20 iPhone Apps Every Woman Should Have

No. 20 - Nike Training Club

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This app is like having your own personal trainer. You can set your workout to your own music or playlist.

No. 19 - Fashion Kaleidescope

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Use this app to view thousands of fashionable outfits and see where to purchase the items you like.

No. 18 - Shazam

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Ever hear a song on the radio and wonder who sings it? With this app, you can hold your phone up to the radio and view the artist and name of the song in a matter of seconds.

No. 17 - Runtastic

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The perfect app for runners. Runtastic allows you to map your workouts and view graphs with elevation, pace, speed and heart rate.

No. 16 - Mint

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This app helps you to track your checking, savings, credit cards, investments and retirement plans. The best part of this app is that it categorizes where you’re spending most of your money.

No. 15 - Kayak

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This travel app allows you to compare hotels, flights and rental cars to find the best deal. You can also track your flight status.

No. 14 - DropBox

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This app takes photo sharing to a new level. You can store all of your photos in one place as well a share photos and videos with friends.

No. 13 - Shop Savvy

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The Shop Savvy app allows you to scan barcodes (on clothing, shoes, etc) and compare the item at other stores to make sure you are getting the best deal. You can also set alerts to see if the price gets lowered.

No. 12 - Snapp

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Snapp helps you organize new contacts in only 10 seconds. After adding a new contact, an automatic email is sent with your contact info such as your photo, social media links and a short business brochure.

No. 11 - The Pill

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The Pill app is more than just an alarm reminder to take your birth control. The app calculates the 7 days stop period as well as the 21 days that you are actually taking the pill.

No. 10 - Womens Health Workouts

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This app has workouts, exercises, training logs and timers. Workouts come from some of the best trainers around the country.

No. 9 - Stylish Girl

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Stylish Girl helps you put together outfits. You start off by importing the clothing you own. Next, you can shop online and determine what to buy by mixing and matching what you own with what you are looking to purchase.

No. 8 - Period Tracker

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This app helps track both current and upcoming period dates. It also helps plan ovulation and fertile days.

No. 7 - iWedding

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The must have app for any bride-to-be. The iWedding app allows you to manage your to-do list, track your budget and view your guest list.

No. 6 - Dinner Spinner

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Great for cooks! Dinner Spinner allows you to save recipes and search for recipes by cooking time or ingredient.

No. 5 - Etsy

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This app allows you to view over 17 million unique items from sellers around the globe.

No. 4 - Pinterest

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The Pinterest app allows you to share fun recipes, fashion, do-it-yourself crafts and much more.

No. 3 - Trendabl

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This is the number one app to follow designers that you love. Follow anyone from Michael Kors to Jeffrey Campbell and see the latest trends.

No. 2 - Facebook

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The Facebook app allows for easy access to the site. Set your geographical location on your status update and tag friends with ease on this app.

No. 1 - Instagram

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The top photo-sharing app in the country, Instagram allows you to follow friends, stores and celebrities through photos.

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