25 TV Shows We Miss

25. Arrested Development

25. Arrested Development
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Who doesn’t love themselves a little Jason Bateman? Seeing this dysfunctional family was a trainwreck that we couldn’t stop watching. We praise Netflix on the daily for finally releasing the 4th season that everyone has been waiting for. It is also rumored that a film script is in the works and the original cast members would reprise their original roles? Oh em gee. Most Memorable Episodes: Afternoon Delight Top Banana Good Grief

24. M*A*S*H

24. M*A*S*H
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Mash was extremely popular during it’s run in the 70s and into the early 80s. This show was great because there was something for everyone. In every episode, there was usually one dramatic storyline and one comedic storyline. Whether your favorite character was Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce, Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan, Maxwell Q. Klinge or one of the other many characters, we could all relate to them and feel like we were friends with them. We couldn’t help but shed a tear when the series finale, "Goodbye, Farewell and Amen" aired. Most Memorable Episodes: Abyssinia, Henry Blood and Guts Good-Bye Radar, Parts 1-2

23. Veronica Mars

23. Veronica Mars
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It’s hard to believe that this show was only on the air for 3 seasons. Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars really made us fall in love with her as an actress. Watching her try to crack a case each episode was really fun. What other high school/ college student could we see on TV that was similar to her? Wait, there were none and there still are none! Can’t wait for the movie to come out! Most Memorable Episodes: Return of the Kane Weapons of Class Destruction Not Pictured

22. Wings

22. Wings
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21. Firefly

21. Firefly
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Who wouldn’t want to know what it was like to live in the year 2517? This show was very popular despite it’s short run. The Alliance between the United States and China was like something most people had never seen before. This show really got us thinking. Hard to believe that it was canceled after only 11 episodes. Most Memorable Episodes: Out of Gas Objects in Space Our Mrs. Reynolds

20. My So-Called Life

My So-Called Life
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Coming in at No. 20 is My So Called Life starring Claire Daines. Similar to a few other shows on the list, this followed a group of teenagers through the trials and tribulations of high school. Along with the iconic Freaks and Geeks, it's hard to believe this show never got picked up for a second season.

Most Memorable Episodes:
  • Weekend
  • Pilot
  • Betrayal

19. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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Buffy was the show that, for better or for worse, started all of the vampire hoopla that still runs rampant today. Sarah Michelle Gellar kicks some vampire ass and it was a weird treat to watch. 

Most Memorable Episodes:
  • Passion
  • The Body
  • Chosen

18. Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Are You Afraid of the Dark?
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One of the only shows on Nickelodeon that was "scary". The thing most people enjoyed most about Are You Afraid of the Dark? was that there was a new story each episode. How creepy was the intro with the canoe in the lake and the abandoned swing? This is the tale of the… (cue throwing sand into fire).

Most Memorable Episodes:
  • The Tale of the Dollmaker
  • The Tale of the Dead Man's Float
  • The Tale of Midnight Madness

17. Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
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Another show on the list that was based out of Southern California. We love how this series showcased Will Smith's acting and rapping talents. Let's face it, we all wanted to live with the Banks!

Most Memorable Episodes:
  • Father Knows Best
  • Winner Takes Off
  • 72 Hours

16. Boy Meets World

Boy Meets World
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One of our favorite things to do on a Friday night was curl up on the couch and watch TGIF. Cory and Topanga's on/off again love relationship had as all rooting for them to end up together. Also notable was the wisdom of Mr. Feeny and Eric's wackiness.

Most Memorable Episodes:
  • An Affair to Forget
  • Cory's Alternative Friends
  • And Then There was Shawn

15. 7th Heaven

7th Heaven
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Another show on the list that was pretty cheesy, but was one of the shows of our adolescence. The Camdens were a fun bunch to watch. Also, this is the show where Jessica Biel got her start. Hard to believe that the show has been off the air for 6 years! 

Most Memorable Episodes:
  • We Do
  • With a Little Help From My Friends
  • Come Drive With Me

14. Daria

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The only cartoon that makes the list, but there was just something about this show that everyone loved. For everyone who does not remember, Daria started off as a recurring role on Beavis and Butt Head. Maybe she was the first cartoon ever to have her spin off? Na na na na na....

Most Memorable Episodes:
  • Fat Like Me
  • Quinn the Brain
  • Speedtrapped

13. Full House

Full House
13 of 25
Quite possibly the cheesiest show on the list, but the show that everyone was watching. Full House was one of the few shows on TV that could make you laugh, cry and be annoyed with a happy ending all in one episode. Michelle Tanner's one liners and Kimmy Gibbler's feet were two things that made the show so great.

Most Memorable Episodes:
  • Honey, I Broke the House
  • Baby Love
  • Fuller House

12. Beverly Hills, 90210

Beverly Hills, 90210
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Responsible for making 90210 the most famous zip code in the country, West Beverly Hills High School and all the filthy rich kids made viewers both envious and addicted to this show. 

Most Memorable Episodes:
  • BYOB 
  • Dead End
  • Wedding Bell Blues

11. I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy
15 of 25
The oldest show on the list, but one of the best. The pickles that Lucy got herself into were hysterical and unique. Even when she was crying loudly, Lucy was always a riot!

Most Memorable Episodes:
  • Lucy Does a Television Commercial
  • Job Switching
  • Lucy's Italian Movie

10. Dawson's Creek

Dawson's Creek
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I don't wanna wait for our lives to be over.... Capeside was like a second home to us and Dawson, Joey, Pacey and Jen were like all of our friends. Following these characters through friendships and relationships was really fun. We especially loved Grams' advice! 

Most Memorable Episodes:
  • Detention
  • Clean and Sober
  • Castaways

9. The X-Files

The X-Files
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Oh, we all loved us some David Duchoveny, and FBI agents Mulder and Skully’s friendship and intimate relationships. This show had us all believing in paranormal activities and aliens. 

