer.

  • johnsmith9875

    Semi-clothed or nude pictures are always desirable.


    So what type of picture is left?

  • foodprices

    This article is so stupid. How about not using social media which is being used to spy on you via the government.

  • laurenosity

    If she was clever or funny in her commentary I would have been okay, but it kept missing the mark. Also the nail pics are only bad when you have gross a** nails.

  • Larry Ripley

    what a bitter lonely spurned ass……….if you don’t like my damn pictures unfriend me, we will both be better off.

  • Common sense

    Clearly the author of this rant is democrat. If I’m laying on the beach & find something worth sharing I’m not likely to worry about if my toes or legs get in there are not. It’s not like the picture is mostly of the legs the picture is mostly of the beach & ocean thus leaving my to think that the picture’s intent was not actually the legs or knees but the view of the beach & relaxation. I have a co worker who’s screen on their laptop is of his hairy nasty legs on a beach watching waves coming in no one complaints & that’s at work not facebook. If you open the door anytime your bound to sooner or later be bothered upset offended hurt or shocked let alone happy or some other mix of emotions sooner or later. Just like the more you drive the more likely you are to get a ticket or be in an accident its just the way it is. So if you don’t want to be in an accident don’t ever move.

    • VT_Citizen

      Partisan politics? really?

  • Common sense

    Haley you sound like you really could use a cat or dog right now yet you bash them & the people who have them. You really have to much time on your hands being this angry. Also being single isn’t the end of the world especially when compared to in a loveless relationship or marriage & to scared or set in one’s ways to do anything about it like admit its not a happy one or that sometimes the story needs to end. Haley you are to last person who should bash people being single I’m more thing willing to bet you are.

  • Common sense

    Haley you really are an angry lonely person aren’t since your so unhappy & miserable you nee everyone else to be too. And if they aren’t then you bash them. Some people like sharing what they are special funny even dumb moments & some people called friends like periodically having friends share these things with them. Deal with it or shut yourself off to the world & life. I bet your family break all you’re rules yet your still putting up with them. Why?

  • Jen-Sung Tan

    Your categories exclude everything from animals, children, nature, food, inanimate objects and even self portraits. This does not leave too many categories beyond group photos. With these standards, what exactly is appropriate to post?

  • Erock

    Haley, I agree with most of your premise, but being so catty about it really brings out your jealous side and makes you sound as immature as the girls you’re tearing apart. Oh and by the way, learn the difference between there, their and they’re. English is your friend.


    I have a confession to make…I take alot of selfies /.

  • Morgan Toledo

    Plenty of the things listed are things anyone would want to share a picture of. It seems pointless to single out women. Should people feel wrong for posting a photo of themself? Or sharing a photo of their pet our child? People pride themselves in these things. Asking someone to suppress sharing something they wish to share is rude. Everyone just wants to be happy and if those are the things they want to share and that makes them happy, so be it. They don’t need your generalized opinion to keep posting.

  • Jolie

    While I agree with a couple of these subjects, the author of this article is clearly a very bitter unhappy person. Dang, if you don’t like what’s on Facebook (which appears to be everything about social media), perhaps you should not be on social media. Hah.

  • Mallory Jean Fuhrmeister

    I bet your social media is pretty boring then .. what do you post pictures of? rocks?

  • monique

    Thats life people. Get over it or don’t get a Facebook.. & a instagram don’t even cause that’s what its made for.

  • Cyan Zone

    I um LIKE social media pics. Please post more images. Haters gonna hate, what can we say.

  • Giordano Bruno

    This Haley person is no fun at all. Driving and taking pictures is probably not good though…

  • JMO13

    Are you one of those people that had “No Presents Please” birthday parties as a kid?

  • muller

    So what people CAN post?

  • Guest

    I can’t believe “Bible Verses” aren’t listed here. I would much rather see just about any of these than to continue to read some lamo’s biblical musings of the day. Maybe that is just a middle aged problem, and this is a list for younger people. None of my 40-year old fat mom friends post an outfit of the day, thank god.

  • Shultzee

    Picture 20 is not only the “Look at me! I can drive a car” selfie it’s also the “Look at my hair! Ain’t if F-ing hot?” I see that one A LOT.

  • Nova

    wow what an attitude. i’m betting you don’t get many “likes” on anything you post.

  • RacingDuck

    I Love to see pictures of my kids and granddaughter my daughter and ex-wife post.

