Classic Fall Pieces for Every Wardrobe

Trench Coat

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A neutral toned coat will always be in style and look timeless. Look for something fitted yet flattering to enhance your figure.

Black Leggings

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Leggings are perfect comfy pants for weekend errands, but they can easily be dressed up for a night out. Make sure to shop around and choose a pair that is opaque.

Brown Leather Boots

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A brown leather boot will go with every outfit.

Ballet Flats

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Ballet flats provide the perfect amount of coverage for the cooler weather while still looking chic and fashionable.

Chambray Shirt

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A chambray shirt is a great piece for layering on weekends or dressing up for any occasion.

White Button Down

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A fitted white button down is the ultimate classic piece for every woman to own. Be conscious of any gaps or pulling in the chest area and tailor the next size up if you need to.


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Keep yourself warm in the cooler weather and use a turtleneck as a blank canvas. You can dress it up with a necklace, brooch, scarf or wear it on its own.


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Cardigans can be worn over pretty much anything everywhere you go.

Little Black Dress

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Every woman knows the importance of having a well-fitting black dress in their closet.

Pencil Skirt

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A pencil skirt that grazes the tops of the knees is an essential in any professional wardrobe.

Dark Wash Jeans

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Go for the fit that is most flattering to your body type whether it be skinny, boot cut or boyfriend. A timeless pair of dark wash jeans should have no embellishments, fading or whiskering.

Leather Handbag

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A black or brown leather bag is the ultimate accessory to carry during fall. Choose one that can fit all of your items whether you’re a stay at home mom carrying diapers and bottles or a student needing to carry a laptop.


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A scarf can brighten up just about any outfit and comes in a variety of sizes and prints.

White Tee Shirt

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A white tee shirt chosen in a flattering cut for your body type is sure to be one of the most worn pieces in your wardrobe. It can be worn alone, under a sweater, blazer or chambray or with a scarf all creating different outfits to fit your busy schedule.

Black Pumps

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A classic, simple pair of black pumps can take you to job interviews, weddings or a first date. Look for a pair that isn’t too round or pointy and is 2-3 inches in height. Comfort is going to be a key factor in picking a pair of shoes you can wear for years.

Pearl Earrings

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Another wardrobe staple item, pearl earrings can be worn with any outfit and maintain a classic, polished look.


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Blazers look good on every body type and can be paired with anything from jeans, slacks or dresses. A tailored blazer is going to accentuate your waist while looking classic and feminine.

Striped Tee

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An essential, the striped tee can be worn both casually and to work.

Black Trouser Pants

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There usually isn’t a business function where black pants aren’t appropriate. Wear day-to-day to work or even dress up a pair to go out on the weekend.

Statement Necklace

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A statement necklace can complete a simple outfit and add some visual interest.


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