Most Memorable Episodes:
  • Beyond the Sea
  • Clyde Buckman's Final Repose
  • Jose Chung's From Outer Space

8. Saved by the Bell

Saved by the Bell
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Zack Morris was every girl's first crush. Kelly Kapowski was every guy's first crush. Whether it was hanging with the gang in middle school, high school or college, Saved By The Bell was always annoyingly entertaining. 

Most Memorable Episodes:
  • Cut Day
  • The Last Dance
  • Jessie's Song

7. Dexter

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I don't know about you, but it is still amazing how a serial killer can captivate us all. Dexter made us question the extracurricular activities of all cops and Miami residents alike. Through the bloodbaths and slayings, this show was a fabulous one. 

Most Memorable Episodes:
  • Are You...
  • The Getaway
  • Hungry Man

6. Party of Five

Party of Five
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Party of Five was fun because we got to grow up along with the characters. It was almost like we were watching ourselves on TV at times. It's still crazy to grasp the fact that that Jennifer Love Hewitt, Matthew Fox and Neve Campbell all starred in the same show. 

Most Memorable Episodes:
  • Christmas
  • Naked
  • Intervention

5. ER

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ER is the show that thrust hunky George Clooney into the spotlight. We tuned in every week to see not only the hospital drama, but also the relationship drama and personal lives of the doctors. We will forever remember the theme song, even if there were no words.

Most Memorable Episodes:
  • Love's Labor Lost
  • Hell In High Water
  • Exodus

4. Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad
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Even though Breaking Bad sadly just ended, we already miss Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and their crazy antics. There will never be another show that made doing something so bad so good to watch.

Most memorable episodes: 
  • Ozymandias (the best hour of cable entertainment -- ever.)
  • Face Off
  • Dead Freight

3. Seinfeld

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Widely regarded as the small screen's most innovative sitcom, Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David created an unparalleled cache of clever plots, snappy dialogue and crafty characters. Cementing the show's standing among classic series, TV Guide ranked Seinfeld #1 on its 2002 list of "50 Greatest Shows of All Time."

Watching this show was the highlight of the week for most people. With its own unique take on life's most mundane moments, Seinfeld -- ubiquitously and ironically referred to as "the show about nothing" - garnered countless accolades, initiated a string of words and terms into America's pop culture lexicon, and continues to draw network-sized audiences into its uniquely comic world. Yada yada yada...

Most memorable episodes:
  • The Burning
  • The Millennium
  • The Marine Biologist
  • The Parking Garage
  • The Contest

2. Sex and the City

Sex and the City
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Sex and the City was one of the first shows where we were able to learn about sex with a little bit more detail since it aired on HBO. Today, we would give anything to get a glimpse into the lives of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte. I vote for a Sex and the City 3... Anyone with me?

Most memorable episodes:
  • Boy, Interrupted
  • Hot Child in the City
  • The Post- It Always Sticks Twice

1. Friends

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Rachel, Monica, Joey, Phoebe, Ross and Chandler were our best friends. We would give anything to hear Joey say, "How you doin?" again... or enjoy Monica's OCD cleaning rants... heck, even an episode with Ugly Naked Guy! Life certainly isn't the same without a cup of coffee at Central Perk...

Most memorable episodes:
  • The One Where Chandler Takes a Bath
  • The One Where Everyone Finds Out
  • The One With the Videotape

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  • Lisa J. Stickler

    Still on. You can watch it on the UPtv Channel Mon – Fri.

  • JoeSchmoe50

    MS-CL sucked chanchres off diseased genitalia.

  • JoeSchmoe50

    BMW had only 2 things worth watching. ;-)

  • Bill O’Reilly

    Best TV show ever IMHO was Hotel Baltimore. It was around the same time as Barney Miller (another great one) and was edgier than most cable serials today. Gay couples, tranvestites, hookers and middle aged nerds living with their mother. The whole thing took place at the front desk of a seedy hotel.

    • kp22kc

      Actually the show was called Hot L Baltimore because the e was burned out on the sign. It was based on a play. I thought I was the only one who remembered that show and I barely do. I was just 9 years old when it was on in 1975 and only ran for 13 episodes. I would love to see this again. My parents still mention it once in a while. Glad to see I’m not the only one who remembers. Great choice!

      • KMcCoy

        “Moose has glued himself to the ceiling!!!!” – still find that line hilarious!

      • The_teacher_wronged_by_the_law

        Was the star of Hot L Baltimore the guy who married Barbar Strisand ?

        • kp22kc

          No, James Cromwell and Richard Masur are listed first on IMDb. Conchata Ferrell (Berta on Two and a Half Men) played a prostitute. I’m thinking you mean Elliot Gould for the guy who married Barbra Streisand.

          • http://www.facebook.com/hitsingle Nik

            He’s thinking of the first E/R maybe? Elliot Gould, Conchata Ferrell , Jason Alexander, and a generic 80′s brunette woman. Funny show; I think George Clooney was in that one too.

          • kp22kc

            Good job Nik, I didn’t make the connection and ER was totally one of my favorite shows the short time it was on. I probably saw every episode a dozen or so times because there were so few and kept repeating every few weeks when it when into it’s short-lived syndication showings. I just looked it up and I guess it was on for a full season, because it had 22 episodes. Seemed shorter to me. The generic 80′s brunette was played by Mary McDonnell who played the President in Battlestar Galactica and is currently on Major Crimes. She was also on the later ER as well as George Clooney who was very young on the first ER.

          • http://www.facebook.com/hitsingle Nik

            Great theme song too!

  • moderationpreferred

    90% of those shows listed…boring. Who are the morons who chose them?

    • SportsGenius705

      Except these are some of the shows with the highest ratings in the history of TV, but let’s ignore that right? Doesn’t mean you needed to watch them but I would bet MOST people miss them as it reminds them of their youth. Idiot.

      • moderationpreferred

        Who cares what a dimwitted troll like you thinks? Just because a show is rated highly doesn’t mean it is any good. I mean look at all the stupid so called ‘reality shows’ on now that are pure trash yet have high ratings. It just means a lot of people have been dumbed down.