  • RMorrison

    The alternate title of this was “OH MY GOD LADIES, stop being yourselves and do a better job of appearing up to other people’s standards of interesting/attractive/newsworthy.”

  • sc_surveyor

    What about pictures of my grandchildren? They’re proof that my procreations can procreate.

  • Nunya Biznizz

    youre a dick

  • Mai Kou Yang

    hahah! i don’t know why u gtta hate !
    if they wnna do what they want then let them be and if u don’t like it
    then just leave. its not like their posting it for you

  • Steven Edwards

    So basicly Halcy Kittsmiller does not want to see anyone post any photos at ever online. Does she not know that the whole reason for social networks if to share stuff online?

  • Jackie Wilson

    Snapping your coffee art is better than using the wrong version of ‘your’ when you ridicule someone – don’t you think? ;)

  • AZWarrior

    Mirror selfies must be nude. Driving selfies must include the wreck.

  • Positiveabovenegative

    Sooo then what is left to take pictures of if one random negitive,controlling,idiot tells them not to…Such negativity. People can take any kind of picture they want and upsetting you wouldnt really keep me up at night..You know Whats the #1 thing people should stop doing?!?!

    1. Get a life and stop telling other people to stop doing things that they want to do. Stop telling people everything is annoying cause im a negitive nancy and i dont have cute kids, cute body or a awesome life to post such awesome pics like everyone else so im just going to make a lil slide show so i feel important.

  • wow

    Ranting about social media on another social media.

    • wow

      I stopped at number 5.

  • Positiveabovenegative

    1.Sunsets are always beautiful, only negitive people would hate seeing pictures of sunsets.

    2.Woo hoo knee caps, its a cute photo, dont see the issue?

    3.Taking pictures of alcohol is always acceptable..I love seeing all the crazy cool drinks ive never had before. maybe you should have a drink and loosen up if this bothers you…?

    4.People love their pets, is scrolling that hard to skip over a dog picture…although why would you want to they are cute.

    5.Good thing you arnt on my friends list i post hundreds of pictures of my kids a day, mainly because i have about 120 family members i rarley see and so its nice for them to see whats going on with my beautful children everyday…its not all about you…

    6.If somone has a cute outfit on, hell take a pic i know as a mom somtimes i dont look so great some days but when i do look super good i want others to see…nothing wrong with that…unless your ugly…sorry:(

    7.Confidence. Nothing wrong with it.

    8.some texts convos are funny as hell…obviously with your word choices you dont have a sense of humor…pitty..

    9.Im cute and my animals are cute, whats wrong with a picture showing that? Again scroll by if you dont want to see…but ive gotten plenty of like for my pet selfies.

    10.Never been on a plane before…but you better believe i will be posting a wing pictures ASAP cause thats a awesome shot.

    11.Clouds on a nice sunny day always make the day better…Sorry if you like to live in darkness and hate beautiful creations.

    12.Mirror pictures, some days the flash isnt right or the lighting in the room and you just gotta do the mirror picture..problem solved.

    13.My sister does the most amazing nails on this planet and its not just nails…its a pure work of art…what is wrong with you? Damn…its art.

    14.Feet in the sand is to show your somwhere beautiful and sunny and warm…maybe you should go there so you wont be so CRABBY.

    15.I once got a fortune cookie that said ” Its not the best, but its good enough.” I mean come on? how can i not post that, its hilarious! Heres a fourtune for you “Lighten up buddy”.

    16.Coffee art takes skill…and concentration and work…Dont hate somthing you can do, if people have a skill let them do it even if you hate it or not you hater of everything.

    17.Fireworks are happy and colorful and if you get the right pic they look amazing! Who doesnt love fourth of july./..what are you not American???

    18.Holding hands is a form of love…you need some love…Its a beautiful show of emotion who people share.

    19.Some people cant do make-up and i love seeing close ups on their make-up i think its art again or they have sweet eyeball color…again beauty…not hate.

    20.The best light is when its all daylight around you, sitting in the car has some of the best lighting that isnt fake or retouched.its just real.

    Try to be a little less negative and such a a hater and try looking a life in a poitive more happy way so you can see all the beauty in things in sted of such hate and discriminationg…its no way to live.

    :) But have a great day hope somthing makes you happy in life.