        • jake

          I agree with sports genius. These show especially Seinfeld, Friends, Breaking Bad, Full House, 90210 I’ve watched all but 90210,and they were all great shows. Reality TV shows have high ratings because Americans like to see people cuss, fuck, fight, see people ruin their life, etc. P.S. Mod-preferred, you sound like a child. Grow up.

        • scdtexas

          You mean they were dumbed down 15-20 to enjoy most of these shows listed here too….? That wasn’t even a term back then moron. Not one reality show on the list genius – see a trend ?

      • Boobie_The_Rocket_Dog

        Umm. DEXTER reminds somebody of his youth? God help us.

      • crazygemini12

        Racism and misogyny are pretty rampant. Just because a lot of people are doing something doesn’t make it right or good.

    • Jeffrey Coley

      No kidding! Daria?

      Furthermore, many of the shows weren’t “cancelled” – they ended. Because all the child actors grew up, or because the story was finished. Wouldn’t the next season of “Breaking Bad” be a hoot with everybody dead or in jail.

      • Ryan N

        I totally agree. Not only is there a difference between a show being “cancelled” and a show “ending”, a great many of these shows just needed to go when they went. Most of us were watching Seinfeld and Friends out of reflex near the end of their runs, and not because it was much good or even a shadow of its former self, and the X-Files and Dexter are two of my favorite shows of all time where even I can admit that they needed to be euthanized long before the end ever came. About the only shows on this list that I agree with the notion that they shouldn’t have been canceled are Firefly and the Arrested Development- the former never got a chance to hit its creative peak, and the latter was firing on all cylinders when it wasn’t renewed. The rest of them just elicit a big fat collective “meh”.

        • Jeffrey Coley

          Speaking of shows continuing on after they should have ended – Sons of Anarchy. The “season finale” wrapped up every story arc from the beginning of the series. It will be back next year, but I wonder why.

          Like the X-Files continuing without Mulder and after the feature film answered all the questions.

        • Brian Barone

          Seinfeld went out on top. Except for that last episode, which was boring.

          • http://www.facebook.com/hitsingle Nik

            It was getting stale, but it had moments. When Larry David left the show; you could just tell the writing was sterilized.

            As far as this list as it’s evolved (it seems it’s been changed over time) Fresh Prince was a fun little product of it’s time, but not great as a TV show. 7th Heaven, Daria, 90210, Boy Meets World, Dawson’s Creek & Saved By The Bell are all teenage period pieces. It’s like a 50 year old bringing up a terrible teen sitcoms like Eight is Enough & Happy Days or 40 year olds with their Facts of Life and Different Strokes. Yes, the Fonz was funny, but the show was only funny when it got REALLY stupid occasionally. Also, Full House might be the worst show in the history of televison.

          • http://www.facebook.com/hitsingle Nik

            Ok, my top 10 “bad cancel” list since nobody asked:

            1- Mork & Mindy Season 4 -Jonathan Winters playing a middle aged baby needed to continue. You don’t end a show just as he’s cracking out of a 6 foot chicken egg. To this day that might be the funniest moment in TV history.

            2- Greatest American Hero – yes, I get the irony of me bringing up a period piece, but Bill Maxwell is Robert Culp’s best role; too good a character to not have had a longer shelf life

            3- The Ropers – Ok, this wasn’t done perfectly, but Norman Fell, Jeffrey Tambor and Audra Lindley were going to get it right if they ditched the useless kid character and the unfunny wife. He’s dancing with a plunger for g-d sakes! How do you cancel that?

            4- Laugh-In Ok, this dates back and I know it warped into SNL with Loren Michaels, but I could see this sort of show doing a 40 year run, echoing it’s times.

            5- Taxi – This needed more episodes.. it’s really amazing.

            6- The United States Of Tara – Can someone please f-ing finish it?

            7-Benson – Just for one more episode. It was a terrible show, maybe Jerry Seinfeld’s darkest TV moment, the hot woman is dead and it has a character named Kraus. That said, can I PLEASE find out what who won the election? It’s been 27 years already…

            8- Living Color – It’s like doing “I’m Gonna Git You Sucka” took every last bit of energy out of the brothers.

            9- Electric Company – I’m sad for today’s kids. All hail our childhood acid trip.

            10- The Mookie Wilson Show – Why wasn’t this made?

          • DearbornImpetuousPoster

            You mentioned Benson but not Soap. How could they end a show with all those cliff-hangers? I’m still bitter.

          • http://www.facebook.com/hitsingle Nik

            Well, Soap was a better show, but i was a little young for it. Benson annoyed me. lol

          • fefetoo

            I actually agree with 4,5,6 and 9

  • riverrat

    My two favorites, “Night Court” and “Mork and Mindy”

    • MajorBatguano

      Nanu Nanu

  • wudntulik2know

    Did you even WATCH Dexter? Did they pay you to put it on this list?

    • SportsGenius705

      Dexter was F’ing insane. No one cares what you think.

  • WilliamDahl

    Other than a couple of episodes of X-Files, I don’t think I’ve watched any of those shows. Most of them, I’ve never even heard about.

    • Darby O’ Gill

      better that way, most are actually shit.

    • SailorInSD

      Breaking Bad is a must watch.

    • Oldhairold

      I didn’t care for “X-Files” until I finally watched the first episode. Then it made sense, & I was hooked.

  • William Ramos

    Charmed??? Star Trek DS9,TNG,Voyager???

    • PissedoffinAZ

      Those shows were on for a while, Charmed for ages. Star Treks keep on going, in one incarnation or another.

  • April Somerset

    Was so glad to see I Love Lucy, Breaking Bad, and the X-Files on the list. Really wanted to see Boston Legal, my all time favorite on there too.

  • Jacqueline Lippman


  • PissedoffinAZ

    Dead Like Me; Tru Calling; Chuck.
    Lot of the shows mentioned had good, long runs. These three, especially the first two, were axed before they really got going.

    • Steffy93

      Dead Like Me! Never should have been cancelled.

      • Melissa

        Loved Dead Like Me! The movie was just awful though. So, so awful.

  • JasonMankey

    Almost all of the shows on this list needed to be cancelled. They had long runs and were just shells of their former selves. Shows that should never have been cancelled are series like Firefly or even the short-lived Happy Endings.

    Terrible list.

    • SportsGenius705

      You should be canceled.

      • Darby O’ Gill

        And you are a pile of human shit with ears.

        • Sarcasmo

          Calling that Asshat a HUMAN is giving the sperm bank too much, credit. LMAO

    • twincaster

      I agree a very bad list. Dexter needed to go 2 seasons ago.

  • ian smith

    uhh who ever wrote this article must not be a real friends watcher…cuz its not central park..it central perk…..

  • Steve-o

    Some amazing click bait right here … and I played right into it …

  • Amy Hopple

    are you joking? 3 shows out of the 20 were good…

    • Holly Locke

      I probably only watched about 3 of these shows. How about Jericho (my favorite) Firefly and Eureka? I could think of many more that I truly miss!

  • Balabanto

    Veronica Mars didn’t make the list?


    • Oldhairold

      Yes, yes it did.

  • James Marler

    This is the dumbest list. Most of these shows had really REALLY good runs. (Friends was on for a DECADE!) Where are shows like Firefly (which wasn’t enarly perfect, it WAS perfect), or The Cape (which, while a little campy was at least trying to take a show in a new direction) or Happy Endings (which was cancelled and then received awards… dumb)?

  • David Bradley

    im more of a cartoon person. i already miss futurama. and the old bevis and butt-head episodes from the mid 90. celebrity death match was good too

    • Neill Augustine

      And buying those old episodes aren’t the same, since they’ve stripped the music videos out of them, which were the entire point of the damned show to begin with..!

    • thomas onefournine

      Speaking of cartoons,how about Justice League Unlimited?

  • Guest

    Most of these were allowed to remain ‘great’ in people’s mind as a direct result of being cut short.

  • Darby O’ Gill

    “Buffy was the show that, for better or for worse, started all of the vampire hoopla that still runs rampant today. ” What? That’s pure bullshit

    • JTBlack

      It made it more mainstream than what it was before that show.

      • Darby O’ Gill

        Nada, that goes to the millions of other Vampire novels, movies, etc

  • Steve Hardiek

    Central Perk

  • lucyjune

    The whole season of Monica and Chandler’s story line was awesome, including the episodes leading up to Ross and Emily’s wedding…just hilarious…the writing so consistently funny.

  • raccman

    Do you know what the word “INANE” means ?

  • Manowar666

    Deadwood>>>>>>Star Trek>>>>>>>Have Gun Will Travel…….

  • Jennifer Black

    Um, Firefly?

    • Sarcasmo

      Exactly, wtf is THAT??
      Probably cancelled before that shit hit the airwaves.

    • Eric Rodenhaus

      Firefly is amazing. Watch it.

  • twincaster

    half of these shows were not canceled they just ran their course, and sucked majorly in the final seasons. cant take your list seriously with shows like Boys meets world on it – really I think the whole revival for that show is a joke to get it back on air for what I have no clue it was horrible. Where is Terriers? that’s a show that never should have been canceled.

  • Mary Sweeney

    the best cancelled show was actually called “wonderland” based around a psychiatric goings on at a hospital but people called for a boycott because they didn’t want to see how crazy people are shown on tv…..madonna did the opening song for it and it was gonna be a great show…too bad “real” people are the crazy ones.

    • Missy Mistaken

      I remember that show and I agree. The guy from Silence of the Lambs was in it. What a shame.

  • Colley Baird


  • Matt

    This list is horrendous. More than half of these shows LONG outstayed their welcome. X-Files, ER, Friends, Party of Five, many of the others… fine in the beginning, but either went off the rails or died of staleness. A bunch of them are completely dated, you only remember them fondly because you were twelve when they were on. Did you run this list by ANYONE before posting it?

    • jaydeebee

      Thank you. The first clue that a show is done–characters get married and/or have a baby (Friends, Full House, etc.) The second clue–most of the original characters have been replaced and/or have “matured” (M*A*S*H).

  • Genie Taber

    Horrible list! Most of the ones on it including a couple of my favorite shows (X Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer) had reached the end of the line. They were just dragging on long after any real quality shows were being done. As for the others… meh! They weren’t that interesting to begin with. Two shows that had not come close to fulfilling their potential and that shouldn’t have been cancelled are Eureka! and Firefly. I might even add a 3rd, Babylon 5 though at least with the show being picked up by TNT, they were able to complete their 5 season story arc. I would have also loved to see Crusade (B5 spin off) continue longer, at least until some of the mysteries were explored!

  • Kanni Bassativa

    Screetch is for me because he has a giant penis!!

  • hans


  • Kevin Vela

    What a waste of time, most of these shows had a great run, where is Firefly?

  • cutglass57

    Only 4 or 5 of these shows were really worth watching. Any show with canned laughter shouldn’t even be allowed on television. And why wasn’t Firefly on the list???

    • Oldhairold

      Firefly is on the list.

      • cutglass57

        My bad, too many meds.

  • Mike Boatman

    X-Files was good. Lucy was good. Full house, maybe, maybe not. The rest of the crap they listed, crap.

  • AubeO

    Totally agree with Riverrat – would love to have seen Night Court and Mork & Mindy up here, as well as Wings and Barney Miller, mentioned by others. Glad to see I Love Lucy on the list, but sure would have liked to see All In The Family, M*A*S*H, House, and Everybody Loves Raymond on the list too. I know some people found House (the character) offensive, but the music on that show was always amazing, and I personally liked the stories…

    • Joel Bader

      And add the 1970s Bob Newhart show, along with Maude, Hill Street Blues and St. Elsewhere. Those shows are classic!!!