    (My spelling stinks and im not about to re read this all and fix my mistakes so if you want to comment on my spelling thats fine, but i have to feed some kids so i dont have time to fix puncuations and spelling right now :))

  • Jen Avakian

    This is the dumbest thing I have wasted my time reading in quite some time. First of all, who died and made you queen of what other people can post, share, or say on THEIR OWN social media site? It is THEIR page. They can post whatever they want. Second, you are nothing more than a whiner. You are jealous of other women and their cute selfies, adorable pets, beautiful sunsets, etc. What’s the matter? Did the love of your life dump you over a cute blonde who’s profile pic is an adorable selfie? Did he buy you a pet and take lots of pictures only to dump you with the pet still there to remind you of the heartache? Did you take long walks on the beach at sunset together? Get a life. YOU are not the queen of social media, and this is NOT your kingdom. If it ANNOYS you so bad, use that lovely feature that most social media sites have and BLOCK a chic, just like I am going to do, so I am caught reading anymore of your garbage rants.

    • tron

      damn nice pic

  • Elizabeth Holmes Golden

    Seems to me that whoever wrote this little article, is jealous because they do not have any of the things, pets, kids, etc… that are in these pics. I mean come on, telling people not to post pics of their kids is ridiculous. Oh and by the way, I am happily married with 3 kids, and I still post pics of my awesome cats. WTF, does it matter what pics other people post? If you do not like them, here is a suggestion…GET OFF THE FUCKING SOCIAL NETWORKS DUMB ASS!!!

  • jessica888

    lol so what exactly do you post, if not your LIFE, which involves yourself, where you are, what you’re doing and who you’re with? IS THAT NOT THE POINT. maybe you shouldn’t have an instagram if these pictures bother you so much. or maybe don’t follow “these girls”.

  • Ckrista

    Terrible about people’s children… With a strong password, anti-virus software that monitors your FB, and high-security settings (all of which anyone using social media should have anyways) you can keep your page private. People post things from their children’s timelines so that not only can their interested friends see, but also so that distant relatives, those whom cannot get around easily, or those who are too busy to visit can still see a friend or family member’s child grow up…

    That’s extremely self-centered of you to suggest to people that their friends don’t care about seeing their child eating cake or something of that nature. In fact, most FB friends enjoy seeing cute pictures of their loved ones kiddos… I certainly would not want a friend like you, and it sounds like YOU might be jealous of YOUR friends who have children. I started reading this, and thought, “cute and funny…”

    Now, I will never visit this site again because of your lack of tact used when filling caption space with your personal insight as to what people want to know, and don’t want to know about each other.


    • Elle

      She stole my child’s photo for this article. That is what is distasteful and my profile has been locked down. One of my friends that likes seeing photos actually told me that this website had his picture and it is really annoying that she would use an innocent child’s photo for her hatred. If someone doesn’t like me posting photos of my son they can delete me. Won’t hurt my feelings.

  • xtina724

    I think if you’re going to foam at the mouth about pictures you didn’t take and aren’t forced to look at, you should aim for fewer than one error per sentence in your diatribe. For the record, in America, punctuation goes inside quotation marks; that period should be moved to the left, next to the word “happen” in the first sentence. In the second sentence, “their,” a possessive pronoun, should be “they’re,” the contraction meaning “they are.” In the third sentence, “then,” meaning “at that time” is wrong. It should be “than,” reflecting a comparison that is being made. And that doesn’t even address the error in the description of what it is that you’re whining about with the word “everyday,” meaning “commonplace,” when you clearly meant “every day,” meaning “each diurnal course.”

    You’re welcome.

  • Monty

    Clouds?? Clearly a horse going head to head with a dino….

  • carlaannhogan

    “It’s terrifying to know girls are taking these pictures while their driving.”
    “their” driving? THEIR?? Really? Don’t you mean “they’re”, as in “they are”? Oh wait,… must be a public school grad, right?

  • Omar Khan

    Holy mother of judgmental… and why does everything come back to being single, or lonely or some such nonsense? Good lord..

  • Torry Murray

    So I’m curious. What pictures do people want to see? No selfies, pet pics, kid pics, food pics, alcohol pics, mirror pics, sunset pics….

    Disable / Delete all your social networking accounts, I dare you. You’ll be craving a picture of your most hated friend making an ass of his/her self within the hour.

  • Leah Gassman

    So basically, women shouldn’t take any kind of picture for ANY kind of social media website…
    If I cared this much about what other women (and men) posted on Instagram or Facebook.. dear lord, I’d have a headache (or hernia..take your pick). Who cares? Unfollow their posts if you find it that irritating. I personally don’t mind what my friends post.