    • Uncommonsense

      Bob Newhart’s show ‘Newhart” had the best ending where he woke up in bed with his
      wife from his previous sitcom “The Bob Newhart Show” telling her about his
      dream which was the “Newhart” show and her asking him about blond wife in his dream.

      I agree that canned laughter ruins many shows, once you become aware of it that is all
      that you can hear.

      • http://www.facebook.com/hitsingle Nik

        I agree; Newhart wasn’t the funniest show ever, but it was the best ending in the history of television.

    • http://www.facebook.com/hitsingle Nik

      M&M was destroyed by season 2. Season 3 was it’s funniest with Merth the middle aged baby, but Tom Poston, Jay Thomas & Gina Hecht were a tag team brought in to ruin the show and they did a great job. Everyone stopped watching.

    • jaydeebee

      All in the Family was done. Meathead and Gloria moved on. The Jefferson had moved “on up”. Raymond had made every in-law joke to be made. It was done, too. Lucy ended for me when they moved out to the country. I enjoyed the shows, but how about something fresh?

  • rreddd

    You missed SouthLAnd, Flying Blind (a 20-something Tea Leoni was epic!), Boomtown, and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. NBC has a near perfect record in my book on canceling awesome shows.

  • perfess

    As for My So Called Life, I was a high school teacher at the time and remember how artificial the whole thing felt–REALLY did not ring true!

  • ThisIsNot4U2

    That list is a joke. I’ve never even seen half of those shows and Arrested Development wasn’t even on the list. WTF?!?!?!?

    • BOH1066

      Arrested Development is the ******FIRST****** show mentioned…..

      • ThisIsNot4U2

        Nice try GOOBER…But it wasn’t there a month ago when I made my comment. This site is known for updates and revisions of previous stories. So calm the “F” down…*eyeroll*…

    • The_teacher_wronged_by_the_law

      I have only seen three: Mash, Lucy, and Sinfeld.
      Wish “Barney Miller” was on the list.

  • Boobie_The_Rocket_Dog

    I Love Lucy. A show like that is where I see Kaley Cuoco going when Big Bang jumps the shark. She’s a natural comedic actress. I don’t know about Johnny Galecki as a Ricky Ricardo but it’s a possibility.
    DEXTER lost its audience when his sister started screwing the black guy. That doesn’t cut it in flyover country, which is MOST of America.

  • don cummings

    Where are Cheers, MASH?? My 19 & 23 y.o. kids love MASH and wouldn’t watch the 20 shows listed here (except for maybe Lucy & Breaking Bad) even if you paid them to watch.Some pretty awful choices here.

    • BOH1066

      MASH is one of the first shows mentioned……

      • don cummings

        Thanks I just looked again— you know what– whoever writes these things keeps editing the shows, cause the list I look at now is/was not the list first posted. I see someone else also listed MASH. Needless to say I wasted minutes of my life looking at this persons list again— when will I learn!!

  • daciang

    Gawd. Twenty of the worse shows ever on T.V. How about Shields and Yarnell? The Defenders? Trailer Park Boys? Max Headroom? The Mechanical Universe?

  • #libtardsruiningamerica

    why not give this list the more accurate title of “19 TV shows that remind me of my childhood and that i’ve built up in my mind to be far better than they actually were, and Breaking Bad”

    • roger smith

      Yeah, totally agree. I mean, “Saved by the Bell”? I loved watching it on Saturday morning was I was like 10, but it was in reality an awful show–ditto “Full House.” I’m surprised “Family Matters,” “Growing Pains,” “Silver Spoons,” ect., are not on this list. Even for those who enjoyed these shows, for the most part, the talent got too old or the shows exhausted their premise. No reason for further episodes.

  • VetMike


  • Joel Bader

    I Love Lucy? Come on! It should have ended before they went Hollywood/Europe/Connecticut. At that point, it began to be a variety show. I’ll admit that I Love Lucy was far better than The Lucy Show or Here’s Lucy (and I’ve heard lots of bad comments about Life With Lucy–it only lasted a few episodes), but I think I Love Lucy is way overrated. Barney Miller or Hill Street Blues should be on that list instead.

  • pattykins

    Freaks & Geeks. Also…Surface…

  • Sunstroke99

    Firefly didn’t make this list? Massive failure…

  • KIdGallahad

    F – Troop!! Green Acres!! I Dream of Jeannie!!

  • SteveRosset

    Firefly. Wonderfalls.

  • SteveRosset

    Doubt if Kathryn R. ever heard of Firefly.

  • twinstick1

    Where’s 24? M*A*S*H? What about Hill Street Blues? NYPD Blue? All in The Family??? I mean, I can see Seinfeld, but Party of Five??? Really?

  • SailorInSD

    Friends? Seriously? I know it was popular, but it was merely a poor mans Seinfeld. Same jokes would appear on Friends two seasons after Seinfeld did them first.

  • Neill Augustine

    For #1, You misspelled Central Perk…You had one job, get the name right….

  • Michael Hill

    No wonder you used an obvious pseudonym: I’d punch myself in the face before taking credit for this dreck.

  • KBUT1

    Buffy was a great show. It had drama, comedy, action with an amazing ensemble cast. However, given the nature of the storylines, it really had to end at some point. For the most part, each season involved ratcheting up a new “ultimate evil” to oppose the Scooby Gang. One had to wonder if somewhere down the line they would have had to do Buffy v. Godzilla.

  • Steve Pifer

    talk about stupid shows they were it just like what is on today
    shows like 3′s company, adman 12 dragnet they were good

  • Brian Abraham


  • H T

    The Sopranos is the obvious miss on this list

  • Carolina

    I know some are going to throw things at me, but, I’m glad Firefly was cancelled. If it wasn’t, then there would be no Castle and I LOVE Castle!

  • Fiona Wallice Fan

    Where is Pushing Daisies?

    • CarlWstCoast

      Yes, another outstanding, off-beat show that was axed.

  • FashionableLena

    So, out of all of the shows with a predominately African-American cast, The Fresh Prine of Bel-Air was chosen?! Anyone remember The Cosby Show? Infinitely better than The Fresh Prince.

  • joseph

    for shows you just “love”, you sure as heck don’t give a dam about fact checking. “Scully” not “Skully” and “Central Perk” not “Park”. and i never watched “Friends”. What about “Crime Story” or other shows cancelled too soon that left us with cliffhangers?

  • Rain Onme

    You lost me at Fresh Prince.

  • poowg

    Where is Cheers?

    • Ryan Borger

      That was my thought. Threes company, Happy days. Lot of ones that should of came in ahead of a lot of these. All good shows though.

  • MikeTX62

    Here’s my big issue about this list. You have 25 “shows we miss” and the original Law & Order doesn’t make the cut???? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING????

    Most of these shows had either run their course or weren’t all that good to begin with. Shows like Party of Five and Full House were okay, but once the kids grew up the shows had run their course. Seinfeld and M*A*S*H were good for a time but had pretty much run out of steam at the end. Frankly, while I liked M*A*S*H, it really stayed on about 3-4 years too long. It got way too preachy in those last years. X-Files and Arrested Development were okay, but were overrated.

  • crazygemini12

    A few of these shows were great but most of them…eh. To each his own, I guess. Should “AD” even be on the list? Technically, it returned on Netflix. “Awake” shouldn’t have been cancelled. Now I’ll never know which reality was the real one :(

  • Missy Mistaken

    Where is “House” and “Touch”? Too cerebral?

  • MajorBatguano

    Northern Exposure and SOAP

  • Mark T


  • Oldhairold

    “Friends”, “Seinfield”, Sex & the City? Give me a break.
    “Hogan’s Heroes” is a favorite of mine. Along with “The Outer Limits”, & “Twilight Zone”; a different story every week. “The Outer Limits” usually had a lesson to learn, along with the story.

    “Firefly” was great. An almost totally different from everything else. And cancelled, partially, because the network aired the first episode, in the middle of the season? Very confusing! And they didn’t promote it much. I only learned of it, just before they cancelled it.
    Why is it, these days, they think they need sex, drugs, & vulgar language, just to get ratings?

    • Reality Check

      Firefly had sex vulgarish language and violence…it was awesome.

      • Oldhairold

        Yea, but it wasn’t the main theme of the show. If it is truly part of the story, & it fits in, fine. But, too many times they throw it in, or f this & f that, in every other sentence. It does fit in some circumstances, but Firefly didn’t rely on either, to carry the story every week. And she(I can’t remember her name) wasn’t with a different one of the team, every week.

  • Oldhairold

    Am I the only one that saw “Firefly” ON the list?

    • BOH1066

      no. i saw it, too, it’s always interesting, reading the posts about articles such as these…..best of, worst of, etc. when people get indignant b/c their choice isn’t on the list. except, IT IS. how???

    • Reality Check

      Firefly was the only one in the list that made sense. Most of the others ran for many, many years.

  • scdtexas

    I think someone from the old CW Network made this list…..?

  • Alana Jordan


  • Jen Melissa


  • Jen Melissa

    Jake and the Fatman!

  • Jen Melissa


  • Jen Melissa

    Mork and Mindy!

  • Donny Wallace

    What about “Get a Life”, “Laff Alympics’, “Dobie GIllis”, “Lancelot Link”, “The Gong Show”, “The Underdog Show”, “Peewee’s Playhouse”, “SCTV”, “Fridays” (sorry SNL), “Bob Barker Price is Right”, “Richard Dawson Family Feud”, “Don Mahone & Jeana Claire”, “Wide World of Sports” and last but not least the greatest TV show of all time “The $1.98 Beauty Pageant”…

    • The_teacher_wronged_by_the_law

      Dobie Gillis with Dwayne Hickmann as Dobie; Bob Denver as Maynard G. Krebs was my guiding light in interpersonal skills through most of my life. I totally regret that now.

  • rcmemphis

    How do you have this list without ‘WKRP in Cincinnati’??

  • Sawdust

    WKRP in Cincinatti should be #1 on this list.

  • Kathleen Smythe

    “Friends” was the WORST. I could never watch it now matter how hard I tried. It was contrived and just not funny. The one show missing was “Scrubs”. The cast gelled amazingly, the writing was witty and yet medically spot on (it was voted the most medically accurate show on TV) and the characters were amazing.

    • watsonmr

      Agree. Never seen what was so funny about Friends. Just like nowadays with the Big Bang Theory. I do not know a single person who likes or watches it.

      • http://www.facebook.com/hitsingle Nik

        Yeah, I don’t get “Big Bang” either

    • jaydeebee

      I never got Friends. My kids liked it until they started pairing off with each other. The one I never understood at all was Sex in the City. I have yet to have a friend who feels the need to @#$@ about her sex life with her girlfriends. If I did, I tell her to go talk it over with her partner because I really couldn’t give a flying @#$# what he does/doesn’t do in bed. Seriously, who has friends like this? Who wants to listen to middle age skanks whine?

      • infadelicious

        I would never watch anything with Sarah Jessica Parker in it especially if ” sex” was in the title. When I look at her face I want to pat her nose and feed her carrots. ;-(

  • Debbie

    “Friday Night Lights” – relationships (parent-child, romantic, crushes, teammates, siblings), growing up, football. One of my all-time favorites

    • Reality Check

      That’s what we need. Another jock drama.

      • infadelicious

        Some say they married a jock drama no need to watch it on tv

  • Daniel Revas

    I know that this is going to sound sexist, but I don’t care, I’m not running for Office:
    This is a Chick List.
    How about All in the Family? Cheers? How about “Life” with Damian Lewis of Band of Brothers and, until last weekends episode, Homeland? Show was great. Typically, NBC gave up on it too soon. I’m sure we all could go on and on about show that just didn’t happen to match some random persons list.
    Lists like this are always subjective, but I will still bet that if you take 10 Guys and ask them to make a list, and 10 Women to do the same that the lists will vary widely. I was a M*A*S*H fan, but I thought Burns and Allen was better than Lucy. Not the great production values that Lucy enjoyed, but Gracie Allen was hysterical.
    Like I said, it’s just a point of view and some people should definitely dial it down a little.