  • Deanne Andrews

    What a douche.

  • Andy

    The writer should get off facebook or instagram and stop complaining. Nosy people love to look at all the pics, remember them and then complain about them.

  • Ariana

    This is so stupid. If you don’t want to see these pictures on Instagram, don’t follow people who post pictures like these on Instagram (which is like everyone on there, not just girls). Don’t expect them to stop taking pictures of what they want just because you’re a pretentious little wannabe-hipster bitch.

  • Brandt Hambrick

    Agree with 19 of 20, but if you hate seeing pictures of your friends children, then they are not your friend and you should unfriend them quickly.

  • lololawso

    I have a fabulous new title for this: The 20 Articles You Should Stop Writing.

  • Emma Wink

    no offence but this doesnt seem like a rant it just makes you out to be a bitch or asshole people like to express there lives if you dont like it keep scrolling or unfriend them. YOU ARE THE ONE WHO NEEDS TO GROW UP AND GET OVER THEMSELVES!!

  • jacob

    Like the article. Definitely a good laugh. Commenters below should lighten up. FYI, I’m sick of friends’ kids photos too.

    • Davidaja

      Good for you; why don’t you meet up with Ms. Sunshine then, and you two can go be miserable together…

  • Ken

    who ever wrote this sounds like a real fucking bitch.

    • Davidaja

      My God, can you even imagine dating someone like this? Retch!!!

  • jen

    okay, whoever posted this must seriously be very pissed off at the world. please, enlighten me, what ARE we allowed to post on our social media?

    • tron

      yes exactly what i have to know

  • Guest

    This author must be a miserable person. A sunset is one of the most beautiful things we could ever see. The gratuitous selfies are a bit over the top, but what’s wrong with people celebrating life?

  • mr.mikyd

    Haha, this was actually pretty funny. I sure hope it was a satirical rant though. If she was serious then she’s definitely one mean, spiteful, and vastly arrogant woman.

  • Lulu

    Who ever made this sounds like they are very bitter/jealous and hate women. I know plenty of guys who do most of the things on this list as well as women. You could also just unfriend/unfollow someone if you are annoyed by their posts, but we know you won’t do that because you need as many people as possible to watch you bitch and whine about what other people post on their personal page…. You also seem to have a superior attitude. Tone it down a little and you won’t end up as pathetically single as the girls you posted about… I for one would rather go for the girl who posts selfies with her pets than the person who constantly complains about what other people are doing with their lives.

  • Olivia Claypool

    Some of these examples seem to be overly cynical and angry. And who’s to say all of these photos strictly apply to girls? Sounds like she’s most likely the single one. This whole post sounds bitter and resentful.

  • Hannah V.


  • VT_Citizen

    You got dumped yesterday didn’t you?

  • Aaron

    Wow! Author is really catty.

  • Temple Granden

    You have written a piece that clearly defines how incredibly stupid our society has become. Not so much in the pictures you are ranting about, but more the fact that you are actually ranting about them, and receiving public feedback…most of which is directed towards your apparent problem with grammar and literacy.

    My mother used to say “Ignorance is bliss”, and you should probably stay on that side of the fence until you actually find something creative to write about, vice doing your best (which is obviously much less than any parent would have aspired for their child to achieve) to try and bring down others for doing whatever makes them happy. You obviously have anger issues, and should probably see a therapist. Then again, looking at the feedback here, a lot of people seem to need therapy these days. I guess, in today’s idiocracy, you fit in well.

  • Pizza the Hut

    I post pics of dogs because I love dogs duh

  • los3rfac3

    Basically don’t post pictures of anything that makes you happy. Loved ones, children, pets, sunsets.. What the hell, are you allergic to happy?! Sounds like someone is resentful of others’ happiness. You should be glad your friends are happy, not spiteful.

    Also, you need to proofread your work.

  • beyondtheboob

    What a bitch! Exactly what do you want people to take pictures of? I take my pictures for me and my kids, if someone doesn’t like them I would be very happy if they would unfriend me. I also enjoy seeing my friends’ sunsets, kids, animals, fun times, etc. How about get a life and you wouldn’t have time to criticise everyone else’s! Tonight I’m going to take 15 pictures of my kids and animals running at sunset

    • Davidaja

      Haha, don’t forget some fingernail, eyeball, and cloud shots while you’re at it!