  • JPike

    Any Friends fans, besides me, catch the author’s name of this article? Loved Phoebe!

  • Chuck Johnson

    No Cosby. What a horrible list. I still watch Cosby and like it just as much the first time i watched it.

  • Scruff

    The Shield.

  • elmofuddleputt

    10 Speed and Brownshoe!

  • Marsbonfire

    No Northern Exposure???

  • Mickey

    M*A*S*H was funny for 2 or 3 seasons, then became a hackneyed series of bad puns and liberal political screeds. It sucked out loud.

  • Mickey

    Fresh Prince was canceled because the Fresh Prince LEFT, idiots. Who writes this crap?

    • Reality Check

      You answered your own question: idiots write this crap.

    • infadelicious

      bwaaaaaaaaaaa hahahahhaaa! will and carlton doing “jump on it”.. If you don’t laugh at this clip, you’;re not human…….;-)


  • Mickey

    90210 was canceled because they’d gone through every possible permutation of which characters could hook up, an because they were pushing 40.

  • Bruce Bennett

    Scrubs and Cheers. Both should have been on this list.

    • Reality Check

      Cheers ran for 11 seasons. It was pretty tired.

      Scrubs was ok, imho.

  • nifty

    Star Trek

  • Ed Gruberman

    The ink said “Near-Perfect TV Shows that Should NEVER Have Been Cancelled” but he title say “shows we miss” Sarah Conner Chronicles, Secret Circle and Wildcats are better examples of the first. IMO

  • Reality Check

    Wow, how clueless is this author? While I can’t speak to every show listed, almost all of them were not canceled per se, they ran their course. Firefly should not have been canceled. That show was excellent. I would add the following to this list:
    1 – The Dresden Files
    2 – Lucy: Daughter of the Devil
    3 – Caprica

  • patburn

    half these shows were cancelled because the writers ran out of ideas and the shows got pretty stale (ie Dexter season 7 and the series finale in Season 8, Saved by the Bell the Tori years to name a couple)

  • gunnyjeep

    daria #12 was not the first cartoon that was a spin off – the Simpson’s actually was a short on the Tracy Allmen(sp) Show

  • currvalicious

    Southland on TNT being cancelled was such a shame! Excellent acting & writing.

  • Elaine Brown

    I’ll Fly Away, Two Guys and a Girl, and Emeril (the sitcom, not the cooking show). And Welcome to New York was pretty good, too.

  • infadelicious

    The Equalizer

  • Michael Taylor

    No “Cheers”? No “Frasier”? No “Night Court”? No “WKRP in Cincinnati”? No “All in the Family”? But “Sex in the City” and “Daria” made it?

    • http://www.facebook.com/hitsingle Nik

      lol seriously. That said, I did love Night Court as a kid, but I saw it without the laugh track once and it was terrible. The later years Cheers, AITF and WKRP are all fantastic.

    • SuzieJoeBob

      What about Banachek?

  • Mark French


    • The_teacher_wronged_by_the_law

      Not the whole series but the best individual episode of all times was the “TAXIE” episode where Danny Deveto hires the guy who wants to be an actor to go to his high-school reunion. I laugh whenever I just think about it.

  • Michael Kaufmann

    I hesitated at MASH,which was sputtering at best, but stopped reading at Fresh Prince. IQ of author <60

  • John Baranick

    Where’s “Profit”?

  • John Baranick

    Or “I-Man” (from Sci-fi)?

  • greenjorge

    Some real dudes on this list, did a grownup make the list?

  • Sarcasmo

    No Cheers, Everybody Loves Raymond, King of Queens, The Muppet Show, Love Connection, America’s Most Wanted or King of the Hill?? Unreal.
    Okay list… but it seems like this reporter chose THEIR own favorites. :/

  • Joe B

    Cheers? Hill Street Blues?

  • Michael Ryland

    The link that brought me here said this was a list of shows that should never have been cancelled. Most of these shows weren’t cancelled. Many of them had the opportunity to have a Series Finale and try to wrap up the whole thing, for better or for worse (Seinfeld).

  • David L Hudson

    I can agree with a few of these especially Friends wished they would have kept it going but what about shows that were really cancelled like Go On, Jericho or Flesh and Blood or Enterprise ect……….

  • http://standingatthecrossroad.wordpress.com/ Mark Anderson

    I agree with about 4 items on this list- the rest is trash

  • diamondsmiles

    M^A^S*H and Wings are in syndication. Check your listings. I’d like to see Chico and the Man, It’s About Time, and My Favorite Martian back.

  • Jonah Falcon

    hahahaha. No mention of Cheers, Frasier, MST3K, Mary Tyler Moore, The Muppets etc, but tremendously INSIPID shows like Boy Meets World? Seriously?

  • Michael Davis

    MASH – Brilliant, but the show lasted four times as long as the war.
    Friends – Crap show about Gen X stereotypes.
    Seinfeld – Please. If you were entertained by this, you have no taste whatsoever.
    X Files – Brilliant story arc episodes, too many “Monster of the Week” shows. It lived a good life but ran about two seasons too long.

  • Scott Timmins

    Huh? Half of those shows listed had over 6 or 7 seasons on the air. And many of them were tired and worn ou tat the end.

  • jaydeebee

    As much as I loved M*A*S*H, it had jumped the shark. There was a time when it could take you on an emotional roller coaster. Then, it became depressing. What was once a brilliant show was beginning to be preachy. Characters changed so much they were hardly recognizable. I’m glad it ended when it did.

  • visibleunderwater

    At least most of those shows got a full run…”Well, you took it. And that’s… Well, I guess that’s somethin”…this whole list, Firefly is the most shorted of them all. So much potential, amazing storyline, brilliant acting…such a shame.

  • NC2012

    A recent show that was cancelled first season Monday Mornings SUPER show. Our family was really upset when it was cancelled.. or what ever happened to all the good craft shows or travel channel shows like treasure hunting? We have two choices on TV violence and home improvement LOL

  • Jennifer Linville

    one word: LEVERAGE

  • fefetoo

    You forgot Pushing Daisies

  • falseprophet123

    The only show that I wished wasn’t cancelled was Breaking Bad. The rest of them, especially the must see TV crap like Friends and Seinfeld stunk. The best shows were from the 60′s. Beverly Hillbilly’s, Green Acres, McHales Navy, F-Troop, Hogans Hero’s, Petticoat Junction, etc. Take Green Acres for instance. A pig named Arnold was the star of the show! The writing back then was amazing! You don’t see any shows now with writing that good. Seinfeld was a joke. It wasn’t even funny, and if you like watching unfunny idiots, you had Friends. Must see TV, what? LMAO!

  • agsb

    1/2 the shows listed here are boring and just aren’t worth watching. horrible list.

  • Chris James

    Ummm, you forgot “House.” *drops mic and walks away*

  • kpjmbigone

    Northern Exposure

  • kpjmbigone

    Deep Space Nine

  • kpjmbigone

    Rome (HBO)

  • kpjmbigone

    Deadwood (HBO)

  • kpjmbigone


  • adamwhitley

    No Freaks and Geeks? Wow… I guess you have to go to BuzzFeed to get a good listicle these days…

  • Mark Hanson

    I can’t believe they left off “Brisco County”. Just as much fun as Firefly, but with Bruce Cambell, and produced by Carlton Cuse.

  • Marcia Palmer

    Who-ever wrote this list is a douche.

  • larryj

    the plug should be pulled on Big Bang Theory after it was decided to drop the science angle and just have it be about a bunch of nerds and their girlfriends. And I was devoted to Xena till the last season when the stories just got totally weird and Xena finally got beheaded.

  • iceman4

    half of these shows are atrocious. Did a 15 y/o write this?

    Honeymooners, King of Queens, Hill Street Blues.

  • Billy Tescher

    I like gun smoke never miss it I love all westerns l love looking for the mistakes they make

  • Steve Goddard

    Biggest disappointment when a show was cancelled? Deadwood, and nothing on that list comes close.

  • Joyce Evelyn Webster

    “Missing a show” is not the same as saying it should have never been canceled. Lots of great shows had their run and ended at the right time. Mash and Star Trek TNG are two examples in my opinion.

  • Ice Road Trucker

    Hmm Never heard of “Firefly”.
    Seinfeld and I love Lucy are too dependent on their Title Characters to survive -
    What do you really do when Lucille is 80 trying to work in a chocolate factory…. it suddently isn’t funny anymore.

    The other shows could evolve and develop characters, much like soap-operas

  • Harry Seaward

    Life on Mars —never got a fair shot was great in it’s one season
    24 —-nevermind, JACK’s back!!!

  • Harry Seaward

    Change of Heart was brutal. Miss that

  • TwoNs

    These lists are only intended to be entertaining enough make you click through 25+ pages of ads. I get board after waiting for the couple pages to load so I rarely see the entire list. :)

    One comment on M*A*S*H, it wasn’t so much cancelled as it was exhausted. The cast & crew had just run out of steam and ideas after dragging a 3 year military conflict over an 11 year TV series.

  • Jace Curioso

    Original Twilight Zone (thanks Rod for setting the bar for the rest of the tv shows to follow)…Northern Exposure (one of the best shows ever)…and, of course, Firefly.

  • CaptainGroovy

    Of all the shows listed the only shows I miss is MASH before Alan Alda got control of it, the first couple of season of Buffy and Daria. I sure a lot of you will say Daria you have to be kidding but that show made me laugh and still does. Surprisingly my 75 year old father also likes Daria additionally I have a number of other friends who like the show but for the most part don’t have the fortitude to admit it.

  • David

    where’s the sopranos and the Shield?

  • Oldhairold

    I could never understand what anyone could see in Seinfield. The rest of the characters, maybe.

  • David

    Just about any great British comedy from the last 40 years. They only do a series of shows, not whole seasons. The Young Ones was hilarious (12 episodes), Coupling was good (not enough episodes with Jeff!), Fawlty Towers (again, 12), Blackadder (Four series of six shows each), and Black Books (18 total). Heck! Why not throw in Peep Show, the Mighty Boosh and Waiting For God while we’re at it! Check them out on DVD or Netflix for a good laugh.

  • Rebecca

    Most of these shows wouldn’t be on this list if they HAD stayed on the air longer. They can’t be on the air forever, and when they overstay their welcome, it ruins how good they were to begin with.

  • RichardWad2U

    Wow, 90% of that list was crap.

  • picnicfun

    A women-only love list.

  • cole

    Buffy is my all time favorite show. ..Season 5 was epic on every level, ending with a view of her tombstone, “She saved the world, alot” I think Joss Whedon threw everything he had at that season, thinking it would be the last. Seasons 6 and 7 had some really great moments, don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they made them, but it just wasn’t quite the same. I still enjoyed them, and it was still great to have those 2 years.

  • CarlWstCoast

    The one show on the list that was truly cancelled prematurely was Joss Whedon’s Firefly. It was axed by the same type of goofballs who would have cancelled Star Trek before it had a chance to get off the ground, the same kind of execs that cancelled Defying Gravity after a single season. Yeah, real visionaries, these guys, people who understand fine entertainment and imaginative story lines…

  • Christopher

    M*A*S*H wasn’t cancelled. At the beginning of the 10th season, actors and producers decided it would be the last. CBS asked them to do a television movie for a finale. Which was filmed during the 10 Season, to be shown for the 11th and final season.

    I wish the people who created this list, would get their facts straight.

  • criticalthinkerr

    How could such a list not include Wonderfalls?